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  1. The bomb already can't lock on anything else than laser/IR strobe. But it can be dropped without a lock - then it flies towards a position of something that was marked by the launching vehicle and only later it seeks for laser/IR strobe. But it's probably not been the cleanest solution and we'll try to come up with a better one.
  2. Actually - they don't "track" a moving vehicle. They fly towards the position where the marked target was at the point of the munition release. At a given distance from that position they'll seek for something they could guide onto (a laser spot in this case). If nothing's found they'll continue flying towards that initial position. Possibility is to remove this faux "lock on after launch".
  3. Can you please record a video of it?
  4. Heya, thanks! Just tried it... yup, it's too much :)
  5. Both AI and players can do that. Especially Shikra is perfectly suited for some almost grappling distance combat: good IR missiles (up to 75° off boresight), capable of being fired at an extremely short range (75m) + the airplane's 360 IR sensors (players can quickly cycle through all acquired targets via "R" - they don't have to point at a target via HMD) = serious ninja stuff
  6. It is :) However not an easy one to fix. Unless we remove the action from the menu altogether, even if the action is unbound (which we may do...)
  7. No, I'm sorry. Simulating IFF more deeply is outside of our current scope. We "assume" that all units on the same side (!=friendly ;)) have some awesome portable IFF responder. All vanilla aircrafts except of Neophron should do so already.
  8. Is that in Slammer? The MAX LEAD indicated that the target is going faster than what the FCS can adjust for (for Slammer that would be a target @ > 100km/h IIRC) What puzzles me is that it shows at all times and that the distance gets reset. What keys do you have the "Lase Range" action bound to?
  9. Works for me. Unlike e.g. Titan the NLAW should be able to lock even on cold vehicles. What was the range you were testing it on? NLAW only has a range of 600m and it has to be aimed quite precisely on the target while locking. I'm sorry but in the end this wasn't possible together with the Tanks FCS. Atm there are no further plans to add predicted line of sight guidance :(
  10. Thats beacuse bug i reported long time ago. Bug is very easy to fix, its beacuse allowfleeing is now 1 for all units. Choppers rather to fly little away from threat and hover nomatter what instead attack target that is shooting to it. Allowfleeing 0 is taking problem down, but as You have stated, in missions not done by us, its impossible to change this value. So.... Please BIS, change allowfleeing 1 to allowfleeing 0 at least for attack helicopters, or modify their pathfinding, so they will hover somewhere further (2 km away), so nobody would shoot them off. Blackfoot in the mission has fleeing already disabled. On my playthroughs it attacked normally. Could've been caused by the recent AI skill changes. Does is still happen for you? What difficulty/AI level are you using? Thanks for the heads-up! Same behavior is on Stable. Any idea since when you are experiencing it? The improvements and fixes in the PhysX library itself and related engine work affect all the content, including mods, right away. But we've also added some new properties and at the same time we've revisited most of the tank handling configuration. The configuration is yet to be dev-branched.
  11. There was an issue that depending on the user settings caused some of the missiles to have lower ranges than they should (if not capped by the view distance limit). It is fixed in the current patch. Macers should be able to lock standard sized targets @ 6km range. (Keep in mind that this can be limited by the object view distance. Only radar guided missiles can lock beyond that.)
  12. IRL there are also IR and IIR variants of Mavericks. Anyway, for more info you can check https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sensors and
  13. This particular drone has a "targeting camera". You can switch to it via LCTR+RMB. That should allow you to aim down and see the small predicted impact point cross.
  14. A fail-safe is already present. An issue might be if after backing up the vehicle re-plans via the same route.
  15. That would mean something like setSkillFinal. I'm afraid this is something that would require many exceptions and would be tricky to handle from another user's PoV (why some AI are affected by difficulty and some aren't...) AimingAccuracy skill or skillFinal? First one should always be the same (it's what you set via slider or script). The second one is after AI Level interpolation - the one actually used in simulation. Revive / incapacitation is currently a scripted/modular system with a specific MP use. Full sandbox support is definitely desired, but atm we've got no ETA. Not anytime soon. The best example is probably the aiDispersionCoef from fire mode config of a weapon. Let's have a weapon with a firemode with aiDispersionCoef 10 (ignoring the Y/X atm). But the actual coefficient that's used to increase bullet spread depends on the skill. The following table (still using that aiDispersionCoef 10) could better show the difference between then old and new state. AI's aimingAccuracy 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1 resulting coef. (old) 23.5 11 6.8 4.75 3.5 2.67 2.07 1.63 1.28 1 resulting coef. (new) 9.1 8.2 7.3 6.4 5.5 4.6 3.7 2.8 1.9 1 You can see the "most interesting" differences were happening ~ between 0.2-0.4 AI aimingAccuracy. Now we are talking about "final" skill - after taking the difficulty/AILevel into account. To put it in a better perspective - on "Recruit", with AI Level Precision @ 0.2 - an AI with raw aimingAccuracy 0.38 actually translates to 0.194 final aimingAccuracy. And with raw aimingAccuracy 0.2 (still possible via editor) = 0.01 final aimingAccuracy. You can already imagine the resulting dispersion at that value using the old interpolation ;) Broken AI. AI tends to throw a grenade at a target that the AI doesn't directly see, but it's able to estimate its position and knows it's an enemy. As for UGL - the AI should be more prone to fire them on condensed groups of soldiers or vehicles - if the probable outcome has a higher value than firing a bullet. But there might be some tweaking necessary.