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  1. It has slipped through today's changelog. Nevertheless, after a long pursuit our programmer has been able to eliminate a big chunk of ill-suited von Braun's technology from our tanks! It doesn't mean there won't be any chance to turn your MBT into an HLV but that chance should be slim and only coming from a haywire collision.
  2. initially we tried to tone the traverse and elevation speed down to something more credible. We've also got requests to do so. But we've run into issues with the artillery computer and also existing scenarios. So we may have to stick with the old instantaneous gun adjustment :( The max. extent of turret elevation is something we'll definitely have to keep as it is not to change the available ranges. Sorry about that. Had you been using an adjusted layout previously?
  3. Thanks for the missions. In the first mission the Kamysh did wobble for a sec, but drove away. How often does it happen? I tried 3x. In the second mission the WPs are too close to the Slammer so the AI is able to complete them without moving. You can try https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDriveOnPath for such situations.

    The action gets removed from the action menu after you bound it to a key (Controls - Common - Left/Right panel). By unbinding the action you'll get it back to action menu. But I'd still recommend using keybind ;)
  5. Talking purely about measures yes. However considering the full dispersion it means that only some portion of the hits (50%, 80%? diameter or radius?) will probably fall within that circle. Meaning that the outermost hits can easily be spread much more.
  6. Also one thing to keep in mind when looking at real life references about ammo precision is that the data is often given as either 1σ or circular error probable. With that in mind (correct me if I'm wrong, please) e.g. 4 mrad will give you something like 10m extreme spread radius on 1000m.
  7. FoV speed sensitivity is currently being removed from the game on the Dev-branch.
  8. Thanks! The dev-branch update didn't contain the latest changes, this should be gone with the next update.
  9. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Caused some misunderstanding here, I'm sorry about it. We do perceive it as a bug too (and tracked it's existence back to 2007). We were dealing with it a year ago and we decided against fixing it due to risks involved in the required changes. If anything changes we'll definitely let you know.
  10. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Thanks a lot! Should be fixed soon™
  11. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    It's been the same in Arma 2 :/
  12. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dynamic_Airport_Configuration I've fixed https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/landAt
  13. Mainly the missile is now able to lock onto the target provided by the said radar. Previously was only possible in some form with autoSeekTarget. Locking also allows the AI to utilize the feature. This is simplified to a degree that the missile uses it's own seeker from the start. But this way it can lock on a target provided by datalink without requiring the launching platform to have its own radar.
  14. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    It was extended to work with "dynamic airports" - e.g. aircraft carrier or an "invisible strip" that you could place on a road and make the airplanes land there. The documentation seems inaccurate.