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  1. Would be great if all maps had an extra 10km or more extra sea around them. Especially with the carrier and jets DLC.
  2. Really nice work. Admin pouch looks great. Would love to see more variants with the single elastic mag pouches, the really tall, double stack ones just look a bit odd.
  3. Nope, this has always been the timeline since they did the 2017/18 timeline. Jets and Orange were always first. Jets was about a month and a half after the timeline suggests so it wouldn't be unreasonable to add the same delay to any further releases.
  4. I thought Malden was a separate "free" DLC coming in June and TacOps was for Q3, as per:
  5. Fair enough, any chance you can include a variant with the visor on but up?
  6. Great job, looks awesome. Did you manage to get the visor working in the end?
  7. You cannot wear NVG's with the mandible in real life - they use the same mounting point on the helmet.
  8. Try this, haven't put it in game yet but should work. class cfgWeapons { class NVGoggles; class Default; class ItemCore; class HeadgearItem; class InventoryItem_Base_F; class YOUR_NVG: NVGoggles { displayName = "NVG_NAME"; nameSound = "nvgoggles"; simulation = "NVGoggles"; showEmpty = 0; muzzlePos = "usti hlavne"; muzzleEnd = "konec hlavne"; value = 5; weaponPoolAvailable = 1; opticsZoomMin = 1; opticsZoomMax = 1; modelOptics = "model"; model = "model"; picture = "UI_PIC.paa"; descriptionUse = "Desc here"; Scope = 2; ScopeCurator = 2; class Library thermalMode[] = {0}; visionMode[] = {"Normal"}; { libTextDesc = "Desc here"; }; descriptionShort = "Short Desc"; class ItemInfo { type = 616; hmdType = 0; uniformModel = "model.p3d"; //Model when deployed modelOff = "model.p3d"; //Model when not deployed mass = 12; }; }; };
  9. It should be the visionMode[]= config entry: visionMode[] = {"Normal","NVG","TI"}; //Entries are pretty self explanatory. visionMode[] = {"Normal"}; //No effects
  10. It drops your throttle to 0% when you hit esc.
  11. Ah so that's what it was - yes I got this last night. Didn't have enough time to narrow down which mod was causing it. Can confirm this bug, replication steps: Load A3 with no mods but MPX BAF: Virtus Place BLUFOR rifleman Observe missing gear,
  12. New pics look great, am I being stupid or does the Steam WS version not include the new scrim/ bowman yet?
  13. The scrim is looking nice now, and the shorter vest makes look so much better. :D Looking forward to getting it in game.
  14. Don't think so, the forum seems to embed them automatically and resize now. I've never been warned for posting images that are MBs at source.
  15. Yea you can, PBO Project has the option and works very well. Agreed would definitely be a great solution. Would need a lot of buy-in from the DevOps guys at BI to make it happen.