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  1. If anyone has any feature requests for the next version let me know as I'm working on it now. Mian updates for next version are: Server Profiles and Launching Headless Client Support Cleaner SW Mod Handling Bug fixes
  2. Just use this : this animateSource ["Fold", 1, true];
  3. Yea, it was as I expected too - just posting results to verify. Although tests were done on a more powerful server that did stay higher FPS as it was running well above the 50fps during play.
  4. Planning on testing that tonight or this weekend. Will post results back when I have them.
  5. New Version - Steam Workshop updated. Naming and structure refactor to match OPFEC standards. Removed due to model/ animation issues. Strider Hunter
  6. Once you start putting lots of AI down it doesn't seem to make much difference. These are very basic numbers taken from the same mission. There seems to be a slight increase in client side FPS. 4 PLAYERS NO AI MALDEN SERVER FPS:46 Flax:86 Steele:52 Ward:90 Withers:71 4 PLAYERS 100 vs 100 AI IN TOWN MALDEN SERVER FPS:21 Flax:23 Steele:23 Ward:25 Withers:25 MAIN BRANCH 200FPS BINARY 4 PLAYERS NO AI MALDEN SERVER FPS:168 Flax:83 Steele:54 Ward:88 Withers:71 4 PLAYERS 100 vs 100 AI IN TOWN MALDEN SERVER FPS:19 Flax:26 Steele:25 Ward:27 Withers:22
  7. The issue is with the any of the empty arrays: magazines[] = {""}; Just replace all the "" with nothing, I.E: magazines[] = {};
  8. I've been using for testing SQF when not on a PC with arma, someone else suggested it could be used for unit testing and scripts you make too.
  9. Issue with latest Dev branch has broken some door anims - waiting on a fix from BI to see if it will affect the mod.
  10. In current Dev version the door animations on a lot of vehicles are broken. Ones that I've tested and seen broken are the new Vans from LoW and the Ifrit MRAP. See below:
  11. New Version - Steam Workshop updated. Added all compatible vehicles from soft_f_x addons in Arma 3: Van Zamak Truck Hunter Unarmed Strider Ifrit
  12. Yes you need to login with a normal steam account - and one that has a copy of Arma 3 on it otherwise you won't be able to download the server.
  13. Hi that suggests there is an issue with the steam login - try logging into to SteamCMD from the SteamCMD console see if you get the same error.
  14. Good shout - I had thought about it but couldn't think of a case where 2D wouldn't work. Now I have one! I'll start with these then, I'll just go through the config and find as many as I can and add them over time.
  15. Sure, good idea. I'll look at expanding them. It's pretty simple to do - if anyone has any vehicle requests let me know and I'll concentrate on those first.