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  1. They don't in real life, it's probably for extra driver protection. No break in the armour etc.
  2. I know it's not strictly sensor/custom info related but would certainly help with situational awareness - would it be possible to have FOV sliders for different scenarios - eg FOV on foot. FOV in ground vehicle. FOV in air vehicle.
  3. Yes it's already in - each pylon (CfgVehicles) seems to be able to take a pylon rack (CfgMagazines) which takes an Ammo type (CfgAmmo). You can't mix and match ammo types on a pylon rack though. IE there is a 1x Macer pylon rack and a 3x Macer rack you can't put 2 Macers and a Falcion on a rack.
  4. Nice addition to the jets, makes Tank hunt very easy.... Would be nice to see the option to load it with no weapons attached and even ported to the little bird perhaps. @Varanon Seems to be a config change were pylons are defined as components with hardpoints and their attachments defined for each pylon:
  5. Out tank hunting for the day thanks to the new Dynamic Loadouts in Dev Branch. Vanilla A3 Dev Branch
  6. Looks really nice, looking forward to testing this in Dev. If that screen shot is anything to go by looks like a good change.
  7. @bad benson Thanks all good now.
  8. Thanks for the new release, will it be going onto the workshop at anypoint? Current page for it is hidden/ removed. I'm happy to DL without but I know some will want to use workshop.
  9. So I've done some benchmarking: It seems that from the 32 to 64 bit - no real change as expected and noted on this thread many times before. However in the 32bit Stable build, I actually benefited some 18% by using the maxVRAM=4096 start up parameter. So @Godlikeru I would disagree with your advice to never use the start-up params in 32bit and as for the 64bit ones, no change so no need to use it.
  10. Yes it would be -maxVRAM=3583 for the GTX970.
  11. Ah in that case I will double check tonight. Either way sounds like something worth checking.
  12. Wow well I guess that means I've been playing with 3.5GB for ever then... Stupid GTX970. Thanks for the info dwarden.
  13. Amazing work as always Duda, can't wait to get this in game.
  14. Personally I think BI's maps are some of the highest quality out there. The detail on the terrain itself is often great and you only have to look back to 2012 to see the length's the dev's have gone to get it right. Admittedly it is a shame to see a lack of furniture and enterable buildings but BI have given a reason for this - performance. Taunus is a lovely map but it cannot hold up to the performance of Altis and Tanoa in my experience. 100% on this, getting vehicles stuck in mud because its raining would be amazing. Although that could quickly descend into feature creep and a lot more work than just a map.