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  1. That's too slow at that altitude - you need to be doing 1225 at sea level to hit the speed of sound. At a couple hundred metres, I was hitting the effect at about 1280/90km/h.
  2. I 've found a few issues today - first one is the landing autopilot is broken today - AI and autopilot both crash into the back of the carrier. Next up the new launch system seems a bit weird today - Will launch you when you are facing sideways/ backwards etc. Lastly, jets launch position is too far forwards - hook in the deck should be attached to the front landing gear. Currently, the attachment point sits halfway up the airframe.
  3. Grab a unit with a UAV terminal and put this in it's init, where "uav1" is the name of the UAV. player connectTerminalToUAV uav1;
  4. @Grumpy Old Man This a quite an extreme case, i found the absolute lowest tide I could over a period of i think 10 years in the editor. I imagine in rel life locations such as this would be dredged to stop this from happening. I'll have a look again tonight but i'm not sure if the main docks on the north side of the main island are as badly affected.
  5. The one downside (or upsides) of highest tides means you also get the lowest tides - these were from testing on Tanoa and less than 6 hours apart so for longer missions you will have to be careful with the times you pick. Back to the feedback - liking that fact that tides have made a comeback but the there seems to be some issues with the water intersecting the beaches causing graphical glitches. You can see the square like shape on the left of the second picture above.
  6. As you are the IP owner you should file a DMCA request on them as well as flagging them.
  7. Awesome, good to hear it. If you haven't found it already this should help out: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Publisher Also, I found a couple bugs - first when launching with the mod you get an error: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope' I think this is due to an inheritance error in the configs, can't remember the fix for it though :/ The second issue is there is an additional Radio visible to the player when you look down in first person: https://gyazo.com/f4d466d2eb285b118a6496b4a1d8ae68
  8. Looks good so far, looking forward to new variants etc. Is there any chance for a Steam Workshop version?
  9. Been looking forward to trying this out for ages, looks great.
  10. Yea that is annoying, maybe setCaptive could be used until you are on the ground.
  11. Are you either in an MP server or running ACE at all? MP servers the view distance is set server side and with ACE you need to change it using the ACE menu.
  12. Haha, the exact code I used :P, you'll have to adapt the setPosWorld array to match the direction that you want.
  13. Turns out the AI autopilot landings are great - even when the ship is moving... Video Version - https://gyazo.com/76f1c529773a26e359900210c4c1d3f8
  14. Video Version - https://gyazo.com/640559886b62e55eee2785310a00d96e Mods - Jets DLC Code used: onEachFrame {_veh setPosWorld [(getPosWorld _veh select 0),(getPosWorld _veh select 1)-0.1,(getPosWorld _veh select 2)]; _veh call BIS_fnc_Carrier01PosUpdate;}
  15. Nice find, will be useful for cinematics: Video Version - https://gyazo.com/640559886b62e55eee2785310a00d96e