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  1. Good shout - I had thought about it but couldn't think of a case where 2D wouldn't work. Now I have one! I'll start with these then, I'll just go through the config and find as many as I can and add them over time.
  2. Sure, good idea. I'll look at expanding them. It's pretty simple to do - if anyone has any vehicle requests let me know and I'll concentrate on those first.
  3. Details: This small addon adds the ability to open and close all the doors on the new Vans added in the Arma Laws Of War. Currently setup for all Factions and versions of the new Van. Any feedback welcome. Future Plans/ Known Issues: Need to clean up where the actions are available from, for example "Side Door" should not be accessible from the driver seat. Not fully tested in MP. Download: Steam Workshop GitHub Source
  4. Thanks, I've been away and busy with work. The Git should see some updates over the next week.
  5. Does anyone have a video example of the new EDEN terrain object tools? Would like to see them in action but unable to download Dev.
  6. My mistake, just read Icebreakr's previous post of not wanting to switch to APEX.
  7. I'm pretty certain this map uses both Apex Vegetation and Structures. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950966660
  8. Hey @eric963 - it seems I haven't accounted for the capitalisation of the folder. I'll add the list of stuff to be fixed for 1.1.3.
  9. HOTFIX - V1.1.2 Minor quick fix for issues reported here. Changelog: Fixed missing mods.cfg causes crash on mod import. Fixed missing mods.cfg causes crash on mod deletion. Downloads GitHub Release Update Instructions Download and unzip. Overwrite existing files.
  10. Thanks for the feedback - will have this fixed soon.
  11. NEW RELEASE - V1.1 Some minor updates to the tool, fixes various issues and cleans up some code. Changelog: Added Help and About Links. Fixed ability to add duplicate mods. Fixed copying of keys from key folder (eg RHS used key not keys). Fixed "Update All Mods" not working with mods that hadn't been downloaded yet. Changed the way multiple workshop mods are downloaded to remove steam login timeout. Downloads GitHub Release Update Instructions Download and unzip. Overwrite existing files.
  12. Use these commands: setObjectViewDistance setViewDistance Or one of the many view distance mods: Google Link
  13. @creep @Wallop Fair point, next release and code will be on GitHub later tonight.
  14. Thanks, yea that's the same line I've been experimenting with, just need to get it looking through the mods correctly. Will be in the next update.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, all of those are easy fixes but i'm travelling this weekend. Will have a fix out for you beginning of next week. As for the steam login rate, I'm currently testing a way to reduce this however the steam command only allows for downloading one mod per run of the command so this has caused some issues. I hope to have that in over the next week or so.