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  1. @Everyone I apologize for not getting you info or pics of updates and such. I want to let you all know that we are still hard at work with the USAF Mod. Alot of things have been added that you will love. We are closing in on our final stages before we have our mass testing phase and finally a release to the public. Unfortunately I do not have a release date for you, on that note i am hoping it will be in the upcoming weeks if possible. We your USAF mod team are working hard day by day but as you all know we do this in our spare time as we all have lives to live. I for one am getting ready to deploy overseas into the AOR for a undisclosed period of time. Perks of being in the US Army. We all have our own individual things going on. I sincerely ask that you be patient with us. I PROMISE you the wait is worth what we have added. With the release of JETS DLC we are adding in the hitpoints, radar and other things to take full advantage of this awesome DLC. We are also adding in some avionics of our which probably should have been in when we released the last update but because of the new way things are we can fully take advantage. I will try to get our Foxone to atleast get you some pics maybe Video out there for you as soon as we can get it out. The F35B and F35C are still a real thing. They are done. Just adding in the JETS DLC stuff to them and they are ready to go. Majority of all we really have left is Hitpoint adding and a few minor things. As stated with the LBL_AC130. We have a new version that will be in use. The one that is currently out is OBSOLETE please if its causing issues do not use it. I understand fully that the mod not being comparable with the new stuff right now is causing alot of issues. Lastly i want to address a on going issue and that is STEAM. We at the USAF Mod have already stated more than once that we are planning on releasing this mod on steam for the masses. Loyal members to the USAF mod are dimming all of you out who upload the mod illegally. It is simple as asking for permission if you need it for your Group but if you dont your gonna get a warning from me or one of my team members. I have been in talks with steam about this ongoing abuse and they have agreed with me that they will take actions against your account if i report you or you do not heed to my warning. I apologize that it has gotten to that point but if you do the crime you will pay the fine. I am sick and tired of having to get on and have you remove the mod. IT IS COMING.. i would rather you get the update then uploading a older version and fucking ppl up who think the update is what you posted. Also as a added bonus to my warning. I have 3 very powerful scripters in this mod team. They can and will take your IP and ban you from using this mod. Trust me it will happen..dont be that guy. Thank you all and looking forward to seeing you in the skies.
  2. Would be nice if you hit me up first
  3. Yes it is available in multiplayer. A little more information would be nice
  4. I took care of it
  5. I did exactly as stated but still getting issues
  6. If there are any 3Ds MAX masters out there plz message me.
  7. Looking for a texture artist! Really need a good one please PM me when this is read
  8. Dont ask for things. It against the rules. He will post teasers or updates when he is ready.
  9. The B1 does not have cruise missile capability. Now the B-2 version is a kinda glide missile its set to be not detectable by a flame like propulsion.
  10. We have our own reasons why we dont want it on there and will not go into detail of why. Respect our privacy and our rules..Its as simple as that..We do this out of the kindness of our hearts..and to deliver a great product..I can add more rules to this if i wanted or pull the entire thing if i wanted. If it will end up on stream i will make the final say so..until then it will not be on there and anyone adding it to steam will face the consequences.
  11. Haha no bitting :)
  12. What you see are New F35 features: SAR Image, UAV Feed and TGP. The SAR Image uses the well known SATCAM camera shrunk down. The F35 can connect to any UAV on its side and tap into its feed. You can also now write your name on your plane. This applies to the F35 A, B and C.
  13. No i do not want my mod on steam right now. The update that is coming out will be on steam. My user agreement states that you cannot use any part of the mod for anything outside of using the mod for playing Arma 3. I will look into the discrepancy you reported and get back with you.
  14. We had a cargo system similar to the one RHS uses when the mod first came out. We did away with it to help with loading cargo boxes and such. The clipping you have seen has been fixed and we find that our new method suits the cargo plans better. Thanks for the inquiry though.
  15. Very true indeed and thank you for your kind words. As Raynor said that its worth the wait. We aim to bring awesome jets into your hands. But we are all busy with RL. For example i am at a US Army school for my upcoming deployment. I have military obligations, The others have jobs or school, but were still working. Trust me we want to get this over as well but were not gonna side step just cuz were tired. Thats not how we role.