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  1. Breaking News: It is very likely there will NOT be an update at the end of this month, but some time afterwards. This is due to several catastrophic/tragic events that have occurred in my life this month and it is forcing me into a position that must prioritize those issues first. Because of the severity of the problems that I'm dealing with, this will likely effect my YouTube channel's activity until the problems are resolved. I will eventually return in full-swing again and a much more serious take on scripting, my mission, and YouTube. For now, I need to deal with life. I'm sure you guys understand. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. Yes, it'll be in the next version of the mission. You can call it in the randOP4.sqf where the civilian stuff is handled and/or in the COScore.sqf after the createUnit[] line.
  3. Add this to your dedicated server's init: -autoInit
  4. Put this in the init.sqf of your mission at the top line: if(isClass(configFile>>"CfgPatches">>"task_force_radio"))then{endMission "END2";};
  5. I've never worked with saving/loading support in any scripts or missions yet, so I honestly have no idea. In my very limited experience with that kind of stuff, scripts don't always like to initialize at all after a save is loaded. Not saying it's impossible to fix, I've just never dealt with that sort of stuff yet. I'll look into it and see if I can add the support in the next update or at least get started with it.
  6. What I'm curious about is why you're trying to use this in singleplayer. Also, the eventHandler should be persistent and not get lost when you respawn. @in005Either your mission's "Description.ext" file or the Exile mod modify what remoteExec commands are allowed and is blocking the radio script from working.
  7. After the line in the engima civs script which creates the unit, I add the eventHandler to the unit.
  8. Ohhhh wow, didn't even realize it was hyperlinked in the first place. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. ULTRA rare pepe. Very nice pepe. Will there be any more additions or changes to civilians? Such as the dementors (female civs from A2) and maybe even face/beard additions from A2?
  10. Really? That's odd. This is the link from the OP. Does it take you to the 1i or 1J version?
  11. That's because 1J is the latest released version. I have no idea how to update the mission on Armaholic, so that might be why there's some confusion about versions. The Google Drive link should be up-to-date.
  12. The animations were added in the Apex expansion, I believe. Probably part of the new campaign, which I've STILL never even started lol. I think BI is very slowly-but-surely improving the animations in the game and how they function and these might be on the side until they add it as a base action. Who knows. Then again, they've had animations for stuff like mounting/dismounting weapon attachments in the game forever and never did anything with them. Some day? Maybe? Sorry about the script not being perfectly efficient. I'll update it some other time to be a little better, but for the time being it works fine enough as is.
  13. I'm getting the error with my Takistan Insurgency mission on (of course) the Takistan terrain, from CUP Terrains. I'm using CUP:Terrains - Core and CUP:Terrains - Maps from Steam Workshop. CBA_A3 is also loaded from Steam Workshop. Note that these errors do not cause any outstanding issues like crashing (although it is possible it can contribute to it) nor do I get any kinds of script or pop-up errors related to CUP. Thanks for the responses. [EDIT] Even when I delete the addons from the mission, after saving the mission in the editor the addons which cause errors on my server are added again. Guess that means the file is corrupt on my server or on my end? I can confirm that both dedicated servers I'm renting are getting the same errors in the RPT log.
  14. Because it would still return [0,0,0] no matter what sometimes and it annoys me. Couldn't figure out why it was happening with my cache/intel script, until I replaced the [0,0,0] check with an array of houses and stuck to that. Problem was solved. Like I said, I know about these methods but for some reason they caused major issues with my cache script (Well actually, Hazey and Sacha Ligthert made the cache script I'm using atm but you know what I mean).
  15. Go for it. Use it, modify it, whatever you want. :)