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  1. The death animations would be awesome to have, maybe we won't have as many guys dying with their legs bent up into the air. Looking forward to it.
  2. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getDLCs
  3. I made sure the mission worked fine with those parameters set before releasing the update and just confirmed that the mission works on my dedicated server. Must be on your end, maybe an unnecessary ; after -autoInit or a missing one for persistent=1;?
  4. I started playing with the moveTo, moveToCompleted, and moveToFailed commands and am confused as to what determines the moveTo command has failed. I spawned a waitUntil which checked for both completed/failed and it only fired when the guy completed his moveTo. Killing him did not trigger a failure. I didn't extensively test it with difficult to reach locations, but what exactly can make the moveTo return as failed?
  5. Sagarmāthā Zone

    Really nice looking terrain, we don't see many terrains that capture the scale of mountains too well. Reminds me of Clafghan. Good job!
  6. Animal Movements

    From my tests, the animals work better as units rather than agents, as far as being able to follow waypoints and animate. I THINK it worked fine on a dedicated server too.
  7. Map Markers in Direct Channel

    This may be of use to you: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createMarkerLocal
  8. getUnitTrait Error

    God damn it. Well, at least it's already reported. My radio script and one of my Altis Insurgency mission uses it, so it's kind of a pain in the ass. Oh well. Here's to hoping they fix it before the year is over
  9. Before I add this to the bug tracker, I want to double-check if this is some new intended result that I didn't catch in the change-log. Prior to the update, there were no errors. Now, it results in a script error and I've been told it also spams the RPT. This is the code I'm using: player setUnitTrait["RTO",true,true]; player getUnitTrait"RTO"; It seems to still work as intended, but it generates this script error:
  10. @Blackheart_Six Thanks, I didn't catch that error. It'll be fixed in the next version. @genesis92x I will NEVER fix that error!
  11. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Steam Workshop) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.4 Size: 124 KB ADDITIONS: • Added: New setting to adjust % chance for furniture to spawn per house • Added: Electronics store furniture layout for one of the Altis shops • Added: Script now supports all A3 location types • Added: Script now supports all A2 location types • Added: MissionEventHandler to delete furniture in ruined houses ADJUSTMENTS: • Changed: Rewrote location finder code: + Trigger/marker size scales with town size + Trigger/marker angle taken into account • Changed: Trigger deactivation deletes objects attached to invisible helipads • Changed: Color of debug markers to ColorCiv, from ColorWest • Tweaked: Merged Arma 2 location types with Arma 3 location types • Tweaked: Increased trigger's max elevation activation to 99m, up from 0m • Tweaked: Disabled simulation of invisible helipads on houses, instead of deleted • Tweaked: Reduced damage check of buildings to 0.6, down from 0.9 FIXES: • Fixed: Overlapping triggers could cause furniture to spawn more than once • Fixed: Blacklisted markers system • Fixed: All buildings in trigger would spawn an invisible helipad • Fixed: Trigger deactivation should no longer delete loot • Fixed: Locations with 0 PF supported houses in them no longer spawn a trigger • Fixed: A specific house type did not have its functions initialized • Fixed: Undefined variable reference for bucket object caused a script error • Fixed: Undefined variable reference for radio object caused a script error • Fixed: Undefined variable reference for table object caused a script error • Fixed: Tanoa flag paths were defined incorrectly • Fixed: Reduced sleep delays to help fix the delayed object rotation issues • Fixed: Removed most sleep delays to help fix the delayed object rotation issues OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Script initialization (Thanks to Metalman10) • Optimized: All instances of the createVehicle[] command now use "can_collide" • Optimized: Invisible helipads are created only on buildings with furniture • Optimized: Trigger calls code for PF supported houses only • Optimized: Trigger deactivation deletes a couple specific objects • Optimized: Triggers are only created in locations with PF supported houses • Optimized: Blacklist marker code • Optimized: Replaced BIS_fnc_inTrigger, with inArea • Optimized: Significantly reduced script delays • Optimized: Naming of furniture trigger markers • Optimized: HelipadEmpty is created on the house's position, instead of setPos • Optimized: Replaced a couple forEach commands, with count • Optimized: Removed some unneeded occurrences of the setDir command KNOWN BUGS: • Bug free! __________________________________________________________________________ All known bugs are now fixed. I've also reworked a lot of the code. I've decided to stick with the attachTo method, because it is more efficient than setting/getting variables on everything (houses AND spawned furniture) with how I clean up the furniture upon deactivation. I still have a lot of work to do. I've updated the To Do List, so you'll know what to expect in the future. Thanks and enjoy!
  12. Fixed. I'll update the script when more changes are included.
  13. Yeah, I'll fix it today or tomorrow. Read HazJ's post above and my response. The script disables itself when ACE is detected.
  14. @ricoarma Works in singleplayer, multiplayer client-hosted, and dedicated servers. @Bosh__ Thank you; I have thought about adding graffiti to the abandoned buildings, but there's not really a lot of options. I might add it in the future.