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  1. Sure, without the distance checks and complex stuff, it should work fine. I'll post it in a couple days if I can.
  2. The script has a severe issue which is blocking my progress from moving forward -- locality is changed when a new client connects/initializes AFAR. This is an incomplete observation I've made, so I could be slightly mistaken. The bug is that players' permissions in channels will almost completely depend on a specific player, who seems to usually be the newest connected client. It explains why I've had unsuccessful tests of disabling chat reliably for dead players, players underwater, or players outside of radio range of a friendly player: it's because the scripts/functions are referring to some other player which the scripts are depending on, for whatever reason, and that player is still alive and within radio range of a friendly player. Because he is alive and in range of a friendly player, he has permission to talk in VOIP channels, thus allowing everyone else to also talk in channels, regardless of their own status (Dead, alive, in or outside of range, underwater, etc.) I've tried initializing the functions in every possible way I am aware of, all methods still lead to this issue. Naturally, that means the code is fucked. Most likely the references to "player", instead of "_this select 0" or whatever. I actually had tried to change the player references in some parts to see if there was any improvements to the locality issue, but to no avail. Long story short, I've come to the conclusion that I am not competent enough to even identify where the issue even begins, let alone how to fix it. AFAR's next release will most likely be it's last. I advise everyone using this in their mission to remove it, as it is merely a proof-of-concept. After working on this script for nearly 8 months, it really sucks that it was a completely wasted effort. Maybe someone out there can fix it, but as far as I am concerned, the project's progress forward is officially cancelled after version 0.6 is released.
  3. DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive) DOWNLOAD LINK (Armaholic) Version: v0.2 Size: 3kb ADDITIONS: Added: Debug setting Added: Setting to disable damage to IED Added: Comments to each setting Added: Array variable containing IED ammo classes Added: Crater decal ADJUSTMENTS: Tweaked: IED markers are visible if Dbug = true Tweaked: IED is deleted only if it is invulnerable via script settings OPTIMIZATIONS: Optimized: Replaced set command with pushBack Optimized: Simplified deletion of IED objects upon activation Optimized: Simulation of junk is disabled globally, instead of only on server REMOVALS: Replaced: remoteExec, with a simple trigger Removed: _iedDel variable _________________________________________________________________ Installation and setup is easier and more straight forward. I removed the remoteExec reference to avoid conflicts with popular mods/missions which prohibit/restrict its use. Enjoy!
  4. Did CUP Units ever have Arma 2 faces ported into Arma 3? If not, then I must be getting confused with another mod. Anyway, if there aren't any legit Arma 2 faces, such as that Takistani faces, do you folks plan on adding them to the mod pack? Or is that outside of the mod's scope?
  5. Works for me just fine. Look at natoed's post, you're most likely using a mission or mod which prohibits the undefined use of remoteExec. Some mods that do that are Exile, Epoch, Life, etc.
  6. Thank you, Progress on Takistan Insurgency is going really well. A lot of bugs have been fixed and I'm still working on them and adding new small features. It's not enough to justify a release just yet though, in my opinion. I'd like to work on civilian AI a bit more before doing a release. I'm working on an Altis Insurgency mission, but it's very different from Takistan Insurgency and is currently not as fun to play. Plus, the Altis version is pretty buggy right now. Once it's more balanced and a lot more stable, I'll consider releasing it. I don't expect it to be ready any time soon though. To answer your question, I don't upload WIP versions of my missions. I like to release them when they're the most stable with a large number of fixes, optimizations, and other changes. Otherwise, I'd get bombarded with complaints about how shitty the mission is. Be patient and it'll be worth the wait.
  7. ctrlEnable[90909,false]; in the function which creates the dialog fixes it. Not sure why the hell the base settings movingEnable and moving don't work though, but whatever, thanks BB.
  8. I made this for my radio script, Addon-Free Arma Radio: class AFAR_UI { idd=-1; movingEnable=false; controlsBackground[]={}; objects[]={3DRadio}; class 3DRadio { idc=90909; type=82; model="\A3\Structures_F\Items\Electronics\PortableLongRangeRadio_F.p3d"; scale=0.7direction[]={0,10,1}; up[]={0,1,0}; x=0.405*safezoneW+safezoneX; y=0.5*safezoneH+safezoneY; z=0.2; xBack=0.5; yBack=0.5; zBack=1.2; inBack=0; enableZoom=0; zoomDuration=0.001;}; }; I've tried adding/removing several things to the above code. I've even tried setting: movingEnable=false; movingEnable=0; moving=false; moving=0; The 3D radio can still be moved around. I'm definitely missing a command to disable moving for 3D objects that I'm overlooking, but I've been looking all day on the Google and the BI wiki with no success.
  9. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.5 ADDITIONS: • Added: Simple 2D radio interface (Custom texture is temporary) • Added: Cycle through previous/next VON channels via nobs on radio interface • Added: Script setting to toggle 3D radio when talking • Added: Script setting to toggle player animation when talking • Added: Blocked usage of VoiceOverNet keybind *WIP* • Added: Player is notified that he needs a rebreather to speak, if underwater • Added: Reintroduced the auto-side detection and "r_PS" variable • Added: Functions check for the player's unit classname and side • Added: Function to handle radio animation better • Added: Fuzz function deletes radio noise if player is beyond 1200 meters • Added: Switching channels via radio menu resets channel permissions (Test) • Added: Unique local variable to handle element in "Fuzz" function • Added: More information to AFAR Instructions manual • Added: BadBenson to credits • Added: DirtySanchez to credits • Security: Defined AFAR's functions under CfgRemoteExec in the Description.ext • Security: AFAR's functions now initialize via comileFinal preprocessFile ADJUSTMENTS: • Changed: Side channel is disabled by default • Changed: AFAR has been completely reorganized • Merged: Vehicle channel permissions reorganized • Merged: Code which initializes scripts/functions now in its own init script • Moved: Separated all the configurable settings into the "CFG.sqf" • Tweaked: Simplified installation of AFAR • Tweaked: Vehicle chat should only work if you're in a vehicle • Tweaked: Variables are set in more appropriate areas of code • Tweaked: Functions use a unique "_nearP" variable • Tweaked: Player does not grab radio while aiming down sights anymore • Tweaked: Adjusted some settings in demo mission FIXES: • Fixed: Common instance that caused radio noise to persist until respawn • Fixed: Talking on radio while in a vehicle caused static bug • Fixed: "Hush" function no longer deletes 3D radio • Fixed: "_nearP" variable should be reset more reliably now • Fixed: Only group leaders can communicate via Command channel • Fixed: "MPKilled" eventHandler is now set to "Killed" • Fixed: Demo mission would force player to respawn upon connecting OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Replaced private["_var1"] with private _var1 • Optimized: Replaced set command with pushBack • Optimized: Replaced getPos command with getPosWorld • Optimized: createVehicleLocal getPos player changed to createVehicleLocal[0,0,0] • Optimized: Removed detach command when deleting radio/static • Optimized: Initialization of KeyUp eventHandlers • Optimized: "r_WS" variable is no longer a public variable • Optimized: 3D radio is no longer created while talking in a vehicle • Optimized: Simplified "eventHandler" to "EH" in comments • Optimized: Deleted function/variable classification from comments • Optimized: Demo mission's .sqm is now binarized REMOVALS: • Replaced: Side channel with Command channel by default (Side may return later) • Replaced: "r_WS" code/variable moved to AFAR's init • Removed: initPlayerLocal.sqf is no longer used • Removed: Useless "debug" object from demo mission KNOWN BUGS: Script locality may have issues and depend on newest connected player (Unconfirmed) Dead players can talk while spectating/waiting to respawn (A3 Respawn) Reloading right before talking on radio plays animation and deletes new magazine Script error when talking near a wounded squad mate Releasing other keys while holding down PushToTalk key is glitchy __________________________________________________________________________ AFAR works better than it used to, but I think there may be a locality issue related to my use of the "player" references in the scripts. It seems like the script likes to make the distances depend on a specific player (Newest connected) and may also effect channel permissions --- I need confirmation on this. The next version will contain a few fixes, including the above mentioned bug if it is confirmed, as well as content additions and optimizations. I think the way I want to go about Long Range Radio capability is by simply granting it under certain conditions: Squad leaders, air crews, tank crews, and ship mates.
  10. I have almost no experience with TOH, but I think the reflections on the buildings might've been some kind of Picture-In-Picture technique they did in the game. Since those kinds of reflections, as far as I know, don't exist on objects (except for maybe water reflections) I'd recommend replacing the texture with the fake reflection(s) in Arma 3. The Apex "skyscrapers" use a fake reflection texture of a forest but it gets the point across. The artifacting you're seeing from the TOH buildings might be the individual model/texture of each window which specifically utilized the reflection system in TOH and would probably have to be manually replaced.
  11. As far as the ambient civilian cars, there's a couple scripts which add this, such as Engima's civilian traffic script or L_Axemann's "L_Civs" script. There's also ambient traffic scripting commands in the game which I never actually checked out.
  12. Could try setting them to "AWARE" instead or just have the unit's play the walking animation while disabling their ability to do other animations. Something like this: Bob playMove "WalkingAnimationClassnameGoesHere"; Bob disableAI "ANIM";
  13. All major bugs are fixed and I'm working on resolving any minor issues remaining. I still need to conduct thorough tests with at least 3 people total with the version I'm working on, to assure there are no locality issues. Thankfully, a few people have come forth to help me and actually followed through, which led to confirmation of some minor issues, as well as confirmation of fixes. IMPORTANT: Please vote on whether you like the 3D radio pop-up while you're talking on a radio channel or if you dislike it. The reason the 3D radio exists was originally for debugging purposes and I thought it'd be interesting to leave it in. However, if you guys don't like it, I'll remove it altogether for convenience. Again, any and all feedback is helpful. Thank you very much!
  14. I wrote this simple little script that I execute on the server through the init.sqf if(!isServer)exitWith{}; private _baseVs=[ "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F","B_Truck_01_covered_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F","B_Heli_Light_01_F","B_MBT_01_TUSK_F","I_APC_tracked_03_cannon_F","B_UAV_02_CAS_F","B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F","B_Plane_CAS_01_F", "CUP_B_HMMWV_M2_GPK_USA","CUP_RG31_M2","CUP_B_UH60M_US","CUP_B_CH47F_USA","CUP_B_M1A2_TUSK_MG_DES_US_Army","CUP_B_M1126_ICV_M2_Desert_Slat","CUP_B_AH64D_AT_USA","CUP_B_AH6J_ESCORT_USA","CUP_B_MH6J_USA","CUP_B_A10_CAS_USA","CUP_B_USMC_MQ9", "rhsusf_m1025_d_m2","rhsusf_m1025_d_mk19","RHS_UH60M_d","RHS_CH_47F_light","rhsusf_m1a1aimd_usarmy","RHS_M2A2","RHS_AH64D_CS","RHS_MELB_AH6M_L","RHS_MELB_MH6M","RHS_A10" ]; while{true}do{sleep 300; {if(count units _x==0)then{deleteGroup _x;};}forEach allGroups;//Empty Groups {if(typeOf _x in _baseVs)exitWith{};if(!canMove _x &&{alive _x}count crew _x==0)then{deleteVehicle _x;};}forEach vehicles;//Empty Immobile Vehicles {deleteVehicle _x}forEach allMissionObjects "weaponHolder";};//Items on Ground This suits my needs perfectly. I use this in tandem with the Vehicle Respawn System on Armaholic, which handles the garbage collection of vehicles I execute the respawn code on (vehicles at base).
  15. Any input from you guys is always helpful, especially bug reports that help me narrow down what causes issues. Most of the process of fixing bugs is speculating what makes the bug tick and how it can be fixed. If you check my Steam page's Addon-Free Arma Radio thread, you can see I've gotten a lot accomplished and there are good changes to look forward to. Don't worry guys, I won't release another update until the static bug is fixed (at least for most or all common cases). I'm pretty sure the bug occurs when a player is in range while he or someone else it talking, but then leaves the range mid-conversation before the transmission ended. I've already fixed a couple instances that cause the bug, such as talking in vehicles. Sorry about the current shitty version, I didn't thoroughly test it but the next will be far better, I think. Once the major static bug is fixed, expect an imminent release. Testers will be needed to test my version of course, so that I don't rush the release of another broken version like an idiot.