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  1. I get that same VON issue whether my script is enabled or not on my server. Sometimes VON works, sometimes it doesn't. I want to create a ticket about it, but don't have enough information about what may be causing the issue in a reproducible way. I've confirmed it is not my script though and is more likely the game or the server provider.
  2. Sorry for getting the hopes up for an update soon, I just need to rewrite the user interface to work for all sizes (Not hard, but very tedious with testing) and none of my testers have been around anyway. In other news related to my lack of progress, Divinity 2: Original Sin and The Elder Scrolls Online are addicting.
  3. Development News: Bug fixing is going pretty well. Currently experimenting with a possible fix for the radio interface buttons not lining up correctly on UI size presets not equal to "Small" (Most people use "Normal", supposedly). Once that's dealt with, I'll conduct a few playtests with some people. If the tests go well and my testers confirm the bugs I sought to fix are fixed, I'll update the script on this thread and on the Steam Workshop. Expect a new AFAR update some time this week. If you're interested in checking out what'll be introduced in the 0.7 update, check out this development change-log.
  4. Now you can see why I've been putting it off, especially while I'm still refining the full version. It's not impossible or even hard to do, it's just really tedious.
  5. Personally, I've used Zeus only once in Single-player, so adding Zeus support is low on my priorities list since I won't benefit from it. With that said, I did try to use BIS_fnc_isCurator / BIS_fnc_isUnitVirtual to detect if the player is Zeus and it didn't help, so my initial attempts to add Zeus support have failed so far. Because AFAR is an open-source project, anyone can make changes and additions to it freely. Either someone else will add it and share their work or I'll consider tackling it again in the future. Right now I'm just solving bugs related to the Command and Support channel. Everything else is working as intended in my current version. (Aside from the known bugs)
  6. Your Prison Moke avatar made me laugh?

  7. Thank you guys for the feedback. It is very helpful. 1. That's a debug thing in the SortD.sqf which I forgot to remove before releasing, it's fixed in 0.7 (Next release) 2. I'll have those bugs fixed in the next version, I'm still looking into it. 3. Vehicle Channel only works when you're in a vehicle with someone else anyway, so I disable/remove the channel intentionally. If you wanna "fail safe" all the radio channels, try cycling the channels via the radio interface. 4. Fixed the Support Channel issues, but still needs testing 5. Did you mean you heard 2 people talking in a channel you were in, but can't talk in because it was disabled due to range? This is kind of an Arma VON "exploit" I can't really negate unless they add the mute feature I requested BI to add. Adding static when out of range may reintroduce the persistent static bug. 6. Good to hear the persistent static bug is confirmed fixed. I've been playing with people for a few days and haven't had it occur either. I totally forgot that side buttons for gaming mice actually count as keyboard inputs. That makes my life a lot easier. With that said, I've dropped the goal to "add mouse button input support" since it kinda already is.
  8. @FireWalker While the AI unit is doing his flashed animation, he is unable to engage anyone until he regains composure within 6 seconds (I might make it even shorter, like 5 or 4 seconds, IDK). So technically, if you were fast enough, you could just charge up to him and arrest him or whatever, assuming you have ACE or whatever to do that. I haven't tried it, but don't see why it wouldn't work.
  9. Cool ideas. One of my favorite things in video games that always fascinates me, whether it be Elder Scrolls games or Arma, is intelligent AI that can adapt to situations and be sporadic/unpredictable. It's my goal to start an AI project (Not as vast as VCOM AI probably) to make their tactics more immersive. For example, AI that actually clear rooms. I've been really motivated/inspired by SWAT 3's AI in CQB that I'm considering experimenting with scripting AI fireteams to breach buildings better: stack up, flashbang breach, herp-derp clear through the rest. I'd really love to have them legit pie doorways and clear, but that's where I start to think I'm hoping for too much. I have a lot of ideas on how I can make the AI more "realistic" or immersive, but it's a huge task and a lot can go wrong with AI in almost any situation/context. With that said, it's on my to-do-list some day without mod dependencies, as always.
  10. The file size of all these scripts combined will honestly be smaller than my Addon-Free Arma Radio script, probably. Also, if you truly wanna save that extra 8 kb by deleting the shit you don't want, it won't be hard since they're in their own functions and have comments that let you know what they do. As a side note, I'm not much of a collaborator. I like working on my own projects alone because I learn more that way and it's more fun for me. Help is alright when it's necessary, but otherwise I try to figure things out on my own for the most part. Thank you for the offer though.
  11. I haven't figured out a way to reduce the amount of time the flashbang's fuse goes off, but I have a couple ideas which might work. I like the idea of making the flashbang less effective outdoors, I'll put that on my to-do-list. Something else I wanna add is flash of white light at the position of the flashbang when it goes off. More features are in the works. Thinking about it more, helicopterenthusiast, it would be nice to have a script to drag incapacitated players which worked with the default Arma 3 revive system. If it's doable, I'll look into it.
  12. I'll most likely add a CFG script file which the mission designer can use to easily tweak the CRS features and even toggle them on/off. The incapacitation/revive system I'm working on will include player dragging, but will not include dragging of dead bodies. That's an interesting idea with the searchlight. It's not on my list of priorities, but maybe I'll put it on the list when other stuff is done. Here's a video of my flashbang script in action with AI. I know the fuse for the flashbang is too long, but oh well. Maybe I'll write a workaround some other time, but I'm happy enough with it. I'd like to fix the minor bug where AI continue to animate, even if they're killed mid-animation. It's pretty shitty but here ya go:
  13. [Development Update] There's been a decent amount of progress made with version 0.7 and I feel confident that the script will be ready for an update somewhere between late September to mid October. I'm mostly focused on fixing minor bugs and adding small features. I may have to do away with the idea of making the script compatible with mouse button inputs, at least for now. It's conflicting with the keyboard input eventHandlers and is causing problems. Personally, I don't use my mouse buttons for talking in VOIP. Do you guys use any mouse-button keybinds for talking in VOIP in Arma 3? Would it be absolutely necessary for mouse-button input support to be included in AFAR for you/your friends to use? In a perfect world, I'd love my script to be as modular and accessible as possible, but unfortunately it seems that endeavor opens the script up to more possible conflicts and higher rate of glitch occurrences.
  14. Try using the doMove command. They'll walk more straight towards the position.
  15. It's a gesture, there's actually quite a few in the game that aren't even used. You can view them all in the config viewer under the CfgGestures category. The classname for the pointing gesture is "HandSignalPoint"