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  1. Very simple radio interface which will be featured in update 0.5 (Not yet released), but the animation shown is already in the currently released version. I'm struggling to fix a couple bugs remaining in the script, but once they're squashed I'll update the script. ETA unknown...
  2. Try to add -autoInit to the server's init command line and add persistent=1; to the server.cfg. Some reason that fixes the issue in my insurgency mission, despite all the correct settings being in place in description.ext.
  3. What I do is place a unit in the editor, execute code in the unit's init to make him do the desired animation, and then in the debug window in the editor I execute an attachTo command and adjust the [x,y,z] values until the unit is where I want him in relation to the object he's attached to. Some useful commands are: _x attachTo ["myObj", [x,y,z] ]; _x setDir #; _x setVectorDir [ #, #, #]; _x setVecotrUp [ #, #, #]; _x setVectorDirAndUp [ [#, #, #], [#, #, #]]; _x disableAI "ANIM"; _x playMove "animationClassNameHere"; _x playMoveNow "animationClassNameHere"; _x switchMove "animationClassNameHere";
  4. Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.4 ADDITIONS: • Added: Side, Command, Group, Vehicle, and Direct channel is fully supported • Added: Every VON channel has its own PushToTalk eventHandlers • Added: GetInMan/GetOutMan eventHandler to toggle Vehicle channel • Added: Higher pitch radio "in" sound for Command channel • Added: Distance check to radio "in" functions • Added: Distance check to radio "out" functions • Added: Animation of character using radio, when player talks on radio • Added: Speech volume is set to 0% upon death • Added: Speech volume is set to 100% upon respawn ADJUSTMENTS: • Changed: Sounds are now defined in new "SFX.hpp", instead of Description.ext • Changed: Renamed "rFN.sqf" to "f.sqf" • Changed: "Fuzz" function variables renamed to avoid repetition conflicts • Tweaked: "Fuzz" function's initial player check • Tweaked: "Fuzz" function checks if player is alive, instead of isAbleToBreathe • Tweaked: Each channel's privileges are handled independently • Tweaked: Improved player distance check • Tweaked: Reduced maximum radio range to 1200, down from 2000 • Tweaked: Increased volume of static • Tweaked: Global/Direct channel cannot create radio static • Tweaked: Vehicle channel is disabled when no other player on your side • Tweaked: Variables are all private FIXES: • Fixed: Distance check's array of near players wasn't reset upon keyRelease • Fixed: Players outside of radio range would still hear radio sounds • Fixed: Static/floating radio when player disconnects during a radio transmission • Fixed: Script error when a dead player tried to speak • Fixed: Corrected in-game AFAR instructions briefing • Fixed: Corrected information in ReadMe.txt OPTIMIZATIONS: • Optimized: Removed redundant vehicle player check when removing attached objects • Optimized: Checks if players nearby are alive/same side in same line of code • Optimized: GetIn/Out eventHandlers are added on init, instead of every keyPress • Optimized: Talking in Vehicle channel • Optimized: currentChannel check for the radio "in" functions • Optimized: Improved use of remoteExec • Optimized: Improved radio's "Fuzz" function • Optimized: Improved radio's "In" functions • Optimized: Renamed "_plAFAR" variable to "_nearP" (nearPlayers) • Optimized: Deleted unused "_fz" variable • Optimized: Deleted a few lines of redundant code • Optimized: Deleted redundant "isDedicated" check in "init.sqf" REMOVALS: • Replaced: onPlayerKilled and onPlayerRespawn scripts with eventHandlers in "f.sqf" • Removed: Player count variables from script • Removed: Useless initial distance check for radio "in" function • Removed: Useless array of player distances • Removed: Useless "_dlAFAR" and "_dAFAR" variables • Removed: Useless call in the "KeyUp" displayEventHandler on init • Removed: Redundant "_plAFAR" variable from "Fuzz" function • Removed: Redundant surfaceIsWater check in beginning of each function • Removed: "_rEH" local variable holding getInMan/getOutMan eventHandlers • Removed: Some comments from script • Removed: rob223344 from the credits; contribution not used • Removed: Credits from Instructions Manual briefing KNOWN BUGS: Script error when talking to an incapacitated/dead player Instance where radio static persists indefinitely, until you reconnect Releasing other keys while holding down PushToTalk key is glitchy
  5. Disabling the simulation and damage of the objects might help performance, but I don't know how much of an impact it'll have. However, I think projectiles can pass through the walls without any collision because of the disabled simulation. I could be wrong. If the FPS outside of your shoothouse is bad, you can maybe try executing this code locally (initPlayerLocal.sqf): _SHwalls=nearestObjects [getMarkerPos "westBase", ["Land_Shoot_House_Corner_F","Land_Shoot_House_Corner_Crouch_F","Land_Shoot_House_Corner_Prone_F","Land_Shoot_House_Corner_Stand_F","Land_Shoot_House_Panels_F","Land_Shoot_House_Panels_Crouch_F","Land_Shoot_House_Panels_Crouch_F","Land_Shoot_House_Panels_Prone_F","Land_Shoot_House_Panels_Vault_F","Land_Shoot_House_Panels_Window_F","Land_Shoot_House_Panels_Windows_F","Land_Shoot_House_Tunnel_F","Land_Shoot_House_Tunnel_Crouch_F","Land_Shoot_House_Tunnel_Prone_F","Land_Shoot_House_Tunnel_Stand_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_Crouch_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_Long_Crouch_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_Long_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_Prone_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_Long_Prone_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_Stand_F","Land_Shoot_House_Wall_Long_Stand_F"], 200]; while (true) do { sleep 1; if (player distance getMarkerPos "westBase " > 200) then { {_x hideObject true;}forEach _SHwalls; }else{ {_x hideObject false;}forEach _SHwalls;}; sleep 10;}; The above will hide the shoothouse wall objects locally when the player is 200+ meters away from the "westBase" marker, assuming you placed that marker in the center of the shoothouse.
  6. If you make the shoothouse walls set as SimpleObjects, they revert to a default shoothouse wall model. I guess all the variants are actually all just different hidden selections or some shit? Pretty sure that's your issue though. Just get rid of the simpleObject parameter from the shoothouse walls and you should be good.
  7. To force a unit discharge his weapon, regardless of target: To force a unit to target and fire at a specific unit: Bob doTarget TheBadMan; Bob doFire TheBadMan;
  8. This might work: {if ((_x isKindOf "IEDLandSmall_Remote_Ammo") && (mineActive _x)) then { deleteVehicle _x;} forEach allMines;
  9. Did you name the markers "iedMkr0" up to "iedMkr3? Also, some garbage collection scripts which delete remote explosives may delete the IEDs. No idea how it works in SP and not in MP. Works fine for me.
  10. [Development News] Expect the upcoming (No ETA) version of AFAR to be a major improvement in all aspects. I've already fixed a lot of core bugs with the script and expect to have the rest of them fixed by the time the code is released. I apologize for the script being so incomplete thus far. It is possible that after this update, I'll be able to expand the script into long range radio functionality and possibly simultaneously working on a radio interface. I'm very new to interface coding and all that, so if you're experienced with that and want to contribute, please let me know and we'll talk. Here's a WIP change-log for the next update. I created a feature request ticket for BI to add a new client-side (local) script command to locally mute a player.
  11. I actually created a feature request ticket for BI to add to the game here. From what I've seen on the BI wiki, there are no BIS functions or script commands to do this. There's probably some kind of sophisticated way to do it, but a command to do it flat out would be much faster and more practical to use in my case.
  12. 64-bit. Also, the issue is still present apparently. Just tried playing on my server with two others (one of them can never talk/be heard in VON on my server but works fine in the exact same mission version on another server) and neither of them could be heard when talking, but both could hear me. Issue is no longer efficiently resolved. :(
  13. Version: 1K Size: 2.6 MB Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Armaholic - TBD) [ REQUIREMENTS: CUP_Terrains ] [ OPTIONAL: ACRE2 ; TFAR ; Taliban Fighters ; Tactical Beard ; CUP Weapons ; CUP_Units ; CUP_Vehicles ; RHS:USF ; RHS:RFAF] ADDITIONS: • Added: Insurgents/civilians will automatically use RHS:RFAF content if host runs it • Added: TPW's dynamic spawning animals script *WIP* • Added: Explosive damage to player cause brief deafness/blurry vision (If ACE isn't on) • Added: New side mission to destroy a hostile tank platoon • Added: New side mission to destroy a hostile anti-aircraft vehicle • Added: More red grids to clear • Added: More random patrols in mountains, valleys, etc. • Added: Civilians can wander into houses • Added: Civilians will sometimes run into a house to hide if they hear gunshots • Added: Civilians will play a random frightened animation when they hear gunshots • Added: 4 new additional faces for insurgents/civilians • Added: Buses to civilian traffic list, if CUP Vehicles is enabled • Added: Guards at base will now use RHS:USF content, if host is running it • Added: More atmospheric details to main base • Added: Bazzaar outside of base *WIP* • Added: Teamkill events will be logged into RPT file • Added: Contextual respawn point markers (Infantry, motorized, etc.) ADJUSTMENTS: • Updated: 'Addon-Free Arma Radio' script • Changed: Rewrote armed civilians script • Changed: Color of respawn point markers to ColorBlufor • Changed: EOS only runs on the server now • Tweaked: Large blue map marker covering base is now 35% visible • Tweaked: Increased size of several red grid squares • Tweaked: Loy Manara activation distance reduced to 175 meters, down from 500 meters • Tweaked: Increased amount of civilians spawned in houses in Loy Manara • Tweaked: Reduced chance for a civilian to be armed to 10%, down from 15% • Tweaked: Reduced chance parked vehicle is a VBIED to 20%, down from 30% • Tweaked: Increased number of potential VBIEDs • Tweaked: IEDs and VBIEDs can spawn in more areas • Tweaked: Insurgents patrols can come much closer to the northern sector of the base • Tweaked: Increased AI overall combat skill values • Tweaked: Enemy only pops white smoke when their ally gets wounded, instead of colored smoke • Tweaked: Civilians cannot be wounded • Tweaked: Removed satchel charge requirement to destroy insurgent cell tower • Tweaked: Vehicles spawned in side missions are CUP and RHS compatible • Tweaked: Increased variety of static weapons possible to spawn in side mission areas • Tweaked: Increased vehicle respawn delay to 15 minutes, up from 5 minutes • Tweaked: Player is less likely to black in and out when severely injured • Tweaked: Player is less likely to become unconscious when severely injured • Tweaked: Improved animations of player passing out and waking up • Tweaked: Reduced volume when earplugs are in to 20%, down from 40% • Tweaked: Increased CAS flyInHeight to 700 meters, up from 350 meters FIXES: • Fixed: RHS Russian content could activate by running RHS:USF • Fixed: Rebel civilians shoot players again • Fixed: Tower for "Destroy Tower" side mission was indestructible • Fixed: Side mission could be selected again after it had been completed earlier • Fixed: If respawning player is a Medic and doesn't have a Medikit, it will be given to him • Fixed: JTAC no longer gets duplicated CAS Request addActions after respawning • Fixed: JTAC's CAS bombs have much better line-of-sight of target and shouldn't fall short • Fixed: Minor script error related to AI getting wounded • Fixed: Script / RPT error spam related to a lone AI getting wounded • Fixed: Civilian traffic should be able to go through base bar gates instead of going around • Fixed: Civilians would pull out weapon to engage blufor wheeled vehicles • Fixed: Memory leak related to rebel civilians script • Fixed: "Trying to add inventory item with empty name to object [Civilian]" • Fixed: Destroying a religious structure will globally broadcast who destroyed it • Fixed: Killing an armed civilian or suicide bomber would count as an innocent casualty • Fixed: Welcome hint after mission intro is now properly centered • Fixed: Player's camera wouldn't properly spectate his respawn points • Fixed: Couldn't zero any weapons correctly • Optimized: GetIn/GetOut eventHandlers for pilots • Optimized: Garbage collection script rewritten to not use variables • Optimized: Garbage collection script now deletes empty groups • Optimized: Replaced ambient units in base with agents • Optimized: Replaced IED script with simple lightweight IED script • Optimized: Replaced custom "cantDo" sound from CAS script with a default Arma 3 sound • Optimized: Default Arma 3 ambient life (Rabbits, snakes, insects) are disabled • Optimized: Call to Prayer script is more efficient and simple • Optimized: Global broadcast message for religious structure destruction • Optimized: Spawned AI side check now uses switch structure, instead of if()then{}else{} • Optimized: Rebel civilians script now uses switch structure, instead of if()then{}else{} • Optimized: VBIED script now uses switch structure, instead of if()then{}else{} • Optimized: Simplified code in Suicide Bomber script • Optimized: AI wounding script only works for opfor / independent units • Optimized: Code checks configs for addons only once on init • Optimized: Utilized disableAI "ALL" command for spawning AI in random objectives scripts • Optimized: Replaced BIS_fnc_selectRandom with selectRandom • Optimized: Shortened name of variables/functions for side missions scripts • Optimized: Shortened name of script/variables/functions for rebel civilians script • Optimized: Deleted all unneeded code in rebel civilians script • Optimized: Shortened name of bar gates at entrance of base • Optimized: IR strobe .hpp files • Optimized: Respawn point markers are now static and no longer rotate REMOVED: • Replaced: BangaBob's 'COS' script with 'Engima's Civilians' script • Replaced: Laxemann's 'L_Civs' civilian traffic script with Engima's 'Engima's Traffic' script • Replaced: brian200's roadside IED script with a much simpler one • Replaced: wolfenswan's rebel civilians script with a much simpler one • Replaced: Aeroson's cleanup script with a much simpler one • Replaced: Lobby parameter to toggle civilians/traffic, with ambient animals • Removed: Lobby parameter to toggle enableEnvironment • Removed: 654wak654's single-shot disposable launcher script • Removed: Stealthstick's 'Bullet Wind Simulation' script • Removed: Unused "Bastion" scripts from EOS • Removed: Debug code from rebel civilians script • Removed: Some irrelevant/obsolete credentials from credits KNOWN BUGS: • Players spawn as seagulls, if -autoInit is not in server's init command line • RPT log error spam related to ambient animals script on dedicated server (Temporary Workaround: Add -noLogs to your server's init) NOTE: Please read the ReadMe.txt file included! Although ACE is somewhat compatible with this mission, it is still an extremely early work-in-progress effort and will be done more properly in the next update. Please report any issues you have with the mission. Also, the bug with AI raising/lowering their weapon is an Arma bug.
  14. That's definitely it. Thank you for confirming.