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  1. if(currentWeapon _unit=="")then{hint "I'm unarmed!";};
  2. Issue resolved. Reinstalled my server and it works again. The only thing different from what I was doing was that vonCodec was NOT defined in the server.cfg and other server hosts I've talked to where VON works stated that they do not define that. So, apparently defining vonCodec in the server.cfg breaks the in-game VON, which is weird because that wasn't an issue prior to x64. Setting a low quality (10 or lower) also breaks it.
  3. I don't think I'm getting that script error at all in the current version I'm using (unreleased). As for the seagull issue, read the post above to fix it. (add -autoInit to server.cfg) The mission will most likely get updated this weekend.
  4. ISSUE: First player who connected can transmit voice and be received, but all other players cannot transmit to anyone. WHAT I'VE TRIED: Server.CFG: disableVON = 0; vonCodec = 0 or 1. vonCodecQuality = 1, 8, 9, 15, 21, and 30 on appropriate codecs. Server.Arma3Profile: singleVoice = 0; volumeCD = 100; volumeFX = 100; volumeSpeech = 100; volumeVoN = 100; maxSamplesPlayed = 96; vonRecThreshold = 1.0; vonID= 1; Me and the other people I've been trying to communicate with in-game using VON have also both verified our game cache after the update. There are no scripts and zero mods being used that could effect the VON channels or anything like that.
  5. Then simply execute this upon use of the addAction: captive1 enableAI "ANIM";
  6. You can add captive1 disableAI "ANIM"; after the unit plays the animation to prevent him from changing to another animation. This might be handy also: captive1 action["surrender",captive1];
  7. Add -autoInit to your server's init command line. I have absolutely no idea why it happens. You may want to add persistent=1; to your dedicated server's "server.cfg"
  8. I use it in my Takistan Insurgency mission and I haven't had any noticeable conflicts yet. As far as I know, it's pretty bug-free.
  9. It can't hurt to have a look. The code I have right now is still very much a work in progress and I need to work out the bugs before adding more content or expanding what I have. I'd like to see how you did it though, just for curiosity's sake in case my planned method is flawed.
  10. @ElliotMist Yes, the fix will be included in the next version, among several other fixes, optimizations, and additions to the mission. The change-log link in the post above will show a list of what is to come. If all goes according to plan, the update should come in a couple weeks -- at most.
  11. I believe I have fixed the issue; basically, the garbage collection script I was using wasn't deleting groups with 0 units in it, meaning that eventually the engine would meet the maximum number of groups (which the majority would be empty) and newly spawned units from EOS scripts wouldn't work. The civilians worked because their groups are merged automatically in the script. I wrote my own simple garbage collection script to also handle this and I haven't had the problem since.
  12. [Development News] Life is still kicking me in the balls, but I'm making progress with Takistan Insurgency again, trying to get it ready for its long overdue update. The update introduces fixes, optimizations, and additional features to the mission. I'm currently fixing some minor bugs and adding new side objectives. My original intent with this update was to also include player-to-civilian interactions and expand on civilian behaviors, but those features will have to wait until the update after this upcoming one due to the amount of work involved; it'd take too much time. For those of you who are interested in what's to come, here's a Change-Log for the unreleased WIP version of Takistan Insurgency 1K.
  13. @terox Agreed. For now, I'm working on getting the script to work as intended in an efficient way. Afterwards, I'll move onto expanding its features. For now, all channels function similarly to Group with 1050m being the maximum comms range you'll have to be from a friendly player to be able to talk in that channel. After some tests last night, I realized I still need to work on finishing what I have implemented already. Once that's done, I'll work off of that. For the record, ACRE2 and TFAR will absolutely be better in almost all ways when compared to my script, except for possibly ease of access and file size. I'm also trying to work around Arma 3's limitations to execute this idea well enough. I think it's doable, but not anywhere near the level of TFAR or ACRE.
  14. This update introduces extremely important fixes and optimizations that were needed to get the script out of its conceptual stage. While the script is still incomplete and some core features need to be developed (Need to factor out players not in your group when you're talking on group channel, for example) it seems very stable and playable now. I am fully aware it still needs a lot of work, but your feedback is still very helpful and appreciated. NOTE: The script will only work if there are at least 2 players on your side in the mission. ________________________________________ Download Link (Google Drive) Download Link (Armaholic) Version: 0.3 ADDED: • Added: Automatically detects your in-game "Push To Talk" keybind • Added: Larrow to credits; suggested inputAction command ADJUSTMENTS: • Tweaked: Radio only checks for friendly players (AI not supported) FIXED: • Fixed: Players in vehicles couldn't directly receive transmissions • Fixed: Players could hear radio key-ups of players beyond radio range • Fixed: Your 3D radio would get hidden when someone else stopped talking on radio • Fixed: Radio noise / 3D radio weren't deleted efficiently • Optimized: Rewrote how script references source of sender/receivers when handling distances • Optimized: Distance check uses switch structure, instead of if()then{exitWith{};}; • Optimized: Radio checks distance once on keyPress, instead of 8 times • Optimized: Removed vehicle player reference in distance check • Optimized: Deletion of attached radio effects to player • Optimized: 3D radio / noise attaching/detaching to players • Optimized: Detection of whether player is in a vehicle or not • Optimized: Shortened comments and positioned them better in script • Optimized: Filesize of script reduced to 14kb, down from 20kb REMOVED: • Removed: Davidoss and R3vo from credits; contributions not used
  15. You are a King of Kings. Thank you. Thread can be closed now.