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    I've been playing OFP for as long as I can remember back, I also got into modding and created Half Life 2 add-ons which I gave up on due to too much work on the loose ends like sound design and textures. And also hundreds of unreleased experiments. I'm right now working on a full mod with campaign which is based on System Shock 2 and TIE Fighter add-ons for both OFP and Arma 3. Now and then I even like to embarrass myself online in Arma 3 with my lack of aiming skills.
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  1. Reuploaded the demo to dropbox, the links seem to love expiring.
  2. I'd be in. I believe there's at least 2-4 of us willing to help out, enough to get a good GPU.
  3. Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational PBO file: http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-tie-fighters/downloads
  4. Since this keeps getting bumped now and then I might as well jump on the train and dish out some updates. All the 3d work for the OFP variants is completed and I'll start with the basic TIE Fighter for A3 in the next few weeks. Thanks to the tests with the Defender, I pretty much know what I'm doing with the textures and most of the config file. The cockpit and HUD will be the biggest challenges (or future failures as I like to refer to those in my professional life.)
  5. Thanks! So far I've got modDB and all of the above on my list. It'll be a busy week, but once I have a moment of freedom and clarity I'll look at the options. So far I just have to either ignore the current status of the ion cannons ('functional' with an emphasis on 'fun') or implement the hit detection system I used in the Shock mod. That should be it, except maybe some easification of various weapons.
  6. [Question:] Does anyone know a good site to host a few megabytes? [Assessment:] Dropbox does not seem to be the optimal platform for uploading files permanently.
  7. Map icons and in game UI pictures are done for all of the TIEs. All the vehicles have a 1, 4 and 9 LOD to at least try and prevent issues with older hardware (although I don't think it makes that much of a difference in this case.) Some of the visual FX still needs work. I'll probably also still do a bit of balancing and add a more universal working ion cannon script. But I'm somewhat closer to a release I think.
  8. Coffee, beans, bacon, eggs ... it's mandatory pre-flight food, keeps them alert.
  9. Just look at them, actually enjoying their ride. At least I got the front seat. Will finish the static animation for the boarding craft version this night if all goes not unwell. Back seat view isn't so bad either. Alright, the boarding craft animation is done, too - picture is a bit dark, but you get what it's supposed to look like.
  10. game ui

    Oh. That would make sense. It looks a bit like the Compaq SLT, or some other late 80s artifact. I can't quite find anything that exactly looks like it.
  11. game ui

    It should be notebook.p3d in the Data3D pbo.
  12. Raw sketch of the passenger pod, with some pilots for scale: It really isn't the most comfortable transport ever, but the TIE shuttle version will at least get some chairs.
  13. Looks pretty much optimal in terms of scale - 23 meters sounds a bit too hardcore. The scales in relation to the other fighters seem to fit and I think that's what counts. At least that's how I did it with the TIEs (which have 2-5 contradicting official dimensions).
  14. With a bit of dirty work, ejector seats are possible. I've thought about implementing those specifically for TIE bombers. All you have to do is add a GetOut eventhandler, check if the unit that got out is in a vehicle or on its own, if it's in one, you can delete it and substitute it with a custom one. I'm not yet sure if custom parachutes are a possibility, but I'll probably try when all of the necessary work is done. I've had a little cleanup day today, so some of the unnecessary scripts are gone now, other have been simplified. My idea was to keep it to a minimum, now everything's already running 5 eventhandlers.
  15. When flying with a TIE flight group, your friends and enemies are you worst enemies. The AI really is not afraid of mid air collisions. I'm at a point where official information is conflicting, too - some newer sources say standard TIE Fighters do have repulsorlift technology for VTOL, some say they don't, so they don't get any ideas of taking off and landing somewhere they're not supposed to. I added the feature for all of them and it just seems to make more sense for planetary operations. The other thing are ejection seats - some sources say only TIE Bombers have those, newer sources say all TIEs do. I guess I'll let them all have their parachutes since you can't prevent AI from bailing if the ship takes too much damage. The option to add different effects in a pseudo-space combat is still there anyway.