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  1. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Releasing key animation blend from walking to standing is not really an issue as it can go "standing" -> "one step" -> "walk" - "one step" -> "standing". The one step should probably be very short one so it stops in reasonable time. That will also solve the issue of gliding as when W is pressed it starts the one step animation and it will be set to blend to with the walk if W is held down but if W is just tapped it will just play the one step. What I meant with the step size adjusting is more like small positional adjustments like stepping 10cm to your right or 50cm behind you. It could perhaps be its own "precise position" dialog that has like 3 sets of buttons to take different length steps to different directions since I dont think its something that would be needed in combat but more like getting in position in a hangar etc. It would utilize similar moves as V does when stepping over stuff.
  2. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    There is indeed purpose behind the high foot rise which is to get high vertical clearance to walk over stuff nicely and it does add certain powerfulness to the step. You do have a point with the step length in the walk sequence, it may be a bit too long, got to investigate that! There is room for tweaking it still. Thanks reyhard for the suggestion, I am aware of the command but have not yet had a chance to try it out! It may indeed give us ability to adjust speed linearly in different movement modes, which would of course be awesome! Only thing I dont think we can properly address is taking different length steps short from using some sort of "micro movement" mode where each key press plays an animation for different length step like 1cm, 10cm, 50cm and so on as we do not want the movement to "glide" like arma man can if you tap movement keys and the animation never properly plays the step but to actually take at least one full step each time key is pressed. What length step that is remains to be decided though.
  3. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    In that regard our walkers differ from any other mech mod there is as our legs are not build on a tank. They are separate class man based unit that moves just like any man in Arma meaning theres walk, jog, sprint, crouch and prone modes we can utilize for different movement modes unlike the tank that "rolls" forward etc. The "Man-Leg" approach has certain limitations, for example we will be restricted on set speeds on different modes, like the walk and run for example. They will both have animation defined speed that will not be linearly adjustable. Walk mode will be around 40km/h and it will go "full speed" all the time, bar some terrain related modifiers. So when you press W it walks forward if you are in "walk mode" and with shift down it will go into faster "jog" mode and so on.
  4. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    From left to right "single step" - "walk" - "run"
  5. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Thanks! I think its starting to work quite well. Problem with MWO is that there is no proper weapon convergence whatsoever and while the mech and arms bounce while moving it affects nothing in aiming. Which is cool looking but utter crap as how they are supposed to magically stabilize instantly the moment you press fire. :L Our walkers will be as stabilized as possible to make them work without fake aiming as we want to make our guns fire exactly where they are pointing at. This may make them look more rigid while they move. But it also makes them viable war machines. Terrain formations/rocks/etc stuff they walk over will already make them bounce enough and If we could we would negate that too as the walkers are supposed to run with intelligent semi-autonomous "fly-by-wire" controls that keep it stable. I calculated that with current speed it would be "walking" about 50km/h which is more like a fast-walk/jog speed. Default walk speed will be around 30-40km/h. The speeds we will make this things to move will not always be super realistic tho so its one of the areas we will bend the realism-ish scifi approach we try to have. That could be neat indeed but we are still a bit far away from making new sounds. We will focus on asset modeling for the time being. :D
  6. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Just to let you guys know proper Female DLC would require some fundamental changes in the engine (support for adjusting gear to fit different skeletons and changing weapon anims into cfgmoves etc etc) so since those have been stated not to come, you may have to settle for unofficial solutions.
  7. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    One more for the road. Pretty smooth forward vector with around 30km/h speed. Added some pelvic action in there and stabilized the torso movement a tad more. In the end while "bouncy" torso looks cool and all, it makes the machine unusable so it would make sense that the torso would be as stabilized as possible.
  8. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Progress! Major changes being less vertical movement as it was waay too much and also it is progressing to have more fluid and constant forward motion.
  9. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Some more of the same, just a bit more cleaned up. It still needs something though.
  10. if the Blender p3d export fails the file becomes locked. restarting blender helps.
  11. Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    WK-209 got new sexy legs: And with that started with new walk cycle
  12. Roadway Problem

    There is no way to fix large model collision so splitting up the models is the only way.
  13. you can select vertex groups in Blender like they were named selections in OB. Or split object as separate parts for editing and put join them all together for export. I used this https://github.com/4d4a5852/rtm_import So people who really want import them can already, it may not be necessary to add it to yours. My code Wizard also made an updated version of the importer to automagically support your toolbox though its still waiting for @4d4a5852 approval. He wanted to give it a better lookover first.
  14. I do have made full conversion of A3 animations for a smaller female skeleton so there are uses for Importing rtms too.
  15. Import or export? last time I checked FHQ toolbox did not come with rtm import