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  1. Its for the position where you want the player to eject from when they select the static line action.
  2. Yeah try this:
  3. If it was another bigger company in this situation I would probably agree with you however BI don't exactly have the resources to dedicate mod QA testers. Its always been their goal to focus on vanilla first and then worry about what external contributors such as modders may require. Due to this I feel its not in the scope of what BI wish to do for their game and would cause unnecessary strain that could be easily avoided.
  4. Why do they have the right to regulate QA or prices over other peoples work though? That should solely be decided by the content creator. If the community feel its an unjust price then as the saying goes "tough shit" because typically they don't have anything to do with the work an individual has created. The best way to avoid all this is to disallow any form of profit making regarding servers/mods.
  5. Modding is a hobby and should remain like that only. The steam paid mods never went well so neither would an attempt by BI work either. Also in relation to the eventual mention of servers only being able to survive through making money from modded work. If you cant afford to run it why begin it in the first place? Inb4 someone mentions if it wasn't for their paid server nobody would play arma 3. Ofp, A1 and A2 all managed fine without monetisation, I'm sure arma 3 is completely fine without it as well. Arma could probably use with a few less dead servers anyway.
  6. More work on the LHD
  7. It doesn't, you're just misunderstanding it. " After consultation with our contributors, we are also taking this opporunity to allow the use of CUP Terrains Core and Maps (not CWA) on servers that are approved by BI for monetization " Its in regards to us now allowing use on a monetised server, this does not mean you can monetise cup assets but you can now use the applicable terrains on a server which is monetised. " We reiterate " Shows it regarded the above statement I quoted.
  8. Delta Force RRV from A2 OA
  9. John Carpenter's The Thing, coming to CUP soon™
  10. Ramps/doors are a bit of a gimmick, especially when you have to wait on them opening/lowering when entering a vehicle (if its setup that way that is). Not saying it will/won't happen, there are a few models that just wont support it and would need a remodel for it to work however. Also some more tacti-cool features:
  11. Something isn't quite right with one of the vehicles ;)
  12. Spot the difference!