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  1. Agreed, we had an internal discussion and I decided to change it. Now looks a lot better and the commander is less exposed, only thing is with how the position is setup regardless he will always be exposed so nothing can really help that apart from maybe some GPK.
  2. Finally more people learning to use their commander weapon properly
  3. No idea, there isn't a lot to go off of here. Best bet is to check what addons your running and make sure there isn't any conflicts.
  4. I'm not entirely sure, its something Taro would have to comment on since he made most of the new textures. Looking at it now the metal does look slightly rough though
  5. Here's the pbo for the compatibility you were looking for. This is obviously unofficial so you would be better asking the developer of the modded aircraft you wish to use if they will support this mod. (Also this is a one off )
  6. Yeah commanders gun is still there, its just under the M240 version.
  7. Soon the CUP one will be exactly the same except only difference is all vehicles will be supported in that pack. Basically right now its already the same, from reports I hear that both have issues when ACE is used. I believe that was down to something ACE medical changed, I think it stops allowdamage from working but I cant confirm that.
  8. What aircraft do you use? I'll quickly look at making a pbo for you
  9. More slight improvements getting added to the LAVs:
  10. Old version is below, alternatively you can write a small config mod that adds compatibility to the aircraft you wish to use. Reason for me changing the way people implement the Static Line is to save me from doing it cause I'm more busy with CUP than anything else.
  11. CUP is getting its own version with all vehicles inside that mod pack supported soon ;) It was removed in a recent update as it was intended for mp however the script for it should still work with a few edits. You can create it by either adding a mission function or by some other way I guess. Something like the following should help you out:
  12. Updates will be released at the above linked thread, could a moderator lock this one please. Thanks.
  13. Small update to how things work with the parachute mod. V1.1.0.0 -Reworked system again -Enable/Disable via Eden Editor Attributes -Modders can now add compatibility to their mods -Removed Jump master If anyone's able to test this out on large scale mp that would be great. Videos and bug reports would help me out a lot. No vehicle is currently supported but by following the how-to readme it should help you use this mod on your favourite aircraft. All work is going to be continued with cup so don't expect any major updates anytime soon. download -