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  1. Another small fix for the backpacks.
  2. New update. Music volume setting is now a slider. Music actions are now hidden when you're looking at map and using interaction. Other small fixes.
  3. 1.68, RHS FULL
  4. I don't think so, it will be a copyright violation and I'm pretty sure it's not allowed on this forum.
  5. Posted this in the previous thread. Tested on the new 2.1 Some sound files have double explosion sound. Files in question "LAxemann\DynaSound\addons\DS_m_explosions\sounds\rocket_big\0m_3" and "LAxemann\DynaSound\addons\DS_m_explosions\sounds\rocket_big\0m_4". From the CfgSoundShaders DS_rocket_big_0m_SoundShader subclass.
  6. New update. Added CBA settings for volume control, they take effect only when the next song starts playing. Playback can be disabled completely. These are your personal settings for your client, they can be edited as long as mission maker or server don't force them. Also you can make use of backpack loudspeaker option now in SP and MP (only if enabled by mission maker). For mission makers, export function was added, check readme. For admins, for this new version, you'll have to generate a new config with the tool included in this release. The new tool uses md5 as a base for the classname and it configures sounds to support the new volume control system. Known issue: right now ace hearing module will overwrite "radio volume" turning it to maximum every few seconds. Right now solution can be removing ace hearing pbo or adding into your mission. Also, music volume slider in the arma game settings will still work fine.
  7. Makes sense, I'm gonna include both next time even if one of them didn't change.
  8. Only the tool was updated.
  9. You have to change "_object" to whatever you're using. If you're adding this code to the init box, you have to change "_object " to "this". In this case this will refer to the object.
  10. Update for the tool. It now uses md5 as a base for the classname. Previously the tool generated classnames depending on the order of the songs in the folder, so if you added something new the order could change, breaking compatibility with missions that use classnames of the songs. And old method didn't allow for packing new songs into other pbo since the new classnames would overwrite previous classnames. Now, the classnames will always be the same unless the file was actually changed somehow. I wanted to actually build classnames using tags but it's not 100% reliable. And now you can create music_config2.pbo and music_files2.pbo and just add it. There's a progress bar in the program now and a copy to clipboard button. In the next update for the arma code, I'll add a special function for mission makers to get all the list of the songs currently in your mod pack.
  11. Glad you got it working, have fun!
  12. It's planned. No ETA atm. But I still want to keep CBA as a dependency.
  13. If this is exactly what you're using, then this doesn't look right. class CfgMusic is not closed anywhere, and it should be closed before class CfgSounds. Other than that, it looks fine, just run the program and copy all and paste all into the config. Don't edit or don't copy it by blocks, it's all prepared right for the fast copy-paste. And double check if you're packing everything correctly. If you want, PM me both PBOs, I can take a look.
  14. Send me the config that the program generated. Looks like some tags or filenames have some forbidden symbols.
  15. Great terrain, thanks!