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  1. If you can, send me private message with the link to the problematic file, I can take a look.
  2. Vanilla 1.72
  3. terrain

    Looks great!
  4. Forgot about this one. It can be ignored for now, it's just reporting that it can't add an action for HC client. It only happens once at mission start.
  5. Version 1.3.1 Mostly fixes. Japanese translation by classicarma. Thanks, classic! Some code refactoring. Fixed vanilla actions disappear on respawn. Also added vanilla action for lighting up someones cigarette. Downloads.
  6. Gotta say, very impressive DLC and update. Amazing overhaul of sensors, radars and info panels and tons of other small things you've added. Great job BI and B01!
  7. Vanilla 1.70
  8. Played with this this weekend with my community in multiplayer. General ragdoll silliness still happens because of the way ragdolls work, but it helped with weird legs positions in ragdoll. In general, it appears it works in multiplayer in the same way as it works in the singlepayer.
  9. New version. Both mod and tool were updated. Completely revamped tag creation and tiles display. Tool now converts special symbols into html entries which are properly displayed by the game and that should help with ensuring that no bad symbols break the config. That also allows to not filter other languages and have tiles display tags in all languages that arma fonts support. Just as a fallback, tool now has option to not generate any tags, in case you've stumbled on some song that has problematic symbols in tags. Tiles displaying had some fixes. In short, text shouldn't get cut out anymore (display area was enlarged), longer names use smaller font size and other small fixes. Also, tiles are now shown when you are in proximity of a loudspeaker that started playing a new song, can be disabled by an option. Also, export function now outputs all tags and info if track is ignored by general queue (known issue, export can't copy some non-english text properly to clipboard, can loose encoding). Long text in tiles example. Non-english language support example.
  10. New version. Both mod and tool were updated. Added mission support. Mission makers can add music and configs generated with the tool to the description.ext Ignore system for music tracks. When generating configs in the tool, you can now select which themes will be ignored when there are no themes selected. So you can basically add some music that will not be mixed into the general queue when all themes are used (this is kinda WIP, still not sure how to make this less convoluted for configuration). And other small stuff.
  11. Tried this. Gotta tell, it sure helps a lot with the weird leg positions in ragdoll. We'll test this this weekend in multiplayer. Looking forward to the updates. Have fun! Gotta ask, how do you test all this? Do you restart the game each time you make a change? There's a for the dev build, diag exe. You can reload configs on the fly (doesn't work for everything and there's a possibility it doesn't work for ragdoll configs).
  12. PM me with more details, are you running ace and vanilla version, how do you activate it, what other mods are you running.
  13. Another small fix for the backpacks.
  14. New update. Music volume setting is now a slider. Music actions are now hidden when you're looking at map and using interaction. Other small fixes.
  15. 1.68, RHS FULL