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  1. I suggest you stop your attempts at trying to be funny, it's not working. Yes, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated and so is the support from the members of the community that play with our content as well as give feedback but what you started your original post with was way too immature. What, are you feeling upset because some people just love to play and give creators a pat on the back? Think about what you post before you submit it, you seem like a new guy and you're coming across as an arse to the rest of the people who have been here for a long time. As for your reference of Battlefield. It's basically invalid, it's the equivalent of showing me a lower receiver of an M4 from Call of Duty to correct me on something when the gun has a lot of inaccuracy. If you're going to be posting corrections and references please keep it to real life pictures, just like everyone else has done in our WIP thread before hand. 3D scanner or not, you're not showing a source of the asset. Instead you're showing another asset. If you want me to create a 30K poly game ready weapon to satisfy your Battlefield needs I will. Just don't cry when you have 15 of them on your screen and your ARMA 3 takes a performance hit. Same goes for uniforms, vests and other kit. We have limits to work within in order to keep the game playable.
  2. Don't worry, the Mod 1 is coming along with other additions. :)
  3. Yes, the guys were / are working on setting up the insignia's and also figuring out some extra ways to spice the system up for people who like extra detail. :)
  4. Just like Fluttershy-senpai said, the insignia system will allow the units to be more "flexible" and suit other groups' gameplay needs! I think that's a much better way so that the units don't have to be used for one unit / role specifically. :)
  5. Wiggle! The time has finally come. :D
  6. The teasing must be unbearable! Don't worry, just spit shining.. soon...
  7. Depends on the other guys. I've been working on a few techniques over the time like baking normals and it's definitely going to help the weapon department. As of right now I'm helping with some of the kit, even though I consider myself allergic to anything other than hard surface / solid models. :P But to answer the question fully, check the OP. It's updated as future content. :)
  8. I like the sound of this, would definitely make current assets more "themed" towards SOF. Who knows, we'll see in the future!
  9. Indeed! I have about 5 more weeks of hell left, after that it's mass manufacturing weapons time. ;)
  10. Yes! We're currently also in the process of working on M4 Block 2's and MK18's.
  11. Gentlemen, can we please stop arguing / listing what is 100% accurate and what isn't. We have already said that we will be using kit that is confirmed and regularly used by the unit, not something we would have to scour invoices for. Ultimately we decide what goes into it, and I have 100% trust in the team that works on kit / character models to deliver the most accurate units they possibly can.
  12. Thanks for the constructive criticism guys. Warden_1, I understand what you mean now. Will be changed when I get around to it real soon! Thanks.
  13. Warden_1, thank you for the feedback. As I look at it, I don't see much difference between the 7.62 and our model. The MK 46 / standard 249 SAW Box is much more dominant in a steep angle on the side but also has a hard surface left side which you can see here: So forgive me, but I don't understand what you mean by that it "isn't a MK 48 box". Another pointer I picked up is that the SAW 5.56 has no cover / cloth material like so on the 7.62 MK 48 Mod 1 box which you can see here: Changes can be made as it's still WIP, but I don't see the necessity with this one as it's more accurate and has more characteristics of the MK 48.
  14. What have I just read... you know. Modding is probably one of the easier way to either make a name for yourself or build a porfolio. Technically, we aren't using anything BIS made in most cases because we make models from scratch (for those who actually model). I could probably throw half my models into UDK with ease, but it satisfies me more seeing them in ARMA. Modding is for anything, dude. EDIT of someone's game? LOL, cry me a river dude. Let me guess, making anything military related on 3DS Max means I'm going to edit ARMA, right? ;)
  15. Any recent updates on this? :o Would love to see some more work. But I agree with Venom on the darkness!