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  1. Been posting this on my twitter, but now for you guys too: Finally got around making the Superhind weapons for GREF. ZT6 Mokopa (1.5 times the size of a Hellfire) ZT3 Ingwe Launcher and Missile So if you are using the Superhind, you'll have some more big boom soon.
  2. Another "small" teaser about the next update :P All hail to @da12thMonkey for figuring out the color values and preparing the camos as well as hooking them up.
  3. Pretty much, yeah.
  4. Now with Orange DLC lined up I'll prepare to take a look at the new Van soonish.
  5. No, we don't plan doing it. Have a nice day.
  6. We cannot stress this enough: If you download via Steam, you can use Delta-Patching after the first download. That means, that you will not download the full mod every time - you will only download the changes. That means that instead of downloading several GB with every patch you will only download a couple of hundred MBs. So people with slow or limited internet should prefer Steam Workshop over every other download.
  7. NICE I waited for this mate. Will try soon!
  8. And it's highly unlikely that that person will show up again in Arma modding.
  9. We hope you are enjoying all the goodied that Jets DLC brought (visual and functional)! We are working very hard to upgrade our mods to the new standards and configurations that were introduced in 1.70. While that is happening our artists are cooking up something special. Check out the new R-27 air-to-air missiles that Hatchet has been working on.
  10. In roughly two hours me and potentially more developers will play on the game server. Additionally I'll also stream playing.
  11. I'll be playing every evening, so join in (GMT+1)
  12. Couple of things that stood out to me after the first couple of minutes: A-149 Gryphon Improvement - Flaps in wrong settings - A-149 Gryphon Improvement - Afterburner is always visible - A-149 Gryphon Improvement: Green HUD Glass is not transparent enough - To-201 Shikra Improvement - Flaps in wrong settings - To-201 Shikra Improvement - Afterburner is always visible - F/A-18 Black Wasp Improvements: Remove Tailcode from Texture - Add it as Decal - Other than that, models look good, Gryphon exterior texture is somewhat blurry (mipmapping error?) The flight model is also "good" in Arma's terms.
  13. Tanks are now on SW with an updated version. The T-55 is more nimble and both tanks have a bit more armor to make them sturdy against small rifle bullets. Non-SW:
  14. Sure.