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  1. I have no idea why, but everyone is kicked on my server with Unknown Game Version. Its the development branch of the game.
  2. Due to the changes we made in the last time we've now got a new site, a new tool and a new thread ( Please use that one instead of this old one, wich can be closed pls.
  3. UPDATE New server control panel: Now you can manage your bans over the new webinterface
  4. Update: + API ([GUID]) Only for GUID to PlayerID(steamID64) Limitation: max 50 queries per day For no Limitation send a mail to info[AT]
  5. Now it's possible to convert the GUID back to a PlayerID (Steam64ID). Here is the converter: Have fun //I hope this is the right forum section ^^
  6. We do not accept bans wich are fom the web and do not have sufficient evidence. Any "ws" ban found in the system will be removed by us.
  7. Update Lite Version Changes: * Added automatic error report * Changed login mask slightly * Fixed upload process terminating at banlist entries shorter than 5 characters (Ver. A) * Added whitelist feature * Improved auto updater * Fixed crash when login server isn't reachable * Fixed write permission problems by requesting administrator privileges (Ver. A) * New Name and Logo Download: Please do not mirror the LITE Version
  8. New Lite Version of ArmA Banlist / BanFactory New features: * Downloads and updates global banlist automatically * Easy and lightweight interface * Automatic login and autostart * Customizable update frequency, player rating and banfile path * Integrated auto updater <<DOWNLOAD THE LITE VERSION>> Website / Support Update + Telefon Support Hotline +49 (0) 2543 311 288 0 + Bugfixes
  9. Hotfix Fixed bug where the exceptions.txt was ignored
  10. New Version - Full new Version - Complete overhaul of code and GUI Download:
  11. Little Bugfix and new plugin Bugfix - fixed timeban bug Added + New Plugin (with you can now start an external program Download:
  12. The latest update now also brings BattlEye! v4.1.0 New in Update 4.1: - Battleye - Script editor for CABSs (Compiled ArmA Banlist Script) - to be improved in the GUI overhaul update - Runtime for CABSs - Plugin system for .NET Interfaces ... these are used in the CABSs If you have enough knowledge in .NET (C# or VB) you can import the CABSPluginHost interface and make your own If you think you made a good plugin, send it to and we might add it - InfiSTAR ban.txt addable via settings tab - Oh yea settings tab - Bunch of bug fixes Big thing: We've now got a good support system with a nice team of supporters. Reachable at: Thanks to our Supporters: Main Support: nox, mantis, eisfinger, wolf, arkensor Tech Support: joscha999 Translator: malte (As of 1.5.2015 - European date format) MFG/Greetings Joscha Germerott - Main dev @GAB Paradox - Main guy @GAB DOWNLOAD:
  13. You got a pm SpanishSurfer For all other Servers. You need to verify your Server on our website to submit bans
  14. New Website function: See were you got banned
  15. HOTFIX! - Fix crash on start Dont forget to set your PlayerRating to 60