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  1. HALO on Malden Addons: BTC= EI project [A3] ; Project Infinite; Private addons
  2. orange

    But IDAP what it should mean? However perhaps they will add a new helicopter or transport plane, truck and unarmed apc as in Project Argo with new uniforms.
  3. Thanks for the feedback in the next patch I will try to fix it.
  4. orange

    It's not fake I do not know what it is but it also has a rvmat file called idap_bumper_fabric_super.rvmat and idap_text_wide_01_nohq.paa if you have Project Argo with the latest update open the soft_f.pbo file with BankRev from Arma 3 Tool These textures are found in soft_f \ offroad_01 \ data \
  5. orange

    Hi guys I found this in soft_f.pbo\offroad_01\ data\idap_text_wide_01_co.paa from project argo and its identical with arma 3 orange dlc logo
  6. Working in Progress Working on SH-412 Koala Navy variant Added AB-412 Grifone ISAF variant Italian Army Reworking M21 model on AB205 and UH-1H Screenshot SH-412 Koala (Uss Freedom) (WIP) AB-205 Huey with reworked M21 model AB-412 Grifone (ISAF)
  7. HH-412 Italian Army over Malden Mods used: My take-on-helicopters-medium-helicopter-huey-and-more; Pedagne Mod; Private Addons
  8. Work in Progress I starting to work on AB 412 and Bell 412 in various variant. Screenshot HH-412 Griffon Italian Army
  9. These plane is from Take on Helicopters i did many other mods but I have not released them yet.
  10. Second Release This second release contain: Fix bug for medium helicopter Add Huey model Feature from jet dlc Changelog v 2.0 Added instruments illuminated when the engine is started for all helicopters Added new Takistan Army skin for Medium Helicopter Added CH-146A Fia and Syndikat Added new radar for UH-146EP (nose radar) variant Added UH-1H armed, medevac, M21 for US Army and Takistan Army Added UH-1D for US Army and Takistan Army Added UH-1C and armed version Added AB205 armed, MEP (Mission Equipment Package), M21, medevac for Italian Army Added AB204 Added Bell 205 civilian Changed the horrible glass now it is standard Arma 3 Fixed wrong rotation for right gunner for Medium Helicopter Fixed wrong position for copilot in UH-146 Griffin Fixed external view for Medium Helicopters Fixed flight model for Medium Helicopters Download Link Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_ZGzgM0iwY-aEFmWElHaEJvc0E Know Bugs
  11. New Update Added UH-1C and AB-204 Added UH-1H Takistan Army Medevac Added CH-146A Fia Added HH-1H Coast Guard and Bell 205 skin Wasp Added instruments illuminated when the engine is started in three different color red, green, white Added more details and sensor feature from Jet DLC on UH-205A MEP if you have skin for huey or medium helicopter send me and i can add it in the mod. Screenshot UH-1C Huey Hog (Armed) UH-1C Huey Hog AB-204B Italian Army UH-1C Takistan army UH-1H Medevac Takistan Army HH-1H Coast Guard Bell 205 Wasp CH-146A FIA UH-205 MEP Jet DLC sensor
  12. I know, but as a temporary solution it works.
  13. Thanks for feedback. For destroy tail rotor disable stress damage and it works well while for interior texture on the VIP version i already fixed and it will be available in the next release.