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  1. Yes modern tanks FCS can do that, it's actually bad idea for helicopter pilots to hover in range of modern tanks armament, surprise APFSDS, HEAT or HE round is not nice. ;) BTW for all players, as a RHS member doing research mostly about AFV's, and also as Steel Beasts Pro PE simmer, few advises. Laser range finders cooldown, yes this is real feature (kinda ;)) because laser range finder in the past could burn out, the modern ones do not burn down but system turn them off for some time to prevent burn our if laser range finder is used too often. Now for lasing, lead and overall gunnery. When you have a moving target very effective technique is so called "laze and blaze", which means that you track the target for around 1-5 sec, then laze it, and after around 1-2 sec of steady track fire the main gun. What is always important is to have steady track on target. Also it's necessary to keep up turret rotation speed properly to target movement speed, it is possible that with too quick rotation, even if you have steady target track, FCS will overcalculate lead, which means miss. I also strongly advise everyone interested in this subject to read Steel Beasts Wiki about gunnery, I will provide links for two most popular tanks in the sim at the moment, this is M1A1HA and Leopard 2A4 as they are kinda, basics for each gunnery training. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M1A1_(HA)#Gunner.27s_Position_F6 http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Leopard_2A4#Gunner.27s_Position_F6 I hope this will be helpfull, and interesting for other players, cheers! ;)
  2. AH-64D's and AH-64E's can use AIM-9's and FIM-92's, initially AH-64E was meant to not have that capability but it was retained by modifing wings and how countermessure systems are mounted on them. We do not seen them used simply because there is no need at the moment to do so, and there is no point for attack helicopter to carry additional missiles that wont be used due to lack of aerial threats.
  3. AH-64's are capable to use not only FIM-92's but also AIM-9's. It's not exclusive for AH-1W and AH-1Z.
  4. Not at the moment, maybe in future, who knows... ;)
  5. At the moment Javelin is not fully functional (lacks top attack mode), as for locking time, it's based on real life data.
  6. RHS feature, it was already tweaked. ;) In general ground vehicles like tanks in real life can engage low and slow flying aircrafts/helicopters with their main armament, it simply needs some tweaking.
  7. Works as intended, yes in T-80's and T-90's you want to aim with static arrow, chevrons lower only to show range if FCS is damaged in real life and manual aiming is necessary.
  8. PuFu explained, disregard.
  9. Only center one should be changed, probably bug that slipped through tests.
  10. LAxemann was working hard on sound effects, more work ahead in front of entire team. ;)
  11. Not at the moment AFAIK. You should ask @reyhard
  12. Simple answer is no. But they can carry infantry with MANPADS or use their autocannons. ;) As for M6A2 Linebacker, it was a dedicated modified M2A2 with TOW launcher replaced with Stinger launcher and modified FCS. However I can say that thanks to our magician Reyhard, behavior of ground vehicles like tanks and IFV's against air threats will be somewhat improved. ;)
  13. Fixed in next release with some changes to the Javelin gunner.
  14. I must say this is odd behavior. Hmmm, well currently Javelin works like vanilla missile launchers, so you don't keep pressing T, you press it once and vanilla guidance system will track the traget, hmmm. Well we definately gonna change at some point Javelin behavior, but, yeah, actually I didn't used current released RHS version for a long time, I only use our internal version, so I don't remember how the old one behaved. I can only recommend you to wait for next update, lots of bugs will be fixed, and the mod will be better working with current ArmA3 version. :)
  15. Do you use ACE mod? At the moment RHS Javelin do not support Top Attack mode, altough I remember such issue was present when older version of ACE mod was used.