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      Bohemia Store Steam Redeem   06/24/17

      We started experiencing problems with the Steam redeem from our Store on Friday June 23rd.   For anyone that got affected by this, please go to your store account, after you select the product you purchased, you should see your steam key with a link to a how to article to activate it manually through Steam.   We apologize for the inconvenience.


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  1. I want to redownload and reinstall TOH that i purchased in 2012, how do i go about doing this?
  2. Ok, love the game and graphics, animations very smooth and well done to the developers... I have completed the missions and now want to base myself at the Larkin Heli base with the 500 (my preferred a/c, i want to do a walkaround, interact with people at the airbase and have a vehicle to drive, however.... i have to start a mission to get all of these (i dont want to do a mission) the free flight section starts me in a hover, ( i want to start up myself) and if i select free flight their are no vehicles on the ground i can drive and no people i can interact with.... What am i doing wrong??