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  1. Hello again, thanks for your response I have tested the logi stuff and your right i missed that update it is working correctly as far as i can tell. I have to confirm what im seeing and ill record a video, if im not mistaken. I have another question. How do i increase the respawn time of the assets. currently they seem to respawn very fast i wast hoping to delay the respawn of the objects by maybe 5-10 minutes. Edit. i thought i found the right files but the way the code is written i was sure that i wasnt actually changing the right value. I did a test and was confirmed that its not right(what i did) so yea i cant find the code to increase the respawn time to the vehicles, tried searching this threads posts for any hints. non came up in the search.
  2. Hey Vdauphin, I am coming to you again because, well, your the person to see involving tweeking this mission. Using all your already posted infromation about tweeks and fixes i was able to do the following. I have removed all the rhs dependencies and replaced them with all vanilla assets. the only mods required for this mission on my server are ACE and MrSanchez Headgore(love that mod). So That is all a success the mission is on the server running. I have moved all the assets to the USS Freedom. I have been able to respawn on the carrier that is not a problem. have added a few vehicles to your respawn system, because having the assets on the ship allow more room for things to be lost in transit, IE fall into the ocean. And that would be pretty hard to recover (unless you can toe with the SVD... maybe something could be pulled to the shore... anywho that aside I have a question about any further work in the scripting to get things to spawn at height IE on the USS Freedom. I read a few posts back that the logi stuff is not spawning at height on the deck do you have any idea on how to correct this? I have also just added your scripting for disabling spawing of AI for fast movers. hope to see some impovement from this in my next test in a few minutes. so yea currently the only problems im having are getting assets to properly respawn at height or at all on the carrier. once that is fleshed out i can post up this version for anyone else. any ideas would be greatly appreciated another question to add, where is the code that places and spawns the hideouts. Is there a way to have it check that there are no other hideouts near by. maybe add it as a paramater for small maps and big maps to spread out or bring together the hideouts... I ask because i increased the hide out from 5 max to 10 max and i have noticed that they often bunch up and all are in the same area.. I was hoping you may have some ideas on how to prevent this and spread them out. with a near by check? Also, in my current tests im still getting activation notifications when im flying around. when i look at the map in zeus as im flying area's are being activated for IED's, and im getting IED markers. and this does lag for some reason. any way to disable IED's spawning when flying over? agan thanks for your continued efforts on this mission
  3. Roy , i have been wait for this mission for years... thank you for continuing it.!!
  4. hey i just want to say that i come across like an asshole no matter how i type or talk, so i want to make sure that you understand that i was not trying to poke the bear or be off putting in any way . Yes atm i am tied of debugging. i could have worded it differently. i apologize for that. however, you are right there are alot of factors. all those mods leave a Large unknown variable of possible conflict, your are right. Thank you for your work on this mod!! i certainly hope that you dont think that i do not appreciate it!!
  5. thanks for looking in to this. My version came from Steam. I have unsub'd, deleated ALL files associated with your mod... Deleted everything, and resubbed.. I did this three-four times... Each time I would Delete it from my server, and reinstall. Still wouldn't work. If you ONLY loaded up CBA and ARES.. then that's probably why it worked for you. I am using a rather large mod list. which is why i posted it, and pointed out that it had worked before With all those mods. So that leads me to believe that the new version has a MOD Conflict with one of the mods im running on my server. And the fact that none of the other mods on my server have been updated the server it self has not been updated as there were no recent game updates. That as well leads me to believe that the error is within your mod,( IE in conflict with another mod), That it was Not before. Again, Sorry I lose to many hours of my free time troubleshooting mods... im going to have to pass on finding out what exactly is causing the conflict, this time... maybe later,,. maybe someone else will stumble across the problem. Again thanks for looking into it. Edit, for shits and giggles i downloaded the most recent version directly from your github. I tested in phases.. first install the mod on the server and start the server, no @ARES in my command line Nothing its just On the server... yes the server started just fine .. to be expected. Second I installed the Key. Just the Key into my dedi's Keys folder. this just obviously allows people to join the server with ARES running. I hit the start button for my server... When i load the BIS Arma launcher, My server is telling me that All the mods on my server are having a signature mismatch. and further more all of the mods that are allowed on my server are being denied. Just the Key installed. I stopped my testing there.. just having a key in the Keys folder should not do that to a server. removed the key the server works just fine. I dont get it i put my hands up.
  6. Hi, after several hours of testing i found your most recent update to be the problem on my server. Long story short. your most recent update breaks my dedicated server. as previous versions worked Perfectly fine. this version causes my server to have "signature verification" issues. And not even i can join it when your most recent update is on the server. I didnt keep the previous version to roll back too. so, i have removed it completely. Sorry this is not a more comprehensive bug post however as i said i have already lost several hours to this problem. here is the list of mods on my server. It worked before. -mod=@cba;@CUPT;@CUPAsset;@RHSAF;@RHSUS;@RHSGF;@RHSSF;@ace3;@acex;@ALiVE;@Ares;@Gore -serverMod=@AliveServer;@Smoke;@AIMODS;@zeuTK;@AdvRopes;@Laxe;@Blood
  7. I may be wrong but i would try going into the editor, and changing the rifleman that the interpreter is to a CLS. that should do it.
  8. Im sorry for my ignorance, is this pushed to SteamWorkshop. or is this some testbuild??
  9. First of start from scratch ... Remove all mods and remove all forign keys from the servers KEYs folder... launch the server you should see your server, and that it allows or requires NO mods.. Once you do that and it works post up .... and after you post up that you have dont that and it worked... ADD your mods ONE by ONE starting with the Dependencies (IE. @CBA_A3). Start with that ... add the mod , and the key to the server. launch the server, if you can see that you server requiers CBA. then your on the right track.. Add your next mod... relaunch ... and so on until you run into the problem. remove the last mod before you had the problem ... and you will find out whats causing the problem. maybe
  10. @dwarden, I may not know the reason why AussiBattler's host would refuse, However, In talks with Server Providers, I had asked them if they would allow me to upload custom.exe files released by BIS for testing... Their reply was a resounding NO because they look at it being a security risk... something about unknown blah blah virus blah blah... I said it was a test build by bohemia for testing... and they would just repeat the NO.. and their reasons... My current server provider is super cool. I have Complete FTP access to my server as well as complete command line access. and not may server hosts do this. they allow me to test and put anything on my server. Bluefangsolutions.com
  11. This is the out dated ARES.. you want the Achilles thread.
  12. Hello, I have been seeing this and have been meaning to get to it. Ill look at it today. see what i can do. and if i cannot figure it out ill send a message to robalo and see if maybe he has a few moments to take a look. what kind of mission is this? Is it an modded missiong. IE using MORE mods then just the three cba,asr,tpwcas. is it an alive mission. does it happen ONLY at the beginning of the mission and NEVER More... Does it happen in an Alive Mission when AI are spawning in OUT of your vision. I usually get that error Only when New AI are introdused and spawned in. and their skill is being set. I have been meaning to just look into it and see if i get the error with ASRAI and NO tpwcas. IF so then its an ASRAI problem. However, I have been seeing this as well and with your nudge ill be looking into it now. So, Thanks :) I know this wasn't directed at me since i have pretty much taken over updating this mod ill go ahead and respond with what i have been thinking about because, I have been thinking about this lately.. and I do want to put it on steam workshop. However, since i want to make sure this brief undefind variable is what i think it is and everything still works ill move foreward. so, Ill look into fixing the error and then work on the SW side of things. I think the error is just because tpwcas is calling an ASRAI function. outside of that i think tpwcas still adjust skills just fine. Its just calling the asrai function on a brand new unit.. when asrai has not had time to creat the variable for it. I could be wrong, but i think asrai polls the map every couple seconds for new units. again i could be wrong but i think he has some function that does that for new units that are spawned with via script or zeus. basically anything not editor placed. Sorry I did Not get to this earlier. However, I did NOT add a Sitting animation. if your getting AI that actuly cross their legs and SIT this is not because of TPWCAS. I know that ASRAI (Robalo) added AI falling when they are hit on occasion. However, they do not go into a sitting anim. when you say Sitting stance. you literally mean they cross their legs and sit? because i know that was a thing in ARMA 2 using SLX. when you got hit there was a chance of getting knocked on your ass ... quite literally. But again i know that is not a part of tpwcas. i was just say'n. Thank you all for your continued interest in this mod. I think its great. All credits go to Ollem, Fabrizio_T , TPW, and -Coulum-. Im just a guy.
  13. no inconveniences at all you are all good! I did so many tests started from the top, restarted from the bottom. came in from the side. i have no solution so i gave up and just removed mods from my server. again maybe someone will have the same problem and point out my mistake, by telling how they solved the issue.
  14. Thanks, i had first did exactly that but i didnt know there was gear inside of the vehicles. Thanks again. mission is up on my server running with just ace3! @azrink it looks like in the link Vdauphin linked ther is info on how to do that .
  15. yea thats the thing though the mods are not broken. i can run all the mods one at a time and they work fine.. i can run up to 14 required mods on my server using the "-mod" parameter. However, once i add the 15 mod to the mod list. the information in the arma 3 launcher doesnt show up ... Furthermore, i run my server using the -checksignature paramter during all my tests... All the mods checked out One by one. all their keys are good and ran one by one the info shows up properly in the default arma 3 launcher. so i repete its not a mod problem/ broken mod... and to your second comment. why the hell would BIS implement a feature that allows people to see what mods are on someones server.. and then NOT support it when there is a bug.... seems kind of asinine. That being said im over it. no one has responded at all. so this is a mute point. as i said i know its not a broken mod because i have already gone threw and tested the mods one by one on my server as well as using "checksignatures" ... shit took DAYS..... so im past that. i was trying to figure out why i can not get the server information to be properly displayed in the ARMA 3 Launcher when i have 15 mods loaded... the server will say No DLS required No mods loaded... but when i removed the ONE mod "that is not broken btw" suddenly the ARMA 3 launcher would display the mod info... it would show that ALL the DLC is required to get on my server and it shows All of the required and suggested mods for my server.... but again i can add that 15'th mod and all goes to shit... and again i want to recap... I have tested these mods individually on the server they all work on the server. they are all up to date... with recently pack'd keys and .bisigns. All these mods work fine one by one... but once i add them all together and i get to 15 mods, as stated several times the DEFAULT ARMA3 launcher that comes with the game cannot display the server information properly. just doesnt do it.. remove that mod "what ever mod it is" and with 14 mods everything is shown as it should... So with that said. its a problem with the launcher. I tried to get help. but hey no biggy .