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  1. Thanks, i had first did exactly that but i didnt know there was gear inside of the vehicles. Thanks again. mission is up on my server running with just ace3! @azrink it looks like in the link Vdauphin linked ther is info on how to do that .
  2. yea thats the thing though the mods are not broken. i can run all the mods one at a time and they work fine.. i can run up to 14 required mods on my server using the "-mod" parameter. However, once i add the 15 mod to the mod list. the information in the arma 3 launcher doesnt show up ... Furthermore, i run my server using the -checksignature paramter during all my tests... All the mods checked out One by one. all their keys are good and ran one by one the info shows up properly in the default arma 3 launcher. so i repete its not a mod problem/ broken mod... and to your second comment. why the hell would BIS implement a feature that allows people to see what mods are on someones server.. and then NOT support it when there is a bug.... seems kind of asinine. That being said im over it. no one has responded at all. so this is a mute point. as i said i know its not a broken mod because i have already gone threw and tested the mods one by one on my server as well as using "checksignatures" ... shit took DAYS..... so im past that. i was trying to figure out why i can not get the server information to be properly displayed in the ARMA 3 Launcher when i have 15 mods loaded... the server will say No DLS required No mods loaded... but when i removed the ONE mod "that is not broken btw" suddenly the ARMA 3 launcher would display the mod info... it would show that ALL the DLC is required to get on my server and it shows All of the required and suggested mods for my server.... but again i can add that 15'th mod and all goes to shit... and again i want to recap... I have tested these mods individually on the server they all work on the server. they are all up to date... with recently pack'd keys and .bisigns. All these mods work fine one by one... but once i add them all together and i get to 15 mods, as stated several times the DEFAULT ARMA3 launcher that comes with the game cannot display the server information properly. just doesnt do it.. remove that mod "what ever mod it is" and with 14 mods everything is shown as it should... So with that said. its a problem with the launcher. I tried to get help. but hey no biggy .
  3. since you asked ill say, i think from a simple immersion stand point just having trains drive around with out people controling them would be great. I think that having an AI drive the train around would be nice. its obvious that many people here want to ride/ drive/ and load things on to the train and i want that as well. but personally i would like to just have trains rolling around as if a part of every day civilian life. preferably with a AI driver to make it look more legit. end my two cents
  4. hey first off this is a bang up mission i like it.. I was wondering however, is it possible to make a "vanilla" version with out RHS dependencies. I tried to just delete the rhs vehicles. but i immediately got an error about missing rhs vehicles. I think a version with out the rhs requirement would be tits up. Please if possible, and thank you for even the slightest consideration. Your mission covers so many levels of awesome, i just wish There were more "just ACE3" missions. If you can Please.
  5. The necromancing continues. SaOk, can i use this in a mod?
  6. hey there, just was wondering if there were any changes besides optimizations. are there any plans to integrate this in to L_Immerse?
  7. Hello, everyone. I have finally resolved the issue with the mods on my server not showing up in the ARMA 3 launcher. However, a new problem has arisen. I currently have this as my command line. and when i say only 14 i mean 14 mods actvitated by -mod=... -servermod= is not the issue here. -ip=xx.xx.xx.xx -port=xxxx -profiles=Profile -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg -filePatching -servermod=@cba;@Smoke;@AIMODS;@AliveS;@zeuTK;@AdvRopes;@Ares;@Laxeman;@Blood -mod=@CUPT;@RHSAF;@RHSUS;@RHSGF;@RHSSF;@Nimitz;@FA18;@SU35;@ace3;@acex;@mcc;@ALiVE;@Gore file patching is active because i use @tpwcas_a3, which requires a userconfig file. with that cammand line, i can see all the info in the arma 3 launcher. CBA doesnt show up as a required mod but the mods that will load will require it. all the mods show up in their respective places (req'd or suggested) but if i add One Single Mod to the -mod= line the arma 3 launcher no longer shows the server info properly. so i have combined the CUP terrains into one folder and the launcher only sees CORE and MAPS.. CWA is just a suggested mod even though it should be a required mod. once i hit 15 mods i have problems. I have moved CBA to get MCC running and i want to add a few more. Ares mod and SpyderAddons. but i cannot. im stuck with only 14 mods allowed... i have abbreviated all the names to reduce the character count. I have combined mods into single folders and only one mod shows up in the info on the launcher. IE CUP terrains... Core, maps shows up but CWA does not. If i combine the Nimitz and the f18 and su35 into one folder , and only the Nimitz is shown as a required mod... I have tried so many things just to get this solved... I have tried the -par= parameter... that doesn't work... I cannot use a .bat file because this is a dedicated server hosted by a farm in texas... .bat is not an option. I have also tried to use multiple "-mod=" lines... that doesnt work. im stuck please help a tired idiot(me) Any Dev's out there that can shed any light on this..?? Please sincerely, LP
  8. is the CBA team only one person , is viper the Only one that can update CBA? i thought it was a small team of peeps. Please dont kill the cat.
  9. is this akin to a dev build... as there has been no workshop update, and its labeled pre release... :( for a split second my dumb ass thought it was an update... Great work guys cant wait to see the update live.
  10. Hello Dmarkwick, I have always loved this mod, and have a few edits that kinda corrects some issues. You have not responded to this thread in some time and there have been no word or hit of your return here. I would like to post the changes i have made publicly for others to try, however, If you disapprove please respond. I'll remove it right away Your key for this mod has been broken for some time. so i have quickly resigned it, so other server admins can allow it on their servers. and the changes i made to your code for testing were : 1: createvehicle [0,0,0]; optimization, this creates the logic that the fly's spawn or are dropped from. at the dead body. check bis code optimization page. 200 times faster to use [0,0,0], and then set the final location. so thats what i did there. 2. increased the distance the fly sound was heard from 20 m to 50m in the sound config. and increased the volume by 0.10 . to address several comments and personal experience not being able to hear it. 3. the command "say3d" has a format { object say3D [sound, maxDistance, pitch] } the way its written in your script say3d["soundname",1]; the "one" represents the Maxdistance heard. so i changed that to 50m as well. the idea here is that with a low volume they may not be able to hear it at 50 meters but its there as they get closer it fades in organically. 4. i changed some config settings in the "drop" command for the fly's particle. I reduced the timerperiod and the life time. now when fly's first start it looks like a few flys rather then a small hord, as time passes the effect of the mod is more dramatic. basically less particle life time means fewer overall / overlapping particles, in the beginning. 5. optimized under water check to make sure the body has died under water/ and body has ragdolled. 6. just added weight to the blood particles they will not float out of the water any more (hopefully 7. and i just deleted some things that were redundant. comments etc. 8. No flies in the winter but again this is just temporary until Dmarkwick responds. this is just a few tweeks with a new key and sig so it can be used on servers with verifysignatures=2; (dare i say i have not seen any mention about a license restriction but again. im not here to split hairs i just want to keep an awesome mod alive. So again, Dmarkwick if you dont approve of this please dont be to upset i just want to help, and ill be more then happy to remove it) DOWNLOAD: JTD_Flies_5a
  11. i read and understand what you said, however, i do disagree a lil bit. I never thought that a corrupt key would have caused my problems. I knew that once i went vanilla everything would work. I again didnt fathom a faulty key causing my issues. however, on that note i have it working. all except the units page seeing my server. and please dont take this the wrong way but your explanation of the way it works, was a bit much. I have over 6000 hours in arma. Ovbiously didnt stop me from chasing my tail. but i know about what you speak. the reason why i listed those (server side addons as "mods" was because some of them are required by the client (ie they have to be on both the server and the client to work properly) i know how keys work, i know how verify sigs works. i know how server mod and mod works as command parameters. I just didnt think that a corrupt key would cause my server to not provide its mod info to the launcher. And about creating a player base. I just recently quit a group. after 5 years of busting my ass making missions (vanilla and modded) after 5 years i noticed one think people are or there not going to play. the biggest hurdle was making sure they knew where to get the mods. and have them up to date.. It has been made obvious that you dont use the arma launcher. maybe your not to keen on how it works now but when you set up your server with out a corrupt key like i had, players get a list of mods that are required and ones that are suggested. It makes it super easy to locate and download the mods. I know there is a small change that people will play on my server. However, the major hurdle, the one that caused all my connection problems, has been crossed, people now know exactly what is needed to get on my server. And further more, Its my server for My use. I pay for it and I pay to create and experience I like to have in arma. that is the bottom line. Just like everyone else, My desire is to share my experience with others. people will join my server. they may trickel in... but again the main purpose / problem was people not knowing what mods are required and what are not. Since all that info is now made public. it will be alot easier (since all the mods are on steam) for people to aquire the mods. I also can say that as often as i am on my server, and do see people try to get on. they try to get on Over and Over. most of them at least 2-3 times. before they give up. and that is when they Dont know what mods are required. I can only hope that now the mod requirements are more obvious that may change to them getting on the 2-3 time rather then giving up... Thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Lordprimate/BigAl I still need to post my RPT to figure out why the arma 3 units page cannot connect to my server.
  12. Same command line. as stated the mods and the dlc and the difficulty shows up correctly now. however, my units page cannot connect and detect my server, And when the server has a mission loaded the arma 3 launcher doesnt show it running a mission. it shows everything else correctly in the information just not the mission info further testing indicates that a faulty key was causing my problems with certain info not being shown (difficulty, dlc, and mod info). However, the launcher for some reason will not show the mission type or name. and still cannot connect to my units page. progress was made so thanks ill post up a rpt soon just want to do some more testing
  13. so far i have rename the keys folded created a new one and added the a3.bikey so i have a vinalla keys folder that allows No mods. then i removed all unnecessary parameters from the command line. starting with the Bare minimum. -ip=xx.xx.xx.xx -port=xxxx -profiles=Profile -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg The server shows up properly in the launcher. but still cannot be connected to my units page.. so im going to have to move past that. and just add one mod and its key at a time to make sure it works. until i find the mod and key that causes the issue. im baffled as to why the arma 3 units page cannot connect to my server given the correct ip and port... i have check soo many times its the right ip and port.
  14. I have to disagree about the arma 3 launcher. with all the integrated mod/server stuff its suppose to be super easy for new player / and expecially experienced players to find their way into any modded server. I cannot believe how many people have tried and still try to get on my server. but cannot . and my only guess is that they are trying to get on via the launcher. and think that because the launcher is saying they need No mods ... they are not loading any.. or because the server says they need No DLC and my server has all and often requires it. its a legit problem and i would be super thrilled just to fill up my super small 16 man server, with tacticool arma players that love ACE ACRE Alive and a ton of immersion mods. but i cannot because no one seems to be able to join( except me i can join fine...). Your right about the server side mods. all of those are pretty much just server side. the advanced urban repel does require clients to have it if they want to use the animations and get the sounds. Bloodlust and head gore are required to be on the server and the client, to work correctly. headgore actually has a mission module placed in the editor. so it creates a requirement. After dealing with trying to get the mods to show up i had the exact thought... why am i doing this i should figure out if i can get it to work with just a vanilla mission. I had given up after my last post (for the day) Ill be doing this for the night. This is done and done. my server is signature protected. via verifysigs=2; I have several keys in the keys folder. I join my server with several clientside mods that are allowed on my server. my mission.sqm's check out with all the required mods they should. regardless of weather or not a mission is loaded the launcher never shows any mods needed or suggested. If the suggested mods ran off of what is in my Keys folder. then i should see a ton and i mean a TON of suggested client side mods. and if the mission.sqm was referenced for what is required then something is definatly wrong. because there not being shown in the launcher. i am at a real loss as to whats going on hence my begging....
  15. Ok, My server provider had a new feature that was hidden unless asked for. Command line access. So I have removed the .par file and added everything to my startup parm's... It still doesnt work as it should. The server launches the mods just fine. however the original problem still persists my server is not shown on My units page and the mods/dlc/difficulty are not properly shown on the launcher. In the launcher my server shows up as in Recruit difficultly even though i have it set to Forced Custom. It also shows that no DLC is required when there is. And it also lists my server as not having/allowing any mods to join. the following is my commandline. -nosound -nosplash -nopause -profiles=Profile -filePatching -ip=xx.xx.xx.xx -port=xxxx -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi -servermod=@SLX_A3;@zeu_TK -mod=@cba_a3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Terrains_CWA;@CaribouFrontier;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF;@asr_ai3;@tpwcas_a3;@mcc_sandbox;@ace3;@acex;@AliveServer;@ALiVE;@Spyder_Addons;@Ares;@3denEnhanced;@Mocap;@AdvancedSlingLoading;@AdvancedTowing;@AdvancedRappelling;@AdvancedUrbanRappelling;@SAN_Headgore;@L_Align;@L_Mount;@BloodLust The mods load fine and i can launch and join with the launcher manually. However, if i try to just use the join button it unloads all my mods and then cannot connect. Someone please help. The rpt seems clean as the server starts and runs fine. but if it will help i can post it.