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  1. CMCSSC MK17 Alpha TEST

    Yes, great Thank You for this, fantastic 3d model. The firing sounds could be better though.
  2. @DJzonk: Great thanks for the fix. Good Job.
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yes I can confirm this All UH-1Y Hueys have this error popup. "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Heli_light_03_base_F/HitPoints/HitGlass8.name'" Tested with 0.4.4 without any other mods. When I have a minute I will post it on the bug tracker. Regards.
  4. Hi. Does Anyone have any idea how to actually fix that broken SATCOM antenna? Regards.
  5. Project OPFOR

    Great thanks for the update. Just a feedback from me. There is something seriously wrong with crewmen positions in T34/85 tanks. Crewman spawns in the air abowe tank when placing vehicle in the editor. Regards.
  6. Yes I think that it has something to do with ACE3 3.11 change regarding base item classes. class ACE_ItemCore: CBA_MiscItem {}; Should be very easy to fix. Regards.
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yes UAZ and Ural engine sounds don t work for me either. Already posted on bug tracker. Regards.
  8. Help me with my config

    Hi. @Moonwalk_Santa: Do You have permission from raspu86 and Cunico to retexture their stuff? Or is this only be private addon, then I retract my question. Regards.
  9. CMCSSC MK20 SSR Beta test

    Thank You for prompt update. Everything works as intended now. Regards.
  10. CMCSSC MK20 SSR Beta test

    Helo. Just the headsup regarding todays update. The magazine lacks texture. The new firing sounds are very good though. Regards.
  11. GI JOE and COBRA

    This is fantastic. Will You consider adding versions with vanilla Arma 3 M134 Minigun and/or .50 cal M2 MG on the roof? BTW AVE Striker toy was based on Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle of which first examples were delivered to 9th Infantry Division in 1982. Regards.
  12. Great thanks for this ACU in OCP. Now I can clad my LRSU recce team in Kunduz in their proper attire. Regards.
  13. WS MBAV Extension

    Here is the Man that gets it. Give Him a cookie...or something. Yes that s true but one can argue that the RHS coyote brown texture is lighter shade of coyote brown ending up in tan spectrum and there are numerous shades of khaki, like this: or like this: Just wanted to say that this is a rabbit hole. Regards.
  14. WS MBAV Extension

    Yea sure thing, sorry abaut my rant. Regards.
  15. WS MBAV Extension

    Sorry for offtopic but always when people use terms like tier one or tier two like they know what re they talking abaut I am dying inside a little from laughter. Sorry for being so strict abaut it but I ve got master s degree in civil-military administration and this always irritates me a little. Insteed of writing lengthy post I will link an article by Jack Murphy former Ranger and Green Beret on this topic. https://sofrep.com/69546/tier-one-not-badge-excellence/ Regards.