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  1. smallarms

    Anyway because Toadie havn t supplied us with rifles with attached optics I am trying to write simple config that cobbles together M21 with Leupold scope attached to it for my custom faction using standard "LinkedItemsOptic" function. It generally works ok except it throws magswitch.sqm error ingame and spawns without attached magazine. Any idea how to circumvent this problem? Regards.
  2. smallarms

    Yes, the configs are locked You can t just simply decfgconvert them using Arma 3 tools. If You want something change better try to write replacement config using Toadie source data from github. Regards.
  3. Glad to hear that. I wrote it more as an observation then a request. I was half expecting to see some rudimentary TFAR compat as early as Bravo release so no exagoration with those "years", but them some six or seven months ago eggbeast wrote here that He started working on some TFAR compatibility but He wasn t sure if it would be technically possible so I havn t touch that subject. Regards.
  4. Very cool, gimmicky and overengineered feature suitable for that era like some overdesigned Secretary McNamara defence scheme or COIN project. But people like me or my guys who mainly play large scale coop just wished that this radios could be compatible with TFAR.....for years. Regards.
  5. Please DO NOT QUOTE RELEASE POST WITH PICTURES. As to your question, make new mod folder in your arma 3 directory, inside make addons folder and keys folder, place pbos and bisigns in addons folder and key file in keys folder then try to add that mod folder to your mod library via arma 3 launcher local mods tab. As RobertHammer stated numerous times this mod won t be uploaded to Steam Workshop. If it is there it was uploaded illegally and should be DMCA ed. Regards.
  6. Already fixed for next patch. Regards.
  7. Thank You for feedback. I ve tested on my build but was unable to reproduce, it probably means that I ve already fixed that along with numerous other stuff. Since I ve already sent relevent files to Simcardo the fix will be applied in the next mod update. And yes the legacy 2D editor through Ctrl+O on map screen trick is fantastic thing. Regards.
  8. Hi. You mean model or classname? Please copy/paste whole error text from the log or make a screenshot of it so we d know what we re dealing with here. It could be one of the errors that has already been fixed internally. Regards.
  9. Thanks for prompt response and quick hotfix. You guys are fantastic. Regards.
  10. Hi. I ve got some white textureless bits and pieces on L85A2. Is that known bug or is it simply my corrupted download? I am using Steam version of the mod. Regards.
  11. I ve been also waiting for this for so long. Simply fantastic....excellent job. Well what else is to say... "Ich Bin Ein Panzergrenadier". Regards.
  12. Yea. TA31F was standarised and started to be fielded by USMC as PVQ-31 in 2004, US Army standarised M150 RCO in 2007 if I am not mistaken but as early as 2003 commercial TA31 sights were bought by individual soldiers and units from their own budgets. So it isn t anachronism. But it s a fact that in army units in 2003-2004 period old school TA01 NSN originally fielded since 1995 in SOPMOD I kits were more common thing. Only PEQ-15 box and M4 Comp (M68 CCO 2nd gen) are anachronism but it isn t a big thing. I am simply using RH acc pack to augment my kits when I want to go super period correct. RH Acc is still the best weapons accessory pack for Arma 3. Regards.
  13. Thanks for the great update. It s feedback time: 1. two errors on startup: No entry: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/B_05_Soldier_04_f.scope bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/B_05_Soldier_04_f.side 2. Nomex Flightsuit (tan) "nomex_desert"; classname has nerfed explosive protection, ballistic protection, weight and load copacity probably classname inheritance issue. 3. infantry groups USMC rifle squads ad weapon squads are somewhat mixed regarding grenadiers insteed of fire team leaders and such, in 2003 squad groups some units have wrong camo DCU insteed of woodland. That s it regards.
  14. Fantastic. Can t wait for Bell 212/UH-1N. Regards.
  15. L85A3 doesn t exist at least yet, basically it s mid life (sic!) upgrade program proposal for L85A2 not a new rifle program, for now it s just an proposal from H&K and it s not, nor will be in this form type classified by British MoD, for now L85A3 designation is just Heckler and Koch marketing catch phrase. Grip and Elcan - yea but come on it s military sci fi fictional representation of some generic NATO force so who cares. Regards.