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  1. Woops, I forgot to turn the debugger off, updated and fixed :)
  2. Updated to 2.21, script errors were fixed by Joko, nothing new sound-wise. :)
  3. Update 1.21 is online, fixing and improving some stuff thanks to Joko. I have no time for the mod currently and kinda lost track :P Thanks, Joko <3
  4. Thanks dude, it's indeed already fixed by Joko but I forgot to update :D I'll be home tomorrow evening and upload the fix.
  5. terrain

    I totally forgot about this and now fluid is dripping from my mouth again.
  6. audio dlc

    Atually, you can! :D Both situations get their own class. Check it out:
  7. A weapon firing is nothing but a "bang" of exiting gasses and the projectile flying in supersonic speed. What different "characteristics" do you expect? The same calibre will almost sound pretty much identical, probably some minor differences due to the barrel length. The current sounds allow to identify calibres at ranges and that is completely fine.
  8. audio dlc

    @LordJarhead Try putting "rhs_sounds" and "rhs_weapon_sounds" in the required Addons. For the US factions "rhsusf_sounds" and "rhsusf_weapon_sounds". I'm currently switching to a new framework, which is why just putting "x_sounds" in the requirements won't do the trick for some weapons :D
  9. Thanks for the reminder. All I need is a time where noone else is around in the house. Last time I made voice recordings, the neighbours asked me what was going on yesterday "since we didn't hear any woman, you know".
  10. I'm very open for ideas and love to see people with passion for a project, but honestly, this approach to a project/mod/whatever is very uncool in my opinion. It's great to have an idea but reading your post it becomes very obvious that you didn't invest any time in setting up a plan or even digging into the technical side to get an overview over the scope of the project. Creating anything that doesn't resemble a human is an enormous task and so is the "basic" integration/creation of new assets like weapons, not to speak of terrains. So far, your post boils down to "I'd really like a group of people to work on something I want to see in ArmA"... which is legit, but belongs on the request thread. If you see yourself as a coordinator/project lead, I'd highly advise you to first get an actual, deeper understanding of the technical side of ArmA and develop a realistic project plan that you can present to people.
  11. Love it, dude. Every sound sits well in the mix!
  12. Thanks dude, we never talked (let's change that!) but I heard lots and lots from Megagoth, so I know that your feedback is qualified. :) And yup, I make the sounds for RHS, too. Soon there should be something else coming up as well and it ends with a 3.
  13. Yup, it's two new parameters inside soudSet configs that determine how much a sound/weapon is affected from being obsructed by an obstacle or inside a building. The default values are set in a way that quietens everything rather than leaving it unaffected, so mods have to be updated.