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  1. Love it, dude. Every sound sits well in the mix!
  2. Thanks dude, we never talked (let's change that!) but I heard lots and lots from Megagoth, so I know that your feedback is qualified. :) And yup, I make the sounds for RHS, too. Soon there should be something else coming up as well and it ends with a 3.
  3. Yup, it's two new parameters inside soudSet configs that determine how much a sound/weapon is affected from being obsructed by an obstacle or inside a building. The default values are set in a way that quietens everything rather than leaving it unaffected, so mods have to be updated.
  4. Raping the like-button right now. Seriously, the terrain looks beautiful, great job!
  5. UPDATE (2.03) Download in first post/workshop
  6. UPDATE V 2.0 Links on the first page :)
  7. UPDATE! 1.1 Download Download (1.1) Steam Workshop ArmAholic Changelog
  8. A quick update to 2.1: Fixed that you were not able to hear someone shooting behind object or inside buildings. I'm aware of the minigun issue but got not solution at the moment, if everything fails just delete the minigun pbo for now :)
  9. Hotfix 1.06 since debug stuff was accidentally still on :D Download (1.06)
  10. Dude. Sick can't even describe those trenches - f*ck! Awesome! :D
  11. soundmod

    Yup, it's a first test of occlusion. :)