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  1. Yup! These ones. Defined in cfgSoundShapes and applied onto the respective soundSet :) Check the parameter names again, I tried to recall them but am bot 100 percent sure haha Edit: Don't forget to apply speedOfSound = 1; to your soundSets! :D
  2. Funny enough, I've been looking into them just friday as I'm working on new RHS heli sounds right now, haha! Let me start off like this: Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe it's buggy indeed, but the feature tends to behave in a weird way (for me). I'm at work and don't have the config in front of me, but the parameters should look and behave something like this
  3. Hey dude, there actually is an internal way of adding reverb and even delay in ArmA - But not for the new soundTech / soundSets, yay! :D Buuuut, you could use a workaround. What you are looking for are the 3dProcessors. example: In your soundSet you have to add: Important: Of course, the sounds you use have to be in actual stereo! You can't create a stereo image without a proper stereo file ;)
  4. Not gonna lie, I was really disappointed when you put your other map projects on hold for "some jungle terrain".... but... HOLY S*IT! Dude, this looks incredible!!!!!!!! ♥
  5. My guess is that It's not directly "unreliable", but just the way the command works. It broadcasts the information once to all clients - In the beginning of a round, not every client finishes the initialization at the same time, meaning the command won't have any effect or simply not be received. So, you're right - A remote exec will be the most reliable solution.
  6. Woops, I forgot to turn the debugger off, updated and fixed :)
  7. Updated to 2.21, script errors were fixed by Joko, nothing new sound-wise. :)
  8. Update 1.21 is online, fixing and improving some stuff thanks to Joko. I have no time for the mod currently and kinda lost track :P Thanks, Joko <3
  9. Thanks dude, it's indeed already fixed by Joko but I forgot to update :D I'll be home tomorrow evening and upload the fix.
  10. Krokom, Sweden

    I totally forgot about this and now fluid is dripping from my mouth again.
  11. JSRS SOUNDMOD 5.17.0807

    Atually, you can! :D Both situations get their own class. Check it out:
  12. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    A weapon firing is nothing but a "bang" of exiting gasses and the projectile flying in supersonic speed. What different "characteristics" do you expect? The same calibre will almost sound pretty much identical, probably some minor differences due to the barrel length. The current sounds allow to identify calibres at ranges and that is completely fine.
  13. JSRS SOUNDMOD 5.17.0807

    @LordJarhead Try putting "rhs_sounds" and "rhs_weapon_sounds" in the required Addons. For the US factions "rhsusf_sounds" and "rhsusf_weapon_sounds". I'm currently switching to a new framework, which is why just putting "x_sounds" in the requirements won't do the trick for some weapons :D