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  1. Just to clarify... You're trying to do all the animations... in Oxygen?!
  2. Global Mobilization

    Off topic but we managed to offload most of the of AS1s (We had 90 in total plus some recovery and bridge laying chassis) sans engine, electronics and breach welded shut to a few RSLs setting up monuments, RAAF and Army bases as gate monuments and a couple of vehicle museums. Supposedly this year they're clawing for funding so they can overhaul the M1A1 AIM up to what would be the equivalent of the US M1A2 SEP 3 and arguing over getting DU plates which were ommited from the M1s we bought. On topic: Amazing work guys, hard to believe it's just the three of you. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
  3. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    If you're still looking for suggestions - Medical pouches (IFAK's) and gear (CATs, Shears, etc) - Knifes (SOG Seal, LMF II) - Multitools (Leathermans, Gerbers) - various models of strobe (for example the new Helstar F2 is getting popular with SOF) - GPS's (Garmin Foretrex, there's a new 601 and 701 wrist ballistic computer they're taking preorders for) - Radio coms (different PTT buttons like peltor, Racal RA6000s, tri racal, general dynamics etc, various antennas, mix of 148s, 152s, 343's etc) - Ammo (Mix of stanags, painted, magpuls, E/Pmags ,etc) - Variety of chemlights (Some guys carry shorter 3" ones, others wrap theirs with tape to cut down the light) - Variety of grenades like smokes, flashbangs, etc (preferably with full specular and normal maps so they're not eye piercing colors with no reflections or detail) Sometimes you see guys with stretch lanyards (Usually refereed to as 'Operator/Personnel retention lanyards) for attaching to mounting points on helicopters when they're sitting of the side or on benches (MH-6's or in the door of UH-60s) Also, bit pedantic, but nothing annoys me more than when a vest has 6 mags, 2 grenades, 4 pistol mags, a GPS, a CAT, a dump pouch and a IFAK... and then in game it can only hold 4 mags and a grenade... Also a big fan of being able to either easily edit patches on vests or set texture on the patches. That way groups can use their own or different roles can have different patches without requiring 1000 different diffuse maps.
  4. 1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    Yes, It's pretty old footage. At the minimum <2008. Original video is a lot longer too: Expect complaints if it's not out at 00:05, Saturday New Zealand time :P Are you doing your own fast roping? If not you could just include the points to duda's or ACE https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/fastroping-framework.html
  5. RH Pistol pack

    Thanks! missed that one.
  6. RH Pistol pack

    Speaking of reuploading, can you put up a mirror to another website like google drive? I find media fire and the unpaid access to armaholic to be incredibly slow (Both at <200kb/s). :/
  7. FYI on the HUD There's no mounted HUD on the cockpit dash as all the data goes through the helmet visor. Kimi might be able to give you some advice
  8. 1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    Is he leaning against the door-frame? When I was frequently skydiving sitting completely outside a aircraft at 150-200 kph on the step wasn't too difficult. It took a bit of extra strength to keep a grip against the wind and you can't hear anything, but it's not impossible to look around or move along the step, even with bulky equipment or suits designed to add extra drag, as an example, this guy with a flat-top and DSLR and a high drag suit to keep him inline with the tandem.
  9. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Few months Revision Military showed off a demo of their 'Military Kinetic Operations Suit' as a entry for the US SOCOM TALOS Program. Original prototype (2014): Combined with armor for kinetic operations prototype (2015): Nothing new in the last 2 years though apart from it passing live fire testing. I'm kinda impressed how far Revision has come in since they were founded 15 years ago. Fielding the next-gen modular helmet for SOCOM: http://soldiersystems.net/2016/10/04/ausa-family-of-tactical-headborne-systems-from-revision-military/ and replacing the UK service helmet: http://soldiersystems.net/2015/09/16/dsei-revision-cobra-plus-helmet/
  10. I believe the original creator is MIA, So i doubt there will be any updates. The source files are there for anyone to fix though.
  11. Project Infinite v0.8

    Probably because most american tech is covered under ITAR restrictions and there aren't a whole lot of native manufactures. You'll only really see it in groups that can 'avoid' the issue like the FSB/GRU teams who buy it personally. Otherwise they're stuck with the Russian government gear like AK-105's and Rakurs sights. Plus a lot of them are even starting to buy Russian made AR-15's and glocks over their issued AK's and APS's... I suppose the Russian military doesn't have much in the way of policies against personal gear like western militaries..
  12. No one said it was great resolution...
  13. Disclaimer: I'm not a IP lawyer Here's the steam user agreement: http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/ My interpretation is that they do not own the content and will only make modifications to allow for distribution. Removing the content from the workshop is also considered revoking the licence for valve to distribute the work. The reason large mods like RHS and Unsung weren't on the workshop is that as apart of the subscriber agreement in Section 6D, You must be the original creator or have the approval of all contributors you're posting on behalf of. In RHS's case it took a while to get approval of all 50~ team members, In Unsung's case some creators in the team still don't want their content on there for... unexplained reasons... I guess because they think a multi-billion dollar sales company is going to steal their mods? My suggestion would be a high speed, reliable service like Google Drive or Steam as the FC-37 was originally published. I know most of the people you've credited have content on the workshop, though I'd check just how open source Pook's sonic boom is as I know he's anti-steam. if you absolutely want to retain 100% IP rights then you're going to have to avoid public domains and host all the data and pay for/operate a server to distribute from as pretty much every file hosting site has a similar agreement to avoid legal repercussions. I'd also personally avoid Armaholic these days given the subscription service they have in place now limiting public view on the home page, blocking searching and slowing download speeds to essentially making money off your content through site advertising and encouraging subscriptions. As well as (when I last looked) a limited user agreement which leaves them open to legal issues, unlike Valve or Google. Tbh, You'll probably be forever lodging DCMA requests with the workshop crawler from people reuploading it if you don't. If you do want to go down that route though: https://arma3.workshopcrawler.com/ https://steamcommunity.com/dmca/create/
  14. Project Infinite v0.8

    Might be that people are finally getting the memo of not asking for progress or requests, haha. TBH, My point of view is if you're not playing it and not passionate and wouldn't enjoy making the content then don't put yourself through the hassle. It's not like we're paying you.
  15. Nice work so far, appears to be coming together well. Just a small bug report and some suggestions from what I've tried so far. I've highlighted the main issues in my opinion. UH-1: - Shadow texture/lod on fuselage with the doors closed models - Very slow on the roll rate. Pitch and roll are all good, although you seem to get into a blackfoot like situation where you turn too quickly and it stalls, unable to pull up in a reasonable vertical space. - Tail rotor texture in motion seems a bit odd, I'm guessing there's no blur texture? - Landing skids 'Stick' when attempting to do a moving landing. - M240 armed model Left gunner has incorrect aim point. - MG3 armed Italian model has incorrect point and fire appears to come from the engines. CH-146: - Airspeed increases in a sharp turn. At low altitudes this causes a crash where normally you could do a side flare while at higher altitudes it'll just pull a 180 at double the speed. - Base FLIR model has limited zoom. - All flir models have range finding scope but lack a range finder/Laser - No door actions internally - Doors close when crew embark/disembark. - On a few models the main doors a labeled 'Co-pilot door' instead of Rear door. - Some Auxillary doors are only able to be opened from the outside and closed from the inside. - CH-146 SAR has Passenger #3 sitting in a pile of gear. Game-play tweaks: - DAGR armed helo should probably have a laser designator for full function of the missiles. - BGM-71 TOW missile model has a reload time between missiles. - BGM-71 TOW's appear to be lock guided, IRL they're wire guided and require a operator to aim them to the target, even from a helicopter. Although wireless models exist, they've never been used. - Consider merging Co-pilot and FLIR operator role into one to reduce crew and make it easier to manage and more effective as a co-pilot. - Consider Adding FFV seats for crew, especially side gunners on unarmed models. Otherwise very nicely done.