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  1. I think he wants to tweak the sensory so that the mine doesn't go off all the time (distance + movement sensitivity???) or vice versa, I think anyway... Sorry if I have misunderstood. (:
  2. Bump! Here's a example mission if anyone needs it: https://ufile.io/mfaxy Start the mission and put this in debug: [] execVM "test.sqf";
  3. Back to square one... I am trying to use this command again but with Altis but having the same issue, weird map zoom bug... Any ideas? Last solution no longer works either. _mapCtrl ctrlMapAnimAdd [1, 0.10, (getPosWorld spawnLogic)]; ctrlMapAnimCommit _mapCtrl; waitUntil {(ctrlMapAnimDone _mapCtrl)}; _mapCtrl ctrlMapAnimAdd [1, 0.10, (getMarkerPos _spawn)]; ctrlMapAnimCommit _mapCtrl; waitUntil {(ctrlMapAnimDone _mapCtrl)}; The variable _spawn is a marker. None of these work! It moves the map but the zoom is really weird and messed up, massive offest.
  4. Bump. I've seen this work in a Takistan mission, even with the code pretty much the same I still get this issue. The only thing different is, I use the ctrlCreate command to create the map control. I remember I have done this before but on Altis, using ctrlCreate, I looked at that code I did but doesn't work. I am starting to think it's an issue because of the size of the control? I am using safeZone in both codes but the size is only thing different. Does anyone know a fix or work around for this? EDIT: SOLVED! I just resolved the issue. I decided to look at the code in working mission and I guess I overlooked a command. I fixed this by using getPosWorld rather than getPos, position or getMarkerPos. It sucks a little as I'd rather use a marker but this will do. Working mission was Domination by Xeno, so thanks to him! :)
  5. Hi all, I am looking for a command or a way to colour fill the inside of polygon created with the drawPolygon command. :) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/drawPolygon
  6. When I use this, there seems to be a huge offset resulting in the map not even showing the player. I am using a custom map control created with ctrlCreate. When I set the zoom to 0, it works fine but it's zoomed all the way in. Do I need to use ctrlMapScale some how? _map ctrlMapAnimAdd [0, 0.4, getPosATL player]; ctrlMapAnimCommit _map;
  7. Hi, I am using to ctrlCreate to create a controls group (RscControlsGroup) but I'm having an issue when I position a control inside it all the way to the right side. It adds a scrollbar and positions the control all the way right but past the whole width... Any ideas? 0 (all the way left) seems to be fine and working but when I set a control position to 1 it does the above issue. Here is how I create the RscControlsGroup: _display = findDisplay 13579; _purchaseContainer = _display ctrlCreate ["RscControlsGroup", 700]; _purchaseContainer ctrlSetPosition [ (0.075 * safezoneW + safezoneX), (0.24 * safezoneH + safezoneY), (0.275 * safezoneW), (0.6 * safezoneH) ]; _purchaseContainer ctrlCommit 0;
  8. Why even post if you have nothing to contribute...?
  9. Is there a way to show the arrrows left and right on the ListNBox via command? I checked the Wiki but couldn't find anything. Note: I am using ctrlCreate with RscListNBox.
  10. Thank you again, Larrow! Another question... When I first open the Inventory menu, If I look closely then I notice it moves and adds the additional elements (that I made). It's not a big issue as it happens really fast but if it can be prevented then I would like to do that. When I use .hpp files I can set the default x/y/w/h values to off-screen and then set the correct ones with ctrlSetPosition which also allows me to do transitions for them but as this is all done with ctrlCreate and the .hpp is in the game files, I'm not sure how.
  11. Hi again, I added this bit of code to move everything over to the left but I would like to make it perfectly center if possible. _inventoryDisplay = findDisplay 602; { _position = ctrlPosition _x; _position set [0, ((ctrlPosition _x select 0) - 0.25)]; _x ctrlSetPosition _position; _x ctrlCommit 0; } forEach (allControls _inventoryDisplay); What should 0.25 be? I know the whole width of screen so do I just / 2 or is there more to it? I guess not since it's moving from current position.
  12. That makes sense! Thank you, Larrow... You are a GOD.
  13. Yeah, I want to create one on the other side of the screen. The same distance from the center Inventory container if possible.