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  1. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    I tried with the showAsCargo value as well but it doesnt fix it on regular turrets, i suspect it has to be combined with class cargoturret and ispersonturret = 1 to work.
  2. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    I just remembered something similar was fixed in dev branch a few days ago: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/?do=findComment&comment=3242207
  3. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    Im having an issue on a few helos that have dynamic loadouts and more than one turret. If i pop one down without making any loadout changes the weapons are assigned correctly to the copilot, however if i go in the unit's pylon options and make any change, the pylon mounted weapons control switches automatically to the last turret defined in config, despite me choosing another specific turret. Let's say that i have a UH60 with a copilot, a left gunner and a right gunner (defined in this specific order in config). The copilot by default controls whatever i put on the pylons, but after i make a change the control ends up to the right gunner even though i set it to be controlled by the copilot in the menu. Is this a known issue or am i doing something wrong? If so, how would i go about fixing it?
  4. most likely a corrupt download or some other mod messing with your game
  5. That's usually handled by PWS themselves, i'll drop them a PM. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. 3CB BAF Vehicles

    Is any model or config change required for flags to work like that? I remember something was mentioned when LOW released but didnt look into it.
  7. While checking this out i found out the Czech variant was using the wrong textures (the ramp had the clamshell textures), opsie! Anyway i did a few tweaks to make it darker, will keep both as virtual garage paint options.
  8. Wrong thread, also no, i dont think any such change has been considered. Lighting is a pain to work with and there's very little documentation available to the community, so even if such changes were planned the implementation would not be straightforward.
  9. I noticed just now there's a darker variant for the Czech Mi-24 already (through the virtual garage paint editor), but the Mi-171 only has the lighter one.
  10. Thats a problem with the airplane simulation, we had to choose between floating at game start or not working on the LHD at all. A workaround gimmick i use is to put this setvelocity [0,1,0]; in the init of CUP airplanes so at game start they reset correctly on the ground.
  11. can confirm, all weapons are done
  12. There are new uparmored variants, if that's what you're referring to.
  13. Not sure about the first question (besides the Mi-35 is just the export variant of the Mi-24D, i dont even think they use different 3d models, unless you're referring to the Superhind), regarding the rocketpods that's legacy stuff from when CCIP was not bound to HUDs and MFDs. We're planning to rework the huds to use the new features such as CCIP, radar reveal and other stuff that came out with the jets DLC.
  14. If it happens from two different sources and you're sure it's not corrupted then i wouldn't know, does it throw any error like memory could not be read or anything similar in RPT maybe?