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  1. Bugs go here:
  2. No you can put them in whichever folder you want, doesn't make a difference to the game.
  3. Good job, following.
  4. PSA: We have a new private DEVELOPMENT version of CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles (and possibly of the ACE compats as well soon) on the steam workshop for testing purposes. You need to be friends with the CUP Team steam account to see it. The build is updated every few days. It's implied that, being a DEV version, stuff is subject to changes and from time to time things might be broken, you've been warned. Also, if you use it we'd like your cooperation, if you see broken stuff put tickets on the feedback tracker ( If you want to get access let us know. Also since the CUP Team account usually gets spammed with friend requests, please send us your username or let us know who you are, otherwise your friend request ends in the bin! Regards!
  5. And I would like 20 billion euros in my bank account, maybe we can find an agreement. :P
  6. If you dont know how to do it wait for the next patch, it's bound in the next 3 weeks or so.
  7. Good job. Is there any tip or tool you'd recommend to make editing/working on HUDs easier? I always found it an immense asspain.
  8. Tickets go in the feedback tracker, if they're not in the feedback tracker they dont exist: It has been already fixed in our internal version, anyway you have to set recompile = 0 on all the cup_watervehicles_core and cup_watervehicles_lhd functions.
  9. It was reported to us yesterday, will look into.
  10. Rooftop Tanoans defending their business from looters (if you squint real hard you'll see the LAW has writings on the side):
  11. Some areas were set up incorrectly, most notably things like the turret ring on the Humvee SOV and the canvas parts on the Humvee Transport had very weird effects when not in full light (notice how dark they were compared to everything else on the vehicle). It always bothered me but never had time to look into it. =)
  12. Some aesthetic improvements to the Humvees:
  13. Corrupt download, use the repair function from the arma 3 launcher, that should fix any corrupt or missing files. Steam WS has a habit of doing that sometimes.
  14. They fought the LAW and the LAW won.
  15. It needs someone to take possibly hours out of his spare time and do this instead of something else.