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  1. That's the Mi-6 alright. I'll take a look, thanks.
  2. Regular hind or superhind?
  3. What's the problem exactly? Have you checked the RPT?
  4. Thank you for checking, after some poking around textures look that dark by design, they were changed sometime in march (although they're probably too dark now).
  5. The colors seem to differ for me as well, gonna ask around.
  6. weird, the texture shouldnt look like that
  7. that doesnt look like our abrams, you sure you didnt use something from another mod?
  8. Whats wrong with the current range of motion?
  9. That was a bit of an overstatement while working on the update (my bad!), anyway no, only the A10 has working dynamic loadouts as of now, plus all nato helos.
  10. It was used with the old IED modules from A2, not sure it does anything in A3 as of now.
  11. @nesias explained a couple posts back that it is currently broken in stable branch (btw thanks a lot for testing it out!)
  12. There is no NLOS or LOAL missiles in Arma, thats just tech limitations. You need line of sight, other than that they lock like usual, tried using R instead of T? You can also guide them manually anyway, i dont remember exactly which version is which but one can be guided manually like a SACLOS missile, and the other can lock on self designated laser targets.
  13. 1- make a ticket in our feedback tracker 2- slowly happening already, AAV7 and LAV25 have that already, BMP2 and BTR have ride on top seats already so they wont get openable hatches.
  14. Oh no, please PLEASE DONT GO! I need your validation! I'll get down to releasing the patch right away! Lmao...