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  1. The classname is indeed "CUP_lmg_M60E4", idk what could cause this one in particular not to work. Do you even get any error in the rpt?
  2. Aaah yes, that must be our hardcoded "no exile" extension... Jk, there's no reason why it wouldn't work, you're doing something wrong if its not showing up.
  3. Money is required when you need to hire professionals to do the job that is usually done by dedicated community members for free (which is what happens in 99% of modding projects in arma). For you. Because it works for everybody else not just in arma but in a plethora of other games, and the rare unicorns with paid mods are games that require legitimate professional and engineering skills that you can't just learn by reading a wiki page in 15 minutes (not to mention technical data gathering, which usually translates in very expensive books and the likes), case in point DCS and FS (and im sure there's more, all of which most likely have in common one thing, that is extremely detailed simulation).
  4. Make a ticket here, i'll look into it:
  5. Uhm no? Pretty sure you should be able to lock with a visual cue on HUD. You can also turn on the laser designator, open the targeting pod (left ctrl+rmb) and self designate on targets that arent usually lockable with the Vikhr ATGM. Beware though that there are two versions, one with ATGM missiles and one with AA missiles (Igla). If you're not getting any visual cues with the Igla then maybe something changed somewhere else, it used to work right before.
  6. Not the first time someone does that, didnt stop them from asking before. =) Also people whined so much about it it became a running joke for us.
  7. It's been a while since someone asked, had to take that off my chest.
  8. In principle yes, in practice no. So no.
  10. are you on a linux server? i remember reading there was a limit as to how many pbos at a time you could load, if you have tons of mods loaded other than cup it might cause troubles.
  11. that's weird. Perhaps they got corrupted during transfer. The same files on your pc work correctly, right?
  12. Are you sure you loaded the mods correctly, and that it's actually complete/uncorrupted? Because that stuff was certainly not removed by us.
  13. I guess, image posting rules have changed since the new forums came, it used to be automated until like a couple weeks ago. Ah well...