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  1. Oh no, please PLEASE DONT GO! I need your validation! I'll get down to releasing the patch right away! Lmao...
  2. Coming in here saying stuff "is useless" makes you look like a whiny crybaby. For the record the sensor tech has been added weeks ago to CUP DEV, and the reason we had to delay the stable patch was because of technical problems, but after seeing all this shitposting i'm definitely NOT in a hurry to put it out.
  3. We were going to but since you ask so nicely maybe we wont.
  4. Those look like bugs with materials assignment indeed, i think i saw it before but last time i played with those uniforms they were ok. Make a ticket in our feedback tracker and we'll take a look, same for the NVG mount on the helmet.
  5. You asked me what i roleplay as, which i don't. I'm starting to get the impression that we have different opinions on what roleplaying is. To answer the second question, i don't have an assigned role where i play, provided the scenario allows it i can pilot a plane, crew a tank, etc. The criticism i have maybe was a bit unfair though, it was more about all the kind of players who take themselves too seriously, specops dudes just happen to be the loudest part i guess. I'd probably have a few more things to say but it's late so i'll leave it at that.
  6. Um no, i really dont pretend i am anyone but a guy playing a (good) videogame. There's a difference between "i'm playing super mario" and "i am super mario", same way in arma you can drive a tank or fly a plane without being a tanker or a pilot.
  7. I don't roleplay.
  8. The only thing that bothers me these days is the extreme realism babbies who only seem to worry about looking cool in 3rd person playpretending to be Navy Seals or some other TIER ONE OMG OMG unit. Then again this game is a sandbox so whatever floats your boat i guess.
  9. I dont mean to rain on your parade but the sensor overhaul for cup planes and helos has been added a couple weeks back in our dev branch, and a related patch for stable might be coming soon. Also if you're willing to help out you might consider joining the team, we're always looking for contributors. edit: ops, thought this was the CUP thread, apologies for the intrusion.
  10. Make a ticket, we'll take a look.
  11. CUP UH-1Y Venom also has that problem, not sure if there's more.
  12. Should we expect these changes to be reverted to what they used to be originally anytime soon, or should we include fixes in our mods?
  13. You should be thankful the mod is modular at all and not just a single @CUP download with everything else in it too. Also most other community maps run on CUPTP too so if you play this game consistently odds are you already have that rather than JBAD.
  14. Last i checked our missiles are SACLOS too.
  15. Make a ticket here, we'll look into it: