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  1. I don't see why they wouldn't be compatible, as far as i know they used the same arma 2 models we use for their vests and headgear.
  2. It's been known for a while, just never really thought about fixing it. Make a ticket on the feedback tracker so we don't forget at least.
  3. The gunpods require some model changes too, they can't be added dynamically like vanilla ones yet. Jet DLC tech will be added in due time.
  4. Weapons is standalone. Units needs Weapons. Vehicles needs Units and Weapons.
  5. I feel the weights are in a good spot right now, without devolving into the autistic madness of trying to balance everything perfectly in a game that clearly is not capable of handling it because of how inventory space works. I see the weight of the actual rocket "magazine" is a bit inconsistent between the AT4 and M72/RPG18 but aside from that i dont think there's anything grossly mistaken, or unbalanced. With ACE you can fit 4-5 launchers in your backpack already, and still have room for spare ammo and an extra launcher on your back, also now that the HEAT splash damage has been revamped they do work as rocket propeled grenades of sort (so does the AT4). Seems like a good deal to me.
  6. You already asked this question 3 times already, if you use a custom way to spawn it we really can't help you, besides im pretty sure someone replied to you already weeks ago.
  7. wink wink
  8. Get a gym membership and become huge. You'll be so busy thinking about your gains women will just be a blurry and distant memory.
  9. Yes it should be constant.
  10. No, now that you mention it we should probably add that since the other helos have it iirc. Could you make a ticket for that on our feedback tracker please?
  11. Should work on both. The Jet DLC changes will probably start to trickle down in the upcoming weeks as soon as we take a closer look. Aerial refueling is being considered. Try with: [this,1] execvm "\CUP\AirVehicles\CUP_AirVehicles_MH60S\Data\Scripts\MH60S_fold.sqf";
  12. For anyone currently testing our DEV version, we have stopped updates for this week, you can consider it a release candidate of our next patch. If you find anything that deserves attention make sure to log it to our feedback tracker ( before this weekend so we'll see what we can do. Also expect some more details about it once this next patch is out.
  13. This mod is discontinued, either use CUP or make do with this (your loss! :P ).
  14. Sad to see you go, take care bud!
  15. Yes. No, we're waiting for the vanilla loadout editor to make its way to stable, no point in working on a custom one now that we're like 45 days away from proper vanilla integration.