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  1. Heh i know... arma likes to poop on our dreams. =) Good luck with it though, curious to see the end result!
  2. You had a landing ship in the works some time ago when you opened the WIP thread about these ships many months ago. Are you still working on it?
  3. Good job, glad to finally see this released. :) Is the LST still in the works?
  4. Nope, that's for the sea sparrows and all the animations are there, howevere there's a silly restriction with how many people in a vehicle can use tablock (only one), so we had to put all tablock weapons to a single gunner (reason why the main gunner gets all the fancy weapons).
  5. Bombs are not recommended (unless you get a direct hit), big missiles do more damage (still you could probably injure/kill the crew, despite the ship not sinking). Otherwise in ship vs ship some 10 direct hits with the Mk45 should sink it, on testing i could manage to get kills from max radar range (10km). Yeah roadway is halfway enabled but i think at the very edge collisions dont work right. I'll see what can be done.
  6. The config is fine-ish, it's just really counter-intuitive because... arma. 1. to shoot in direct fire you need to change the firemode until you see the selector switch full (the bar will move from 1 tick to 3 ticks and then to 5 ticks, use the last one) 2. when you're in optics mode you need to zoom in ( + ) till you get a black screen with a fake overlay, otherwise arty computer won't work. keep in mind that if you're moving the game wont compensate for ship movement, you need to click on the map again before shooting 3. thats the magical arty computer overlay 4. unavoidable compromise 5. was working fine last time i tried, were you locked onto some target or just shooting and aiming manually? 6. unavoidable compromise 7. it's not, 3 Kh-23 missiles or 2 Harpoons should kill it 8. unavoidable compromise + arma doesn't handle soldiers walking on moving objects very well, odds are collisions with the ship will kill you or drop you into the water
  7. What kind of updates does it need?
  8. I think someone already replied to you a few pages back.
  9. Please make a ticket in our feedback tracker. edit: added linkerino
  10. Arma 3 physx doesn't handle two-wheel vehicles very well, but i meant to give it another try. Last time i tinkered with the M1030 i had good results, then my HDD decided it was time to give up on life and took my updated files with it before i could push them to our repo. Gonna take another look soon-ish.
  11. That's because of some technical reasons and other pending changes that were queued behind them, so we (i) committed that stuff to make our (my) life easier. If you kids behave i'll let you take a look at it soon.
  12. Default hotkey should be left ctrl + right mouse button, anyway it's the same combo you use to access the slingload camera (or the targeting computer on vanilla planes as well), you can find it in the hotkey options as "Multifunction display" if i remember correctly.
  13. In a hidden location for now. That was just the weapons compatibility files.
  14. Yep, all land vehicles go at that speed in water, more of a gameplay decision than anything. This way amphib assaults can be a thing without taking hours to reach the shores.