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  1. Yea thanks Sargken, I was curious of this also as some of the buildings seem to be duplicated. Im assuming different classnames so you would need both packs if your using CUP terrains. Shrike
  2. You have an amazing list of weapons available, any thoughts on adding the SPICE weapons system for the F-16 ? Thanks Shrike
  3. Glad to hear even with USS Freedom, Your team is full force and committed to keeping the updates coming and that this is a mod that still will be receiving attention. I know it has been well liked and used with our group. Thanks again for all your work and contribution to the community. Shrike
  4. Looking forward to the new Carrier in the upcoming DLC working with your releases. Going to have the best looking Naval Helicopter operating off of the USS Freedom ! Again thanks for all your contributions to the mod community. Some fan artwork to pay Homage. Shrike
  5. Greetings, I love the BAM! however seems like the interior lights are still extremely bright. Any plans to Reduce the Class Reflectors ambient or intensity ? Pretty unplayable on the inside of the BAM at night due to white out.. Not seen this addressed Thanks Shrike
  6. At the end of the day, I always look for stability. Maybe my math is wrong, is your map 115km ? 5 min and 29 seconds is a long time at 1281kph. Even a larger 20km map at that speed you can cross just under 57 seconds. Crossing map width boundary times becomes arcade-ish to me. Understand still a game, however for Jets DLC and BVR combat and giving yourself time for engagement new sensor usage 100km maps are not out of the realm of extreme.
  7. Trying to clean up a script running when in a air vehicle using the gunner optics or pilot FLIR optics that on Keypress it will create a mapmarker for wherever I am zeroed on and looking though the targeting pod. I also want the markers to stay until they are deleted from the map. So multiple instances of created markers will be possible. For marking enemy positions etc. for troops for ground or other forces. Limited scripting knowledge. I know i need to retrive a value from screentoworld, then create a map marker on that value. Im assuming i dont need to create the laser marker. any assistance is appreciated. Guessing just work on the value from _wPos and create off of that ? //Place in player init: _this = execVM "target.sqf"; // if ((vehicle player isKindof "FIR_UH80R") or (vehicle player isKindof "111_Ghosthawk_Black") or (vehicle player isKindof "111_Ghosthawk_Sand")) then { //while(true) do { wPos = screenToWorld [0.5,0.5]; hint format["%1",wPos]; }; }; [] spawn { while {IP_LaseTargets} do { waitUntil {(!isNull (laserTarget IP_Main)) && {isNull ((laserTarget IP_Main) getVariable ["IP_LaserTarget", ObjNull])}}; _target = laserTarget IP_Main; _pos = getPosATL _target; _laserTarget = "LaserTargetW" createVehicle _pos; _laserTarget attachTo [_target, [0, 0, 3]]; _target setVariable ["IP_LaserTarget", _laserTarget]; _marker = createMarker[(str(_target)), _pos]; _marker setMarkerShape "ICON"; _marker setMarkerType "mil_destroy"; _marker setMarkerColor "colorRed"; _marker setMarkerText "Laser Target"; // Killed EH workaround. _target spawn { waitUntil {(!alive _this) OR ((damage _this) > 09)}; _laserTarget = _this getVariable ["IP_LaserTarget", ObjNull]; if (!isNull _laserTarget) then { deleteVehicle _laserTarget; _marker = str(_this); deleteMarker _marker; }; }; ["TargetLased"] call bis_fnc_showNotification; waitUntil {isNull (laserTarget IP_Main)}; }; };
  8. Is this dead ? no progress ? just curious about Waypoints or Mapclick points displaying direction information on HUD (class mfd) Shrike
  9. An Operator Slot has opened in our group and now currently accepting applications. i
  10. Very Nice. Harrier Has always been a personal Favorite of mine. Using new Apex Vtol Model Excellent ! If you need any information on the cockpit, layout or models I have all the flight and aircraft manuals. Looking forward to release as always
  11. Yea I have tried several things in the past besides augmenting the PBO itself. Would love to see a solution to this Sorry no help Shrike
  12. Looks awesome Firewill, Any chance to include the pods onto the base UH-80R ? Thanks Shrike
  13. assistance

    Looks interesting, Will be following your Thread, thanks Shrike
  14. Your starting to build quite and extensive arsenal in your AWS ! Excited to see the GPU-5/a in there for your F-15 and your F-16, definitely going to add some unique features. Also glad the new Dev updates are allowing you to cut down on the amount of scripting proxies in your load outs. Thanks for the updates. Shrike