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  1. An Operator Slot has opened in our group and now currently accepting applications. i
  2. Very Nice. Harrier Has always been a personal Favorite of mine. Using new Apex Vtol Model Excellent ! If you need any information on the cockpit, layout or models I have all the flight and aircraft manuals. Looking forward to release as always
  3. Yea I have tried several things in the past besides augmenting the PBO itself. Would love to see a solution to this Sorry no help Shrike
  4. Looks awesome Firewill, Any chance to include the pods onto the base UH-80R ? Thanks Shrike
  5. assistance

    Looks interesting, Will be following your Thread, thanks Shrike
  6. Your starting to build quite and extensive arsenal in your AWS ! Excited to see the GPU-5/a in there for your F-15 and your F-16, definitely going to add some unique features. Also glad the new Dev updates are allowing you to cut down on the amount of scripting proxies in your load outs. Thanks for the updates. Shrike
  7. That looks Great, Glad the Startup animations and sequence was added !
  8. Again Firewill a huge thanks for all your hard work on updating the UH-80R. Our group loves it ! Hopefully the community will appreciate it as much as we do ! Shrike
  9. hey Airwolf were you ever able to find how to do this ? I trying to augment Tail Rotor stress also in standard FM, was curious if changing the xml in the afm augments the standard flight model also or only if AFM is turned on
  10. Excellent thanks for the update !
  11. Hellfire's Seem to work Firewill, I do see what you were referring to about the Ghost cannon, FFAR and Miniguns(invisible) and having the Ghost on the other side firing when only one weapon per pylon is loaded. Possibly an issue with the parent class BI helo defining the weapons as symmetrical classes ? not really sure. ARMA game limitation on using the GUI interface you have? Thanks again for the Custom Texture Map for the Accessory KIT ! Great work as always, I love this project and where its going !!! Shrike
  12. Firewill as always thanks for your Hard work and great update! Original Idea, and a Humble thanks from the Mod Community ! Shrike
  13. i understand this would have to be called on a script, anyone know the correct call and how the array would get set up ? Google is less than helpful on this