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  1. just start...

    First and foremost, you will die, A LOT, its like Dark Souls with rifles and tanks, just that OFP/ArmA was there before Dark Souls. Forget running and gunning playstiles of games like CoD and BF. Staying crouched and/or in cover increases your chances of survival. If you get under fire and survive the first shots, hit the ground and back down or sprint to the next cover. Some missions where you are a simple grunt among many others like you can be won without firing a single shot and even without seeing the enemy at all. On maps with a lot of foliage, firing in the general direction of where the enemy could be is a viable tactic, unless you are low on ammo. Its perfectly normal to finish a mission killing only 2-5 enemies, if any at all. Listen to what the AI bots say, they can spot the enemy quite well. When you are the commander, order your squadmates to hold fire, wait until they aquire their targets or assign them yourself, then order them to open fire. You can split your group in two teams and let one advance while the other gives cover. You can order your AI teammates to go to specific corners around buildings, that can make urban combat much easier. Thats the most basic stuff, there is really REALLY tons of information on how to get better at this game, I suggest to read some tutorials or watch some youtube videos. Reading up on some actual infantry tactics, especially on combat in urban terrain is not a bad idea as well. Play around in the editor, place some friendly and enemy units and just run it, that way you can try different tactics and scenarios quickly wihout playing through long and complex missions.
  2. Arma 4 a look to the future

    Adding to the water stuff, we need more rivers, bridges and some bridge laying vehicles. My biggest wish is for some bigger maps, more suitable for planes and long range tank engagements. Russian steppes, American plains, northern Germany sound quite suitable for that, allowing for some winter maps as well. Add a large scale USA/Russia conflict with campaigns for both sides and no clear good/bad side. Maybe as a dynamic Campaign Add more emphasis on the supply chain of the armies, perhaps some missions where you need to break through enemy lines and wreak havok destroying the food/fuel/munitions supply. Chemical weapons would play a large role in such a conflict, often just as an area denial mechanism. And some tactical nukes as well while were at it. Ill stop here, otherwise I will end up wishing for a fully operational deathstar.
  3. Really tried to answer it honestly, but after the third question about how many hours and minutes Ive played (I think it was the one over the period of 6 months) I gave up. Others may have more endurance than me but you really might want to rethink your questions if you want to get as much answers and reliable data as possible.
  4. Steel Division: Normandy 44

    So the latest update has brought two maps and two division to the game. So Ive played a 1v1 conquest round on Mt Ormel as 21 Panzer Division.against an AI armored divison. The map itself is great, first of all it brings elevation to the game. You have great overwatch positions on the slopes of the mountain covering the valley. Furthermore the road across the mountain is surrounded by woods, so plenty of opportunities for infantry ambushes. The valley and the top of the mountain has some open terrain for tank engagements, lost lots of PzIV tanks to 3 m5 at guns trying to advance without smoke cover on top of the mountain :( Was more successful in the valley once Kingtigers have arrived, they are godawfully slow, especially cross country but once in position, i was able to defeat anything the enemy threw at me. Just dont forget to cover flanks, lost one Kingtiger to a sherman which surprised me from a flank.
  5. Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

    Looks very promising. I hope they will include more missions like at the beginning of SWAT3 where there are only one or a couple lightly armed suspects. SWAT 4 had only the one such mission with the serial murderer (the best mission IMO). Daytime scenarios are welcome too, missed them in SWAT 4. Also any chances for ballistic shields? BTW, it would be great if this will actually be released some day...
  6. Steel Division: Normandy 44

    The AI is still cheating, yesterday an enemy artillery piece was hammering my soft units behind the frontline. No way they could be seen by a scout. As for Points, it seems the AI gets bonus points on difficulties above medium. Still I havent seen non stop braindead rushes along the main road like in Wargame RD so far, although I havent played much yet. Then again I havent seen any attemts to encircle made by AI although there were some opportunities. Graviteam Tactics looks great and I have played Achtung Panzer but I kinda lack the time those game need atm.
  7. Steel Division: Normandy 44

    Couldnt wait any longer so I purchased it yesterday and played a couple of rounds vs AI. So far Im not disappointed. The scale is a bit smaller than RUSE and Wargame but it still feels quite big. The Divisions system is great, you can no longer create an all rounder deck which forces you to try every unit and experiment more. Also it seems they went away from hitpoints and the damage system is now more realistic. The dynamic frontline system is also a great idea. Now Im even more thrilled to see what kind of expansions and DLCs will follow, knowing its coming from Eugen and Paradox there will be tons of them. Ardennes or Hürtgenwald scenarios would be great as DLCs with some winter skins. Also hoping for some Eastern Front expansion featuring Bagration, Kursk or Stalingrad (yay for winter and lots of cqb) but I'll be happy with any kind of scenario.
  8. Has the US Campaign got any voice overs? Been waiting for this for a while fooling around in editor and skirmish. Im also thinking about upgrading to deluxe edition, which will have a German and a Russian campaign in future (as well as access to these factions in mp). Anyway CtA seems to be a good successor to Men Of War games, which have become my favorite RTT games totally outclassing Company of Heroes back in the day.
  9. Steel Division: Normandy 44

    So Normandy again eh? If they want Americans as a selling point so bad then why dont they go for the Battle of the Bulge or Invasion of Italy? Still pretty sure we will see those as DLCs. As for me, I would prefer an eastern front setting with different seasons, different time periods with corresponding units and day/night/weather effects. E.g. Barbarossa Campaign having all the early Panzers in their Panzergrau versus T26s with some rare T34s and KVs here and there. Same goes for infantry, aircraft, arty and so on. Then we would have a Kursk or Bagration Campaign with yellow PzIVs, Panthers and Tigers vs late soviet stuff. Could also include a Black Sea campaign with some naval stuff. The more I think about it, WW2 naval stuff would work much better in a Wargame like game than modern stuff did in Rad Dragon. Oh and Id like to unleash some Katyushas on german positions before rushing in with infantry.
  10. TitanIM

    Thats where ArmA comes to shine, though quite often I wish a Full Spectrum Warrior like MOUT system.
  11. A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Continuing the discussion started in the TitanIM topic about large maps in ArmA. Many people argue against larger maps, pointing out that ArmA is about 50v50 MP or small scale base assaults... well for them it maybe is. But others might wish to implement large scale mechanized combat and most ArmA maps are not well suited for this. There are rare places where you can spot an enemy tank at 3-5 KM range and engage it. Either the elevation, foliage or buildings will prohibit it. The concentrations of Objects is a bit too high on most ArmA maps, which undoubtfully makes them look great and detailed but lowers performance and prohibts some gameplay mechanics. Moreover it would be great to have a map suitable for aerial operations, where you need lets say 2-3 minutes after take off to reach your target, not just one minute to cross the entire map. So how about a northern german plains based map with villages, towns, cities and lots of open terrains. There we would have place for large scale mechanized combat including believable air and artillery support as well as smaller scale infantry/combined ops while promising a realistic scenario (and a wet dream of many cold war wargamers). And please in both summer and winter versions.
  12. Personally I'd like to see some USA based maps, one based in New England (summer and winter) and a map like in GTA San Andreas.
  13. Take-On Aeroplane's: A Thought

    I also wish they would contentrate on improving AFV combat first, but if they plan to do it at some point anyway I'd be perfectly happy. If they make the air combat more realistic it would be great too, but for that we would also need bigger maps, more air defense systems, a rework of how the radar works and so on. ArmA does need some bigger and more open terrain anyway, be it for planes or AFV combat.
  14. I think ArmA is pretty much the closest to what you want, despite the shortcomings you have mentioned. I just dont know any other game with such a broad spectre of contents (also provided by mods). The other option would be DCS World + Combined Arms DLC which turns your combat flight sim into an ArmA High Command like wargame. It has ground, air and naval assets (including carriers if Im not mistaken). The Editor is quite good, similar to the one in ArmA. However modability isn't there. Other thing is that its rather vehicle based, infantry is mostly non existant. But you can set up much bigger battles than in ArmA, and its far more realistic regarding the air combat aspect. And it requires a lot of time and dedication to get into (as most wargames do). Then there is War Thunder, it has pretty much anything except infantry and you can play it in both arcade and realistic mode. As mentioned above, Project Reality is a good alternative for some quick fun. You might try the Men of War Assault Squad 2 or Call to Arms. They are easy to get into and have a lot of mods, many of which go for realism. However both naval and aerial aspects are not really represented. Then there are some real wargames and simulators, but most of them are quite specialized. Ground based: Combat Mission series for some very realistic ground battles (both WW2 and Modern). Achtung Panzer/Graviteam Tactics - same as above (WW2, some cold war scenarios). Flashpoint Campaigns - Red Storm - 80's cold war gone hot tactical hex based wargame, I'm not a big fan of hex wargames, but this one is great. Steel Beasts Pro PE - AFV sim in modern setting. Quite costly. Steel Fury - Tank/AFV sim in WW2 set on the eastern front, has lots of mods. Steel Armor - Cold War tank sim (M60, T62) T72 Balkans on Fire - T72, T55, T34 sim. Naval/Air based: Command Modern Air Naval Operations - as the title says, air and naval operations, like the Harpoon series, has submarines, carries and pretty much anything. Ground is rather poorly represented though. Jane's Fleet Command - a more simple naval title and quite old, but still fun. Has 3D graphics. Naval War Arctic Circle - pretty much same as Fleet Command. Dangerous Waters - the most actual simulator for modern submarines, has some great mods adding tons of stuff. Silent Hunter series - WW2 submarine simulator. Watch Das Boot first, then play it and have a lot of fun. Lock On/DCS series - modern air combat sim. Wings Over Europe(Vietnam, Israel)/Strike Fighters 2 - a more arcadey air combat sim, but still a sim with a huge amount of mode. Il2 Shturmovik series - WW2 flight sim. As for nukes --> DEFCON :D
  15. Alien Invasion Series?

    Maybe BI and GW could contact each other and we would get a proper Warhammer 40k - ArmA Crossover. It has futuristic stuff mixed with what looks like WWI/WWII tech and tactics and some fantasy elements. A huge number of various factions, including [evil] [genetically engineered] humans, daemons, [evil] space elves, space orks, ancient robots, spacefaring bugs eating everything that gets in their way, japanese communists in space. The main protagonist is a huge human Imperium which has been stagnating for the last 10000 years. The main antagonist would be the forces of Chaos, which consist of traitor humans and daemons. There are already some great W40k mods since OFP, which proves that the setting is quite doable with ArmA gameplay. However mods are still limited by the base game. BI could make additions to their engine to allow working space combat for example or planet invasions. And W40k setting would actually require working melee combat, since it is a very important aspect of the universe (giant power armored space marine crushing an ork head with a power hammer while chanting "FOR THE EMPRAH!!!"). A "Horus Heresy" setting which happens 10000 years prior to W40k would be also quite interesting IMO. One can dream right?