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  1. The chance there is, but no idea, when it would be possible. Our patience has to be unwavering... Leaders commands groups per their side, but all defined (RydHQ_CivF) civilian factions are ignored. To make them passing through info about enemies, indeed throwing civilian groups into ExcludedG array, or units into Excluded array, may do the trick IIRC, but it's not tested.
  2. Yeah, some maps simply aren't that good for Pilgrimage because of such things. Of course the less vehicles, the more difficult to extract the body. As for exact mechanism in context of piling up wrecks, it was already explained in details twice in this thread, last time like few pages ago, frankly I have nothing to add here. In general, empty vehicles should be scattered across the whole map from the very beginning. Technically should be possible to prevent spawn, if default position is chosen (frankly, I thought, such safeswitch is on place already, maybe doesn't work), but if you're saying, it happens even for few vehicles, there's a big risk, there may be no empty vehicles at all. Alternatively, code may just scatter vehicles randomly, ignoring, if position is safe or whatever. This way you'll encounter many wrecks and there's still no warranty, so at least one will be safely spawned though. Pilgrimage simply assumes lots of free space to spawn its stuff. Perhaps inventing some alternative way of body extraction would be in order, but that means some serious creative scripitng. Or consider different map. If not, at least you may try to mess with safe position parameters to make search more tolerant, but anyway free space is unavoidably required. To help in more substancial way, I would need to run your port through regular debugging and just try to alter the scripts myself, incuding testing, figure out something different to make whole thing working on the maps like this, but that is more, that I can afford now, sorry. These two blufors - the only other BLUFOR, I remember, are rare AC allied groups (not the case) and two recruitable POWs at strongholds, former Phil's companions. Maybe that's the case, that would be my guess.
  3. Exactly, blacklist only limits palette of types, not amount of spawned vehicles. This you can do here: _softVAm = 30 + (floor (random 20)); _armVAm = ((3 + (floor (random 2)) - RYD_JR_Difficulty) max 0) min 3; Em, nope. Spawned empty vehicles have nothing in common with spawned groups, on foot nor motorized. This blacklist is applied only in the code for spawning empty vehicles, doesn't remove anything from the game assets avaliable for any other purposes. Not sure about standing blufor. Was these named anyhow/editor placed? Obvious theory - these could be Alex and his buddy. BTW a hint: set RYD_JR_Debug = true; (in the init.sqf) then after running the scenario you'll have marked on the map, where was spawned what.
  4. The power of scripts. That's why such a lazy guy as me likes scripting so much. :) No. These blacklists works only for loot to be spawned into boxes and for empty vehicles. Regular AI groups are spawned via whole group configs, not particular units, and classes of such particular units spawns, wherever applies, should be included in proper arrays (like Hidden camps stuff array, checkpoint stuff array etc.). Anyway, units are always created with default loadout. With more thinking and scripting perhaps similar method could be used also for blacklisting default groups from spawning. Just note, whatever mod you plan to use to populate the island with AIs, it has to have defined group configs. AFAIK all decent mods introducing units should have them. Here are groups defined in the config: While in script paths looks like: RYD_JR_AllGuardGroups = [ [east,configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "UInfantry" >> "OIA_GuardSentry"], [east,configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "UInfantry" >> "OIA_GuardTeam"], [east,configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "UInfantry" >> "OIA_GuardSquad"] ]; etc. Besides manual editing of all arrays and lines looking like the above one, the place, where blacklisting should take place, is here, where other group paths are added dynamically: if not (_rSide == west) then { _path = _gpClass >> _side; for "_j" from 0 to ((count _path) - 1) do { _class = _path select _j; if (isClass _class) then { _fc = configName _class; and my guess is, the best way would be to black list by faction. Like this way: if not (_rSide == west) then { _path = _gpClass >> _side; for "_j" from 0 to ((count _path) - 1) do { _class = _path select _j; if (isClass _class) then { _fc = configName _class; if ((toLower _fc) in _myFactionBlackList) exitWith {}; Where _myFactionBlackList = [ "opf_f", "blu_f" //and so forth - all other vanilla factions here, all lower case ]; That's just a preliminary idea, not tested nor thought out too well.
  5. You know what? I may have little something, that should make defining blacklists much faster: Cfg Extract It's small scenario for VR map. Run Arma 3 without any mods, default content only, then run this scenario and wait till "DONE" hint. Then go to the latest RPT. Inside you should find all lower case list of all weapons, magazines and vehicles, that Pilgrimage would try to use. This way you should obtain all default stuff in no time. Result is given in this form: 20:39:53 "i_c_van_02_vehicle_f" 20:39:53 "c_van_02_medevac_f" 20:39:53 "c_idap_van_02_medevac_f" 20:39:53 "c_van_02_service_f" so require a bit further editing to get proper array syntax, but anyway should be much easier that way. Additionally it will leave info, how many classes it found for weapons, magazines and vehicles (774, 141, 155 for me, should be the same for you). Each time BI would add new stuff to the game (new DLC), this list has to be obtained anew to update it with this new toys.
  6. Good, important is - has to be defined before is used. :) Looks OK. This: if (isClass _class) then { _class = configName _class; _lowClass = toLower _class; if (_lowClass in _myVehBlackList) exitWith {}; If you wish, that is. This way you can limit the pool of empty vehicle types to choose from same way, as you do for weapons/ammo loot. Of course first define _myVehBlackList, or just dump not desired vehicle classes into same black list, you're using for blacklisted loot classes, doesn't matter here, just then search will be a bit longer, because array will be one big instead of two smaller. BTW yours _myBlacklist = in the quoted fragment consist currenly only vehicle classes, no weapons nor ammo, so apparently you chose a way of single array for all kind of stuff, isn't? Also here: b_truck_01_Repair_f you have R, should be r. You have to be sure, all is lower-case only or class will be not recognized as blacklisted.
  7. Perhaps just below: if ((isText _dlc) and {((toLower _class) in _dlcRestricted) and {not ((304400 in (getDLCs 1)) or {332350 in (getDLCs 1)})}}) exitWith {}; add a line: if ((toLower _class) in _myBlackList) exitWith {}; Then define _myBlackList array same way, as mentioned DLC blacklist, all classnames all lower case. Then you can do same for ammo, if you wish, just below: for "_i" from 0 to ((count _ammoClass) - 1) do { _class = _ammoClass select _i; if (isClass _class) then { _class = configName _class; Analogously for empty vehicles under progressLoadingScreen 0.3; line. I don't know, if there's any less tedious way than constructing manually a blacklist array of default BI stuff to sift it out. There may be none and if there is any, it's most likely about some config entry/entries.
  8. Here's in JRInit whole logic, that adds uniform basing on quoted array: removeUniform _unit; if not (RYD_JR_Naked) then { _unit addBackpack "B_OutdoorPack_blu"; _uni = _uniforms select (floor (random (count _uniforms))); _unit addUniform _uni }; So I see two possible explanations: 1. For some reason some of the uniforms, you added to the array, do not work; 2. For some reason in your version sometimes for easy difficulty RYD_JR_Naked variable becomes true, while shouldn't. My theory: typos in the uniforms class names. See here: "U_I_C__Soldier_Para_3_F", "U_I_C__Soldier_Para_4_F", Isn't underscore doubled, which would make these classes invalid and not working? Perhaps there may be more mistakes in the class names.
  9. Maybe I would propose a bit more optimistic view here? Yes, all that about civs is true. And exactly because of what was said here, LoW poses yet another motivation/reason/pressure source toward expanding and deepening civilian aspect of A3. LoW by intention highlights a fresh point of view on war, and by this very fact highlights mentioned lacks on the subject of this view. Sheds the light on the irritating vacuum, which makes this emptiness of desolated islands the more glaring and calling for attention. Harder to ignore and accept. Begging for enlivening.
  10. Only via some standalone mod I'm affraid (which should be possible though), I do not plan such feature. Thanks. In fact, Arma, as military open sandboks, shows its strengths best in exactly such kind of gameplay, at least IMHO, one of the reason, I made Pilgrimage - to highlight, where this game's potential shines most for me.
  11. IntelCheck.sqf: _text = "Oh! Interesting... Now I can exclude some places."; _ct = 0; { if ((count _x) == 2) then { if ((_pos distance (_x select 0)) < (1500 + (random 2500))) then { _ct = _ct + 1; _x set [2,true]; (_x select 1) setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; (_x select 1) setMarkerType "hd_objective"; (_x select 1) setMarkerAlpha 1; } } } foreach RYD_JR_allHolyPlaces; The probability of checking off given church can be altered here exactly: if ((_pos distance (_x select 0)) < (1500 + (random 2500))) then So, the farther from the intel source (_pos) the church is, the lower chance, while maximum range is theoretically even 4000m (1500 + 2500), but at tiny probablity of (1/2500). As you can see, churches closer, than 1500 meters are checked of for 100%. 50% chance would be for distance 2750m etc.
  12. Has to be corrected if so, thanks.
  13. NW - no weapons at bodies; It was requested.
  14. If you would hover mouse cursor over the setting, there should appear a tooltip with some explanation. For example (L) in the ambient combat setting means, that for given area there's always only limited total count of AC groups to spawn (IIRC up to 10 spawns in 2600 meters radius around player's position), meaning, you can permanently clear given area from enemy presence. Without L - AC spawn for given place wouldn't stop, there may appear new group no matter, how many was spawned and killed there already. Of course, there's always a limit controlled by intensity setting, how many of them may be present at once.
  15. To me, last one was the closest to the truth, although not 100% accurate.