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  1. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Demo mission is supposed to be run with the addon version of HAL, thus no Hetman scripts inside mission folder. If however you run script version of the HAL (so without the HAL addon), all scripts from "Script version" have to be pasted into mission folder. I hope, you don't try to run simulatnously addon AND script versions, these are mutually exclusive. :) Addon contains same scripts, so replaces scripts inside mission folder and vice versa. Yes. Plus stuff on the map of course (Leader, objectives, troops to be commanded). As for the init.sqf, you may check, if it even reaches the last line, perhaps it is stuck or exits somewhere earlier. So either add line diag_log "checking"; just above last line, run the mission and see, if inside RPT there's "checking" log, either temporarily remove everything from the init.sqf but the last line or move the last line to the very first line and test. Easier to see, if HAL works, if you use RydHQDebug = true; Just to be clear, Hetman =/= HWS. HWS is complete scenario, that contain Hetman but also more stuff. Faction shouldn't be a problem, side is what matters - Leader has to be of the same/allied side, as commanded groups. That is west, east or independent. Civilian/POW side excluded.
  2. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Hey. If you're using scripted version, all the files from the "Script version" folder paste right into mission folder. From what you said I'm unable to identify the problem source. Causes may be many. A typo, bad naming (like using "" where shouldn't be any), using group name, where should be unit's name or vice versa, other mod interference etc. As for objectives, code assumes, these are objects (triggers are kind of the objects, markers aren't). Leader's name isn't case-sensitive. As for non-vanilla units, RHQ arrays by default are filled automatically (RydHQ_RHQAutoFill = true;), but it's not 100% reliable for exotic unit config, so instead/also you may try to add such units manually per each appriopriate RHQ array, by unit's classname, as it is shown in the manual. What you can do: 1. Compare your setup with included demo for differences; 2. Show me your init.sqf; 3. Show me RPT log from failed attempt; 4. Try to set scenario with analogous Hetman setup, but for vanilla only content (without any mods) and see, if it works, if not, give me such scenario in open folder form for testing.
  3. If there's interest, then who knows. Maybe someday I'll revisit this piece of code. For sure I did some tests with early A3 versions, but don't remember/know, if it needs some more work t work on 100% in A3 as for today. I didn't thought about CBC long time, considering it rarther closed chapter. In the dark corners of my HDD I found some A3 test of CBC from 2013, scenario, that includes A2's civilian shouts, but besides that I've no idea, if or what changes I applied to fit it into A3. Here: A3 test
  4. Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    I didn't know much about the situation in Spain, so was kinda caught by surprise by these news, don't really know thus do not understand, why all this is happening, why people act like that. But I admit, quoted question bother me, because the answer isn't that simple. From the one side, people having right to determine own life and fate is the most basic idea of democracy. From the second side - they aren't sole isles, but live as part of society and by such choice they affect not only their lifes and fate, consequences will spread and affect also those, who don't support this. Democracy is about the will of the majority. So depends, majority of who? Does majority of Spanish people indeed support such idea? Or this is about loud minority of Catalonians, that want to be a separate majority on their own. Should they be? Where's the boundry between just claims and destroying the state/harming society? When government should defend the unity and when respect the will of some? As for the third - weakness of democracy is, people en masse often choose poorly. My guess is, consequences of dividing a country in such situation are unlikely to be positive for any of the potentially affected. As for such kind of separatisits ideas, I generally suspect, they're not wise in long term, and are weakining, because the value of the state lies in the synergy, it provides. Catalonia is strong? Well, it may be no longer the case after the separation.
  5. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    It's not HAL code IIRC. Try without other scripted/any mods and compare.
  6. VBS3 Scripting editor help needed

    Hello. Basic principle is same, as in Arma: save your scenario (may be in skeletal state) in editor, then go, where saved scenario folder is located, into this folder, and directly there create new text file, then rename it to: init.sqf. To keep it simple, Init.sqf is the script file, that is automatically run at mission start. Other custom sqf files should be called, spawned or execVM-ed from there or just write your script directly inside init.sqf, however this is not recommended, if script is extensive (readibility/clarity/work comfort reasons). There are alternative ways involving addons' configs, other automatically run sqf files and such, but init.sqf is most basic and common way, suitable for most situations. Then edit your sqf files using external editor, like Notepad++ or whatever you prefer. Technically there's also a way to write scripts (or execVM external sqf files) directly in the editor, namely init fields of editor-placed objects, condition/activation fields of the triggers, completion fields of waypoints and also there's a developer console, but all this serve mostly for some makeshift on-the-fly short scripts during tests/debugging or for some really simple one-liner stuff, mostly refering to the object, whose init field is used. Some and very limited, also depends, which VBS version you're using. In the newest there may be more possibilities. Triggers, waypoints, maybe some modules and such, but also those involve some most basic scripting for their condition/activation fields. Common way for extensive, complex projects is init.sqf + other sqf files way. Apart from sqf there may be used FSM files, also there's so called Fusion for external plugins (in C++ AFAIK, don't know much about these, I'm not a programmer). But each involves code editing out of editor.
  7. So you finally did it. Congrats. Making kills more authentic in this disturbing way is IMO a great option to have, especially, if one want to show, war isn't as funny, as some casual games tend to pretend/some players may tend to think. In a way - educational by shock.
  8. Free Games

    Civilization III Complete free (lasts 48 hours): https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete
  9. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Assuming, code is right, you probably put it before all the units was spawned, so for empty (yet) map. This affect only units, that are already present, not those, that only will be created later. Try after all spawns, at the end of JRInit code. Maybe just above: endloadingscreen; line. Note, AC units spawned on the fly will be still unaffected, unless you put similar code somewhere inside Warmonger function (but not foreach allUnits, just for spawned AC group units).
  10. [SP] Pilgrimage

    All inside RYD_JR_CPSetup function: 1) _veh = createVehicle [_camo, _pos, [], 0, "NONE"]; change _pos to _mPos. _mPos is ATL position of crossroad segment. Note, all the rest of the elements except static weapons are placed in reference to this camo net (_veh). _veh = createVehicle [_camo, _pos, [], 0, "NONE"]; Since it will land on the crossroad segment, result may be less or more weird, so alternatively you may try: _veh = createVehicle [_camo, (getPosATL _nextR), [], 0, "NONE"]; or _veh = createVehicle [_camo, (getPosATL _clR), [], 0, "NONE"]; both will place the camo net not on the crossroad, but on the some of neighbouring road segments connected with the crossroad segement. BTW note, whatever object you would place on the road, it may be (or not) perceived by driving AI as an obstacle blocking the way. Even theoretically open gate. 2) else { if (_foreachIndex == ((count RYD_JR_CPStuff) - 1)) then { _posS = _center modelToWorld (_x select 1); //_fe = (count (_posS isFlatEmpty [1,0,0.1,1,0,false,_center])) > 0; _fe = not (isOnRoad _posS); if (_fe) then Change if (_fe) then into: if (false) then 3) Code for placement statics along the orad is pretty complex and long. No quick way to use it here. Perhaps instead check this line: _dir = (abs ([getPosATL _clR,getPosATL _nextR,0] call RYD_JR_AngTowards)) + 90; this defines direction for camo net by taking direction between two road segments connected with crossroad segment + 90 degrees. Or just try instead: _dir = getDir _clR; or: _dir = getDir _nextR; Depending, on which segment, clR or _nextR, you placed gate object in 1).
  11. [SP] Ragnarok'44

    You learn about this feature only, if you're initially intrested enough to read features details. Adding new stuff to buy/spawn need noticeable effort, athough woo core code may simplify some things IIRC (but I don't remember much of this code really). Especially extra scripting is required, when comes to units of unique specificity, like Nebelwerfer, if we want it actually functional (may be not practical though on such short distancies, not sure). Adding new stuff for AI takes more effort (AI has to be modified to cover new toys). Since I'm not willing again immerse into this code now nor in the near future, I can't provide exact required code changes (what, where and how).
  12. [SP] Ragnarok'44

    IMO you did much more (and great job too), than was done for most of the other scenarios out there. Bah. I saw some very popular scenarios, which release was obscure and got no public promotion at all except Forums thread. Some missions, I think, just have no "luck" to draw enough attention. Also, perhaps, it is due to its RTS nature. After all, most Arma players are playing Arma because first person mil sim, basically, what Arma is by default, and why they bought it, and perhaps not many amongst them are interested in experiments taking Arma far from the roots. Heavy mods dependency also tend to be major obstacle. In short - basically this. Of course, one always may use standalone Hetman (HAL) mod, that in modified form was used in Ragnarok as commanding AI, and set up in editor custom HAL-controlled battle with WW2 units. This way one can be fairly easily just a soldier on the highly dynamic front line, commanded by the AI.
  13. [SP] Ragnarok'44

    Much better to talk about that here IMO. So, first, don't know, what you're doing wrong, since I don't know, what exactly you're doing. :) If I understood correctly, you're trying to play as Soviets with Germans run by AI commander? It needs some scripting to set up HAL commander for German side. But even if you do, it's not all. AI, that runs Soviet base building and units production need to be set up to command Germans now, when you're playing Soviets. But in default version this AI code will not work with German side, need to be modified - even more scripting required. Plus more for small things like initial view with Soviets instead of Germans etc. Not mentioning stuff like GUI icons for Soviets etc. I'm affraid, preparing Ragnarok version, where player is commandig Soviets while AI - Germans, is not so simple, requires decent scripting knowledge and good understanding of these particular scripts. Work for few/several days for person with such knowledge, not an hour for someone, who first time run the Arma editor. Frankly, I'm not optimistic about your attempts. Just no. It's nothing, that Arma editing newbie could achieve by Arma editor, sorry, too complex, far too ambitous. With some effort I probably could (there was such version in A2/IF release IIRC), but it's highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. Absolutely no free mind to focus on this now and frankly no will either, since apparently this mission isn't popular enough to justify any further time/work investment, even, if I could find time some day. Which is a pity. IMHO it's really enjoyable scenario, and judging by practically non existent feedback, nearly no one care about it. Happens.
  14. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yes, if I'm not mistaken, _waiting = 0; should make music playing constantly (up to 15 seconds gaps perhaps), but test it. if-then statetement may be then removed indeed.
  15. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hey. But there's music also out of combat. Just not constant (which I would consider tiresome). Pilgrimage using music tracks' config divides them into three groups: safe/calm, stealth and combat/action. Safe music is played, when Alex doesn't know about any enemy presence and vice versa. Stealth - when Alex see some enemy, but wasn't spotted by anyone. Combat - when Alex was spotted by the enemy. As for time intervals between tracks, it is calculated this way: _waiting = 300 + (random 450) + (random 450) + (random 450) + (random 450); if (((RYD_JR_inStealth) and ((random 100) > 50)) or ((RYD_JR_inCombat) and ((random 100) > 25))) then { _waiting = _waiting/3 }; (Mainloop.sqf) So for calm period it may be from 300 up to 2100 seconds (5-35 minutes) while most probable/often are values around 1200 seconds (20 minutes). For stealth situations there's 50% chance to make this interval 3 times shorter, and 75% chance for the same when in combat (but since this is recalculated every cycle - 10-15 seconds - in fact chance for music in dense situation is higher). Frankly I find this pretty optimal proportions to my taste.