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  1. In warfare Config_Structures.sqf, Russian kord high names are incorrect. _v = _v + ["DSHKM"]; _n = _n + ["DSHKM_RU"]; Should be _v = _v + ["DShKM"]; _n = _n + ["KORD_high"]; Also, the m6 linebacker, has the same issue the tunguska had before patch. It doesn't prefer to use its missiles enough against aircraft. Maybe its cost is set too high as well. Warfare recon mission completion/cancel error Error in expression <&& ((taskState _task) == "Created") && (_taskDist < _minDist)) then {_minDist = > Error position: <_taskDist < _minDist)) then {_minDist = > Error Undefined variable in expression: _taskdist File CA\Warfare2\Scripts\Client\Client_UpdateMissionMarkers.sqf, line 206 Serialization of Display variables is not implemented Error in expression <&& ((taskState _task) == "Created") && (_taskDist < _minDist)) then {_minDist = > Error position: <_taskDist < _minDist)) then {_minDist = > Error Undefined variable in expression: _taskdist File CA\Warfare2\Scripts\Client\Client_UpdateMissionMarkers.sqf, line 206 Error in expression <onTasks Select _count1; _taskLocation = _taskIter Select 2; if ((_taskIter Sele> Error position: <_taskIter Select 2; if ((_taskIter Sele> Error Undefined variable in expression: _taskiter File CA\Warfare2\Scripts\Client\Client_UpdateMissionMarkers.sqf, line 103
  2. Mission_CaptureAI.sqf Mission_ReconAI.sqf Cool :D, the base mortar is firing, also added spawn to Mission_ReconAI.sqf for possible AI HQ kill. LOL However, I'm getting error, after they fire.
  3. Do you mean in Mission_CaptureServer.sqf, or in one of the files in Server folder? I'm not sure which files to use from Server folder. For side, could be it any, so both bluefor and opfor commander can use it? For _position how do I assign it with any available artillery on map? Tried in Mission_CaptureCommanderAI.sqf, but not sure make _side all sides and _HQ all locations instead. [_side,_HQ,_hostileLocations,_radius,2,2] Spawn BIS_WF_FireLocalArtillery;
  4. Clean warfare doesn't generate the errors. But if I call it from my mission it gets errors even with unmodified file from warfare2.pbo [] Call Compile PreprocessFileLineNumbers ("Common\Config\Config_Teams.sqf"); Warfare OA Config_Teams.sqf, doesn't generate errors.
  5. I'm trying to get the AI commander to call warfare artillery fire mission at capture waypoints when it creates capture missions. However, I'm stuck on adding call Support_ArtilleryRequest.sqf to Mission_CaptureCommanderAI.sqf.
  6. After installing the addon, I get this warning. CA content doesn't seem to load. I'm using beta of OA and A2 Warning Message: Script CA\Warfare2\Scripts\Server\Construction\Construction_any.sqf not found Doesn't matter if I removed the addon, it still gives me the error. Fresh install clears it. Edit found a mission typo that caused it.
  7. There are 2 Config_Squads.sqf, one in warfare2 and warfare2_e. The one in warfare2_e is bugged as its missing -1 and throws script errors. Should be removed or replaced. for [{_count1 = Count WestTeamTemplateFactionIndex} for [{_count1 = Count EastTeamTemplateFactionIndex} for [{_count1 = Count ResistanceTeamTemplateFactionIndex} the lines should be like in warfare2 for [{_count1 = Count WestTeamTemplateFactionIndex - 1} for [{_count1 = Count EastTeamTemplateFactionIndex - 1} for [{_count1 = Count ResistanceTeamTemplateFactionIndex - 1} In bear rising scenario got this error at start Warning Message: Script CorePatch\CorePatch_WF\Scripts\Server\Server_UpdateAirport.sqf not found
  8. Can you test with warfare module? I've only had them not fire at ground units in warfare, but they do shoot with no warfare. Edit: Went back to beta and I do see them fire at ground units in warfare. Edit 2: I believe it may be related to CBA and fireatwill addons. I just realized that after reinstalling the game, I wasn't running the addons when they would fire. More testing is needed. In non beta was getting garbage collector error as well. Modules stops soon after. There's an ACM error as well.
  9. I discovered that this problems seems to be related with AI commander not giving the fire order. When tunguska and shilka AI gunners fails to open fire at targets despite looking at their targets, I ordered the commander to disembark and the gunners started to fire. The test was in non beta, but it should be the same in beta. This could be fixed by making main gunner top command via cfgvehicles commanding.
  10. It's probably because the pilot was hit. this allowDamage false; only protects vehicle but not the crew. If possible, make the bomb accelerate value random. Then bombs will hit targets but not all the time.
  11. That sounds like how its aimed in my screenshots shots but slower speed and higher altitude. I'd have to try again when garbage collection is fixed. Do you mind testing if AI can hit the targets?
  12. Do you aim inside the locking circle? When I did, bombs never hit the target. I'm confused here.
  13. You or someone would have to because I opted out of beta due to garbage collector issues hanging up modules.
  14. Isn't the tiny circle, not the locking circle, the indicator of where the bomb should hit? Its little bit above and left of the target buts its very close and within locking circle and square, so wouldn't that mean it should've hit a little bit ahead and left of target and not behind even without locking? Also, wouldn't the AI always miss because they aim based on the locking circle?
  15. I didn't realized it had it since the circle is faint so I went to test and its calculations are off too like the tab lock.