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  1. For unknown reasons, AI team stop moving to their destinations, whether its capture or recon mission. Sometimes killing their leader will get the team moving again. I've noticed these errors in logs Out of path-planning region for R 1-2-B:8 at 5148.4,6207.8, node type Trying to work around it with selectleader, dofollow, etc, but AI teams still gets stuck for unknown reason.
  2. I'm trying to teleport an entire group including vehicles with { _x setPos ([_destination,50,50 * 1.3] Call GetRandomPosition); } forEach unit _team; but the team's vehicles gets left behind. How to do I teleport their vehicles too within this loop?
  3. This happens with both AI and player team leader. They can't be stopped from this behavior despite ordered to stop, move, regroup, etc. Only change to fast travel are speed variable in Common_GetFastTravelTime.sqf and Client_GetFTTime.sqf, but don't think they're the cause.
  4. Due to AI commander sometimes unable to rebuild destroyed buildings for unknown reason, I'm trying to bypass factory checks entirely for server and client buy units. I managed to enable buy weapons without barracks by removing factory checks from files like Client_UpdateAvailableObjects.sqf and GUI_UpdateOptions.sqf. However, units/vehicles doesn't work.
  5. At the beginning of the warfare game resistance patrol teams are spawned at depot, but only once. I'm want them to spawn repeatedly even after they lose the location to west or east. I've tried adding [Resistance,_location] Spawn BIS_WF_UpdateTownPatrols; in Server_UpdateTownVirtualDefenses.sqf //Reinforce garrison. if (time >= _timeNextUpdate) then { _timeNextUpdate = time + 300; _location SetVariable[Format["%1GarrisonCommand",_sideText],VGCOMMANDREINFORCE]; [Resistance,_location] Spawn BIS_WF_UpdateTownPatrols; }; But they stop spawning after the location is captured by west or east.
  6. Just copy the airport from the warfare mission templates and paste into your mission. But AI won't buy from it. Follow this thread Then do the same for planes. Just need to move them into one of the vehicle factories. You can have the plane spawn at airport with Server_BuyUnits.sqf. I'd just have them spawn in air at base.
  7. In the Server_BuyUnit.sqf, I'm using the following for random soldier types. _unit = Call Compile Format["[%1%2Units] Call BIS_WF_GetRandomElement",_sideText,_factoryName]; But, how do I exclude certain units like pilot and crew? I've tried _unit = Call Compile Format["[%1%2Units] Call BIS_WF_GetRandomElement",_sideText,_factoryName]; while{_unit == "%1CREW" || _unit == "%1PILOT"} do { _unit = Call Compile Format["[%1%2Units] Call BIS_WF_GetRandomElement",_sideText,_factoryName]; }; But pilot and crew still gets picked.
  8. I'm trying to get rid of duplicate weapons detected msgs in warfare. I've tried removeAllItems in the Common_EquipLoadout.sqf, but the error still persists for both west and east factions. Duplicate weapon ItemMap detected for TK_Soldier_EP1 Duplicate weapon ItemCompass detected for TK_Soldier_EP1 Duplicate weapon ItemRadio detected for TK_Soldier_EP1
  9. Everyone has their own and opinion of masterpiece at some point. With or without Vehicle and select 0 it didn't cause the error, its not the main problem here. What's wrong with the syntax? position nearObjects [typeName, radius] https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearObjects I'll test with nearestObjects. Edit: same error Bad conversion: array Error in expression <n {sleep 6; {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (nearestObjects [_this, ["CraterLong"], 5> Error position: <nearestObjects [_this, ["CraterLong"], 5> Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected //Client bodies or client/server vehicles. else { if(([_victim] Select 0) isKindOf "Air")then { [_victim] Select 0 spawn {sleep 6; {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (nearestObjects [_this, ["CraterLong"], 50])}; }; [_victim] Select 0 spawn {sleep 12; deleteVehicle _this}; }; Edit: Fixed with getPos using nearObjects.
  10. I'm trying to delete CraterLong objects from aircraft crashes in warfare using Common_UnitKilled.sqf. It works, but it sometimes gives the following error. Bad conversion: array Error in expression <ep 6; {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (_this nearObjects ["CraterLong",25])}; }; Error position: <nearObjects ["CraterLong",25])}; }; Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected } //Client bodies or client/server vehicles. else { if(([Vehicle _victim] Select 0) isKindOf "Air")then { [Vehicle _victim] Select 0 spawn {sleep 6; {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (_this nearObjects ["CraterLong",25])}; }; [_victim] Select 0 spawn {sleep 12; deleteVehicle _this}; };
  11. Works great, but sometimes it gives this error and it happens randomly. String STR_EVAL_TYPENAN not found Error in expression <call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D; _obj setVectorDirAndUp [_vdir, _vup];> Error position: <setVectorDirAndUp [_vdir, _vup];> Error Type , expected Number File ca\modules\functions\objects\fn_setPitchBank.sqf, line 99
  12. Sorry, my title was confusing, I meant I'm hoping to correct the default game AI dismount behavior via warfare scripts if possible. Maybe the fix has to be done with vehicle cfg, but I can't find the location of the vehicle variables. I also observed that tank crews doesn't dismount like wheeled vehicles. Also, the dismount behavior only happens in groups of more than 1 wheeled vehicle. Maybe tank vehicles have a variable that be used for the wheeled vehicles.
  13. Is there a reason why AI driver/gunner dismounting in a group of more than 1 wheeled vehicles with turrets after engaging hostiles? The crew just goes into harms way, they do it even if vehicles are undamaged.
  14. No, although I'm on beta, this is default AI behavior. Do you mean if mods are the cause or recommend using mods to correct this? Place a platoon of Stryker MGS and add 1 or 2 groups of hostile infantry in editor. After or during firefight a vehicle driver sometimes gunner will disembark. Same result if using other wheeled vehicles with turrets. As long as there's more than 1 vehicle in the group.
  15. The AI gunners of those vehicles won't fire directly on targets like they can with M119, D30. I've tried inGunnerMayFire = true; in the vehicle init, but didn't work. What's the variable that allows the gunners to fire at targets?