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  1. Is there a reason why AI driver/gunner dismounting in a group of more than 1 wheeled vehicles with turrets after engaging hostiles? The crew just goes into harms way, they do it even if vehicles are undamaged.
  2. No, although I'm on beta, this is default AI behavior. Do you mean if mods are the cause or recommend using mods to correct this? Place a platoon of Stryker MGS and add 1 or 2 groups of hostile infantry in editor. After or during firefight a vehicle driver sometimes gunner will disembark. Same result if using other wheeled vehicles with turrets. As long as there's more than 1 vehicle in the group.
  3. The AI gunners of those vehicles won't fire directly on targets like they can with M119, D30. I've tried inGunnerMayFire = true; in the vehicle init, but didn't work. What's the variable that allows the gunners to fire at targets?
  4. AI drivers/gunners in wheeled vehicles would dismount seemingly without apparent reason then get back in, and often they get killed. Tank type vehicles doesn't seem to have this issue. Example: A tank team with M1A1 and M1128 MGS, the styrker crew would disembark randomly. I tried setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; in Server_BuyUnit.sqf, but it doesn't prevent AI from exiting the vehicle.
  5. Thanks for the help. I'm wondering if the base defense mortar only can rearm a limited amount of times? Before the artillery call limit, I had a lot empty AI mortars that doesn't seem to get rearmed after a while. Then I noticed mortars only get their ammo refilled once or twice when I tried it then it just stays empty.
  6. I changed crew number of AH6J_EP1 to 1 in Config_AircraftFactory and lowered wait time on all vehicles. I'm using default corepath for Team_ReinforceAction and Team_update.sqf. If I paire it with another chopper(except MH6J_EP1), it will not spawn loop, if AH6J_EP1 is set to 1 crew in factory. If the team is a single AH6J_EP1 with 1 crew set in factory, AI won't spawn it at all. If team is single AH6J_EP1 with 2 crew set, it won't loop except with move leader into pilot in Server_BuyUnit. It also spawn loops when AH6J_EP1 is paired with MH6J_EP1 with either 1 or 2 crews set in factory. After moving the planes into Config_AircraftFactory, I've noticed all planes needs to have at least 2 crews set in factory or AI will not buy the last unit listed in Config_Teams, or if single unit, it won't spawn at all.
  7. Wouldn't the variable data get overridden by the initialization when the script is run again? BIS has these notes in the script. Not sure how to pass it as _data.
  8. I'm stuck at setting a condition where it fires 5 times per patrol point. Tried using variable _a for counting but it complains about undefined variable. If I define it, then the loop would clear its count. if (Leader _team Distance _destination > 30 && (_a < 5)) then { _a = _a + 1; if (_type In [Localize "STR_WF_TEAMINF",Localize "STR_WF_TEAMMECH"]) then {_team SetVariable ["transportDisembarkRange",(_location GetVariable "range") * 1.2]} else {_team SetVariable ["transportDisembarkRange",-1]}; [_team,([_destination,_radius,_radius * 1.3] Call GetRandomPosition)] Call BIS_WF_AITeamMove; _team SetVariable ["missionLocation",_location]; _timeNextMove = time + 90; _base = Call Compile Format ["%1Base",WFSideText _side]; _position = getPos _base; [_side,_position,_destination,_radius,2,2] Spawn BIS_WF_FireLocalArtillery; };
  9. I'm having trouble getting AI air team to randomize when it picks a team from Config_Teams.sqf. I've tried setting all aircraft cost and points to 0 and setting all team air team abilities to _TEAMTYPENORMAL. But it still seems to avoid using certain teams and picks certain teams over and over again. Sometimes it would always buy planes and other times will only use choppers despite many respawns. Also, resorted to just having one air team template with one unit in Config_Teams.sqf and randomize the unit in Server_BuyUnit.sqf This forces whatever unit the air team AI buys to randomize, however, it respawns if units that are picked are not listed in the Config_Teams.sqf. I notice that dedicated PatrolBase teams will keep the randomized units, but they don't move to capture locations. Is there the a way to force the air team to keep the units that gets added to its team like the dedicated AI teams? Edit: Might've been something with the number of crew listed in Config_AircraftFactory.sqf. Added one extra crew to all planes and redid the Config_Teams.sqf in OA warfare and team selection appears to be random now.
  10. Thanks, I did add || _templateType == Localize "STR_WF_TEAMAIR and it caused the trouble with other OA choppers when it was fine before. if (_templateType == Localize "STR_WF_TEAMARM" || _templateType == Localize "STR_WF_TEAMAIR) then { _vehicle SetVariable["crew",Crew _vehicle]; _vehicle AddEventHandler ["GetOut",{_this Spawn BIS_WF_AIVehicleAbandoned}]; }; Tested with default Server_BuyUnit.sqf, unfortunately issue with AH6 persists. :( I must've messed up somewhere when trying to use default Server_BuyUnit.sqf. Now it doesn't respawn loop but it always seem to buy one less than listed in Config_Teams.sqf. Found out that moving the leader into the chopper was causing the conflict in Server_BuyUnit.sqf. if ((_templateType == Localize "STR_WF_TEAMMECH" || _templateType == Localize "STR_WF_TEAMARM" || _templateType == Localize "STR_WF_TEAMAIR") && _leader == Vehicle _leader) then { [_leader] AllowGetIn true; _leader MoveInDriver _vehicle; } What's the conflict with moving leader into chopper like the other teams? _m = _m + [2]; in Config_AircraftFactory.sqf seems to also play a part in the spawn issue. For example: setting it to 1, it will always buy 1 less that listed in Config_Teams. But no respawn loop. Setting it to 2 will trigger respawn loop if more than unit is listed in Config_Teams.
  11. Really weird, started with clean Config_Teams.sqf and Config_Squads.sqf, and now all OA choppers triggers the respawn loop in A2 warfare. Single AH6J_EP1 wouldn't even spawn at all. Wish there was some sort of error message to indicate the cause.
  12. Default warfare only spawns 1 AI gunner for all vehicles regardless of number turrets. I tried adding while loop, but still only get 1 AI gunner. if (_vehicle EmptyPositions "gunner" > 0) then { g = 0; while { g <= (_vehicle EmptyPositions "gunner") } do { _gunner = _team CreateUnit [_soldierName,_factoryPosition,[],0.2,"FORM"]; [_gunner] AllowGetIn true; [_gunner] Join _team; _gunner MoveInGunner _vehicle; [_gunner,_side] Call BIS_WF_InitUnit; g = g + 1; }; };
  13. I'm using this in Mission_CaptureAI.sqf, does count group _team return the size of warfare AI team, or the A10 team?
  14. I'm trying to count the group size "west" of vehicle spawned by BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle so that it stop after reaching a certain amount. if (side _team == west && (count units group west < 3)) then { aircrafts = [[((Position _base select 0) + sin (random 360) * (random 50)), ((Position _base select 1) + cos (random 360) * (random 50))], (_dir), "A10", west] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; ... but I'm getting this error Error position: <group west < 3)) then Error group: Type Side, expected Object
  15. I tried that too and it also respawn loops. Seems like some unknown conflict with this specific chopper. Other choppers are fine though, weird. The spawn loops happens in both A2 and OA warfare.