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  1. yeah those ones i dont want to break any you fuckwit ---------- Post added at 03:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:46 PM ---------- -999 admin rep to you nazi secret police noobz cant even admin thread
  2. hi im new to infractions could someone show me the basics?
  3. sounds like: do singleplayer play around with editor for an hour k that was fun now im back to watching cat videos :\
  4. is there teamkilling in these "coop" missions?
  5. 18gb? thoughts please persuade me to play this bis
  6. right so i have these: i also have i44 2.66 however im getting the "cba_xeh_oa requires addon ca_communityconfigurationproject_e" surprise!!! how do i solve this issue? if i save while in game i cant load it because i magically dont have this file yes i have looked around but none of the soloutions have made any sense to me as they contains posts about dayz and the arma 2 beta does anyone have a clue about what i have to do?
  7. i agree with the above poster it still happens
  8. i still have no solution looks like ill be talking to support :\
  9. i still prefer to run up to them then run back hoping ill have a little health left
  10. dont give in to the other guys just dont
  11. pending mass production of moon rocks
  12. im a player and my ping is over 999
  13. things are crazy