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  1. playing with a friend in this mission, it was night and my soldier did not have night vision googles, so we use reinforcement for put ammo, but the ammo only had one night vision how can i put more night vision googles in the ammo of reinforcement? and more weapons/mags? edited: ok, i thought, if i put night vision in my playable units... but if a buy new soldiers and i respawn in the bought soldiers? they may not have night vision?
  2. in the template beta 7, if i request ammo, shows a error of wgl grenades
  3. i modified this mission for have the new quick-orders menu of beta 6
  4. thank you ! downloading recently i play with my friends Arma:CWA and we use this mod, ecp and some islands i downloaded in diferent sites and i do the missions for my friends thanks Sanctuary