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  1. By that logic, Activision would have sued pretty much everyone.
  2. Updated 1.72 scripting commands added: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4t_aUHHFVYLODd2ZWJENDV3NW8 22. June 2017 ChangeLog: - added: commands introduced with 1.72
  3. Probably because time to kill was a lot shorter in OPF or rather instant, so ambush tactics were king. There was no running for cover and returning a random headshot. Also, it was very easy to mow down entire enemy squad with one mag due to AI squads running around in nearly perfect formations, one hit kill, no recoil, no bullet drop, no weapon sway and no random spread. I prefer OPF type SP missions as well but for me the best part of East Wind has to be scouting missions. One man army was kind of justified by that you played as resistance fighter, scavenging for supplies and there were bunch of small encounters. I would love this to be expanded into whole campaign with whole SP save system overhauled (stable large save files, renaming, deleting and overwriting files) to have somewhat Elder Scrolls type of deal. It wouldn't be that bad if high command interface wasn't that clunky. AI required babysitting which was nearly impossible due HC system. Benny did it great for example in his Warfare, though MP.
  4. I used some gear saving script back in Arma 2 and in Arma 3 it behaved like I previously described. The issue turned out to be that in Arma 3 one magazine is removed from uniform, vest or backpack, gets loaded into a weapon and doesn't get replaced. So I'm thinking similar problem here?
  5. Do you respawn with loadout you save or die with? Because if with loadout you save, then you respawn with one less primary magazine each time.
  6. I got somewhat used to it after couple of restarts in Xi'an showcase but I have to say that, while new system is easier on (usually) our pinky finger while flying, previous throttle system is just plain better using KB+M for delicate maneuvers such as taxiing and landing, especially carrier landing. KB+M is clumsy and inaccurate tool for flying to begin with, and therefore requires a lot of small adjustments back and forth quickly. These kind of adjustments are now very difficult or sometimes plain impossible due to keypress being a binary action. Flying using KB+M is similar to driving a sim using it, you can plan ahead of what you are going to do but it never turns out that way because of keypress. Same with flying. You may know that X amount of throttle is needed for certain situations but it can be impossible to achieve that situation consistently to begin with.
  7. eden

    Key missing in 2.1? Downloaded from Armaholic.
  8. Are discounts on top of discounts a common thing during sales? Does that even happen?
  9. I don't think there are binding options for these two but I think binding an appropriate User Action should work if I'm not mistaken. There are User Actions 1-20 so some trial and error may be necessary.
  10. Hi, you could probably do some sort of loop with createVehicle or something like that. You can find class names here, in 3DEN or config viewer. Also, you should probably ask a moderator to move this thread to Mission Editing & Scripting.
  11. Hi, this looks just like something I need. I really dig this save everything for respawn. Thanks a lot!
  12. You don't need to remove mods from Steam workshop to not use mods. Select what mods you want to run in Arma 3 Launcher. Also, check Options\Expansions in main menu and see what addons are actually active ingame.
  13. That is UI from a mod not vanilla Arma 3. Battle Royale possibly?
  14. Are you also getting these when just placing units in editor? Because there are entries about duplicates for some vanilla units in Arma 3 as well.
  15. Updated for Arma 3 1.70: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4t_aUHHFVYLbVB6dW1kMi1paU0 18. Maj 2017 ChangeLog: - added: commands introduced with 1.70 - fixed: typo (getCustomAimingCoef should be getCustomAimCoef)