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  1. Oh right, I forgot about that little exploit. Good idea!
  2. I dunno about detecting if player leaned left or right already but you could do a loop with waitUntil for inputAction leanLeft/Right and also LeanLeft/RightToggle.
  3. Silly or not I would love to see CSAT carrier. Surely China would come up with some glorious monstrosity by 2035. It would allow for great 3-sided scenarios, like NATO carrier as base on one side of i.e. Altis, CSAT's on the other and AAF holding the island.
  4. It should be possible to order AI to open up VA if desired AI is near enough to VA object (F2-X >> 6 >> Arsenal action, not inventory). AI may need to be on the right side of VA object. Sometimes the action wont show up if AI is behind the object or so. Granted ammo crates are usually looking same from both sides but they still have front, rear and sides.
  5. Try folding previous sections first (init window, etc.).
  6. If coop mission permits it, you will have "Save & Exit" instead of "Abort" in pause menu. If it states "Save & Exit" then you can resume the mission next time. Otherwise, there is no save/load option as in Single-Player.
  7. #ifdef, #else and #endif are also defined in "Folding in code 2 style" for open, middle and close. You can either use Styler button to customize their color or remove them (Language\Define your language...\Folding in code 2 style\Styler).
  8. Thank you very much guys! Btw, you Weapons changelog links to Vehicles.
  9. Hi, thanks for bringing this up. Updated syntax highlighting file with #ifndef. You can download new version here or manually add #ifndef under Keywords\7th group, either in SQF.xml (<Keywords name="Keywords7">#define #undef #ifdef #ifndef #else #endif #include</Keywords>) file or in Notepad++ menu (Language\Define your language..., select User language: SQF\Keywords Lists\7th group). https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4t_aUHHFVYLVElwVUVIdl9SMWs 10. April 2017 ChangeLog: - added: #ifndef
  10. Not necessarily. LShift (default) can be used for Sprinting or Holding Breath when in ADS as is now. That would be difficult and likely require one more separate keybind for Holding Breath when there are so many already. Overall, there are plenty of actions to be streamlined without loosing functionality but I shouldn't hijack this thread.
  11. What do you mean?
  12. But its for every category (weapon, attachments, magazines, launcher, uniform, vest...). So there is quite a bit of clicking... every time. Even without mods its convenient now that there is considerable amount of arsenal and it sorts by DLC.
  13. Guidelines, second tab on top of page... Meaning you need to have 5 or so posts.
  14. I think not afaik. The most you can do is go prone and deploy your rifle with IR laser mounted. Not sure if you can deploy laser designators and the like but there is a remote controlled LD on tripod thingy from Marksmen DLC.
  15. Is there a way to clear history from debug console though?