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  1. Of course it will never be on par with ME 1-3 in regard to what you said, further more that really makes ME games but surely there is still plenty of good elements to be found that still a bunch of people can enjoy, I imagine. At least jw custom's friend. :) If they fix what is fixable withing the scope of patches then it still might be worth picking up later down the line, especially when the price drops. Free DLC wouldn't go amiss either, we'll see how much it sold. Oh btw, apparently it also has MP and some kind of Coop horde mode, both people seem to find good which I don't care for at all.
  2. He doesn't have to be marked as fanboi in usual sense. It's a brand new game that he was likely anticipating for a long time and he is excited about it. We've all been there but after a week or so, when excitement cools off, some of the shortcomings might grow frustrating. Despite all the flaws the game has, I'm sure it still has a lot to offer. Although ME 1-3 were not some weekend flicks but games that people spent hundreds of hours on, exploring every little nook and cranny. I can't see my self spending any serious amount of time on Andromeda as is right now. Maybe after they patch it up. If they patch it up that is. They obviously wont do a facial animations overhaul but they could improve UI and whatnot.
  3. Files updated with commands from update 1.68: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4t_aUHHFVYLLXZid2FCVThOYlU ChangeLog: - added: commands introduced with 1.68
  4. I have to say though, I was a bit surprised Andromeda turned out this bad. I was expecting them to build upon Inquisition, which I rather liked, despite mediocre UI (for console port), some initial problems with controls and rather bland combat with certain classes/perks. The most frustrating thing for me was actually the fact that gathering all gear and materials was totally based on RNG. It is a waste of time in Single-Player oriented action RPG. WTF am I grinding for in a SP game. Andromeda appears to be released way to early. They could probably use like another six months to make the game, let alone polish it. So after everything that is happening, seeing videos like this seems... well.
  5. As per his usual self, he referred to other gaming sites like IGN and GameSpot expecting them to give it 10/10 and the like as they usually do for everything made by EA, Activision, Ubisoft and whatnot even if it is shit. Well, this is apparently so bad that even GameSpot gave it 6/10, which by their standards is like 4/10. You always have to subtract 2 points to get somewhat realistic mark. :)
  6. Mack was wrong, even GameSpot gave it 6/10.
  7. What resolution are your uniforms and vests? They look super detailed on your screenshots.
  8. Hi, you can get a benchmark mission, like Yet Another Arma Benchmark and adjust your video settings until you reach desirable performance. View distance is by far the most impactful setting. I have it around 1000m for infantry gameplay. Take a look at CH View Distance Addon for separate view distances when on foot, in ground vehicle or in air. If you are experiencing stuttering in Single-Player on any settings (even low) then use the search function on this forum, preferably in troubleshooting section. If you have lag or stuttering in Multiplayer only then the problem is not with your PC but with either poorly set up server, unefficient mission design or both. Hopefully someone with similar specifications will share his settings with you and what kind of performance he/she is having using those settings to get you a starting point.
  9. It is pretty bad indeed. Similar problem was in BF4 but not as much. Operation Arrowhead had clean, thin reticle. Arma 2's was way too thick. But yeah, having only one dot would render Holo sight much more useful.
  10. I updated files with 1.66 update commands, get it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4t_aUHHFVYLbjE2b1BOdlNQcWs ChangeLog: - added: commands introduced with 1.66
  11. A preview into Yugoslavia has been posted. It supposed to be released together with Finland.
  12. Ubisoft is giving away Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon standalone expansion until ~mid-december. https://club.ubisoft.com/en-GB/ubi30
  13. BF never had strong SP. Since Bad Company there is an actual campaign opposed to just MP with bots. But campaigns were just plain bad and very short. BF1's is supposedly about four hours long... If you buy BF, you buy it for multiplayer if you are into that sort of thing. I for one just cant be bothered with these kind of equipment and perk grinds anymore. Not only that you have to put in substantial amount of time to get clearly superior gear, it also kills any kind immersion and tactical gameplay. I.E. one cannot know if friend or foe is firing a weapon because everyone is running around with the same weapons that have the best stats. So factions should really not be US vs. RU but rather Mercenary Team Blue vs. Mercenary Team Red. Random, free-to-play like aspects (Battlepacks and whatnot) in a premium price game do not amuse me either.