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  1. Damn, that 1.01 vid just was painful. You guys should really consider leaving soap opera type update videos to other publishers and their bull.. I mean marketing departments. Get RiE to do it in his kind and constructive manner with calm background music. That guy has some charisma.
  2. For sure but I would also like to sneak one in if I may. In game options there is an option called vehicle freelook that is somewhat useless in it's current state but would be super useful if separated for different vehicle classes. For example, I would love to have it on for cars but off for helicopters since I need the mouse to fly but not to drive.
  3. Start Arma 3 Launcher >> Parameters >> untick -showScriptErrors. You also may want to check out other Startup Parameters such as -noLogs.
  4. Hi, check Debriefing section in Mission Presentation article.
  5. Have you tried setting marker alpha to zero in 3DEN?
  6. Hah, first pic brings back so many memories. I must have seen that intro a million times since Ambush was my favorite mission. Which version is this though because this mission got changed quite a bit up until 1.96.
  7. You can run a dedicated server on your own computer and connect to it. There is an extensive tutorial on how to set one up in servers & administration section.
  8. I assume you are talking about syndicate uniforms? Compatibility was never an issue for vehicles, weapons or apparel. Just buildings, props and such. Static objects. That doesn't mean one without DLC/expansion won't get an ad for it when using it.
  9. I saw a thread about the font just the other day so I think changing the font should do the trick for now. But you need to try it and see what happens.
  10. Font got messed up with previous update. You can try to use different font until this one is fixed.
  11. It means it will be fixed in next update for vanilla Arma 3 (version 1.74, current version is 1.72).
  12. Everything that you carry on you and have in your vehicle that you bring back to base should be saved. I found this to work rather reliably during my numerous playtroughs. You are right about crates being full. It is annoying but gear is still saved even if crates are full. There are workarounds for storing equipment into full crates, like putting it in any vehicle or other crate in base (possibly even dropping it on the ground works). There is no better way of getting rid of equipment then storing it in you scouting vehicle before departing base and dropping it while scouting. Could be improved. Overall it is a clunky system that got improved but never really entirely "fixed". At this point I would rather have Arsenal based system then this. Oh and even on mission briefing gear selection, crates are full as well...
  13. Can you tell me how to run this though?
  14. Hi, this looks just like something I could use. Can you please post the final form and an example of how to use it?
  15. Hi, if or when you can be bothered, can you add newly added unit/vehicle options from ~1.70 updates? Specifically: vehicleReportRemoteTargets vehicleReceiveRemoteTargets vehicleReportOwnPosition setVehicleRadar and maybe even pylon loadouts.