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  1. License: Of course, the addon can be used normally. Noncommercial. Parameters: These parameters are globally readable and writable on the client. Thus, this data can be adapted to any situation. Normally, none of these parameters need to be adjusted. Set parameters on the client: Example: Her_L_Thirst = 100; // No thirst Her_L_FieberRyanZombies = true; // Player was injured by a zombie ( Readable: _Thirst = Her_L_Thirst) Zombie and Demons (Only for "Ryanzombies"): Internal settings for this addon. If the parameter = 'Yes' then violations will be processed by this addon and only the remedies contained in the addon will help.
  2. Update Version 2.8 (01.05.2017) ADDED: - The saw can now be used. See example mission. - Parameters 'Her_L_UseSaw'. Objects that can be sawn. - Parameters 'Her_L_UseSawOk'. After using the saw: true = has sawn / false = has not sawn. See example mission. FIXED: - Animation when filling canisters. IMPROVED: -
  3. Update Version 2.7 (09.04.2017) ADDED: - A filled water bottle is placed in the old slot of the empty bottle. - Water from a river, pond or the sea is now dirty water. - New items: See '_ClassList.txt'. FIXED: - Only people who have a lighter or matches can create a camping fire. IMPROVED: -
  4. Update Version 2.6 (16.03.2017) ADDED: - FIXED: - Fixed errors when using items. (First aid) IMPROVED: -
  5. Update Version 2.5 (12.03.2017) ADDED: - New Items: See '_ClassList.txt' - All objects can be userd in the 3d editor. FIXED: - Other player can now be cured. - Fixed errors when using items. (Toolbox S) - Fill empty water bottles / water canisters Objects on an island have not been detected. Unfortunatly the variable 'Her_L_WellList' has to be adapted. See example mission. IMPROVED: -
  6. Interesting. I just tested about 1 hour. Singleplayer. Everything worked. I gave up the mission. Arma closed and everything restarted. I'll send you an email tomorrow.
  7. Update Version 2.4 (04.01.2016) ADDED: - Parameters 'Her_L_GasList'. On these objects, gasoline or diesel can be filled into a canister. (See example mission) FIXED: - Fixed errors when using items. (Gasoline canister) - Masse kleinerer Gegenstände angepasst - Mass of smaller items IMPROVED: - Antivirus pills and vitamine pills only take effect after one minute. The respective injection acts immediately.
  8. Update: Version 2.3 (18.12.2016) FIXED: - Error in singleplayer mode (HUD) - Failed to use items.
  9. It is an alternative.
  10. Update Version 2.2 (14.12.2016) ADDED: - No breath to a unit: 'this setVariable ["HerNoBreath",true,true];' - Module to start. (The 'HerosWorld' path in the mission folder is still needed.) - Water (20 l dirty) FIXED: - Fixed some bugs. IMPROVED: - Temperatures and thirst. More thirst when temperatures are higher 22 degrees Celsius. Buy or Sell: Weapons from the uniform, the vest or the backpack can not be sold. This is not possible by script. For this I will think of something. (Search in various forums)
  11. A module. Yes. I have tested it. The module does not work on a dedicatet server and a clinet at the same time. I have to change some things. Later modules may be appear. I need to create a module for the server and one for the client.
  12. @zimm794 Thank you for the information. This will of course be changed. :) @tourist Good idea. I will adjust it. :) I did my first tests. From 22 degrees Celsius the value is calculated per temperature. More thirst.
  13. Update Version 2.1 (07.11.2016) ADDED: - Dirty water in a well: 'this setVariable ["Her_L_DirtyWater",true];' - New Items: See '_ClassList.txt' FIXED: - Buy magazines: Now the magazines are full. IMPROVED: - Example of laptop being reworked.
  14. Generally, this addon can be used on any island. Possibly the houses have to be redefined. I can not know all the houses on all the islands. The inclusion of the addon is described in the example mission. If you read the 'readme.txt' and saw the screenshots, you know: Open inventory and double-click an item and use it. All necessary information should be available in the download file.
  15. Update Version 2.0 (15.10.2016) ADDED: - New Items: See '_ClassList.txt' - Now it is possible to trade weapons. FIXED: - Some objects fixed. IMPROVED: - Mission adjusted. A simple example of the card reader. New possibility to combine objects. Wire + handgranate = triple wire mine With the card reader, locked doors can be opened. (Programming skills required)