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  1. I submitted GC fix to Dwarden week ago, we're just waiting for it to hit A2 beta.
  2. Compare to non-beta OA?
  3. allowDamage doesnt save from crashes in A2\OA
  4. Player disconnect 1.68 issue

    Posting here as well for anyone who'll find this thread through search, there is a solution to this issue in another thread:
  5. Until it is fixed in the game, Include this addon as server-side mod (serverMod=) and it will fix it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xw247q7a2jq27yk/fixdisconnect.pbo?dl=0
  6. If you dropped the bomb at time of first screenshot then no wonder you missed. You first have to aim with the plane\helicopter and use locking to correct small errors. But yes, circle in square can be a bit misleading now.
  7. Beta should have locking enabled but with much less flight trajectory change.
  8. No, we can only control 2 config values of maneuvrability and trackOversteer and that's it.
  9. So I did few tests with unguided-guided bombs, I set trackLead to 0 so bombs no longer lead moving targets and decreased maneuvrability from 20 to 5 for FAB-250 and Mk.82, so they change their trajectory much less. I did some tests with AV8B, Su-25 and Mi-24P, you still have to mostly rely on your vehicle's speed and orientation to succesfully drop bombs but locking can sometimes help you with that. GBU-12 still has huge maneuvrability value of 20 so it is very effective when bombing laser targets.
  10. We cannot control any of this, its all hardcoded in the engine.
  11. Bombs ARE missiles in the game, except they have lower speed but much higher maneuvrability. The longer bomb falls, the move maneuvrable it becomes making it impossible to dodge it even in fast moving vehicle, I'll do tests to see if lower maneuvrability solves it.
  12. The thing is that although bombs are unguided, they are not dropped simply by intuition or by chance, there should be aiming devices that calculate when to drop the bomb to hit the target. I'd suggest to try to bring locking back but decrease maneuvrability so you still have to manually aim the plane\helicopter but locking will help it only a little bit.
  13. Can't really say but there is indeed good chance it will break something somewhere. Implemented tickets: http://dev.withsix.com/issues/46056 http://dev.withsix.com/issues/24887 http://dev.withsix.com/issues/24957
  14. I'm not sure about this change myself, should we revert it?