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  1. Despite having forsaken desert missions for jungles, this somehow appeals to me - especially as it doesn't involve the fscked up Steam wrokshop client (3 cheers for Foxhound/Armaholic). Thank you for sharing :)
  2. Give me a day or so and I'll post a link to a 7z file of images of various buildings on sticks around/in Tonle Sap, plus some images of inhabitants about their daily business. Note: ordinary Cambodians are wonderful people. Kind, gentle, and generous for the main part, their country and traditional culture (with all its flaws) was destroyed by the war criminals Nixon, Kissinger, Thatcher, and Pol Pot et al. of the Khmer Rouge. If you have any spare change, please consider donating to charities that support orphanages, landmine victims, landmine clearance, etc. - but please research carefully, there are lots of scams mostly run by Westernerrs.
  3. I use skill 0.7 - 1.0 and accuracy 0.15-0.3 depending on faction and scenario, but who am I? Alwarren and dmarkwick have each made a variety of contributions to the arma series through several incarnations; follow their advice then tweak it til it suits your skill/play style. Oh and check out their mods/scripts too. All good stuff :)
  4. Thank you for the update BIS_Wizard, and especially for the info about finding what version is installed. I fired up Steam and checked - it said my version was dated 08.01.2017 (!!) When it had updated. I stopped it trying to download 36GB+ of (non-)updates, My steam version: help > about: returned a date of 19/01/2017 (!!). Oh ye gods and little fishes... Allowed it to update (yet again) and endlich, it agrees with your post. I stand by my earlier (albeit very harshly worded post) that it is very hard to have confidence in an updating (amongst other functions) program that cannot update itself reliably. Ofc it will not resolve the problems I have with the replicated folders.I have been waiting almost 36 hrs for a response from Steam support; possibly that division of Valve is as clueless as (or dependent upon) the team that borked the client in the first place. Self-help time. I will post any solutions that work in this forum, given the abysmal performance of Valve.
  5. I use this in every mission that has ground vehicles, and I use it with kju's "DisableFriendlyFire Server" addon - units hit by a friendly vehicle yell, fall down then just get up & carry on with no damage. The other advantage is that it prvents the player being shot in the back by his own AI team-mates. That aspect - like driving - seems much worse than it was in A2/CO; AI really do seem to perceive friendly players hardly at all. Vcom AI driving mod: don't leave home without it :)
  6. Yet more great scripts from johnnyboy. These will be very handy as I get into jungle warfare again I'm impressed both by the implementation and the creativity of the concepts (birds of prey is a brilliant example). Thank you for sharing :)
  7. Nice script, many thanks for sharing :)
  8. True, it's a problem, as is the AI blindness to friendly human players. However. it's not correct to say "hardly anyone"; there are comments and discussions all over the forums, and some excellent coders have shared mods/scripts to improve various aspects. Using kju's excellent "DisableFriendlyFireServer" addon makes a huge difference. Uber-realists may carp, but it's more realistic than the mass-murder AI drivers routinely commit. The game becomes much more playable and more fun especially with the Vcom_Driving mod. BIS still needs to fix the driving (not to mention AI perception deficits).
  9. Really? I didn't know it could be repositioned like that :) Hmm, shows how little I've played over the last couple of years!
  10. Wow, there's a lot of competition for that distinction (to use a somewhat oxymoronic term). I agree, the first releases in the GR series were great. My interest in the franchise died with GRAW. Despite the annoyances, ArmA remains by far the best game I've ever played, so your GR reincarnations will always be very welcome.
  11. EMSI, is that minimap in the videos part of the mod or a 3rd-party addon?
  12. Please use some punctuation. Dunno about others, but I couldn't be bothered to wade all the way through that 'stream of semi-consciousness' verbiage. IIRC Bad Benson designed it so that heavily-laden soldiers couldn't jump - just like RL :)
  13. The haze addon sounds interesting. Also, a script version that simulated night mist burning off as the day warmed up could add quite a bit of immersion to appropriate scenarios. Is that something you might consider? Fire & Smoke was / is one of my standard mods in A2/CO. The birds are one of the mods many cool features. So, whenever...
  14. Very fine, thank you for sharing!
  15. Update: still not fixed. Steam replied to my ticket with some face-saving waffle about 'interfering programs'. There are none - I disable almost all "run at start" apps, I use Black Viper's 'tweaked' configuration for services; and GameBooster to i.d. & close all irrelevant processes when I want to play ArmA. Their other suggestion was to download the installer then uninstall / reboot / reinstall the Steam client. As I was uploading a rather large file, I decided to try reinstalling over the top of the existing install. No problem - after the install, no requirement to reboot, it connected & updated first a ca. 25 MB file then a ca. 40 MB file. It then fired up, asked for my PW, and connected. Client was clearly updated; it has the "Move this install" option, and it connected to Steam without trying to redownload most of the mods. Unfortunately on reconnecting this morning, it again started to download 36.8 GB of 'updates'. It's possible that the fubar over the replicated folders, etc., has resulted in workshop-related files that contain outdated or incorrect data. Looks like I will have to move the ArmA 3 folder out of the Steam folder and go through the uninstall / reinstall routine. I already backed up the game files, and all the mods are mirrored on both of my WD external drives. Oh yes - this version now includes a useless 'run at start' default. FFS, it seems every half-arsed programmer and their dog puts that into their s/w. There are very few programs that need to run at the start. I take it as an indicating a certain degree of stupidity. Edit, March 13. I ran a duplicate-file hunt. Multiple mod folders have been duplicated; looks like Steam simultaneously updated one file in both instances, at least once. The game is essentially unplayable now. There is no way I know of finding out what Steam intends to download, let lone edit that list.