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  1. Duh! Quite right, must have had a brainfart.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Are you planning to update any other of Shko's scripts (especially AISSP)?
  3. Ah, OK thanks for the info. Strange that I never saw that on the Unsung maps, though I've played very, very little over the last couple of years.
  4. Hah! Doesn't happen on the Usung maps that I've ever seen, nor did it happen on Trung Si before today's update. Ofc because it's a Steam d/l I can't go back & check.
  5. Thanks, Bludski. One oddness, however. In this version, a short burst of M240 7.62 non-tracer sets light to the thatched huts pretty reliably. Bit unlikely, especially in the rainy season :)
  6. Excellent work, mate. Just had a stroll round the latest update, had me thinking about holidays ;) Found another source of photos; the University of North Carolina has a teacher-support project called "Learn NC". Illustrated articles on Vietnam, Cambodia past & present. Lots of images, downloadable in different resolutions for the most part. Here's a ruined tower built by the Chams. Modern era buildings as well. Some great pics of rural thatched houses in Vietnam & Cambodia. Search the main site for country names, or for Margery H Freeman (photographer, results will get you her homepage with links to may photos) & Lorraine Aragon (text).
  7. You're very welcome. I intend to use (attempt to, at least :) those as rough templates for houses round the temple I want to make. Which reminds me, I haven't uploaded any photos yet.... Great screenshot :) The rivers generally & Tonle Sap especially are anything but crystal clear. In fact I would never swim in Tonle Sap (apart from anything else, the floating villagers have, erm, 'outdoor' plumbing... Thanks for the update. Had a wander round the map shortly before seeing this (Steam updating as I type) and it is really outstanding. Tramping through the jungle I had a big fat grin on my face. Gonna put a simple AISSP mission on it to see how the AI cope. One issue I did notice is that some of the smaller bunkers have a floor that is too low - you can't fire out properly. One thing that will AIUI missing in A3 SEA maps are crocs - I think I read that Charon won't be updating the mod he made for A2/CO which is a real shame. Cheers!
  8. Rural houses still haven't changed much still, at least in the area round Siem Reap and Tonle Sap. A tin roof instead of thatch is fairly common, I guess it depends on the families income / tolerance for the noise during the rainy season especially. You're in luck, Bludski, because there is an excellent set of rural house photos on Wikipedia - complete with some great interior shots in one of the galleries. And Vietnamese rural houses don't look much different from outside at least - I never went inside one. There are lots of photos on the Internet of the famous floating village Kompong Khleang, they show one of the common characteristics of Cambodian rural houses - stilts. Much of Cambodia is flood plain; Tonle Sap water level changes by 8 or 9 metres!
  9. But in my experience, being a crap coder, until someone has learned by heart the >2000 pages referenced , they should pay at least as much attention to the pages: Scripting Commands by Functionality - which I am finding very useful - and Functions by Functionality - because there one can find ready-made solutions for a great variety of tasks.
  10. @R3vo: thank you for your continuued work on this very useful addon; very much appreciated :) IIRC there's a ticket about that on the bugtracker; something might happen if enough people upvote it.
  11. Really well done, Zeealex :) The lack of female characters in vanilla A3 was a glaring deficiency. Yet another case of 'modders unto the breach'!
  12. Very pretty, thank you makhno! If it isn't a huge task (I genuinely have no idea) a snow version would be cool <cough>. As other have noted, lots of scope for WWII scenarios and a Battle of the Bulge campaign could be a lot of fun.
  13. Great updates :) Thank you, CUP & CWA teams!
  14. Wonderful pictures, bludski. Makes me quail from hubris at thinking I could make a decent jungle map on the basis of my zero experience/knowledge... but the wtf? - I want this. I'll pm you witha link for some of my photos of Khmer temples. In the interim, please continue to amaze with your skill and creativity :)
  15. Unfortunately it did not make a difference. Script errors still show up. Peculiar since, as one would expect, a shortcut made from the launcher does not have "-showScriptErrors"; i.e. it seems unlikely that the launcher is adding that parameter. Hmm, I think I had better check that the latest stable does have it off by default still.