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  1. [SP/CO3] Misbegotten

    Umm, there just might be some copyright issues here... Seriously, given the CoD kiddies and their like uploading ArmA mod-makers IP to any site they choose, isn't it a pretty shit idea to start uploading CoD content? I am obviously assuming you don't have Activision's permission to use their content; please do correct me if that is not the case - and prvide proof, naturally.
  2. Faces of War [WW2]

    Sure, one must absolutely respect the stated wishes of other content creators. The magical thing here is that so many people share so openly :)
  3. ASR AI 3

    The 'standard' ArmA formations do not reflect best-practice military protocols. Where is the 'box' formation? Where is the 'all-round defense' as developed by UK forces? I have some preliminary alternate formations, but a combination of illness and the broken STEAM client preclude any early completion. 1
  4. Missing Units

    Thank you for the update, Sparfell. Oh, and I promise devoutly not to mirror it :P
  5. Faces of War [WW2]

    I have never come across any forum, in any field, where there is so much co-operation and exchange of what is, frequently, commercially-valuable content. Kudos to the ArmA mod community :)
  6. Just wanted to say thank you for all your fine work on Sahrani, etc.


    Looking forward to seeing more contributions when your RL commitments allow.


    Cheers :drinking2:



  7. Good. In future. if you/others are able to post probable version numbers, I may be able to help since because the STEAMing pile of **** client has rendered my game effectively unplayable I am currently re-installing Acronis backups (so far to no avail).
  8. Ouch! :P <bg> I never have had cause not to be impressed by the UNSUNG team's work; and quite contrary to what I would have expected, this has become one of the prime reasons for my continuing interest in ArmA despite the STEAMing pile of **** and some serious ill-health. Why?: I never had much interest in the VN war as a game (other than Vietcong 1) since I always, from kidhood, regarded the war as the result of appalling American ignorance and stupidity... Before the US cretinous 'patriots no matter what' tendency clog the thread, I should add that the Brits' WWII decision to release Jap POWs to suppress Vietnamese attempts to rid themelves of French colonialists - despite the appallingly brutal Japanese record in SEA - has never ceased to disgust me. Churchill may have been a useful figurehead in the fight against Hitler, but in most aspects of his life, by modern standards he was a far-right narcissist, whose excess of ego over competence led to many deaths (e.g., Gallipoli). Bravo Harold Wilson for so astutely keeping the UK out of one of the US' most predictable fuckups. /end personal take on history
  9. EGO

    Hee! The more the merrier as far as AI-enhancement mods are concerned. Cheers Orc
  10. ASR AI 3

    Wow, a long list of major changes. Thank you, Rob - ASR_AI has been, and remains, my #1 AI mod pretty much since the first version despite some fairly stiff competition. I very much appreciate your commitment to long-term support. I look forward to seeing. and contributing to. your PayPal pension supplement fund :P
  11. With absolutely zero reference to any recent post/poster, I want to thank the CUP team for an incredible amount of hard work that has produced a mountain of wonderful content. The occasional glitch that might have sneaked through is trivial compared with the outstanding overall quality of their (entirely voluntary!) output. Who would have dreamt that not only would there not be a huge hole where BIS' brilliant Chernarus terrain once reigned supreme, but several versions for A3? Many thanks, CUP team. I wish I had a shred of your competence. (If I can ever stop the STEAMing puddle of poo from endlessly duplicating each and every workshop mod download, maybe I can enjoy playing the latest updates...)
  12. [WIP] Female base model project

    No worries HG. Really like your work; 'whenever' will be fine with me.
  13. Those are really lovely. Such talent and dedication :)
  14. Hi Petrlach & colleagues Just keep doing what you are doing - it's brilliant :) I'll be delighted to download it when finshed and upload a mission of several asap to Armaholic;
  15. Bravo! The more that oleaginous onanists like this get banned, the better for the community as a whole and modders in particular. I loathe parasites..