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  1. audio dlc

    JSRS has been my standard sound mod for years... happy to wait for whenever, once you are satisfied to release any updated/new versions. So please don't bother answering the many mildly-to-totally contentless posts! Many thanks - and much applause - for your sterling, long-term contributions to the ArmA community.
  2. I'm a total bozo when it comes to animation, but recently I found that apart from the (too abrupt) transition from prone to upright, Solus's slx_AT_lying component of SLX_wounds works perfectly in A3; including reloading. Maybe analysing that could giive you some solutions, or at least clues. Good luck with your project: the more variety in ArmA the better!
  3. It's true; I speak from experience. This team will happily accept donated models AND follow through putting them in game AND both acknowledge your contribution(s), and reward you for it. Great mod from a great team of great people. PS: models aren't necessarily expensive :))
  4. ..but don't let that put anyone off downloading and playing some , e.g., Unsung editor mission. None of the bugs - and they are really not that many - are critical. This terrain is beautiful to just wander around, and (appropriately) an absolute nightmare when set up for intense jungle warfare. bludski, sorry not to have followed up on my PM re French colonial photos; RL stuff has been rough.
  5. The creativity and skill of community content makers for ArmA continues to shame the developers of way too many "professional" studios. This mod looks to become one of the prime examples :))
  6. Brilliant work, CUP team. It is so great to have all the preceding (especally Chernarus-related) content available in A3. 45 days is but an eye-blink...
  7. Actually the solution does lie with Valve; but I suspect a combination of fecklessness and corporate greed means they will never implement it.... however: 1. Anyone uploading another's IP without permission gets a first warning as well as the deletion of everything they have uploaded to Steam workshop ['SW]'' 'Everything' because that obviates the need for Valve or anyone else to have to evaluate other uploads by the offender, and deters them and others from similar acts. 2. On a second offense, as (1) but with additionally suspension of their entire Steam account for 3 months. 3. On a 3rd offense; suspension of their account for 180 days. 4. On a 4th occurence, suspension for 2 years (even the most determinedly stupid subscriber will decide this isn't worth it). Of course thatt might initially lead to a small drop in Steam's sales revenue, but that would trivially not persist.
  8. And run a search for "tutorials" - there are lots :) And lots, and lots... so don't make it ArmA 3 specific, there are many excellent tutorials for Arma 2/CO that are entirely relevant to A3.
  9. This is a real shock, Wiki..As other have said, you will be missed - not only because of your first-rate missions and campaigns, also because of your good humour and kindness. Having had 2 years of RL hell I can understand why you might decide to drop ArmA. without knowing the specific details (which are nobody's business but your own). I would recommend that you don't impose on yourself some set-in-stone decision that might deter you from returning to such an engrossing hobby; people can do so when going through rough times. In any event I wish you peace, satisfaction and happiness in the future. I am sure that if you choose not to return to ArmA, you will find other communities of whatever sort that will value you and your contributions. Kind regards Orc
  10. Unfortunately not, IME & IMHO. AI units ignore friendly human players when firing (even your own team-mates shoot you in the back) and moving (stand in front of you when you're firing; push you out of the way - and into enemy fire - at corners or other cover, etc., etc. Very different situations from driving, but lacking solutions like kju's disable_friendly_fire _server, equally lethal.
  11. Despite having forsaken desert missions for jungles, this somehow appeals to me - especially as it doesn't involve the fscked up Steam wrokshop client (3 cheers for Foxhound/Armaholic). Thank you for sharing :)
  12. Give me a day or so and I'll post a link to a 7z file of images of various buildings on sticks around/in Tonle Sap, plus some images of inhabitants about their daily business. Note: ordinary Cambodians are wonderful people. Kind, gentle, and generous for the main part, their country and traditional culture (with all its flaws) was destroyed by the war criminals Nixon, Kissinger, Thatcher, and Pol Pot et al. of the Khmer Rouge. If you have any spare change, please consider donating to charities that support orphanages, landmine victims, landmine clearance, etc. - but please research carefully, there are lots of scams mostly run by Westernerrs.
  13. I use skill 0.7 - 1.0 and accuracy 0.15-0.3 depending on faction and scenario, but who am I? Alwarren and dmarkwick have each made a variety of contributions to the arma series through several incarnations; follow their advice then tweak it til it suits your skill/play style. Oh and check out their mods/scripts too. All good stuff :)
  14. Thank you for the update BIS_Wizard, and especially for the info about finding what version is installed. I fired up Steam and checked - it said my version was dated 08.01.2017 (!!) When it had updated. I stopped it trying to download 36GB+ of (non-)updates, My steam version: help > about: returned a date of 19/01/2017 (!!). Oh ye gods and little fishes... Allowed it to update (yet again) and endlich, it agrees with your post. I stand by my earlier (albeit very harshly worded post) that it is very hard to have confidence in an updating (amongst other functions) program that cannot update itself reliably. Ofc it will not resolve the problems I have with the replicated folders.I have been waiting almost 36 hrs for a response from Steam support; possibly that division of Valve is as clueless as (or dependent upon) the team that borked the client in the first place. Self-help time. I will post any solutions that work in this forum, given the abysmal performance of Valve.
  15. I use this in every mission that has ground vehicles, and I use it with kju's "DisableFriendlyFire Server" addon - units hit by a friendly vehicle yell, fall down then just get up & carry on with no damage. The other advantage is that it prvents the player being shot in the back by his own AI team-mates. That aspect - like driving - seems much worse than it was in A2/CO; AI really do seem to perceive friendly players hardly at all. Vcom AI driving mod: don't leave home without it :)