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  1. GRU Spetsnaz during the Deir Ezzor campaign.
  2. if i remember well there would be a version of sh53 helmet with net, would be a very cute additions
  3. how about this version? http://defense-update.com/20170802_idf-begins-testing-a-new-unmanned-turret-for-aifv.html
  4. for some skilled texturer #PAKFA T-50-9 at Zhukovsky during #MAKS2017 will be a very cute skin for the vanilla pak fa in arma 3, fits perfectly the game
  5. Jet DLC?

    i hope tha that the Blue CSAT camo will be avalaible also for the Neophron is very cute
  6. someone knows where is this suspended bridge? is in OA package?
  7. APEX! this setObjectTexture [1, "\A3\Characters_F_Exp\Syndikat\Data\U_I_C_Soldier_Para_1_F_2_co.paa"]; this setObjectTexture [0, "\A3\Characters_F_Exp\Syndikat\Data\U_I_C_Soldier_Para_1_F_2_co.paa"]; entire body
  8. Tanks DLC Feedback

    but a serious rework on T100 is needed, is very ugly
  9. Alpha Hoodies

    are already in game class U_Brown_BasicBody class U_Blue_BasicBody class U_O_BasicBody class U_B_BasicBody are the t shirt
  10. Alpha Hoodies

    why not with a singlet and Tshirt version?
  11. Faces of War [WW2]

    very good work! :459: good characters good weapons
  12. i try to explain if i use a famous 60' song to opening or during a mission there is a copyright problems?
  13. @Unsung dev team there is a problem to use some famous songs of this era for missions? thanks in advance
  14. Tanks DLC Feedback

    mi wishes are 1) completely reworked T100 (so far is atrocius) 2) add svir 2 missile to T100 3) type 99/2000 chinese mbt with dazzling laser 4) fully functionality "namer" dozer :) 5) t72b3 at state of the art for guerrilla 6) israeli M60 pioneer RC and M60 sabra kit (magach 6/7) 7) Barracuda kit for all tanks