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  1. I've added some more images of the Jerry Can to the album. Tell me what you think of it. (I think it might need a more detailed LOD adding to the model, but maybe not) http://imgur.com/w8LCLLh I've also added the thumb nails/editor preview pictures to both the barrel and the Jerry Can. The next thing to do is to make the Jerry Can an inventory item so i'm off to go and read about how to do this.
  2. There was me thinking that orange = kingdom of orange = Netherlands. Netherlands is part of benelux and benelux is made of 3 countries so I guess that its the half life 3 dlc that's been confirmed??
  3. I'll give that a try, its just a bit weird that it got broken between Blender and O2.
  4. Can anyone explain why i'm getting this with the handles in Arma but in Blender they show up perfectly fine? http://imgur.com/kAucZ5q Is it an Arma thing or do I just need to flip those normals?
  5. This is what it looks like so far updated: http://imgur.com/gokHSJy
  6. I've been using gimp but I'm a bit of a noob at using it so ill have a look later. wouldn't making it transparent hide the image though or should I just change the transparancy a bit to suit?
  7. Can anything go on the pylons on those choppers?
  8. I've added a render of the jerry can to the imgur album. http://imgur.com/FEpnS0t As you can tell, the texture isn't very good so i'm looking for some advice on how to improve it so it looks nicer in the game. I'm thinking of adding a little bit of rust to it to be honest, but I get the feeling it might need a bit more than that. Here is what the base layer looks like at the moment. As you can see its very plain. I need to add some details to the label at some point. http://imgur.com/7TMbVow
  9. Anyone got some good advice on making my textures look nicer as they look a bit plain at the moment. See the image below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo2gekrt6tp1t35/Jerry_Can_Session2UVTake3.png?dl=0
  10. Do you plan on rolling this in with CUP at all? Would compliment it quite well I think.
  11. I've made it so it can refuel anything within 2m of it at the moment (same way as you would from a HEMMIT or the like. The oil drums hold more fuel than the Jerry can, but they are still quite limited in their capacity (I think I set it to 80 fuel). Hence the plan to mount 4 on a pallet to make airdrops even more useful. I still need to work on the textures a bit though as they look terrible. Also, you can see through the handles on the jerry can only on the side your looking at so i'll need to find out what causes it and fix it (I guess its my view geometry?)
  12. I've been working on the Jerry Can this weekend and have gotten it into the game. http://imgur.com/4XYp308 I think it could do with some love on the textures so i'll have to have a look over the next week at making a better one. I was thinking of making it so the Jerry Can's will also have different variants that will only differ in colour so i'll have to add that to the editor selection.
  13. It did the same on another thread for me. Guess its the 100kb thing?
  14. Really liking the Teeth on the mi24