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  1. The Swedish armed forces mod has a sub with torpedoes. Probably worth talking to the maker about it as he seems pretty open about stuff.
  2. Hopefully with upgrade scripting, 3d editor out of the box, and better multiplayer physics (objects being able to stay on each other without scripting). its probably going to be a Czech drinking sim though.
  3. Arma 4? BIS Cake and Beer Simulator?
  4. In which case its CUP. Couldn't remember which one id seen it in.
  5. I think RHS? Maybe CUP too?
  6. Is it not possible to add slingloading like functionality to it or is that tied specifically to the "heli" class?
  7. +1 to this idea.
  8. According to biki fuelCapacity value has nothing to do with litres. Seems to just be an arbitrary value.
  9. some good ideas there. I had the idea of creating a fuel bowser but it wouldn't be towable but you could lift it at least. I don't think arma uses gallons for fuel. I think its just an arbitrary amount as the huron seems to fill the same amount as the little bird. I can also adjust the value down a bit as I thought it was to low tbh. its a bank holiday weekend here this weekend and I've got nothing planned other than Sunday so ill have a play with the effects a bit more and see if I get an other models made. I'll have a look at the ace config stuff better when I get back home on Friday to see what it entails. I can always release it as a separate config and pbo if needs be. I think it should be possible to add ammo filling ability as this is what some of the i came boxes already do. I'll probably have a look at making some objects for it at some point.
  10. Get well soon. I'm wondering who at BIS we would need to talk to in order for the roadway lod distance to be increased? I'm wondering if its a number that needs changing somewhere or if its something more significant that needs modifying to get the bigger roadway lods working.
  11. Not at the moment at least as I don't use ACE and am not familiar with configs for it. It may be something ill add eventually but I'm away with work during the week so don't have much time for editing.
  12. yes. CAMO_LOD1 should work. I'd be interested to see you re skin. The UV map is in the dropbox and the armaholic link. @foxhound. Thanks for the link, ill added it to the first post when I'm back qt a proper pc later.
  13. I've been wanting to make a mod that adds some small/unusual objects/vehicles to Arma since Arma 2, but I've never really had the time or more importantly the talent to make anything for the game. Hopefully i'll get around to making some other objects (i'll take some requests as to what people want with regards logistical items - remember I'm a noob at modelling and texturing). My focus has been on learning how to make logistical objects as I feel these are lacking within Arma itself, and now that Arma is starting to lend itself to it (ViV, PhysX etc) rather than having to mod it in with scripts. I've been working on learning how to mod within Arma 3 and finally have made something that i'm happy to release to the community. I'll probably add more reskins of the object in future releases alongside some more objects hopefully as and when I get time to make them. Anyway, here is the first release package - yes its small, but I think it will help me to gather feedback from the community on how to improve and if logistical objects are worth continuing to make. The barrel contains 800 units of fuel which will refuel the Huron about 60%. These barrels are also explosive if you shoot at them and can be slingloaded around via a Littlebird. The barrels can be found in Things>Small Items. Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32685 Download from Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a0rgg8xf1pawomy/Dans Oil Barrels.rar?dl=0 Subscribe on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911888043 Included in the package is: - A single barrel object which comes in 2 different skins. - A ambush mission on Tanoa which involves the use of the barrels as part of the mission. Please note that this mission uses CUP and Apex. - The unwrapped exported UV texture which you can use to create new reskins of the barrel. (Hidden Selection = "CAMO_LOD1") - Signed server keys.
  14. I thought the steam workshop collections feature was supposed to have been created to make life easier to create a "pack" on the workshop. Or at least that's what I did for my clan, go check it out at [EVO] Clan mod collection. It allows us to keep all our mods up to date easily and if you've subscribed to the list you know you have all the mods. I think it could do with a button though to subscribe to any added mods so you don't manually have to back to the collection if an extra mod was added to the list.
  15. I'm just wondering if we'll have a hanger and some access for it. (btw, great work on bringing a CVN to the series officially!)