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  1. Nice work dude, this is a really exciting development you've pulled off here
  2. Yeah we took this into account when setting up the system. When the weapon is placed in the editor it will have a bunch of extra magazines so the AI can use it, if the weapon is assembled from launchers though it starts empty.
  3. just a little nitpick but your enfield isn't cocked to fire should be back like this when the bolt is closed: edit: and this is just a bit of personal preference but charger loading that fast would require some sort of divine intervention
  4. Arma 2 had the grey nights by default when it was a full moon
  5. I think this is a bug on Bohemia's side of things
  6. To me it'd seem easier to just ignore the request posts instead of posting 2 paragraphs of ranting each time someone asks for RHS to add The Everything
  7. is probably what you're looking for. A similar post was made in this thread:
  8. Baermitumlaut gave very constructive feedback, the only complaints I'm seeing is yours about his post.
  9. Huh really? Never noticed the crane issue.
  10. Just a couple issues I noticed having a quick flyby through zaragabad and some of the poles down the road seemed a bit offset aswell
  11. I don't know why it just isn't ignored, it isn't like the people are calling you at 4 in the morning asking for stuff. Just text on a web page, ignore it. Don't need to post a spiel
  12. Pretty much this. It's a very good way to encourage people to violate your license more
  13. well I said later this week but I lied: Changelog for 1.2: - Resolved config warning messages (Thanks to hogthar for the solution for this) - Resolved scope private error message Download
  14. Yep should have it out by the end of the week it should have been done months ago but i've been part lazy/busy and just havent got around to it.
  15. There's also a bug regarding particles where they will start to disappear at random and its more noticble with the larger particle size