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  1. @devildog664 try the instructions from
  2. Yes, feel free to create ticket for it. :)
  3. Currently there is no way to mark an area as active. The only ways to activate an area is to move yourself there or use Zeus and set the camera to that location. There is a ticket that broadly asks for what you're asking for at but it's been closed for unknown reasons.
  4. That's correct, profiled units can only interact with other profiled units unless they're spawned in.
  5. rarityGroup isn't used by ALiVE but it's probably something that BI uses for their dynamic battlefield module or whatever it's called. Basically the higher the number the more that group would appear.
  6. ^ I think you've quoted the wrong post. :)
  7. We'll need the full RPT (both client and server I guess) and the logs in @aliveserver. :)
  8. This definitely sounds like you're requesting a virtual arsenal box. When placing it down manually the arsenal related scripts are being ran but when requesting through the player logistics system these scripts don't run properly. Maybe in the future this will get fixed. :) EDIT: Arsenal related scripts being the scripts that fill the crates with the proper items and such.
  9. The multispawn module uses the markers named ALiVE_SUP_MULTISPAWN_INSERTION_<faction> for the start position and ALiVE_SUP_MULTISPAWN_DESTINATION_<faction> for the destination position. Replace <faction> with the faction of the player(s). EDIT: Which is also explained on the wiki at
  10. Yes that's the same kind of borked that we know about. tracks progress on the arty work and as you can see it has been a while since the last change.. ^^ There's a good chance that CUP/CWA Malden hasn't been indexed yet, A3 DLC Malden has been indexed today by @tupolov and should be available once A3 1.72 is released. CUP Chernarus should work fine though.
  11. Depends on that you think is borked but the arty system is kinda broken at places, yes. It has seen some (unreleased) work but has been on hold for a little while now. Soon-ish? :)
  12. There should be an option in those modules to not place slingload objects, not sure where it is but the option is there, somewhere. :)
  13. When using AI mods it's probably best to not use the ALiVE AI Skill module.
  14. It's a test build and it's not on the workshop (yet). :)