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  1. We'll need the full RPT (both client and server I guess) and the logs in @aliveserver. :)
  2. This definitely sounds like you're requesting a virtual arsenal box. When placing it down manually the arsenal related scripts are being ran but when requesting through the player logistics system these scripts don't run properly. Maybe in the future this will get fixed. :) EDIT: Arsenal related scripts being the scripts that fill the crates with the proper items and such.
  3. The multispawn module uses the markers named ALiVE_SUP_MULTISPAWN_INSERTION_<faction> for the start position and ALiVE_SUP_MULTISPAWN_DESTINATION_<faction> for the destination position. Replace <faction> with the faction of the player(s). EDIT: Which is also explained on the wiki at
  4. Yes that's the same kind of borked that we know about. tracks progress on the arty work and as you can see it has been a while since the last change.. ^^ There's a good chance that CUP/CWA Malden hasn't been indexed yet, A3 DLC Malden has been indexed today by @tupolov and should be available once A3 1.72 is released. CUP Chernarus should work fine though.
  5. Depends on that you think is borked but the arty system is kinda broken at places, yes. It has seen some (unreleased) work but has been on hold for a little while now. Soon-ish? :)
  6. There should be an option in those modules to not place slingload objects, not sure where it is but the option is there, somewhere. :)
  7. When using AI mods it's probably best to not use the ALiVE AI Skill module.
  8. It's a test build and it's not on the workshop (yet). :)
  9. Seems like dropbox changed their public folder stuff, here's a new link to the same file :)
  10. Did you enable the "Infantry sea transport" setting for the ALiVE Virtual AI System module? You don't have to pre-place boats, they are created as needed. It should work for all factions as far as I can tell.
  11. I think you're mixing up public and global variables. Public variables are "special" variables used to transmit the variable's value to all other machines with e.g. To answer your question, prefer private variables over global variables. Global variables are considered "bad" in programming but if you have to use a global variable it's fine. The world won't end. :) EDIT: And to really answer your question, yes you'd probably use a global variable in your case.
  13. You don't have to replace isServer with isDedicated. isServer equals true when locally hosted and on a dedicated server isDedicated equals true when on a dedicated server isMultiplayer is pretty much the same as isServer So basically just use isServer everywhere unless you really need to only do something on a dedicated server.
  14. Try BERcon.exe -someParam param > bercon.txt 2>&1 , should work fine.