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  1. Added your post to the issue. :) (
  2. There is some "documentation" you can find at :)
  3. Please stop spreading the false statement that ALiVE doesn't work using the 64-bit, it works fine and you can ignore the "incompatible with 64-bit" messages. :-) The only case where ALiVE doesn't work with 64-bit yet is when you want to index a map but that's not required to play... and sorry for the off-topic ^^
  4. Yes, ALiVE works fine in 64-bit as it is at the moment so you can ignore the warning that the A3 launcher gives. The only things not working with the 64-bit client is generating new map indexes and data persistence (war room) with the 64-bit dedicated server.
  5. I'm missing the old "Content I follow" system. :(
  6. withSix should be up to date again thanks to Sonsalt! :)
  7. I'm sorry, I didn't intent to convey the idea that I wanted to have a crack at it. Was just relaying some information. :)
  8. I stumbled upon a little while back. It might help you with the water colors, no terrain making experience so no clue beyond a link. :D
  9. It's a known issue (see It seems like it slipped through the cracks with the last update. :(
  10. Don't quote me on it but it seems that the assassination task is the only one that's tied in to OPCOM.
  11. You'll need permission from the original terrain creator and the sources to be able to modify it. Not sure about retexturing.
  12. Added your suggestion to, haven't worked on the artillery module a lot lately but it's still on my mind. :D
  13. Did some poking around in game today and it seems that the command bar is handled entirely in engine.. Doesn't seem to be open to modding.. :(
  14. I see, disregard my comment about the locality thing then, shouldn't matter with editor based things. :)