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  1. I would love to see an LCAC or an MK10 Landing Craft...I know Burnes released his files so people could build off of them or update them and sign them..especially with Tanoa something like that would be great..Ive been using Burnes MK10 for quite awhile but it has a few bugs in it and I am no where near being able to do anything with it as far as modelling or anything. I just think it would be a great asset especially for logistics and those of us who like the more realistic side of Arma. I also saw awhile back someone ( I think Mike Pheonix) was working on a new MK10 but its been quite awhile. Anyway..I really hope someone picks the Burnes stuff up and finishes it. Diesel
  2. Thanks for the reply..much appreciated..I'll check that out..thanks! Diesel
  3. Does anyone have this converted to use RHS? I was hoping to have an option to fight the Russians instead of CSAT all the time...or even CUP..the CSAT just seem like their Body armor is totally bulletproof. Diesel
  4. Ok cool..I'll probably get the jet dlc at some point..but I don't fly I crash..so its not at the top of my list..lol Diesel
  5. Ahhh..cool thanks for the info..much appreciated. Diesel
  6. I didnt buy the DLC but isn't the Carrier supposed to have guns on it? Or do you need to buy the DLC for that? Diesel
  7. Thanks Jigsor..worked perfectly with both your BMR Mission and on a couple others I am running like Hearts and Minds and Battlezone and Liberation..much appreciated! Diesel
  8. Alot depends on what features you want and how many player slots. I use Fox Gaming servers for mine..its a 20player server and I also rent a TS server for TaskForceRadio...I haven't had too many issues with it aside from the normal stuff like down for Maint. etc. Good communication with the server guy who runs it and decent performance. I picked it because of the price and I wanted just a 20 slot server..most are 40 or 50 that I ran across while looking for one. Link: http://www.foxgamingservers.com/ Its set up is the same as others are it has a control panel and then access to file upload and ftp. Diesel
  9. Thanks for the reply Jigsor..works great..would it be possible to implement this into a different mission? I see where to use the action by making an init_player.sqf but what would I do for the client_fncs.sqf I tried making one with just the function in it and placed it in the mission folder but I couldnt get it to work,I assume I have to call it from somewhere like the init.sqf maybe? Diesel
  10. If I am going to use this in one of your missions..I used the Zargabad mission and ported it to Everon..where would I add that in so I could have the carrier out on the sea. Diesel
  11. Thanks..I'll give that a try..I used the same thing I used for my MHQ's so that's why it is set up like that..but yeah what your saying makes sense about height and moving.I appreciate the reply I'll give that a go later. Diesel
  12. I have an object down that is "Carrier" then this in the init.sqf. from the flagpole at base. _id3 = myPole addaction [ "<t color=""#F70525"">" +"Teleport To Carrier", { (_this select 1) setPos getPos Carrier; (_this select 1) moveInCargo Carrier; }, nil, 1, false, true, "", "alive Carrier && {speed Carrier < 1}" //condition - if the Carrier is alive and isn't moving. ]; Where would I set the height to spawn as? Diesel
  13. Having issues when I try and teleport or spawn on the new USS Freedom carrier..I always end up in the water..no matter where I put the flag. Anyone else have this issue? Diesel
  14. Issue resolved with KOTH and BI...thread can be closed. Diesel
  15. Thanks I'll try there discord. I got a mesage from BI stating I was using KOTH content on my server..I have never even played KOTH and the server gets the message even in Vanilla mode with No mods loaded. So I wanted to contact them about the issue. Thanks for the reply and the link I'll contact them through that. Much appreciated. Diesel