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  1. The physical Medkit will show but it wont do anything with ACE Medical on..the FAKS get turned into Bandages with ACE..Not sure about the Vector..I think the physical piece will be their but I think ACE adds its on in too. That I am not sure on. Diesel
  2. If its a vehicle that option should be availible in Eden editor for Ace vehicle I think scroll to the Bottom of the vehicle Init..and if you use ACE I think the Medkits and FAKs are all turned into ACE Bandages too if I remember correctly. Diesel
  3. This group I was interested in said they were using the Charlie version..but later when I asked they just forgot to update the info about their group..lol..I havent used the Unsung Mod yet so wasn't sure what was availible. Diesel
  4. Is the Charlie Version availible still or just the Delta version? Diesel
  5. I use an AMD processor as well..an FX6350 6core is it as good as Intel..no..but it works fine and I can get 40+ Fps most places and its smooth..mine isn't as strong as yours is either..and I run an AMd Vid card RX460 so it isnt as good as yours is. The biggest thing I see is your render distance...I have mine at 2000 and 1500 respectively..I mean seriously unless your flying all the time you cant see that far or shoot that far anyway. Also if your hosting on your PC and having friends join that takes alot of Fps away from your set up. You really can't compare Arma to any other game..it has so much more going on it and the maps themselves are so much bigger its not a fair comparison. Dont expect too much as far as Fps goes..there are alot of tweaks you can do that will incrementally help your performance. You wont get an automatic boost but its a slow process to work through. Run the game on high priority,run Steam on low,dont stream at the same time,and cut back your view distance. check out youtube for a list of videos people have made with tweaks..some work..some don't..just always log what you did so you can change it back if needed. As far as TaskForceRadio..check their page..there are 32 and 64 bit DLLs I run a 64 bit server and havent had any issues with TFR at all. I'd uninstall TFR..re-install and go step by step off of there webpage for 64bit install. Hope some of this helps. Diesel
  6. Unit Suspended

    I think there is a contact address on the Units page someplace you can contact about the Unit issue. Did it give you a reason it was suspended or did someone maybe report it for some reason? Diesel
  7. BMR Insurgency

    I use TFR all the time and haven't had any issues with it. And FYI..BMR Insurgency isn't a "Mod" its a mission. Feel free to PM me if ya want some help with TFR be happy to help if I can. Diesel
  8. Sorry about the link..heres an updated link for you..https://www.dropbox.com/s/5kio7c7bekz01n1/Loading scripts.rar?dl=0 As far as the Huron containers go I use this script off of armaholic. It loads any of the Huron Containers onto the back of a Hemmt Tractor and works great been using it in every mission I edit. It gives the Hemmt tractor a purpose now. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27302#comments Diesel
  9. I use an old version of a different script specifically for the Huron Containers,it load them directly on the back of a Hemtt Tractor. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27302#comments Diesel
  10. WIll they ever optimize it?

    "Will they (consumers) ever stop worrying about FPS and just play the damn game"
  11. BMR Insurgency

    You can port it yourself too..I've done that alot with Jigsors Insurgency missions..you just have to place the markers and the side mission markers in places they would work well..I actually ported the one from Zargabad to the new Malden..its a tad scarce and doesnt have huge filled cities but I like it that way..alot of times the big cities get too busy I think. Biggest thing is placing the side missions in places that are appropriate. Hands down BMR Insurgency is the best one out there. Diesel
  12. I use a flag pole at base and call it "myPole"...then name the USS Freedom "Carrier" without quotes obviously..then use this as your "initPlayerLocal" JIG_transfer_fnc = { _dest = (_this select 3) select 0; _dir = random 359; titleText ["", "BLACK OUT"]; switch (typeName _dest) do { case "ARRAY" : {player setPos [(_dest select 0)-2*sin(_dir),(_dest select 1)-2*cos(_dir),_dest select 2];}; case "OBJECT" : {player setPos [(getPosATL _dest select 0)-10*sin(_dir),(getPosATL _dest select 1)-10*cos(_dir)];}; case "STRING" : {player setPos [(getMarkerPos _dest select 0)-10*sin(_dir),(getMarkerPos _dest select 1)-10*cos(_dir)];}; }; titleText ["", "BLACK IN",2]; true }; if (!isNil "Carrier") then { private _carrierPos = Carrier getRelPos [181, 349]; myPole addAction["<t color='#F70525'>Teleport to USS_Freedom</t>", "call JIG_transfer_fnc", [[(_carrierPos select 0),(_carrierPos select 1),19.2468]], 3.5]; }; Then I also put an Armex sign on the deck of the carrier and name it "mySign" and add this to your init.sqf _id = mySign addaction [ "<t color=""#F70525"">" +"Teleport To BASE", { (_this select 1) setPos getPos BASE; (_this select 1) moveInCargo BASE; }, nil, 1, false, true, "", "alive BASE && {speed BASE < 1}" //condition - if the BASE is alive and isn't moving. ]; I use an "oilspot" on the ground at base someplace and name it "BASE" that way I can teleport to the carrier and back to base. I'm sure there are a few ways to do this but this way is the easiest and can be used in a lot of different ways and works the best for me. The initPlayerLocal script is from Jigsor so I cant take credit for that and it works great. Diesel
  13. I use this to teleport to the USS Freedom...the one by Jigsor in this thread works great. Puts you on the carrier in the exact same spot every time. Off the deck in case someone is taking off or landing. Dont know about being able to teleport into a vehicle though. Have a look here and see if you can use this. Diesel
  14. Performance Problems, 780ti

    Does the game run smooth with 40Fps?..I'd love to get a constant 40 Fps..is it choppy or stuttering?
  15. Thanks..I appreciate that..my reply was probably a bit short so if it was taken that way I apologize..thanks for the clarification. Diesel