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  1. Is there a signed version for this for MP? I didnt see a bikey in it anywhere. Diesel
  2. Thanks..I sent you a PM about the loading scripts. Diesel
  3. Thats pretty neat..I already add something similar into the missions i edit..I also have a script I wrote to load the Nato ammoboxes shown into an RHS Truck Flatbed..as well as smaller cargo boxes that carry tires/tracks for the ACE Repair....great stuff! Let me know if you want to incorporate my script into your mission..be happy help. Diesel
  4. Question..can the "extended options" script be used with another mission? Diesel
  5. Thankyou both for the replies..I got the Alt thing fixed..weird issue with keybindings after the last update. I'll add in the CHVD then..always like to give players without optimal systems the option for view distance. Thanks again for the replies..much appreciated. Diesel
  6. A couple of questions...how do I get back my left alt key..its a default key for vehicle freelook but its bound to something else so I cannot drive with my mouse like I always do. Also how do I bring up the view distance? I see CHVD is in the scripts but it doesnt come up at all. Diesel
  7. Congrats..great stuff! Diesel
  8. I use it because it actually didnt do any fps hits at all..and with my set up i'll take any advantage I can get..lol Diesel
  9. Try real light/re-shade..does the same thing but with the entire game. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/183128-real-light-reshade-preset-by-solano/ Diesel
  10. Dumb question but is this server side only or both server and client? Diesel
  11. Check out this link...
  12. You can go into your server.cfg file on your server and set "persistent = 1;"..no quotations. This will keep the server from restarting..but you'll want to restart it every few days anyway to keep it fresh..I also think (someone else may know this for sure) there is a Mod/script that does data saves on the server. If I find the link I'll post it. Diesel
  13. I realize the file size would be the same..its just I am having issues loading a lot of extra mods on the server and thought putting them all into one @CUP folder would save me a lot of line space is all. Thanks for the reply..much appreciated. Diesel
  14. I have a question about the CUP Units Vehicles and Weapons...is it possible to put those into one folder and call it @CUP or do they all need to be named separately? Just seem to be having an issue with Mods on my server so I thought just adding one folder instead of 3 might be quicker and easier...any help would be appreciated. Diesel
  15. I would try verifying the game cache first before you do a re-install and see if anything is missing or anything downloads. Then try and run it again Vanilla with no Mods and nothing in the CMD line..then look at the rpt and see what it says..I have heard some people having issues with it not seeing their graphics card and trying to use the on-board graphics. Diesel