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  1. ^ ^ I highly agree about a showcase. BI should have ported an OFP Malden mission, such as Ambush! Badass mission (I've only played CWR2 version ported by W0lle). The "Hill of Death" sloping downwards into Houdan from the west, is now covered with a vineyard! Should make things very interesting...
  2. I agree. The Altis/Stratis buildings make it inherently "Greek" in appearance, which is ironic in that Malden topography is based on the Greek island of Lefkada. What happened to the "French" architectural influence and its supposed location someplace in the North Sea? Perhaps Malden was garrisoned with Greek NATO soldiers? ;-)
  3. In playing hundreds of missions on CWR2 Malden (for Arma 2), I had no complaints about the terrain; it felt like home. Malden 2035 is so packed with detail that in and of itself it's a work of art and very realistic; but as Undeceived wrote, it's a whole new island and bears little of nostalgic look and feel of the far sparser, antiquated original. Since it was created primarily for the run-n-gun Argo, lots of corners for CQC were needed, so objects and buildings were packed in there like sardines. But hey, it's 2035 and not 1985; lots of development is to be expected, and few could say that the 2035 version isn't a huge improvement. At least there are no wind farms and solar stations (that I have found anyway).
  4. Same here. I always start Afterburner + Riva AFTER I start up A3 to get Steam Overlay to work. This is not true for many other games, and I wish BI would fix that.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=890157500 Enjoy!
  6. It is clear that Malden 2035 is a very special terrain. Super-high attention to detail. A thing of beauty. It is easy to alt-click your way underground on rocky mountain peaks in the editor, but that's no big whoop.
  7. I would be ecstatic if they were somehow playable in SP, but I suspect that they are not, as I think BI would have hyped SP playability if it was available. Also added were Zeus missions for Malden terrain - I assume those are MP-only as well (?). The High Command (HC) aspect of Arma is extremely underexploited in official content. I think it has amazing potential to be developed as a vital SP tool into the future. Many other games use something like HC to control units (even Steel Beasts). Imagine if more full sets of commands were added to HC, such as those commanding stance, suppression, formation, behavior, combat mode, etc., all available intuitively from map via mouse clicks. Mixing HC missions into a campaign is a great way to extend a campaign with varied content. I remember that A2OA used HC quite nicely, in campaign and in Steel Panthers SP mission. Those were the days! HC was also used very effectively in King's Audience mission of IFL44 Russian campaign: HC is just another tool to generate varied campaign content, like Warfare, scouting missions, even dynamic content based on player choices earlier in campaign. All made better by and bound together within a story framework with (at least partially) developed characters. It is clear that there are so many ways that BI could develop striking SP content as a selling point into the future, but they have fully embraced the MP focus for a while now, and that probably is a safer business model. I hope that Tac-Ops and Tank showcase usher in a new era of outstanding and creative official SP content!
  8. With dark theme, some text in posts will not show at all. Compare the following post in light and dark themes: Edit: I guess the person changed the font color of the second half of his post to the exact same shade of gray as the dark gray background of the dark theme ? BTW, the spoilers look great now in terms of font color/background! BUT, links to forum posts included in a post (see above) are too light all around, just as spoilers used to be.
  9. More info:
  10. Perhaps the SP-friendly Apex Protocol will come out with Tac-Ops? Hopefully they haven't quietly dropped the idea... I also remember well all the bitter complaints here about Warfare in A2, especially its use in Harvest Red campaign. It could result in some bugs and frustrations in the campaign, but generally it did work quite well (see Bear Rising). As others have expressed above, I also miss Warfare (or something like it but more advanced) and procedurally-generated SP official missions (like ACR Thorn Tree, etc.) in A3. Instead we have a massive and growing suite of MP-only elements that I have never tried except for the tutorials. Essentially Zeus, End Game, Argo, and Combat Patrol have replaced Warfare. Another bad trend is BI's reliance on the community to generate most SP scenarios: MANW did produce Pilgrimage and other dynamic missions. Tac-Ops is BI's attempt to remedy that, I think/hope. I hope Jezuro, Zipper5, and others are hard at work on Tac-Ops (and Tanks showcase) right now! An idea for Tanks showcase that will make SP people happy: make sure it lasts at least an hour or more to make up for the existing Tanks showcase that is far too short and simple. For the record, I also regret the omission of the ALICE module (!), females, and furniture in addition to Warfare. These are major steps on the downward trend into the dank MP cellar.
  11. Yah! After clearing main airport () with my Marid, I received intel from one of the surrendered CSAT men there (not the officer with beret, just a team leader, I guess): map markers for both airports and both strongpoints appeared! Awesome.
  12. Cool. I'll try that. Thanks! Edit: Jeez, that mission looks awesome. Never tried it before. More A2CO fun ahead!
  13. Is that an official BI mission for Arma II, or a user mission? I'm having trouble finding it.
  14. Dark theme is great! As @Vasily.B mentioned, font color in spoilers needs to be made darker, or background changed to medium gray and font color changed to white.
  15. Yep, that is what I have done on every playthrough until now. Doing otherwise is preposterous for one guy. But I have a Marid, so I thought I'd try kicking a little ass. I'm trying to clear Altis airport now - a fool's errand, but what the heck. The placement and numbers of enemy are very well done in Pilgrimage, very realistic. Excellent info. Many thanks.