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  1. Yes, I figured that it's been that way forever, as I haven't heard of any changes in CCP or corepatch that would affect it. It is a minor detail, but would be nice to fix, and your suggestion sounds great.
  2. Using latest OA beta (A2CO), the muzzle flash when firing Arkan missile from BMP-3 does not come from the muzzle, but from where barrel meets turret.
  3. Switch to gunner's main seat for optics.
  4. It looks like ACR Lite will be downloaded and installed even if you already own the full ACR DLC. 110MB of space. Not a big deal, but....
  5. This issue is present in current RC: Any chance of a fix?
  6. What looks like the same issue was reported in dev branch last week:
  7. An odd thing: I was diving near Stratis and Tanoa for the first time in a long while, and.....where are the fish and sea turtles? Were they removed before and I didn't notice or hear about it?
  8. Missing action for switching weapon to primary from secondary:
  9. Hopefully devs are reading this (!), and they'll save us the trouble. :-)
  10. This annoyance has been around a long time, perhaps since 3den was introduced. When using Small interface size, in the Effects section of the Trigger dialog, the pop-up menus having lots of items (e.g. Music) require down-arrow keys followed by a click on the pop-up menu list selector (small down arrow icon) to select an item. Items cannot be selected with mouse click. With other interface sizes (I only tested Very Small and Normal), the issue does not occur and items in drop-down lists can be selected with mouse click. Small interface size is the only size that is feasible for me with a 1920 x 1200 screen. Others are way too small or large.
  11. True for me also.
  12. Bingo! All my weapon keybinds are unassigned EXCEPT for the "Switch gun/launcher" (default [RCTRL+ ;]) and "Switch gun/handgun" (;). Regarding 64-bit exe, it seems to run great. The only issue is that sometimes, after I quit the game, quitting the launcher takes up to several minutes. The A3 process hangs around for a long time, thrashing somewhat, before freeing memory and exiting. Before RC with 32-bit exe, quitting the launcher was much faster.
  13. I'm with you 100% about hating the keybinds. In fact, I have never used them until just now, when I first tried the RCTRL + ;. Edit: the reason I prefer the action menu for weapon switching over keybinds is that the action menu allows you to keep your eyes on the screen, where the action is, rather than having to glance at the keyboard to find some unintuitive key combination! Jeesh. That second or two could spell virtual death...
  14. Yes. But if you have no pistol, the only way to switch back to main weapon is with keybind. I swear this is new to RC, and it sure seems like a bug to me.