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  1. I had the same problem with the Cambodia port. Major-stiffy was looking for a solution. The body should never be placed in a ruin, but say 30m outside of it.
  2. Tanoa has been killing my system since the x64 exe ( And I have been lamenting the lack of drag and carry lately. Haven't tried Orange yet, but I do praise BI for releasing some SP content after Apex Protocol debacle.
  3. There were lots of places at the airport where he could have hidden, including at least 3 large guard towers, control tower, and many other buildings. All much closer than the house in the town. I don't know what's going on. Major bummer is that after killing ~50 enemy, I have found no &**^&^&*#$ repair kit! :-( My lousy hatchback containing the body got stuck on a jungle track, and I can't repair a nearby Tempest that got shot up by a patrol after I captured it at airport, so I have to hike many km to get to another abandoned vehicle. ARGH! And then I ran into a 9-man enemy patrol! Without a repair kit, Pilgrimage can become very frustrating. And I have ~82,000+ ff but nowhere to spend it (could try a decoy, but...) No wonder you're on can play new Orange mini-campaign! I haven't tried it yet, will wait until stable release. Edit: I finally found (and wiped out) a CSAT Repair team in Lami. At least two guys on the 4-man team had repair kits. Only ones around. But I wiped them out using a T-100 that I had captured near stronghold in railway depot near Regina by blowing its engine with an Alamut rocket. Then I found a civvy in Regina who offered to repair my vehicles for a price, and that fixed the tank right up! So everything is turning out well now.
  4. I don't think (?) I messed around with loot %. I think it's default. 50%? 75%? The warlord in the town must be the "airport" warlord? He should be at the airport, not some random civvy house in the middle of the town! I was lucky to find him at all. IMO, I don't think that Vafana's change to put loot in non-military buildings is needed, or should be toned down at least to put loot in buildings in an area of smaller radius around strongholds/airfields. Or, as you wrote, the number of added mil buildings/towers can be reduced. There seem to be too many towers now. Anything to increase FPS, which sucks for me on Tanoa compared to ALL other A3 terrains. Edit: After I spent a few hours clearing out a stronghold (marked as such on map), there was no warlord there, and no hostage. There was a dangerous T-100, though. So perhaps something is messed up with strongholds, in that its warlord ended up in Linjhaven instead??
  5. I'm playing major-stiffy's Tanoa port (194D4_SP) on Very Hard difficulty and Realistic loot settings (loot is mainly weapons + ammo and should only occur in military buildings). The airport on SE island near Linjhaven is fully-manned with attack heli, AA tank, Marid, many troops, etc. The town of Linjhaven is right next to that airport, and was apparently manned as a military base, or is garrisoned as if it was part of the airport. There are about 20+ civilian buildings with loot in them, rooftop snipers, and a warlord in a civvy house (who I found purely by chance). This is in addition to the loot in many mil buildings at airport. Linjhaven was NOT a stronghold, as the two strongholds are elsewhere, marked on map. The enemy manpower, warlord, and loot in Linjhaven seems odd. Since it's not a stronghold, why is it manned so heavily, and why so much loot in civvy buildings?
  6. Oh no! :-( Thank heavens I was between playthroughs....
  7. Boats are definitely the way to go. I'll try to do that next time. Last time, I didn't even see a boat until the last 1/2 hour of the mission. First half of mission was spent jogging thru the jungle on foot. Second half was spent driving on the nasty 4wd roads.
  8. FYI: playing Pvt. Partz's last version of Cambodia port (not current one), I found one hideout and "smelled" smoke from another. I may have found a checkpoint, but I'm not sure. All I know is that there was an Ifrit or Strider along a road in an open area that wasted me; I didn't get a good look at it. So the placement code for hideouts and possibly checkpoints is at least partially working. My hideouts were set at 75%. The mission ended normally using an assault boat found on river in far NE of map over a km from my starting location. Two such boats were ~50m from each other where the river passed through a town.
  9. Sounds cool. Such info would be good to add to first post so that people can quickly and easily determine what's new with ported mission versions. I like the rocks and other items that were added to Cambodia map....
  10. Too bad you can't drag the body as in Arma 2... ;-) **What are the differences between Rydygier's Lingor 1.95 b1 version and major-stiffy's?
  11. Hmm, the new version on OneDrive still mentions Altis. Here is the top of description.ext that would fix it: BTW, I like how you removed the body location from the ruin ("church") just east of Chamkar Samraong. The body was near the middle of that ruin in Pvt Partz's version when I played it, and it was a major pain in the ass getting my vehicle close enough to the body to load it.
  12. I was referring to the text mission description (overviewText), not the image. "...who was killed on Altis several hours ago."
  13. Cool! Does your modification of his Cambodia port also have that? I was planning on playing yours next. BTW, the preview screen (seen from mission list) of your version mentions Altis rather than Cambodia...
  14. Thanks for the info, alky!
  15. I'm playing Pvt. Partz's version of Cambodia port (version just before current version). I spawned near N. end of river river in dark with no map, so I only have rough idea of spawn location. Never saw the boat due to darkness. Going back there later, I can't find the boat anywhere along that part of the river. To end the mission, I assume that body must be loaded onto boat. The boat must be there somewhere, right? Or are boats not used in this port?