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  1. Word. Example: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124254 --- Am I happy with only 3 missions in Tac-Ops? No, I'd like more. Like 20. But I'll take 3. New assets? Never promised. A3 has enough assets anyway, but people who haven't already purchased DLC bundle may be less likely to buy this DLC with only 3 missions, especially if there are no new assets. --- (*&^*(&#$ Lots of my post was auto-deleted by me pressing the wrong key in Edge. Oh well. Forget it. --- It is VERY hard for me not to compare every A3 DLC to A2 DLC, all of which were so damn awesome that they will never be forgotten. Each one was like a new, fresh, mini game. A3 DLC? Not so much. But I haven't yet had the chance to play LoW, which I hear has a top-notch campaign. Us SP guys all know what A2 had that A3 does not. Females, ALICE (civvy system), dragging/carrying wounded people, furniture, etc. Words would be difficult to find that would describe how awesome it would be if ANY of those were added to an A3 DLC. But I've given up wishing for that, or complaining about it. With designers like Jezuro and the Zipper around, be prepared for awesomeness in Tac-Ops DLC missions. Get ready!
  2. Beggars can't be choosers. I'll take more official SP content any day of the week, and have been asking for it for years, especially after the Apex Protocol debacle. I already bought the DLC bundle #2, so there's nothing else to do but cross my fingers and be optimistic. Three cheers to BI!!!!
  3. Forums Upgrade

    And with Chrome browser on iOS 11.0.1.
  4. Forums Upgrade

    ^ ^ I strongly agree with inlesco's suggestion about the "jumping."
  5. [SP] Pilgrimage

    I see now that the explanation for the Loot Distribution "(NW)" is given in the tooltip for Loot Occurrence...
  6. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Got it, thanks!
  7. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Got it, thanks. For AC tooltip, the "L" is now clear. I had thought the L referred to the LOW setting, and not the (L), as that appeared to be the case for the Loot distribution tooltip. For Loot distribution tooltip, there is no explanation of the "(NW)," and explanations are given for the abbreviated settings themselves. However, it looks like the end of the tooltip may be cut off on the screen. Is there a way I can read the entire tooltip? The GUI cannot be moved.
  8. [SP] Pilgrimage

    I'm pretty sure that vehicle rearming works on Normal loot distribution settings also. Question: when configuring settings at mission outset, some settings have initials in parens after them, like "LOW (VL)" or "HIGH (L)." What do those initials stand for?
  9. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Discovering that vehicles could rearm at hidden camps changed everything for me - in a very positive way. The surrendering behavior of AI in tough circumstances is one of the many crucial, and perfectly implemented, aspects of Pilgrimage that greatly enhance SP gameplay and make it unique from that of vanilla A3 combat.
  10. [SP] Pilgrimage

    I love the civilian behavior in Pilgrimage, so Simple Civilian Ambience is great! So the enemy AI behavior is all vanilla other than the arty and Mad Stomper?
  11. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Does Pilgrimage 1.95 include any of your other AI scripting, such as Artemis or Civilian Behavior Controller?
  12. Pilgrimage - Ported

    Cool, thanks!
  13. Pilgrimage - Ported

    Nice! What mods are you using? I've never heard those chainsaw sounds before...
  14. What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Especially if you are alone in a vehicle, commander seat is very useful if the seat has MG and enemy infantry are in vicinity, as you are positioned higher than gunner and can see over blocking objects sometimes...
  15. Pilgrimage - Ported

    I agree. It would be better to make body never spawn inside a ruin and leave the "Load body into the vehicle" alone, but that could be more of a hassle to implement. Requiring body to be spotted by PLAYER and car to be within 100m of body for the action to become available would work. If the action is associated with the body, then PLAYER would have to be very close to body for action to appear.