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  1. That error has been around for a long, long time, and reported many times.
  2. Seems to me that something changed over the last several days that returns the cookie-related problem of constantly having to log in to forums. It was ok for months, and now the problem has returned.
  3. There were some fixes for this mission in 1.68: Fixed: Vehicles would move incorrectly in the Moral Fiber scenario Fixed: There was no 3D task indicator for getting in a vehicle in the Moral Fiber scenario
  4. I made tests with AI-controlled Tunguska and Shilka using current beta, and they did auto-engage enemy ground units if they are under combatmode RED waypoint orders.
  5. Have you tried the A2 and OA betas? I would stick to them, as they have massive amounts of fixes in them, including some for Warfare, I believe. Check this old ticket:
  6. The same plant is on A2CO Chernarus (although in smaller clumps), and there is no popping at all. Smooth as silk all the way.
  7. Using current betas, AV-8B Harrier with AI pilot will never hit a stationary ground target using Mk82 bomb. The bombs always hit short of target (miss distance depends on speed and altitude of plane). If setCombatMode "BLUE" is set for opfor ground targets, Harrier Mk82 bombs will not lock onto them at all. They are seen as non-hostile or otherwise invisible to targeting. Edit: Using A2CO with A2 beta and OA stable (1.63 pre-corepatch), first Mk82 bomb dropped by AI-piloted Harrier scored direct hit on stationary tank target. Is there a way to have AI pilots use full locking with iron bombs, but human pilots only get the locking with reduced maneuverability (as in current OA beta)?
  8. Yes I know, but why the crashes when the plane receives no damage from ground fire? The Harrier was crashing more than 75% of the time, apparently for no reason. I wonder if the crashes would occur if the enemy tanks it was targeting had no ammo...
  9. I'll test AI now. I should have stated in my last post that I really didn't "aim" before dropping bomb other than trying to keep within a few degrees of vector to target (i.e. flying nice and flat directly towards target), and not going too fast. Edit: Harrier with AI pilot appears to be missing stationary targets quite badly using Mk82 bombs. Don't know the cause or if it is worse than before. Oddly, the Harrier keeps crashing into ground most of the time even though allowDamage is set to false. ???
  10. Moving toward target zone, I tab lock on a target. Green square appears on target. Moving closer, green circle appears in square, indicating lock. I wait a second or so, and then drop bomb. Several times the bombs hit so close to tank that it was destroyed. You can't be moving too fast, or bombs will overshoot target. Stay under ~350 kph. I was flying at around ~400-500m alt. A few times the bombs missed, but only by 100-200m, as I wasn't flying flat enough, or too fast, or I veered off of vector toward target to avoid ground fire.
  11. Has the clutter popping always been this way? I think it's been in there for a while, perhaps forever, but I'm not sure. Once you notice the popping, you become fixated on it, and it becomes even more distracting.
  12. I tried the Mk82 bombs on a AV-8B Harrier using current beta, and they worked perfectly with "locking" on Veteran. They were very accurate for me, but not too accurate. I nailed 3 tanks in just a few runs. Great fun! Excellent job, samatra!
  13. ^ ^ Good job! That low-lying thistle-like plant with purple flower pops in a little also.
  14. Check this out:
  15. I swear that if they fixed the LODs (or whatever the problem is) for those two plants, most of the issue would be solved.