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  1. I agree. In 1.66 stable, the Task Type dialog box in the Create Task module shows an empty drop-down menu, and it is impossible to type anything into it. How can I get those fancy Task Type icons? Edit: the only way I found to get fancy task icons to show in initial map briefing is shown here.
  2. Hmm, in 1.66 stable I can't get task icons to work. In Create Task module, the "Task Type" box shows an empty drop-down menu, and it is impossible to type anything in there. Am I missing something? Obviously there is some way to get it to work, as I have seen the fancy task icons in some missions. Hopefully one doesn't have to manually edit the mission.sqm. Edit: There are at least two tickets for the issue in the tracker. The only way I could get the cool icons to display for tasks in mission briefing at very start of SP mission was to edit the mission.sqm for the tasks. Adding calls to BIS_fnc_taskSetType to init.sqf or in a trigger would only display them in map during mission, not on map in initial briefing. What a hassle. :-( class Attribute1 { property="ModuleTaskCreate_F_Type"; expression="_this setVariable ['Type',_value,true];"; class Value { class data { class type { type[]= { "STRING" }; }; value="navigate"; }; }; };
  3. I was shocked to learn of Paul's passing. Although we never met in person, we were "friends" on Skype starting in the CWR2 days. He was always so friendly, responsive, and helpful. He always wished me Happy Birthday even though we hadn't communicated in a while, even as recently as last autumn when I imagine his health was failing. I loved his microterrains, in particular Faffindale, and made a simple little mission for it. I particularly liked his descriptions of the terrains, which often included notes on geologic history and how lithology influences current topography. I have spent so much time on his Everon and Malden for CWR2 that they feel like home. I will always remember Mikero's effusive praise for Paul. Unprompted, he once described Paul as the "quiet king of the hill here" in terms of PboPro development. Mike said that PboPro "was designed around his needs and how he explained it." So there is another way in which Paul greatly helped the community (we all know about Mikero's contributions). I just saw this thread today, or else I would have responded sooner. Paul had a very positive effect on everyone he crossed paths with in the Armaverse, and left a trail of impressive, jewel-like terrain resources behind him, each one demonstrating his attention to detail and eclectic approach that blended information from a diverse background of interests including geology, geography, archeology, and history. Even his moniker, Bushlurker, invoked a sense that he cared deeply about the placement of every minor terrain detail: bushes, rocks, patches of thistle. When I desperately crawled beneath a bush in the heat of combat, I sometimes wondered if Paul had been lurking there before. Rest in peace, mate.
  4. Which LAV updates didn't make it? The Desert LAV-25 is in there... I updated my Sultansafe mission to use it!
  5. There's always this to go back to.... v1.5 (final) just released by W0lle.
  6. YES! Reminds me of Russian use of 14.5mm AT rifles during WWII to shoot out sight glass and other glassed vision slits on armor and APCs.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Yes, it seems to me that if an AI-controlled tank had waypoints and the tank gets damaged, surviving crew should re-enter the tank once it is repaired (by anybody) and proceed with the existing waypoints. And it would be even better if, like in your addon, the crew at least tries to repair the tank themselves.
  9. I stay logged in between sessions using Firefox. Not so with Edge and Chrome. If you switch between browsers, it is more likely that you will have to login next time you open a browser.
  10. ^ ^ Your addon looks cool. For me in vanilla, at least a few weeks ago, I was able to order AI subordinates into a repaired tank (Kuma, Bingo Fuel mission). On another note, should BI decide to add one or more AFVs for the Tank DLC (I'd be happy with new, complex, SP-compatible missions, updated armor/damage models, and some bugs fixed, personally), what about a 2035 version of this little number! Shortest version: Short, firing only, techno soundtrack: Full version with awesome metal soundtrack: Terminator 2 (lighter by 3 tons, grenade launchers removed to reduce crew to 3, redesigned turret with AT missiles covered in protective armor, badass urban camo paintjob): Idea for mellow, calming soundtrack to put people into proper mood for Tank DLC (first song, The Beast) :
  11. Interesting ideas! On that note, currently if a vehicle is damaged to a certain degree, AI cannot enter it no matter what, even though a human player can. Many times I have had to enter a damaged, immobile tank to use perfectly functional gun and turret to defend since I cannot order my AI squadmates to do so. This should be changed so that if human player can enter a damaged vehicle, AI should be able to also. Edit: The Tank DLC could provide a logical opportunity to fix the inability of AI to refuel vehicles at petrol stations on terrains:
  12. Good question. I assume that there is currently no way to play the mission in SP? I haven't tried it myself.
  13. (Arma 2 version)
  14. Superscripts in forum "ranks" are borked. See mine.