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  1. I made a mission using RHS units. See the "Desperate Measures" link in my signature below. What got me started on it was trying to find a way to use the awesome US M977A4-B repair truck with mounted MG! Enjoy.
  2. The new Littlebirds, especially the AT variants, are AWESOME!!!!!!! Love the fold-out monitor for co-pilot. Great job, people!
  3. I tried the Blackfish for the first time this weekend, in the editor. As far as I can tell, the Armed variant is completely useless whether human or AI-controlled in SP without extensive scripting. At this time, it appears that Blackfish is an MP-only weapon that can be used effectively only with human pilot and gunners. SP, AI-piloted: Will not engage infantry AI gunners will not engage at all when flyInHeight altitude is above ~400m With human gunner, the AI pilot will NEVER fly counter-clockwise around enemy in Loiter waypoint so that guns are pointed toward enemy. As gunner, I never could get even one shot off with AI pilot AI-crewed aircraft will be destroyed in 15-30 seconds in any engagement with autocannon- or missile-equipped forces at default flying altitudes. Any Marid, Kamysh, or Tigris with default skill will take down the Blackfish so quickly that it is useless for any type of engagement, at least with no support from other types of friendly forces. In about 10-20 tries, AI-crewed Blackfish scored zero hits on enemy ground forces using Loiter waypoints. Several enemy tanks and IFVs took out a wing of 6 AI-controlled Blackfish in about 5 minutes. With one or more Tigris, the Blackfish will be taken out in even less time. AI pilots only perform direct strafing runs even though aircraft has no forward-facing weapons SP, human pilot: Armor is so weak, and weapons so ineffective (low splash damage for 105mm) and difficult to aim, that every mission against mechanized forces is a suicide mission. AI gunners score nowhere near enough hits to be effective against multiple mechanized ground units. AI ground forces score hits on the slow-moving Blackfish 90+% of the time. After 2-3 volleys of ground fire, Blackfish is going down. What would be cool is if co-pilot could mark a target or ground point with front-facing FLIR pod around which pilot would then loiter in counter-clockwise direction, tilted to left so that guns would point near the marked target/point... In a sense the co-pilot would be setting a loiter WP for the pilot based on a laser marker.
  4. Yes, it is a little confusing. I suggest just using "Default (64-bit)." That's what I use.
  5. As reported many times on Steam forums, Strategic Map isn't available in Toll Booth mission when you are with Miller under bridge or in Hidden Agenda mission with Kerry, killing immersion and preventing mission progress. Solution: ESC to enter Debug Console Enter "IOT_strategic_open=true" in Execute area, press return Also, bug in Clear Skies prevents ending of mission and campaign:
  6. Actually you change AI gunner's weapon with ctrl+F.
  7. Yes, for sure. Shelling civilian areas in the city and the FIA are mentioned by comms in the mission about 5 times, so the issue was important to the mission maker. It therefore seems odd that the choice would have no consequence....
  8. Three PCML rockets did the job! Nice not to hear the angry FIA comms from Nikos!
  9. That "Create" button is unusable, as all forums are grayed out (unclickable) in it. I see a Start New Topic button on all forums except this one ("BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE: Web-Pages").
  10. I don't see a "Start new thread" button for this forum.... Is that normal? No biggie, just wondering.
  11. I guess that makes sense, but it certainly is a shame that the TAC-OPS DLC couldn't use any assets from Marksman, Heli, or other DLCs. That sure limits the usable assets for TAC-OPS. But I understand that the DLCs couldn't be interdependent from a business/ownership perspective. Unless the TAC-OPS missions were smart enough to activate DLC assets in missions only if user owned the other DLCs.... But I doubt BI would do that - too much trouble, probably. ???
  12. Unfortunately this is not the case in 1.68 stable. I changed loadout of unit's backpack in editor using Virtual Arsenal, saved mission, exported to SP, started mission, and backpack contents are still invisible to anyone checking it's contents using "Open backpack" action. The contents are in there, but they are invisible to units other than the unit with the backpack.
  13. This issue is still present in 1.68 hotfix RC. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. New 1.68 hotfix RC available! Is there a changelog?
  15. I had this problem with "Caught In A Trap" as well. No way to proceed after airstrike. Campaign must be aborted or mission skipped using endmission cheat. Using 1.68 stable, no mods except for Bell Tolls campaign. I had no Friendly Fire message or anything. Also, before this, after team disembarks from Panther IFV to assault AAF base near Pyrgos, rest of team heads to S/SE for some reason, away from base. So I cleaned out the base myself. As above, I also was frozen if I loaded any savegame at that point, possibly because player died during cutscene. I couldn't move at all no matter which save I loaded. But if I quit mission, then I could load a save normally, although cutscene problem at end occurs every time. The campaign has been utterly fantastic, and virtually bug free, up until this point. Excellent work! --- Edit - Mission 02 - Up Cadillac (Recon): AAF Gorgon IFV at base northeast of Checkpoint Schoonerhead was already blown for some reason when I reached OP Cadillac and got the AT launcher. The Gorgon wreck was in road at the base. Possibly this was caused by the fact that I may have blown the Gorgon using Titan AT in first mission. If so, then Gorgon wreck shouldn't be at base, but where it was blown near defense point in first mission, and the task about destroying the IFV shouldn't be assigned, or even exist. Mission 02 - Up Cadillac (Recon): Greenback forces at Schoonerhead set their explosives off too soon and blow themselves up. AAF soldiers should flee before CP is blown (or shelled?). Mission 02 - Up Cadillac (Recon): CP Humpback - cutscene can start and then player and mate can be killed during cutscene by AAF along road to north. Once cutscene starts, that AAF patrol should be deleted, or at least have simulation disabled (better), until cutscene ends.