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  1. Look for operation freedom series here.
  2. Those future soldier dudes are sweet.
  3. Hi there. I want all the units in an addon to use the face textures on their own separate character models and not make use of the random bis faces. What do I change in the config to allow this to happen? Ive done this before but as a mistake and now I can't recall or find on here which line or lines I need to change. Or is there another way of doing this maybe setting the units face in its CfgVehicles entry? Thanks in advance ;)
  4. Will give this a go later tonight ;) Edit: A nice quick but fun single mission. Would work nicely as a campaign mission. No bugs found works perfectly.
  5. Just gave the demo a try am now actually pretty excited about this :)
  6. Hi its me mr moon I can't seems to access my old account here so I made a new one yay. If anyone is interested there's a new version of The garden of death available check out this excerpt from the outro movie. Get the mission and mod folder here. Mod folder. Mission. For more info visit Thanks
  7. Looks good hope to see more.
  8. Lol no they wouldnt fit in with the other units at all + this is an sas/British mission ;)
  9. Awesome was thinking of making a tiberium dawn themed mission with new units too. :) I prefered the way the nod units in dawn made them look like a privately funded militia rather then a propperly equiped military force. Infact I prefered everything about the look of nod and gdi from the first game.
  10. Ok new links up that wont be going away enjoy :) Remember to replace your mod folder and misson ;)
  11. Scratch that tomorrow will have a new version and a new mod folder with a working link ;)
  12. Hey guys sorry for this I checked the download daily and no one was downloading it Ill have a slightly newer version and a permanant dl link by 2mrw hopefully. I don't know about the radio guy he works fine for me :O ?? What version of ofp you using? As for those dudes in the pic they are from a now cancelled project I might use them or release them with a future version or mission I don't know yet. Sorry about this guys will have this issue fixed for good soon ;)
  13. Sorry mate link has been updated bloody game front seems to take down things faster then I remember :/