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  1. Modding requires very similar or mostly the same skills as the game development so its not like I look at it as something not worth the label of job. I simply don't want to see the communities go out in a massive orgy of greed, selfishness and dickery. You may say that I have very low opinion on the community if I think like that, but money changes the rules so much its not even funny.
  2. Applied the new dust to other variants of the M113.
  3. Why do people want to forcibly make me happy? I do NOT want to be able to sell my mods, not that I don't want to even if I have the option. I do not even want the the ability to do that. Why? Because such thing would destroy the environment I adore and make me go do something else knowing that the beautiful thing was destroyed, stomped into the ground and then set on fire, all in the name of money. As for open source: does anyone force you to release mods? I don't think so. If you release them you must be aware that at some point someone will pick up your work and do his own stuff based off it. Personally I release all my mods in a spirit of cooperation. What is the point of me sitting on top of a model I made or something like that. I fully realise that there are people that might pick up my stuff and change in a way I never even thought possible. This means my works continues on in form of some other mod. I'm actually happy when that happens. In the end people should strive not to be massive dicks toward each other. Money completely prevents that.
  4. After looking up some photos I noticed that its always more dust than mud on the vehicles. So I went back to M113 and put nice dirt coming from the bottom leaving the topside pretty clean. I left some of the thicker mud and stuff just for added depth. Looks pretty well.
  5. setidentity You can also use the arsenal to get the classnames for the faces and stuff with you can export to clipboard and then paste into a unit init.
  6. Damn, I was working on M113, but I think my GPU might be dying on me, with sucks. GPU died, fortunately I found my old one laying around, it was enough to pull all the programs. So, I learned a new way of setting up the grunge generators with allowed me to put nice long scratches on the sides with look like they were made by foliage brushing the sides, while the top is pretty clean. In the end the scratches look more natural, not like someone poured acid over the whole thing. I also toned down the poop mud while still keeping the front nice and dirty with much less on the back. Still trying to find the fine balance for the dirt & mud. However, the current scratches look much better then before.
  7. All jokes aside, I figured out how to set up dirt that is coming from the from with less of it in the back. Those screens were just from the phase of testing extreme values (without making the whole thing caked in shit mud).
  8. I know . Well, everybody has their own fetishes, I do not judge .
  9. There! Is it sufficiently dirty now?! ARE YOU ENTERTAINED?! Just messing around with settings, experimenting and such. Those bumps you mentioned: its actually dirt chunks that have bump map, they are actually dirt colored though, only screenshots don't catch it very well. The normal maps, and all other maps, are actually automatically generated along with the texture so everything matches how each map should look. I do agree that I didn't put enough weathering, working on that ATM. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. This exactly what I did, the wheels and stuff were copied from the A2 UN texture. Anyway, I do not want to mess around with AS maps as they do work fine for the woodland and desert variant, I will just make the UN variant darker. All of the weathering is done using SP2, so there isn't any mismatch really.
  11. You guys may not realise, but there is actually a marketplace where people can share their work for money if people are willing to pay. Its called: Steam Greenlight. Its a fucking cesspool of greed, low effort work for a quick buck and full of greedy dicks that will lie, cheat just to get some moneiez.
  12. Exactly. In fact we now have literal Lego pieces .
  13. Do you see how much effort you need to spend on securing your assets? This is an effort that could be spent on improving your mod. If there is money involved in modding people will do stuff like this. Or put adverts popups like in the Skyrim paid mods. Note that you are going kinda similar way the DRM people went. However once DRM is cracked the only people that have to deal with it are the honest purchasers as pirates circumvent the whole thing.
  14. Yeah, but in shadow it looks fine though. And the texture is not pure white either, its rather grayish. There is weathering applied, some edge wear and such. However weathering is a hard thing to balance out, at one point I applied a weathering that made the vehicle look like it was pulled out of a barn after 20 years, some didn't like it at all, I'm rather fine with the current balance. As for the wheels: M113 has rubber on the roadwheels.
  15. An update on M113. I am finally happy with the SMDI and normal maps. I have figured out a way to do the SMDI maps fast and looking pretty good, the hotspots from specular maps are still there, but looking pretty natural. BTW: The UN paint is pretty bright, but the screenshots were taken in bright direct sunlight. When in shadow it looks as it should (3rd picture).