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  1. What you want to do is to move the waypoints to empty markers (get pos, set pos stuff might work). I'm not a scripter though. Or you could just have the emprty marker positions and have script that adds a waypoint for the unit to that position. The waypoint would have on completion a script that creates a new waypoint in the next destination.
  2. Nothing exacting or groundbreaking. Just a pretty little picture I took when I was messing around with ground clutter config on CUP's Utes island from Arma 2. Addons: CUP terrains.
  3. The ability to define what type of loiter (clockwise or counter clockwise) would be great. Also it would be nice to have more heights in Fly In Height order, up to 20 00m (with 10 00m and 15 00m).
  4. Could we get a counter clockwise loiter waypoint for use with the gunships?
  5. I did my best to limit the clipping though. As it stands now: the standard huey can carry 8 people + 2 pilots + 2 door gunners. 2 cargo guys have FFV. The Slick can carry additional 2 people who also have FFV bringing up the total cargo space to 10 people out of with 4 have FFV capability. Armed variants are in the works.
  6. Is there a way to have simple target locking on as well? I had my custom tank cannon set up so it could lock onto laser designated targets for automatic correction of distance and leading the target. However, I cannot do that anymore on dev. Also, I'm working on a gunship aircraft and I'm looking for a way to have the weapons automatically adjusted so they aim at the point gunner is looking at. So what I want is automatic leading.
  7. The textures on hues are the same as they have been . The animations will remain as they were, too much work, too little gain. They actually clip though the seats, but I think it was already like this in Arma 2. Also UH-1H will get FFV ability as well, with will feature seats fixed a tiny bit, soldiers still have butts clipping through the bench, but its better then having their feet floating and heads clipping through the roof.
  8. Here's a little teaser of what might be coming in future:
  9. Suggestion/request: could we get a generic "assault" command? I just want to select my team, click on the map and tell them to assault the position I pointed at, then the AI should do its stuff without me babying them all the time. Like: units get into vehicles drive to the indicated position, disembark at safe distance then go in aware and, when close, switch to combat mode until they reach the position, eliminate all opposition/sweep the area and decide its clear. Also will be able to save plan without executing it? Say I want to assault a complex from helo insertion, in base I split the teams, assign them their targets, set up go-codes etc. then I manually order them into helicopters, fly into the operation area, tell them to disembark and THEN hit execute the plan button.
  10. Yo buddy... Still alive? This great mod, I have a question though: how do use the loadout customization when playing the mission? I remember doing so before, but now I can't find a way to enable it.
  11. Now is it possible to tell them to pack it up and take the backpacks? I thing AiSS had AI setting up statics as a feature.
  12. Hello! I'm glad you released a new version. I took a liberty to edit it a little bit in order to add camera shake when firing a vehicle weapon, with different shake levels depending on how big the gun is (or rather how high the hit value is). I really like it came out, it adds some of that missing player feedback to vehicles. Would you like to know more?
  13. Hello! I wish to inquire about KA-52 gunner's turret and the camera. I'm planning to create a gunship similar to AC-130 and I would like to know how did you manage to have camera and gun arc independent while still having gun point at what gunner is aiming at. Is is done via config witchery or scripting? I wish to avoid the mistake BIS did with the Apex gunship. What I want is a gun arc that is independent from camera arc of the gunner. EDIT: I figured it out. In case anybody wonders: you need to set limits on gun axes in model.cfg and then you can set turret camera limits to whatever you want, gun will only move to the limits defined in model.cfg
  14. Might change them as well, but they already have the designator so all I would do is extending the allowed turn radius. Still, I just wanted to edit planes.
  15. Hello! I create a tiny little mod that does 2 things: * it adds laser designator (batteries included!) to all vanilla planes, with allows you to self designate targets for LGB * increases the allowed horizontal turn level in TGP view from -180, 180 to -720, 720 with lets you pan view freely. WARNING! if you lock on (using CTRL+T) it goes back to -180, 180, I couldn't fix that http://www.mediafire.com/file/cg7meve5epqzrc0/%40improved_TGP.zip