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  1. Then drop the reshade and use the options menu to adjust gamma, brightness. Also the Post effects allow to adjust contrast, saturation and brightness. If possible use that instead.
  2. Reshade stuff hits fps, also it had to be done, buildings were way to bright compared to units. Even with reshade there would still be a difference.
  3. Ok so I made a comparison of my tweaks vs vanilla CUP. It's not as ground breaking as I thought it would be, particularly on Utes as my previous commits already changed the grass and ground textures. The grass on Chernarus/Utes also affected the Bukovina and Bystrica maps as well, so the jump from the old-old CUP maps isn't as big. Other than that it's more of a tweak really. Note that all of this is just couple of edits to rvmats of the ground layers ( so the maps are a bit darker) as well as the building's rvmats. In the end the buildings are less exposed (ie. not so bright). For now only grass on plants other than A2 chernarus is affected. The expansion trees and bushes look ok enough for me to skip them on this pass of the upgrade. The grass however had to be fixed, particularly on Sahrani.
  4. Works with RHS (at least for all the helicopters and planes I checked). They did change epeImpulseDamageCoef for the planes however. Not a big deal though. I'm afraid its pretty deep problem. I think it could be solved by adding land contact points around the helicopter, but that would require editing models and I'm not sure if this would solve the issue, or create host of new ones. Showcase video is up!
  5. Here is my newest minimod. This time I messed around with the aircraft configs in order to make them less of deathtraps. After many hours of trials I found out that all you really need to do is to lower the explosionShielding (to 0.5 from 10~20) on the main config part (NOT the hitpoints). The result is this: helicopters and planes can take more hits from AA fire and not turn into giant fireball right away, while the modules (engine etc.) do get damaged and destroyed. In the end aircraft are destroyed by crashing down rather than by fire. It is still possible to destroy the aircraft with gunfire or explosive, but they are more resilient to this, but their modules will get damaged, with will knock the craft out and cause AI to bail. Iy also gives you a chance and time to eject. I also zeroed out epeImpulseDamageCoef with in stops the crashing from being a death sentence. If you are lucky and don't hit anything during the crash, the chances are the helicopter wont explode and you will survive the crash (helo will still get damaged modules). It's pretty random though, but least its no longer a certain death sentence. In combination with above: I changed the crewCrashProtection, so the crew is more likely to get injured during the crash. Note that these are incredibly simple config tweaks, so different aircraft might behave differently. I edited the base classes so all vanilla aircraft as well as many modded ones (pretty much all of CUP) are affected. Features: * lower explosionShielding so aircraft take less damage from AA fire * modules still take damage as normal, so aircraft still crash * zeroed out epeImpulseDamageCoef so it is possible to survive a crash * crewCrashProtection changed so it is more likely for the crew to get injured during a crash * simple base config edit with affects a lot of modded aircraft without the need for compatibility patches Known Issues: Might lead to some odd behaviour of the aircraft under fire (might not get damaged as much as it should), but it usually works pretty well. Let me know how stuff behaves with this mod on Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8hgnsz2j7ngsmsy/%40less_explody_aircraft.zip
  6. Nah, no talent was involved . It was just a simple mass edit to rvmat to the diffuse setting of the buildings and such.
  7. Did some more work on the terrains. Gave new rvmats to bushes and recolored one of threes to make it it less red. However the biggest change are edited rvmats for buildings (for now chernarus only as a proof of concept, other buildings will be updated as well). Overall they are less exposed (ie. they aren't so bright now). Thanks to this details pop out much more and overall the buildings look really nice along with the fixed/changed flora. Before: After: Some more pretty pictures (some were taken before bushes were fixed): http://imgur.com/a/Hz1Hh
  8. Seriously though: having a special forces using the Tytan equipment could be a neat addition, although I'm aware this may be beyond the scope of the mod.
  9. Glad to see Polish themed mod in the works. Will high tech polish-ukrainian helicopters be included? Or the thousands of drones? Oh, what about the Volksturm that is currently in the making?
  10. Added the fork/branch/thingy best I could. In other news I released a standalone mod that changes Arma 3 map, 3den, UAV terminal, artillery computer and such so my tweaks are used, check it out if you want.
  11. Here's a little mod I cooked up. It started as a mod to increase the grid numbers around the edges of the map as I could barely read them. Then I figured out how to get rid of the satellite overlay. Then I decided to roll in the changes done by the BHC map contour mod. http://imgur.com/a/bYAKq Features: * permanently removed satellite overlay from all the map screens I was able to find (map, UAV terminal, artillery computer, camera, 3den), some of with was forced, meaning you could not disable the overlay * incorporated BHC map contour changes to improve readability * increased font size for height numbers as well as grid numbers around the edges Known issues: * for some reason I could not remove satellite overlay for the spectator mode * I would love to find a way to increase the font size for the full grid number and the ASL data shown next to the cursor on the map (401019, 35m) DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pe2055zo7dfx4ch/%40More_Readable_Map.zip Credits: Tomahawko for his bhc_map_contour mod
  12. Ok so I found all the files I needed, but I just can't pbo the addons. I downloaded from git, has the p drive set up, the tools and all, I work with CUP team so everything is set up fine as I can pbo CUP SVN stuff no problem. EDIT: Got it working. Here's the comparison between vanilla ALIVE and my changes: http://imgur.com/a/KBfH2 Removed the satellite overlay and improved contours using the BHC map mod setting. Now in full zoom you can see the details of the map.
  13. Hmm, I cant find any good info on what I'm looking for. All I really want is just the config bit for the map. You just need maxSatelliteAlpha set to zero to disable the satellite texture overlay. However, I need to find the place where do I need to put it.
  14. I wanted to ask where is the config for the combat support tablet UI, I want to check if I can change the satellite image alpha for the map bit. I'm messing around with the A3 UI ATM and wanted to see if I can change that for the ALIVE as well.
  15. Press the autohover button you use on helicopters.