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  1. currently updating this and optimizing some aspects of it the weapon type and magazine shell type are done via configs now finally CfgFunctions preInit and cfgVehicles-EH used to init the system this way it should be future proof and compatible with 3rd party mods (as long as the follow some sane config design or add the custom parameters) anyhow looking for a testers if interested contact me on our discord (https://discord.gg/0vQjglomrhMXqTF1)
  2. AWESOME Edit: Java is always a bit tricky to the right one. Would be useful to link the right package/download page for windows at least (and use the exact same wording oracle uses on their pages).
  3. See "HiddenActionsAvailableViaKeyShortcuts_Controls_C_PvPscene"
  4. Teaser and terrain by [No. 4 CDO] swurvin
  5. @khaosmatical two posts above yours The next update will also have the functions documented as part of cfgFunctions/function viewer.
  6. To make it hopefully more clear what i mean: 1) BI had been using different GUI styles from A1, A2, OA to A3 - the underlying classes are the same. Its just a matter of textures used and some basic configuration. 2) Its easy to make a basic GUI/UI - to make it look decent is hard (for most). As such if people come up with decent looking styles and there would be an easy way to share those.
  7. Sweet :) Looking great mate! On a related note: Did you consider templates, and more importantly allowing users to share them in some (easy fashion)? Now that it will get a lot easier to make good dialogs, it still leaves the artistic part. Would be great to have some way to facilitatee some sharing of good designs/approaches. PS: Very curious how you realized that surprise :O
  8. @zkb1325 Thanks for the detailed response and adding the screenshots. The (configuration) coding looks decent too. Will let you know if we tackle a WW2 port.
  9. Ported a bunch more of my old tweaks. Looking for some people to test them before the full release. Especially the server side ones: * DisabledFriendlyFire_Server_F_PvPscene * LogKills_Server_F_PvPscene --- Temporary download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/165841157350227968/340875877300830209/PvPscene_Tweaks_A3_Beta_2017_07_29.7z
  10. > Cars/trucks not sticking to roads in combat mode https://dev.withsix.com/issues/16120 > Make "careless" behavior mode available in the (complex) command menu http://dev.withsix.com/issues/16117
  11. All I44 content is HQ/source quality.So is all other third party content (Raunhofer, Jones and a few more). In regards to new assets it depends on the author. Sark and Ardennes are HQ too for example. The IF terrain ground textures, the UI and most interface textures are also HQ. At the end of the day 512x512 are way better than the initial 128x128 (which OA DLCs used too), or no IF assets in A3 at all. The requirement from the AWAR owner is: A paid version is necessary for the HQ textures and the playable content.
  12. Thanks for the update K-Town! How is the import feature going - what do you use as reference for your tests if I may ask?
  13. Sounds like a cool concept. You should consider to add more images and a short demo video to your presentation. If someone records a longer play sessions, would be useful to have this linked too. What is involved porting it to another terrain? Would you be interested in a WW2 version? Either done by yourself or in cooperation/assistance with us?