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  1. @sammael optional pbos will become available separately
  2. @DonBlazer if you are serious about it, contact us via discord to join the team otherwise you are doing illegal work not tolerated in this community
  3. make sure to have: class worldName (in cfgWorlds and cfgWorldList) = worldName.wrp
  4. @Batiti what other people are you talking about? only developers are legally allowed to use the HQ textures. probably you mix it up work from Joarius or Lennard, or Faces of War/CSA38?
  5. Not possible to get HQ textures so far. Also forget about owning the Iron Front standalone. The publisher said NO.
  6. @Asheara much appreciated!
  7. @Asheara great! can you tell the name of the function please
  8. looks great and very useful
  9. Will you release the function to create the wiki markup please. Nice work
  10. name of wrp = class name in cfgWorlds = class name in cfgWorldsList best always check first the readme and fixes.txt
  11. @dr death jm thanks for sharing. can you make a thread with more information about the the auto tank DM please - really curious to learn more what you came up with here :)
  12. @dr death jm AIO already contains the rest. so you only need: @Savage_Donkey one can restrict it to 1) jumping only from the door (is a separate position) 2) jumping only in order/when closest to the door
  13. sounds quite cool indeed. some pictures would be helpful though PS: how easy/hard is it to port it to say RHS or WW2?
  14. by swurvin from No.4 Commando WW2 British Realism Unit