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      Bohemia Store Steam Redeem   06/24/17

      We started experiencing problems with the Steam redeem from our Store on Friday June 23rd.   For anyone that got affected by this, please go to your store account, after you select the product you purchased, you should see your steam key with a link to a how to article to activate it manually through Steam.   We apologize for the inconvenience.


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  1. It is. And if it was not and You weren't able to tell any difference, the result will be the same, or am I wrong? I'm sorry to say, but should there be any issue for the advanced pilots You are speaking about, feel free to let us know.
  2. Thanks a lot for reporting the issue. Could You, please, try to create a ticket on the Feedback Tracker with RPT of the game? It should be fairly easy to gather the logs via the game Launcher (just click Options in the to part of Launcher and select Prepare Arma 3 troubleshooting report), it'll help us to find the cause and hopefully fix it.
  3. There is a solid base of servers in each region (including, but not limited to, Asia and Oceania) at least for the release and we are watching the trends in each of the regions ready to add more servers if necessary. Should you find the number of servers lacking in your region, don't be afraid to contact us.
  4. Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words! We are currently gathering data about our user base and we are considering extending the list of supported languages based on that analysis. I cannot promise anything yet, the more players we are going to have in Spanish speaking countries, the more likely is the Spanish localization. Enjoy the game!
  5. fix

    The issue should be fixed now and Steam download should no longer require a key from Bohemia Store. Enjoy the game to the fullest!
  6. There was an issue with downloading the game from Steam without using a key from Bohemia Store, it should be fixed now. Enjoy the game!
  7. Glad to hear that, thanks a lot for confirming it!
  8. You should be able to run the game, but You would need to compromise on the visual quality most likely. Still, feel free to give it a try as it's available for free for everyone.
  9. We are coordinating the fix with our partners at Valve, the issue should be most likely fixed by now as far as we can tell. I hope You may enjoy Argo to the fullest soon.
  10. We don't plan to add any forces to Malden, it's up to scenario creators to fill their vision of the reimagined terrain :)
  11. As Malden hit the Dev-Branch, please use its own thread to provide feedback ;)
  12. We have considered adding dynamic loadouts system even during the mission, but we have hit several limitations. The primary lies in the way we found similar systems are being used - it varies a lot and we won't be able to deliver a system encompassing them all. There would always be people not satisfied with our approach no matter what we do. That lead us to a decision to provide support for modders to do system however they like using a handful of scripting commands we provide. We hope that people providing constructive feedback to the lack of said system would be able to show us the way they would like it to be developed. That allows us to take some time and see what is actually requested, we may eventually devise our own system that would make more sense that if we just half-blindly created something hoping for the best.
  13. Glad it works, enjoy the game and have fun ;)
  14. Yeah, it's not completely intuitive, hope this helps.
  15. The same way as it is described here for Dev-Branch, just select NONE: https://dev.arma3.com/dev-branch Right-click on Arma 3. Select Properties. Access the BETAS tab. Select NONE Let the game update itself to the development build.