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  1. The planes improvements are in progress to hit Jets DLC, which means some things may be temporarily broken on the Dev-Branch. I'm not sure if the issue is on Dev-Branch, still thanks a lot for the feedback, we'll try to take a closer look on the take offs and landings.
  2. We would like to provide updates on Combat Patrol in bursts - having some weekends with servers prepared for testing. We know that having servers on Dev-Branch is hard for everyone, that's why we were happy for the holidays period to get as much feedback as you all provided. Thanks a lot for that!
  3. Thanks a lot for all the feedback and reports! We are categorizing the possible causes, be it hardware, drivers and modifications, still, there is no simple clear cause. We have managed to squash some suspects, even some larger communities are trying the RC of Update 1.68 to see if we managed to get rid of the issue itself in the process. And we are really thankful for all that effort you guys spend on helping us to fix it.
  4. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Could You, please, possibly try it in the game? The downside of example images is obviously a stark contrast between old and new, while the game should look more natural.
  5. We have been hunting for the so called "3FPS Bug" for some time without any clean success. We managed to squash several issues on the way, be it potential memory leaks, scripting issues and security concerns, but there are still many reported occurrences of this behaviour: After some time of playing (usually 45-60 minutes) the game goes instantly to roughly 3FPS Game doesn't recover until it is restarted This doesn't only depend on modding of the game, even game without mods may encounter this issue It usually takes place in MP environment As we are yet unable to reproduce said behaviour on our internal machines, we need your help to crush this issue. There is a Feedback Tracker Ticket about this issue, we would like to ask anyone experiencing said behaviour to collect their dxdiag data (simply by typing "dxdiag" in their start menu and saving the profile, removing the Machine Name and Machine ID parts), trying to get minidumps of their memory prior and after the issue using ProcDump (thanks to the guys from Microsoft for recommending this software to us) and adding an Arma 3 RPT. That could possibly help us to localize the issue better and to address it in the future. Thanks a lot for your participation, lets make Arma better together.
  6. I would recommend reading our OPREP - Content Licensing for further details - it describes the approach we have quite in depth.
  7. Actually, it seems like there is some addon mixed in as Arma 3 doesn't have any such animation
  8. You are perfectly right, and even the previous issue with Dev-Branch servers not being visible in Server Browser should be fixed. Enjoy the mode and feel free to provide feedback.
  9. Well, the modules and functions are not part of samples (yet) as they are in a rough state. That means running the mission based on samples on the main branch would result in non-functional mission, unless You take even the addons from Dev-Branch containing these. As for the Combat Patrol servers, we have used the unique opportunity of Winter holidays to have servers running without updates, this would be too harsh to do with updates on daily basis. We are happy for all the feedback on various channels, we are now sorting it and deciding what to improve and how. That means servers may come online in the future for more tests as we would like to know the community opinion on the mod while developing it. As for the steamCMD issue, we would like to address that ASAP to provide potential for testing the mode on community servers.
  10. Feedback to the forums upgrade has been moved into its separate topic.
  11. I'm sorry for the issues, but the way Steam handles the Workshop content is out of our reach. The best we can do is recommending to verify the local file cache, form the game side (including the Launcher), we cannot handle the downloading from Workshop at all :icon_evil: As for Your question, since You have Arma 3 installed most possibly in the Steam Library under the Common Steam Apps, it won't change anything. Steam is able to detect that the game was already installed on the computer and won't install any new version of the game. As the Workshop entries are handled inside of that library too, they'll be shared for both users resulting in possible huge downloads / deletion of subscribed content on switch of users. I hope at least verifying the local content helps You to be able to play the game with mods You like.
  12. 02-12-2016 EXE rev. 139520 (game) EXE rev. 139520 (launcher) Size: ~40 MB DATA No data changes for today ENGINE Fixed: Weapon Info and Stance Indicator could not be switched in the difficulty settings Tweaked: Better network usage for disabled units in Dynamic Simulation Fixed: The Score table tab did not show the Disconnect message box properly in the Debriefing Screen Eden Editor Fixed: Object rotation via the area scale widget did not fire the "attributesChanged3DEN" event
  13. 18-11-2016 EXE rev. 139347 (game) EXE rev. 139347 (launcher) Size: ~345 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: The Zone Restriction module would not work with preset area triggers from Eden Editor Added: MP functionality to the Friendly Fire module Tweaked: Player overstepping an obstacle movement sound - setting in config files - raised volume of related movement sounds Fixed: Error message in End Game scenarios Fixed: Incorrect animation when swimming on the water surface Tweaked: Minor turret servo sound adjustments Apex Protocol (potential spoilers) ENGINE Tweaked: AI driver precision of following the leader vehicle Fixed: AI drivers in groups would have trouble crossing bridges on Tanoa Tweaked: AI drivers - commanded speeds "slow" and "normal" to be slower The East Wind (potential spoilers)
  14. If You find it hard to see the reasons behind Project Argo, there is a fine blog on the Argo website explaining exactly that :icon_twisted:
  15. We have considered that, indeed :icon_twisted: However, as asset production is the part that takes significant time, we rather decided to put more effort into Tanoan buildings, see the platform part of Roadmap, and to add more interiors / ruins to buildings there. Realistically speaking, there is a great version of the old, classic, Malden by CUP for example. What would You expect to make a difference between CUP and our re-creation? :icon_twisted: