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  1. The recent changes of AI skill (see Reply to AI Discussion (dev branch)) resulted in a slower recognition of enemies. This has been tweaked, we are still trying to find proper solution for that. Generally speaking, current recognition speeds are still a bit slower than before the AI skill change.
  2. Thanks a lot for precious feedback! We have spent a good deal of time discussing this change, lets provide you with some more context. We always wanted to make the Argo experience as immerse as possible. We divided the HUD helpers into various categories to see if they have some impact on the actual gameplay, and there was just one that really did - the crosshair. The decision was pretty easy for us on that one, as players may aim down the sights, there is no need for any artificial help in that regard. One thing that was on the edge was marking of friendlies - that made it a lot easier to see where the friendlies are. Given the ration of team kills, we decided to remove the general helper and add a new one only in case you aim at a friendly. Recognizing the enemies still adds you precious time to secure the kill and allow fulfilling of the objectives. Other HUD helpers, such as round status and position of points, are already available in one way or another, be it on the map, in the score screen or via announcer voices. We decided to keep them based on players preference. On the other hand, we'll evaluate that decision based on data we get from the live environment. I hope this explains the changes a bit more in depth, feel free to let the feedback flowing.
  3. The fine gentlemen at our support informed me that they have a way to solve such individual issues. Could You, please, try to contact them, they should be able to help You. I'm sorry for the inconveniences.
  4. I'm sorry for the confusion, it's actually the other way around - damage to main turret doesn't disable the secondary one anymore. I'm sorry for the confusion, I'll try to formulate it better in the changelog.
  5. 13-07-2017 EXE rev. 142346 (game) EXE rev. 142346 (launcher) Size: ~256 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: Combat Patrol - weather & daytime presets are no longer forced for user-made scenarios Tweaked: Improved civilian base class event handler inheritance for better compatibility with community addons Added: Non-moving variants of wind turbines; you can find them in the editor as "Wind Turbine (Off)" and "Wind Turbine (Off, Camo)" Added: Light when firing launchers; also moved light and smoke effects from ammo to the weapon itself for NLAW and Titan Tweaked: The function that does the adjustments to vehicles through Garage is now spawned (this way it works properly also for simple objects) Added: The scenario description in the loading screen now stretches vertically up to the height of the overview image ENGINE Fixed: The commander's turret didn't work if the main turret was broken (it is properly independent on each other now)
  6. This is more likely caused by the terrain under the car - hatchbacks aren't well suited for driving in a rough terrain. As I can see, this was not on any official terrain, so we cannot help with the exact cause.
  7. 07-07-2017 EXE rev. 142299 (game) EXE rev. 142295 (launcher) Size: ~137 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: Many small localization tweaks and fixes Added: Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified languages Fixed: Titan & Signal Pistol had incorrect icons in the Field Manual Added: Animation Viewer can now be accessed from Eden Editor (Tools > Animation Viewer) Added: Splendid Camera can now be accessed from Eden Editor (Tools > Camera) Fixed: Alpha sorting on Pawnee Fixed: The command bar picture of the steerable parachute used an incorrect texture Fixed: Sentences which were using InLocation (e.g. "Move to point Alpha") were not used when the checked position was closer than 50 meters to the location Fixed: BIS_fnc_animType did not recognize Apan, Afds, Afal and Apar anim types Fixed: "Environmental sound WindFast not found" pop up error Added: Laser designator now shows a special cursor when designating is active ENGINE Added: New MFD source "targetHeight" Added: New scipt commands for info panels - infoPanelComponents, enableInfoPanelComponent, infoPanelComponentEnabled, setInfoPanel, infoPanels, showHUD (updated), shownHUD (updated)
  8. The work on AI is an ongoing effort (as You may see even in this thread), the complexity of things affecting the AI make it a long run.
  9. It is. And if it was not and You weren't able to tell any difference, the result will be the same, or am I wrong? I'm sorry to say, but should there be any issue for the advanced pilots You are speaking about, feel free to let us know.
  10. Thanks a lot for reporting the issue. Could You, please, try to create a ticket on the Feedback Tracker with RPT of the game? It should be fairly easy to gather the logs via the game Launcher (just click Options in the to part of Launcher and select Prepare Arma 3 troubleshooting report), it'll help us to find the cause and hopefully fix it.
  11. There is a solid base of servers in each region (including, but not limited to, Asia and Oceania) at least for the release and we are watching the trends in each of the regions ready to add more servers if necessary. Should you find the number of servers lacking in your region, don't be afraid to contact us.
  12. Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words! We are currently gathering data about our user base and we are considering extending the list of supported languages based on that analysis. I cannot promise anything yet, the more players we are going to have in Spanish speaking countries, the more likely is the Spanish localization. Enjoy the game!
  13. fix

    The issue should be fixed now and Steam download should no longer require a key from Bohemia Store. Enjoy the game to the fullest!
  14. There was an issue with downloading the game from Steam without using a key from Bohemia Store, it should be fixed now. Enjoy the game!
  15. Glad to hear that, thanks a lot for confirming it!