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  1. How much free memory do you have? With OS is it?
  2. Remove all version of java then install last one
  3. Did BIS changed something about workshop downloaded addons lately?
  4. try disabling antivirus and firewall, check write permissions on arma3sync installation directory.
  5. FileZilla is a FTP server. FTP transfer does not allow partial file transfer, That's why you redownload the all file wathever the update size. Move to a HTTP server like Apache for hosting the repo so that you can benefit from partial file transfer.
  6. I plan to remove both TFAR and ACRE2 wizard from ArmA3Sync. TFAR now comes with is own auto installer with does the job, ask ACRE team to do the same.
  7. I mean enable on the server conf not only on ArmA3sync admin side.
  8. You must enable Range Request (= partial file transfer) on the http server. .
  9. What happens if you try to run Arma3.exe?
  10. Run, use the NEW command to create a repo with name NomDuDépot, then use the BUILD command with repo NomDuDépot and set the parameters as it is asked. From this point you can now run your own script with Java -jar ArmA3Sync.jar -BUILD "NomDuDépot". This will automatically rebuild the repository with the parameters previously provided.
  11. You want webdav for uploading a repository to a remote http server right?
  12. Sure when it will be released in the ArmA 3 stable branch. Now you can always add manually this parameters into the "Additional run parameters" field of ArmA3Sync.
  13. Antivirus/Firewall/Router blocking ArmA3Sync to access internet.
  14. 1. Remove all versions of Java you may have 2. Clean windows registry using tool like CCleaner (free) 3. Install last version of Java