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  1. ArmA3Sync 1.6 Update 2 now available Download: - Windows installer: here - zip archive: here Changelog: - Fixed: Failed to export autoconfig file (regression from update 1.6). - Fixed: External Apps run parameters not taken into account when using a script file as entry point. - Fixed: Upload repository: FTP error 501 returned when repository upload IP/hostname is setup as upload url (regression from update 1.6) .
  2. If it works with the web browser means firewall/antivirus/router is blocking ArmA3Sync.
  3. Copy paste repo url on a web browser and try to download files from there.
  4. yep coming soon with 2-3 other fixes.
  5. Could you replace ArmA3Sync.jar by this file:
  6. I remember a guy on this thread did it with google drive 1-2 years ago as he gave me access to his repo, Unfortunately I have lost the access to his repo.
  7. Check the size of the file cup_terrains_ca_structures.pbo on the FTP server. Possibly the FTP server has maximum file size limitation.
  8. 1. Remove Java 2. Clean windows registry with tool like ccleaner 3. Re install Java
  9. Give me the access to the ftp by pm.
  10. If the error occurs when it tries to create the remote directory /TEST means the FTP account is missing permission to create directory (which is different to write permission).
  11. The user to login on the linux machine and then build the repo has nothing to see with the FTP user. In ArmA3Sync ensure that in the upload options are correctly set with the FTP login, password and repo url:
  12. dedicated server issue, try updating Java eventually.
  13. The repository url is wrongly set in the autoconfig file Try importing you will see url: ftp://localhost which doesn't work client side.