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  1. You must check the server conf for max user simultaneous allowed connections.
  2. Localhost port 0 Check also /etc/hosts file
  3. Do you manage the files server by your own ? Looks like the server is rejecting multiple connections for a user => 3 mb/s /10 = 300 kb/s
  4. It seems to be possible for third party application to use a dropbox account. Now any low cost dedicated server managed by your own with FileZilla/Apache would do the job better.
  5. Try remove all addon search directories then re-add Is the PARA addons group generated from Modsets button?
  6. Run ArmA3Sync-DEBUG.exe Did you update java lately?
  7. Everything in the www folder will be shared. Before doing anything with ArmA3Sync, ensure you can browser and download files from from the Apache server with a web browser.
  8. Which version of ArmA3Sync are you using to build the repo? Try update it if not 1.6.92
  9. running arma3server.exe with -filePatching server side is useless as the server use the config file with "allowedFilePatching = 1" You must run client side arma3.exe with argument -filePatching
  10. Create a shortcut on arma3.exe with -filePatching as argument and see what happens.
  11. Was it the MIME configuration on II7 server as suggested returning 404 error with no extension files?
  12. Paste repository url on a web browser and see what happens.
  13. Give me by PM the server infos to login
  14. I think there is a wrong setup in FileZilla server. Use your web browser to find and fix it. ArmA3Sync is out of scope.
  15. It's defined server side by the arma3sync repository administrator.