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  1. Edit ArmA3Sync.bat file Change java -Xms256m -Xmx256m ... To java -verbose > "%~dp0jvm.log" -Xms256m -Xmx256m ... Run modified ArmA3Sync.bat file, you should get a jvm.log file into ArmA3Sync installation directory. Then send me this file by PM.
  2. Do you have created a god mod folder ( If yes delete it as it crashes the Java virtual machine.
  3. The Enable Battleye option is never saved. It is determined from the ArmA3 exe location: arma3.exe/arma3_x64.exe -> Enable Battleye is disabled. arma3battleye.exe -> Enable Battleye is enabled.
  4. -skipintro is same thing as -world=empty (Default world empty in ArmA3Sync) Generally speaking ArmA3Sync has currently all the useful parameters, only the name may be slightly different from the BIS Launcher.
  5. Do you have any error in the console when running script? Which JRE are you using with Debian?
  6. DNS associate IP to domain name not url. FTP servers do not support url redirection ever. Only a front hand router or a firewall could be configured to block or redirect incoming requests like ftp://domain1/directory2
  7. In Filezilla set /home as shared directory on the ftp In /home create directories: /home/directory1 and /home/directory2 From this point, you should have 2 working url: ftp://IP/directory1 and ftp://IP/directory2
  8. Just share one directory for each repo like http://IP/repoDirectory1 and http://IP/repoDirectory2
  9. The only way to prevent user from doing shit with addons is: - Strict synchronization of files to a single directory. Every extra files found in this directory => automatic delete. Which imply that ArmA3 installation directory could not be use as synchronization directory. - Do not let user do mod selection manually. Start the game from selecting among predefined modsets linked to the repository (and then to the single synchronization directory).
  10. Tell your guys to: 1- Create a dedicated directory on the disk to download the files with name MyClanName OUTSIDE of the the ArmA3 installation directory. 2- Create a dedicated ArmA3Sync Profile with name MyClanName 3- In the ArmA3Sync Profile set the MyClanName directory as Addons Search directory 4- Import the clan repository/set the repository to download to the MyClanName directory 5. From this point selecting modset MyClanName => ArmA3Sync will look inside MyClanName directory only. For the Workshop fan boys: 1. Create a dedicated ArmA3Sync Profile with name Workshop 2. In the ArmA3Sync Profile set AmA3 installation directory\!Worshop as Addons search directory Now just switch between MyClanName Profile and Workshop Profile
  11. Just create a dedicated ArmA3Sync Profile for the headless client and another for the server then switch from one to the other, see =>
  12. Run ArmA3sync-DEBUG.exe and see what happens in the console.
  13. You must check the server conf for max user simultaneous allowed connections.