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  1. You want webdav for uploading a repository to a remote http server right?
  2. Sure when it will be released in the ArmA 3 stable branch. Now you can always add manually this parameters into the "Additional run parameters" field of ArmA3Sync.
  3. Antivirus/Firewall/Router blocking ArmA3Sync to access internet.
  4. 1. Remove all versions of Java you may have 2. Clean windows registry using tool like CCleaner (free) 3. Install last version of Java
  5. You can grab the last available version of ArmA3Sync from here Have you tried to disable completely firewall and antivirus?
  6. Could you check the disk(s) for surface errors (execute -> cmd -> chkdsk)
  7. Could you boot your PC in Windows Safe mode with network support then try ArmA3Sync?
  8. If all your TFAR mods are in the same version nope.
  9. What happens exactly if you try to provide the credentials manually then sync with the repo?
  10. Use different profiles in ArmA3Sync for each repository.
  11. Just tested your FTP on the /test folder, everything seems working fine for me. Be sure the url of Upload options is properly set.
  12. Could give me the access to the ftp with the login you use to upload by pm? Try also replacing ArmA3Sync.jar file by this one
  13. Run ArmA3Sync-DEBUG.exe and you can see what happening. Pretty sure your are mistaking with the /.a3s/sync file
  14. Edit ArmA3Sync.bat file, remove the line: RUNAS /user:Administrator Then launch ArmA3Sync using the bat file. Be sure to have write permission on the ArmA3Sync installation directory. If the directory is in Program files, move it to another location.