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  1. Use menu Profiles -> Edit -> duplicate to get a new Profile with exact same configuration from another profile. In your case, do not use Joint with modset option (leave it blank). Simply select the mods from Addon groups. Switching profile from one to another will keep the selection.
  2. The option add zipped pbo files into the repository, meaning is does not delete the original pbo files. The zipped pbo files are deleted client side one the download finished.
  3. Is it -hugepages ?
  4. Currently you can use ArmA3Sync with Google Drive witch use HTTP hosting along with partial file transfer support (for ArmA3Sync zsync/http protocol). I you want to add the access of any P2P remote service into ArmA3Sync, feel free to do it, here are the sources svn://
  5. @zriel replace Arma3Sync.jar file by this one
  6. Server side issue. You can try pasting the repository url on a web browser and see what happens.
  7. Try double click on the x64 exe, what happens? Try from a3s with no mods/no fancy parameters.
  8. Stable release should be out at the end of this month.
  9. Check out the Settings button, ensure time outs are set to 300 s. You may also try ArmA3Sync 1.6 Beta which is more robust against connection loses.
  10. No idea, you may ask someone from BIS.
  11. Could you check ArmA3Sync 1.6 Beta
  12. ArmA3Sync generates only a debug file to desktop if an unexpected errors occurred. You run ArmA3Sync.bat file to get debug infos in a console.
  13. @PatrickJr: try ArmA3Sync 1.6 Beta 2, and use ArmA3Sync-safe-mode.exe within ArmA3Sync installation directory. You can try eventually to change the look and feel from help -> Preferences.