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  1. "We have reached TOP 100 for the 3rd year in a row! Thank you all for making that possible! We are still in the race for the best A3 mod, and you can still vote for us here:" Good day everybody! So, how to check who won the competition? The voting is closed, but i can't find info who won. Thanks!
  2. As far as i remember it should be like this at the first missions and after few days you should recieve NVG.
  3. Thanks man, that solved my issue!
  4. Strange thing, when using 64-bit arma my laptop switches to Intel HD grafics instead of Geforce. Any tips how to fix that?
  5. I was talking about RAM
  6. Cool!!! And thank you very much, BIS!
  7. petek, i had same issue on my old laptop ( Nvidia Geforce 520MX, 4GB RAM ) using 64 bit, fps dropped significantly, MSI afterburner showed my GPU was using only 45 MB of 1024 possible but i thought it was because it just didn't have more RAM available. If i checked correctly, your GPU has up to 4096 MB, so maybe when game running using more ram then usual, your GPU recieves less and FPS drops. ( i just assume ))
  8. Try this tutorial followed by this one
  9. Just finished watching the video and i must say that you are the best!!! And thank you soooo much for finally showing the new stuff,been checking this thread every day like few times per day))) Thank you again!!!
  10. Does it suppose to work on dev-branch? Tested today and everything works but the waypoints ( can't place any ). Or maybe it has some issues if used in Eden?
  11. Thank you very very much! The mod is just amazing and already get used to it so much that can't play without it. And i have some observations and suggestions if i may: 1. Disabling autodanger is just great and helps a lot when need fast moving, but ai still stop on the move when they have a line of sight on target and start shooting. Is it possible to disable this behaviour? I mean to have some toggleable button for disable autotarget in addition to disable autodanger? 2. Go codes are super helpfull but when making some complex plan for individual units or ( my favorite ) flex formation, it is very time consuming to click on each waypoint and set it to Go code. Can you make it possible to turn a Go code before assigning waypoints so that each next assaigned waypoint would recieve the "A,B,C or D" code in advance?( this in addition to already existing system) 3. Also for time saving can you add Go code activation buttons to Quick menu HUD, so that they can be activated while player is on the move ( i mean while you visually observe the movement of your AIs)? 4. I don't know if its a bug or it suppose to be like this but after assigning slow speed waypoint in planning mode, units start moving with same slow speed after recieving waypoint in HUD mode. And anyway would be great to control speed of teammates when assigning waypoints in HUD mode, because this makes them move almost like in tactical formations towards their waypoint. ( maybe Ctrl+RMB - for fast movement and Ctrl+LMB - for slow movement) 5. Concerning HUD mode, would be just awesome to have some kind of button to activate "remember last formation" mode, so that it would not be necessary to scroll through all possible formations every time before giving new waypoint with same formations. Or by using Shift+F for activating a desired formation. Thank you in advance and once more - thank you for your hard work with this amazing mod.
  12. Nevermind Mad_cheese, tested on today's dev-branch and no issues were found. Thank you for amazing mod! Is there any way to select all units at once in planned mode?
  13. Thank you so much i've been waiting for it since Friday!)) :bounce3: Unfortunatly not working on the dev-branch and i can't switch to stable(( Oh my :frown:
  14. Just checked those AI FFV in offroad and this is just AWESOME and very fun to play with :) . Thank you BIS! Is it possible to reach same behavior from AI in building positions?
  15. Whould be very handfull IMHO to be able to see unit engage distance, spotting distance and skill. I mean there should be some button so when you press it you have those values visualized in some kind of circles ( for engage distance ). For example if you place some static weapon on the hill you may check how far it may spot or engage targets. Or for AA soldiers - when you place some AA patrol then you may visually check how big area they cover for defence and so on.