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  1. Well, Black Ops 2 takes place 10 years earlier and it already had a USS Barack Obama, so...
  2. The smaller dome structure doesn't cast shadows, only its base and doors do. Feedback
  3. Been waiting for these, thanks guys! Could you make the bullbar (and the top hatch if possible) on the non-armored versions a toggleable component? I plan to do some civilian reskins once they are released, and with those tweaks they'd look great for that purpose.
  4. iirc it was removed because the game only allows one type of flare effect for the lights, and the devs deemed this to be too exaggerated for every lightsource (including the sun and streetlights)
  5. The AA Titan missile is a bit too splendid By the way I noticed there is a new tech for showing distant lights. It seems to only work with Tanoan buildings for now, and for some weird reason the lights are red instead of white/amber as streetlights usually are.
  6. Could we get the old skins for the Zamak back alongside with the new ones? I mean the blue canvas and the orange box on the service variant.
  7. Pure speculation on my part, but I think a regular police force also exists in Tanoa, even if we don't encounter them. The equipment of the Gendarmerie is more militarized than I would expect from a regular patrol unit. Also their description refers to them as "a" law enforcement agency on Tanoa. It's possible for small Pacific islands to have both types of agencies, for example in Tahiti.
  8. Also on the dev branch: all the blue office buildings have risen about a meter from the ground
  9. Speaking of soundtrack, why is Solar Power missing? It's one of the most atmospheric tracks in the game, and it came out with the alpha, so it's odd that it isnt there.
  10. Motorboats components are messed up by default (police and rescue lacks siren and signs on the side, while civilian shouldnt have either of those)
  11. Ifrit and Tempest lights still cant be turned off (or rather the emissive texture stays on no matter what)
  12. This picture also shows how the dashboard of the waterscooter is completely broken.
  13. Found some floating crates at 118027
  14. The only issue I found so far is with the Road Cone [brown], the lighting is weird on it, and it should be physx enabled. And I'm not sure if all the props have been staged on dev, but I'm really missing a Tanoan flag.
  15. Yep, this has been bugging me too. Also added another ticket about the broken light textures on Ifrit and Tempest variants: