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  1. This is correct, USMC have no medics. Corpsmen are USN personnel attached to USMC squads. I might have found a small bug with the M1A1FEP. In NV mode, only the center and right monitors change to TI. The left one stays normal. Is that intended behavior or a bug?
  2. Wonderful release. I especially love the Mi-28 interiors. You even made that dinky cabin. :) Really, this is amazing. One thing, though. Are the Ataka-V missiles on Mi-28 supposed to fly with those red caps at the rear? From what I know about aviation, red is generally the "remove before flight" color.
  3. OK, the models are great, but you have a long way to go with the configs. I suggest checking out CUP implementation of Anzac-class for some solutions. 1. Main gun on Anzac is 127mm and on La Fayette 100mm. Corvette and missile boat guns seem smaller, but in 80mm range. You made them all 40mm. Not a good choice. They should work as artillery, perhaps with a direct-fire mode (getting them both working at the same time is convoluted, but possible). 2. Phalanx doesn't remotely sound like it should. It's more like Wipeout's gun than anything else. 3. After spawning, the ships only have three crew members. The additional ones are reported as dead as soon as the mission starts. 4. The ships accelerate and move way too fast. Anzac can move at 27 knots (50km/h), but it can't accelerate to that speed in a matter of seconds. La Fayette can only reach 45km/h. Note, this is probably at flank speed, usually they'd cruise somewhat slower. 5. Haven't tested the weapons yet, but CUP had some problems with TAB-lock on multiple crew members. I'm on devbranch currently, so unfortunately any of my feedback related to that isn't gonna help much (BIS is in the middle of a complete radar overhaul).
  4. I'm certainly going to try this out. Seems like it'd go well with the Nimitz, though I'd need an excuse to make a multinational battlegroup. :) Anyway, definitely gonna try them out. Do the guns work with "Fire Mission" waypoint?
  5. That's quite a miscellaneous bunch. :) I thought one of them looked like an ANZAC, but I wasn't sure. Think you could also add an Arleigh Burke and the LHD from A2 (since you did port the ANZAC)? They'd round off the selection quite nicely and you already have quite a multinational fleet in there.
  6. Looks great. What ship classes are provided? I have to say I don't quite recognize those in the pic (I don't know so much about Greek navy).
  7. Wow, just over 2600 square kilometers. That's really something.
  8. Well, if he wasn't asked, he wouldn't have anything to respond to. :) Maybe the rule should say "valuable information or relevant questions" (that is, reasonable requests for valuable information). That's what I was referring to with my response. I hate it when people (especially authorities) threat the letter of the rules as if it was some kind of gospel, it's the spirit that's important, and in that case, I don't think it has been violated. The intent behind that rule clearly wasn't to ban asking any and all questions (as they don't necessarily provide information by themselves, the answers do) in old threads.
  9. How about "common sense"? It's not my fault if the rules don't conform to it, but it's a really useful thing to have. If it's not spam "by any reasonable definition", but the rules qualify it as spam, then it says more about the rules than anything else. This clearly isn't bumping for the sake of bumping. It's inquiring (as the first person since the author's last post) about whether this addon is dead or not. Yes, he could have guessed it from other signs (this one is pretty obviously dead as a doornail, but it's not always the case), or sent a PM, but by posting in a thread the reply will be visible to anyone else looking to ask the same question. This is a valuable information. Chances of reply after 10 months of inactivity are remote, but I've seen that happen. Some people have (or had, before the forum "upgrade") e-mail notifications about new posts in threads they started. This could cause him to log back in and post, if only to say "Yeah, dead, you can lock it". Much better than not knowing.
  10. If you're asking after one year (check the previous posts' date) then no, it doesn't qualify as spam by any reasonable definition. I'd like to know if the project is still going, too.
  11. Awesome. :) Never got those shin pockets, though. I could never imagine a situation when they would be comfortable to use. You'd have to sit on the ground to even have them near your hands and then, they'd be under your legs.
  12. Agreed. I've been arguing this for quite a while. "Loiter Altitude" specifically (but also altitude for player-set waypoints) should be ASL and not AGL. Right now this is only doable using scripting. Of course, with ASL you could get AI to fly into a mountain, but if that happens on an aircraft you control (either AP or a remote UAV), then it's your own bloody fault. A good way of doing that would be having all altitudes (on player-created WPs) above 100m use ASL, while ones below 100m they would be "terrain-following mode" that'd use AGL.
  13. It makes no sense to slew the "radar" (actually IR/VIS contrast sensors sensors, IRL CAS vehicles tend not to have actual radar) to the gunner's look direction, either. The cameras are usually physically located in the turret, so they generally point where the weapons do and have the same slew limits as them.
  14. RHS is still using A2 models for many helos, though. Some cooperation would certainly not be a bad idea, though it would probably be more along the lines of importing the whole model+config from RHS and then adapting the configs for CUP units and weapons. I'm sure helo amateurs would appreciate that.
  15. If you have a 64bit OS you can try the dev branch, 64bit version of the engine is already available for testing. It may still have some kinks to iron out, but it seems to work. I didn't encounter the 3fps bug (yet) so I don't follow the topic closely, but lots of work has been going into that on the dev branch. Taunus seems to work fine, at any rate. I recently manged to fly Sabre's Boeing 737 from RMA to the military airbase in the north, this was with CUP loaded in addition to the aircraft pack. No lag, though I was flying high and with a viewdistance of 3km or so.