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  1. Yeah, that's why I mentioned bracing it. Firing totally unsupported would be possible (the launcher has little recoil), but your aim point would be going all over the place and you'd be unlikely to hit anything. It's better to find something to steady your aim. Of course, if there isn't anything else and you're dealing with TI-equipped tanks, you could try lying down and bracing it on the ground (better that than getting blown away by the tank), but you can't do that in ArmA.
  2. It is supposedly possible, if impractical. Metis can be fired from the shoulder. It's not recommended, but it can be done. The weight of the weapon is not an issue, but as a SACLOS missile, a steady aim is mandatory to actually hitting the target. Since you can't lie down with a launcher in ArmA, you'd either have to brace it against something tall, or suffer the sway and probably miss. Ideally, we'd be able to mount any kind of compatible weapon on a tripod. Many weapons (most GPMGs, for example) can be fired either way. However, I don't think ArmA engine supports that.
  3. It was actually one of the first things I did when Dynamic Loadout was implemented. Didn't work then, either. I want my dakka! :)
  4. I have some more testing feedback, mostly from my recent flights on the Buzzard. 1. Unguided bombs are dropped in pairs. I don't know if it's intentional, but I think that in context of ArmA, it isn't a good idea. 2. 20mm gunpods only fire in pairs. They should fire all at once. 3. 20mm gunpods are missing fire sounds and muzzle FX. 4. Centerline mount on the Buzzard can only mount the 20mm gunpod. It should be possible to put other weapons there.
  5. They're adding new uniforms, gear and vehicles, so it's either a new faction or a significant expansion for the existing ones. Given the symbol in the DLC pack, it's highly likely that the DLC will focus on crisis relief or some kind. I hope CSAT gets in on the action, too. It's been portrayed as rather simplistic villains, but it's not like Russians and Chinese aren't doing any humanitarian aid.
  6. None of which are in ArmA3 outside mods, while T100 lacks a missile system. Armata, on the other hand, should definitely have that capability.
  7. It is. :) I think that the new tanks will be frontline MBTs, with better capabilities than what we have now. I don't know what BIS is planning, but they might have nice stuff like being able to fire missiles through the main gun barrel.
  8. Not that I mind getting some new content. :) It's nice to see that we're getting the Armata.
  9. Blackfish got the camera! Hurray. :) Thanks, BIS. That said, after trying it out, I have to take back what I said about FCS - it is the best solution for Blackfish, after all. For example, I noticed that the max zoom level is useless at normal flight speeds, due to CCIP reticle being so far to the right it comes off the screen. Also, Blackfish still has the "magic rangefinder", as opposed to the proper one. Blackfish doesn't need radar - its gunnery should be similar to that of a tank. EDIT: OK, I did some more testing. It turns out that the CCIP reticle on Blackfish is, for some reason, very inaccurate. That might have something to do with zeroing, since it seems that it's not affecting it. In 1000/200 (radius/altitude) loiter, you need to aim above the target to hit it, as if the gun was zeroed to the default 600m, despite the display showing otherwise. So yeah, FCS it has to be.
  10. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. RHS Armata will likely actually be of better quality than BIS' new tanks. :) Though with Reyhard on the team, they should at least have the features of RHS tanks. I hope we'll get RHS-style autoloader controls in the DLC.
  11. Blackfish needs locking the camera to terrain, not FCS. Automatic lead computation would help, but it'd be of little use if you can't keep the gun on target in first place. It's got CCIP, which would be all that's needed (well, that and perhaps horizontal gun traverse, to center it a little better) had we been able to lock the camera to terrain like it's possible for TGPs.
  12. Actually, lockon squares are already on the HUD. I presume that the devs plan to remove non-diegetic ones eventually.
  13. Jet fighters being able to take off from runways that would barely be able to support a Cessna is wrong. The real takeoff distance for Yak-130 is about 550m (at about 210km/h), while landing distance is usually about 750m (landing speed around 190km/h). That's a clean configuration, carrying weapons would increase those values. I don't know how many runways of this length you can find of Altis, but not all of them meet those criteria. I for one, welcome a more realistic approach to landing and takeoff speeds.
  14. Crossposting my feedback from the General thread. 1. The new HMDs need a countermeasure quantity readout. 2. FPMs are too small and should be more than just a circle. Orca's FPM isn't even a circle, just a line, which isn't a good design. 3. RPM indicator on Orca is missing, all of them are nonfunctional. They're useful for monitoring engine startup. 4. Failure indicators would be helpful additions. They would allow eliminating most non-diegetic symbology. 5. AFM gauges overlap the HMDs. With the latest improvements, they're pretty much redundant (but only on helos with new HMDs). It would be nice to automatically disable them when using a HMD. Also, I'm fully behind the idea that HMDs should require wearing a pilot's helmet. Considering that we have non-diegetic AFM gauges for flying helicopters, I suggest that, if they're enabled (on lower difficulties, in general), they could appear instead of a HMD when not wearing a pilot's helmet, even when not using AFM. That way, those who want to fly without a pilot's helmet (for whatever reason) would have an option of leaving the gauges on.
  15. I'm waiting for them to either release a season pass or finish releasing DLCs so I can buy them all in a bundle. I guess I can get Apex next time it's on a sale (after they finish fixing SP, that is), but for the DLC, I'll wait till Tanks come out in 2018.