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  1. I suppose it's hard to balance that kind of effect. Make it too subtle and the grips become essentially cosmetic items. Make it too strong and it makes things too easy. BIS spent quite a few updates fiddling with inertia and sight transition. Right now, it seem to be on the excessive side, especially inertia reduction. I'm fine with reduced sway, but it shouldn't affect turning speed by that much.
  2. I didn't mean muzzle climb. That is noticeable, though surprisingly easily compensated for, even on the 103. I mean inertia and sway. You can turn as if you're carrying a pistol and snipe from a standing position. That's despite the AK-103 being a full-length assault rifle, even if it is tacticooled up with Zenitco accessories.
  3. Vertical. It actually lands pretty close to the target and can still kill an unarmored man (though it flies at such a steep angle that hitting is incredibly difficult). Try it yourself, attach the Nightstalker scope (it has a built-in rangefinder) to Type 115, scope out the 1000m target and snipe.
  4. Aww, just as it was about to get hilarious... :) Let's have some actual feedback, then. Is it normal that a Zenitco AK-103 fitted with a front grip, a muzzlebrake and a holosight seems to have almost no inertia or sway, and also very low recoil? I was able to snipe a guy at 500m in the Arsenal, while standing and with the gun on full auto. Is it a bug, or are these things really that good? Also, it seems that it's possible to fit an AK-74M muzzlebrake (the one specifically designated as such) onto AK-103. Are they compatible in reality, despite different caliber?
  5. I found a strange quirk with the Type 115. There's nothing stopping you from equipping a high-powered scope on it and zeroing it to 1000m. It results in the .50 cal projectile being fired in on a ridiculously steep trajectory (being low velocity), some 30 degrees off the actual muzzle axis.
  6. Nah, just making a joke. All the new ones are political these days.
  7. Perhaps they have access to some secret Russian plans. :) The way things are going in the US, maybe they should put a map of Russia on the USAF page, as well...
  8. For 1, I guess BI might have missed it because they have all weapons under control of the gunner. I'm afraid that this won't exactly be a priority. For 3, it seems to be intended for use by mission designers, for who this is of secondary importance (simply don't set loadouts that cause things to clip). If the system was expanded for player use, though, it'd be a concern. As for 2, yes, it would be nice, but if it entails the rework of the entire weapon handling system (and I think it might), I can live with for example Hellfire racks permanently attached to the helo. Alternatively, if it's possible to make a pylon mount with two kinds of weapons attached, I believe it would work well enough (even if it would entail making a separate model of each useful configuration).
  9. Keep in mind that RHS doesn't depend on dev branch features and has no public dev branch of its own. So you have to wait for the RHS update that will come after Jets DLC to see any progress on that front. That said, I can't wait to see RHS take advantage of those features. If only to try filling every pylon on a Su-25 with gun pods. :)
  10. It should be possible to add weight based on loadout in the current FM. I hope they do that, it'd be a great leap towards realism.
  11. I hope Plamens are here to stay, however they seem to have some problems with the sounds. They don't sound like the Buzzard's gun pod. Also, I'd suggest that for burst-capable weapons (Plamens, rockets), all pylons should be fired when pulling the trigger, not just two. Ideally, they'd fire one pair after the other, so that a quick tap would only release two or four rockets, while holding down the trigger would rain hell down upon whatever is in the line of fire. :)
  12. TBH, I don't see any reason for player to flying those lumbering beasts. It's not exactly like we have a map with more than one big civilian airport. While I can see people making missions which have the player arrive in one of those, most of my ideas include them as set dressing only. Without big airplanes, the airports like the one on Taunus look completely desolate.
  13. I see you ported the civilian jets from TkOH, as well. Any chance that we'll see them released? They would be great set dressing for Altis and Taunus airports.
  14. The removal of speed zoomout is a real game changer. The HUD is far more visible now. With that out of the way, I have a few more suggestions on how to improve diegetic instrument experience: 1. Tilt the pilot's head a few degrees down in Neopheron, Wipeout and Caesar, so that MFDs are in full view. 2. Slightly increase the HUD font size in all planes. 3. Decrease the default FOV on all planes except Caesar. This and the above will need to be balanced to make HUDs fully readable without giving the players tunnel vision. 4. Add pitch and speed ladders to Wipeout. 5. Some symbology (flaps, lights) on Buzzard currently remains even if the system in question are off, just dimmed. This is a bad idea, as this dimming is not always apparent (which is why real HUDs never do this). 6. Wipeout's HUD could use a contrast adjustment. 7. Neopheron needs a better gunsight and both Wipeout and Neopheron need working CCIP symbology. 8. Add simplified caution/warning indicators and countermeasure count on the MFDs. 9. Once all the above is good and working, add an option to remove the stats in the top-left and top right corners of the screen. That'd really help immersion. If you manage to render the UI MFDs to the displays as well, it'd be even better.
  15. Is it just me, or are tanks with MGs and APCs far too accurate against planes? They shouldn't even be able to lead an airplane moving at 500km/h, nevermind reliably hit it. It seems that altitude is an effective defense, but a low and fast flying airplane will end up getting hit way more than it should. EDIT: Tank MGs seem more or less fine, it's just the cannon on the Kamysh that's ridiculously effective.