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  1. Crew staying in immobilized vehicle is not global parameter, however there is a script command that allows you to set it on per vehicle.
  2. They do (should) work, just like tank FCS you need to press T(default) to laze distance.
  3. Manual zoom instead of automatic zooming might be possible.
  4. Not as deep. But we still have ideas how to improve it so cooperation between units can be improved.
  5. it is affected by - day/night - speed - vehicle you are in - eye direction - unit skill - mine inconspicuousness - surface type
  6. By default it should be num 5. In free mode camera will be re-centred to default direction. In locked mode it will re-center to target (if any is marked)
  7. Unfortunately, walk on moving decks is not planned.
  8. To see target red, it must be confirmed as enemy by someone (by mission maker and script command "confirmSensorTarget").
  9. It is possible. However max. allowed speed of target is limited by config.
  10. Please send me PM with repro steps. Thank you.
  11. Something related to discuss: - what else would you expect in minimap? (navigation, units) - do you need something else for custom scripted display? - something else you miss?
  12. Not recommended as target visibility is not tested each frame.
  13. What exactly do you have in mind? Just heading?
  14. And how would you control this functionality? (We are severely limited when it comes to free keys)