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  1. Level of water depends on date (month, day, time of the day: morning, afternoon, evening, night). Keep that in mind if you create a water-related mission. The highest level of water (4.04m) I've spotted is on 13th of August at 10:55AM.
  2. The animation was created by @smookie but it required some editing to make it useful (actually to make the player successfully climb over the wall). Unfortunately, It also applies to other of his climbing animations. It seems the animations were not meant (designed) to be used in a regular (non-scripted) way as I would like them to and I've shown in the video.
  3. [EC] Elite Corps - 13th anniversary!

    On 8th of November, [EC] Elite Corps, the oldest polish OFP/ARMA clan, turned 13.
  4. Update on my work-in-progress project.
  5. One of the features of my new project. The picture is totally unedited. I left the only building out there to make it easier to recognize the place ;)
  6. I've decided to record the second video related to this bug to make it easier to see the issue.
  7. This one should be interesting for you too, @revan9190. Not this time, @zulu1