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  1. The idea behind it is quite simple. The building's model destrtype is changed to tent. The building class has eventhandler killed which places a model of ruins on the exact position of the building.
  2. This is what happens when you improve OFP/CWA building destruction model.
  3. From YouTube video description: 'This is what happens when you make OFP/CWA forests destructible.'
  4. Because of pivotal priority change I would like to make an important announcement related to PFC's masterserver. We (PFC - Polish Flashpoint Community) decided to close our masterserver. We are proud we could support OFP/CWA community with functionality of live server browsing (that is in use by OFPMonitor) for over 30 months. On behalf of PFC Rożek
  5. This is our new YouTube channel intro.
  6. Attention everyone! New IP address for PFC masterserver is To make your server visible in OFPmonitor you have to update reportingIP value in your server config file.
  7. Most of HKM features work with 1.96 as well. However, some features (elements of INTERACT) use CWA 1.99 command find. The worst scenario is that there would be two separate versions of HKM (1.96 and 1.99). The point is to make one version that would be supported by both games. I will look what can be done about it ;)
  8. What does it do? HKM allows you to bind User Actions to a specific key on your keyboard. You are able to bind switching weapons (primary, secondary, handgun etc.), switching seats in vehicles and many other actions to any key of your choice. How does it work? Enter Mission Editor Place HKM Game Logic When in-game press APP (Application) button to activate HKM Menu In HKM Menu you are able to change hotkeys on-the-fly. Your settings are stored in a file. HKM can also be activated through eventhandlers. What can i do with it? In the latest HKM experimental build you are able to bind: ON FOOT: Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Hand Gun Hand Grenade Throw (Satchel Charge, Mine) Heal Holster Weapon Interact IN VEHICLE: Switch to Driver Seat Switch to Gunner Seat Switch to Commander Seat Switch to Back Seat (Cargo) Manual Fire Auto Hover Eject/Get Out Open/Close Hatch COMMON: Touch Off Most of the actions listed above are obvious but one of them is special. INTERACT is an action that combines a number of actions into one key. Its functionality is based on player distance to interactive objects. In the latest experimental build INTERACT key allows to: Get into vehicle Open/Close door Climb ladder Up/Down Other specific action is HEAL. It does not use any scripts. It is based on hardcoded action unit action ["HEAL"]. It is possible to be executed by every unit (the healing animation is played) but it works only for medic. There is no possibility to make it excluded for everyone besides medics. Anyway, it does not interfere with the game mechanics and does not brake the game schematics (AI medic units do heal themselves). Switching seats is next great feature of HKM. You are able to switch seats in a vehicle even when it is moving! This possibility introduces noticeable immersion improvement. Just remind yourself how many times you were trapped in a vehicle which lost its driver or gunner (or both) because of ongoing firefight. Now, thanks to HKM, you are not a prisoner of a trapped-car anymore! HKM is work-in-progress. On the TO-DO list: Mods compatibility Restrictions for switching seats (for some vehicles) Expanding INTERACTION Switching vehicle weapons In fact HKM is in a very early stage of development however current results shows what can be achieved with Fwatch. Thanks to Kegetys who created it over 11 years ago and Faguss' constant and fierce development, we have possibilities which a few years ago were considered to be miles away. Not to mention that Switching Weapons was introduced into ARMA3 barely 3 months ago! :P First version of HKM will be released when it will be considered to be ready.
  9. It seems to be clearer know why the situation about this patch is so unusual. According to the latest ARMA3 SITREP Jan Kunt (nickname Johny), who was Bohemia's liaision to Steam, left the office. He also was the author of the news about the latest CWA patch on Steam linked in the first post.
  10. Use LIKE THIS button when you want to thank somebody :)
  11. (Picture created by Rożek, edited by Rożek, remixed by Rożek) Within a few days we are going to celebrate 12th anniversary of DXDLL 1.0 release that took place on 12th of July, 2004. I decided to share with you all the information I've found on BIForum and discovered myself about this amazing tool created by Kegetys and Feer. I am not going to repeat the information that is available in the readme and the configurator. Using DXDLL on modern OS (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) It is a known problem that DXDLL do not like the modern OS. It crashes the game at the startup or while ALT+TABing. The solution is: Set ColdWarAssault.exe in Compatibility Mode with Windows XP (Service Pack 3). DXDLL is conflicting with other overlay(s) DXDLL is an overlay itself that is why it is not possible to run DXDLL with Steam Overlay, Overwolf or TeamSpeak Overlay at the same time. It even seems that it is not possible to run CWA with DXDLL through Steam with or without Steam Overlay. However, it is possible to run DXDLL and FRAPS together. GENERAL Use Trilinear Filtering Enabling this feature on a computer with modern graphic card lowers quality and sharpness of textures on farther distance. It is because Trilinear Filtering is obsolete and was replaced by Anisotropic Filtering which is turned on by default (in graphic card's control panel). Remove night pixelshader effect Removes black&white night shader effect. Highly usable feature. DISABLED | ENABLED Handle printscreen key The output format of the printscreen is TGA. Its final size is huge and taking a photo stutters a game for a second. There are better alternatives for taking photos ingame (FRAPS). Stage 0 mipmap LODbias Sets normal texture mipmap level of detail, range -1.0(sharp) to 1.0(blurry). http://imgur.com/a/BeTsg Stage 1 mipmap LODbias Sets multitexture texture mipmap level of detail, range -1.0(sharp) to 1.0(blurry). http://imgur.com/a/G3KZq POSTPROCESSING Enable postprocessing Enabling this feature disables AntiAliasing (not available in the game itself) turned on in the graphic card's control panel. Use special NV Goggles effect Works only with vanilla OFP/CWA nightvision texture and FDF mod. DXDLL does checksum (CRC32) for 25% (1/4) of nightvision texture (size). DISABLED | ENABLED Hard Light effect Allows to change RGB channels. The best thing of DXDLL next to water reflections. If you don't like the original values you may want to try Kegetys' personal settings (0.5, 0.5, 0.9). DISABLED | ENABLED Desaturate effect ARMA2-Chernarus-like feature. Not really usable in regular playing but a nice effect for a specific screenshots/screenarts. If you don't like the original values you may want to try Kegetys' personal settings (0.2, 0.4, 0.2). DISABLED | ENABLED Glare Blur, Bloom or whatever you call it. Eveything shines around you. Not useful for regular playing but (as above) a nice effect for screenshots/screenarts. If you don't like the original values you may want to try Kegetys' personal settings (Strength 0.4, Size 4). DISABLED | ENABLED Darken sky Darkens the sky by 15% and the fog color by 10%. All these just to avoid overbrightness caused by Glare effect. Possible to be enabled without Glare effect set to ON. DISABLED | ENABLED Use fading Useless because of making lighting show on your screen. Every bright source of light will stay on the screen for as long as another bright source will not show up to take place of the previous one(s) (explosions, searchlights etc.). REFLECTIONS Enable reflections This feature requires setting Landscape textures resolution (by ColdWarPreferences.exe) to at least 512x512. Works with vanilla OFP/CWA water textures only. DXDLL does checksum (CRC32) for 25% (1/4) of each water texture (size). Water reflections may not work for unbinarised models (MLODs). It is possible to manually set water reflections resolution (Configurator.exe limit is 1024x1024) by opening config.cfg (in dxdll folder), finding and changing sizeX and sizeY values. DISABLED | ENABLED Use exponential fog on water Introduces the specific fog on water that hides the irregularities of OFP/CWA water shorelines. Use lighting on reflections Introduces wider amount of colors on water reflections. Bumpmap strength Strength of bumpmap water reflections. 0 | 10 HIDDEN Requires manual change in config.cfg (in dxdll folder). Use Notepad to open the file. EnhancedTracers Enhances tracers to make them more visible. Less laser guns, more like the real ones. Disabled by default. LODbias Sets reflection texture mipmap level of detail, range -1.0(sharp) to 1.0(blurry).
  12. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/115836-arma-cold-war-assault-free-update-199/#entry2069088