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  1. I've decided to record the second video related to this bug to make it easier to see the issue.
  2. This one should be interesting for you too, @revan9190. Not this time, @zulu1
  3. Bike horn properly working in multiplayer
  4. The Flare00.pac texture is linked in two p3ds: Flare00.p3d and ui.p3d. Removing these files from the data3d.pbo doesn't remove the yellow muzzle flash. Removing the texture from the data.pbo is the only way to get rid of the issue.
  5. SOLUTION: It's just a texture named flare00.pac (in data.pbo). If you remove the texture the yellow muzzle flash will disappear. Even though there are 14 other flare textures, the first one is crucial. The texture itself is white so it seems it's hardcoded to be rendered yellow. As @Lenyoga mentioned, the yellow muzzle flash effect is a sprite so apparently it doesn't need any p3d model.
  6. I would like to provide deep insight about shotFromTurret. It requires a vehicle (using a weapon with this value) to have simulation="tank", otherwise it doesn't work (the yellow muzzle flash visible at night is still there). BTW. Does anyone know the name of the texture and the model of that yellow muzzle flash?
  7. The idea behind it is quite simple. The building's model destrtype is changed to tent. The building class has eventhandler killed which places a model of ruins on the exact position of the building.
  8. This is what happens when you improve OFP/CWA building destruction model.
  9. From YouTube video description: 'This is what happens when you make OFP/CWA forests destructible.'
  10. Because of pivotal priority change I would like to make an important announcement related to PFC's masterserver. We (PFC - Polish Flashpoint Community) decided to close our masterserver. We are proud we could support OFP/CWA community with functionality of live server browsing (that is in use by OFPMonitor) for over 30 months. On behalf of PFC Rożek
  11. This is our new YouTube channel intro.