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  1. I also run GTX970 and SSD helps A LOT
  2. Unless the model itself is modded to reflect having the said sensors - I say "good riddance" and further differentiation of airframes = players have to actually think before randomly hopping into whatever and having all the toys up and running! And I like games that promote thinking, adaptation and improv gameplay-vise! If one chooses AH-9 = they have to be on top of their game and actually be familiar with the asset )
  3. Yup - FFARs, gun pods etc. should be pilot controlled and guided munitions should be gunner. Important stuff along with timed flare dump as CM option.
  4. That some sexy bird textures! I have a pesky request question tho: perhaps a C-130 crash site (non-exploded one) from A2 with faction-appropriate varients? EDiT: just noticed AAF variant has dark-grey(black) parts that look in-line with their uniform peripherals (boots, gloves) - gives that extra bit of integrity! (as in: digi-camo + black details)
  5. If they replace their scriptwriter - after (mediocre and pale at best) East Wind story and (despite really good cutscene cinematography and voice acting) structural disaster that was Apex Protocol, I wonder, whomever wrote those scripts and got actually paid for it... I bet it feels good to get paid for straight up ripping off movies and other games, and besides that doing pretty much fuck-all
  6. Ughm... A1 and A2 campaigns were TOTALLY (not) unbiased towards OpFor and (did not) avoid all possible Hollywood cliches EVER... (Red Hammer does not count as it was done by CM not BI)
  7. Oh man! The memories of Car Wars mod for the original OFP!
  8. I kind of agree - lots of stuck together smaller houses, and lots of different fencing. Also, I REALLY LIKE the greener main sat. Not as sandy as Altis yet not a tight jungle as Tanoa.
  9. Super-useful map! But you left Belarus white while they would be on the same page with Russia in regards to geo-politics and mil-sales (CSAT IFV-universal platform thingy is IRL a Belarussian Stalker 2T recon vehicle)
  10. MAD MAXIM: Three-striped Road Addons: VTN mod
  11. Thanks for clarifying some of my rough memory! I was just really interested in the pre-AAF/CSAT lore as it was more grounded. But I also totally get why BI went ahead and fictionalized it as much as they could (nobody likes prison I guess)...
  12. I don't remember that much from the early E3(?) 2011-2012 or so dev interviews and videos. Some A3 concept art also exists so you can search for it on Google I guess... And honestly, this is just me mostly speculating based off of rough memory about pre-release info... so I'm not sure myself.
  13. Re: TAR-21s - wasn't there a whole debackle about A3 Alpha's storyline including Israel being overrun by Iran(CSAT)? Thus issuing TAR-21s, NEGEV LMGs and other "NATO" armor? And AFAIK FIA used 'em initially exactly because they captured Iranian weapon stockpiles in the course of all-out conflict between NATO(including Greece who's territory you was obviously fighting in) and Iran? EDiT; and it would make total sence in pre-AAF storyline. Mk-200 and the whole 6.5 telescoped caseless ammo thing was exclusively NATO territory while Iran used their own 5.56mm stuff (see CSAT carbine magazine visuals) and captured Israeli hardware. If one thinks logically, had BI followed through with the initial setting, NATO probably would'we gotten (more appropriate) Leopard 2 NG and Iran would be running singular T-100 coil gun tanks with more conventional Merkava tanks as their MBTs. What do you think?