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  1. Haven't sunk as many hours into ARGO yet, but have already experienced alot of what is being discussed in this video as well as what other users have reported in this tread. Really hoping for a fix of at least some of the issues, since ARGO is indeed somewhat enjoyable!
  2. IMHO all u would need are some lines of polish swearing and be done with it - poles are much like russians in that regard - can get pretty much any info across w. nothing but some explicit language )))
  3. Yes, there are official releases w. colored faction emblems (red for AFRF etc). So it's pretty pointless to scum-load them to WS...
  4. The actual reason for old 55s and 62s in A-stan was more along the lines of "dushmans have no armor, so why bother - just slap some ERA on the ol stuff and it'll do"
  5. He's chillin' in modder's valhalla (AKA real life)
  6. I also think that ArmA 3 still has at the very least a full year of relevance left. And that's despite me hating the Vanilla setting (esp. the BIs own "designs" like Mi-48). That being said, I really hope BI continues to support A3 post Tanks at least until E3 2018 around which time they could announce ArmA 4 and then leave A3 to live it's life till A4s release. But that's just me thinking out loud... or in text... no hard evidence for any of this - just what I would do.
  7. AFAIK Venezuela is REALLY pushing the RusFed/ChiCom equipment up-front (Chinese MRAPs and AK-103s, Mil helos, mobile SAMs, T-72BVs etc) w. older western weapons being upkept mostly due to their numbers in inventory. Now, equipment (PASGT, tac. gear) is mostly western and/or ChiCom copy.
  8. IKR - Kalashnikov Concern recently did just that. Disney as well - anything SW not directly involving SW games (SW themed mods for other titles) are a big no-no since they decided to milk the living shit out of the brand by all means necessary, including shutting down mods. At the end of the day - it's all about the cash for them. Always has been, always will be...
  9. Because everyone does that and it's ok as long as the actual equipment works/looks as expected? See every CoD after MW1 and all the modern BFs. It's actually an accepted practice to make RL equipment and just slightly bend the name + exclude any trademarks on the textures. MoH Warfighter actually got alot of shit because they tried to use actual trademarks... so yeah, i'd rather get RL M4s and AK w. names like Mk4 and FK4.7 over fictional shit any day )
  10. Actually, as long as you don't use the actual company names (Colt, KAC, HK, AK etc) and stick to fake/military designations (M27, M4, 6P20 (Ak-74 arsenal designation) etc) legally you can make whatever (see various real-life equipment in ArmA3 w. fake names)
  11. I'd say they resemble the real life Armed Forces of Venezuela the most with mostly RusFed equipment.
  12. Exactly - functionality is pretty much 80s-00s level of tech, but the design is (for the fictional stuff) shit. To put it VERY mildly. See Xian and Mi-48 for the absolute worst examples /// Recently JETS DLC was good in that the fictional jets didn't make me puke and Grippen was awesome as IRL )
  13. With C160 and iL76 and other already included cargo planes, perhaps you would consider an "Utility aircraft" pack instead of rolling them into already extensive packs? This could also include your An-2 and C-130 )