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  1. I run Arma3 on an 100gb SSD and swap out mods when needed. Old and simple but works. Tho I have good internet to allow for such option.
  2. Then I DEMAND1! hip fired KORD! Because fuck common sence, right? *sarcastic giggling intensifies
  3. Will see about blur - bloom was the first suspect, but has no effect on this anomaly.
  4. Lighting particle VFX are multiplied. Vanilla or not. It's like every light is then multiplied 4 times around the main particle in a square "formation" Note the front gun turret just below targeting pod: GFX card is an NVIDIA (i suspect it might be somehow connected, or not)
  5. INB4 tread gets waporized for trollposting/flamebaiting: the world is not as simple as you imagine. You can't just throw X money at BI and expect magic "FIX_ALL.exe"
  6. Didn't CUP already port SCUDs? (correct if wrong - haven't touched CUP in a while)
  7. Nice one! The only "sore point" remaining is the DShKM, but eh, an HMG non the less so no big deal...
  8. AV is the export model anyways, so T-72BV IMHO is the best option (and is realistic) EDiT: screw it, got it mixed up w. T-72M
  9. But I assume it'll be the correct T-72BV?
  10. Just a funny little note - the "T-72" in OFP is actually a Czech T-72M4 w\o the top-mounted optics Note the turret face mounted reactive armor blocks and top-mounted smoke launchers. )))
  11. Yup - closed all the way ) some of us like something a bit sturdier then a german-improved Mattel toy
  12. But no matching loaded magazine visuals tho I assume? (probably requires a boatload of scripting and mag proxies are not engine supported) Still, the correct scope mount and clever use of "underbarrel" mount (I assume) is more than aplausable and epic AF!
  13. Holy crap - an actual non-airsoft scope mount! (*saluting intensifies)
  14. Yes it would - from simple "Battlefield"-like more casual "for-fun" scenarios to creating more epic scale actual ambient combat, etc etc... options are good all-round in my books. P.S. just in case: i'm hardcore realism fanboy, but also realize that world is not black\white