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  1. Unfortunately the only aircraft type declared for the Jets DLC has been "air superiority jets".
  2. Haven't seen any confirmation thereof, only that such interfaces could lean on/use this system as a foundation, which is understandable IMO considering how much preferences in loadout GUI may vary across the wider community beyond those that speak up here; I for one would like to see a "Pylon/Bay" tab added to Garage alongside Component and Camouflage. From what I saw this is already possible on a pylon-specific basis, both by pylon maxWeight (vs. magazine mass) and by commonality of a rack/rail in their respective hardpoint arrays (which I recognize is a misnomer/redundancy in the pylon config) even if Bohemia is more generous on that second condition than community modders might be.
  3. That'd require people to make missions for that terrain, which I'm sure you know is a loaded hypothetical due to 'how many communities are large enough to need such a large terrain'... but the terrain does exist.
  4. @reschke No idea where you got a connection between terrain size and sensors from, other than the possibility of sensors and the sensor display resolutions being able to go 'that far', because as it stands the engine can already do 122 x 122 km (versus Altis' ~31 x 31 km).
  5. As per oukej further up on this page, "The sharing is performed through Side's "center" and individual vehicles can be configured to share their target data, share their own position and/or receive target data from the center." Does what you're looking for mandate a 'physical'/'real' hub?
  6. This is a glimpse of what's possible... don't worry about the 3 km part; as per the sensors and custom info threads you can basically set it to whatever value you feel appropriate, although unfortunately the display can't be resized.
  7. What's your thinking on implementing the current dev branch builds' (eventually Jets platform update) sensor/display/datalink mechanics?
  8. Those are from the Buzzard, which I had thought were not proxied onto the Buzzard based on the jet sample's model in the Arma 3 Samples...
  9. Especially when Bohemia's been pretty clear that so far the paywall has been for vehicle crew seats, weapon pickups, notifications, Tanoa, and SP content (plus the Apex Protocol co-op campaign) so the Jets and Tanks DLCs should nearly fit into this, as would Malden (even if it is free) and Tac-Ops if it's all SP/co-op content... no idea how a 'commander-focused' Orange fits here unless it's about SP/co-op content.
  10. My usual reaction to DLC speculations is as follows: what goes behind the paywall? What would you put behind the paywall?
  11. On the other hand the source release for the FC-37 has allowed others to bring derivatives thereof up to date, as xxgetbuck123 announced... ;)
  12. I'd also point out that at one point the max was 8 km, but for kicks I got it to 16 km in a config mod... the only reason that it's set to 12 km right now is because that's the current range on the passive radar sensor template from which the non-civilian aircraft are inheriting. Please also distinguish between marking and locking, because (as previously mentioned) a missile's lock parameters are separate from its sensors' detect/track parameters.
  13. That is the case... used BankRev from the Arma 3 Tools on air_f_epc.pbo, took a look inside plane_cas_01's data subfolder, and I found mfd_weapons_co.paa...
  14. The Slingload feature does not require the Helicopters DLC, it's already available to the base game's helicopters and to community-made helicopters as well.