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  1. Add in the sensors overhaul, Custom Info, and jet hitpoints threads as well.
  2. Is the direction of the Blackfish (Armed) infrared/visual sensor -- currently a 'combined' cone with the same animDirection, horizontal/vertical angles, and maxRange -- supposed to be in the direct opposite direction of wherever the co-pilot is looking?
  3. Funny thing in hindsight is that as of my own mid-January post the attack jets got infrared/visual sensors on dev branch while the Buzzard (AA) is the only vanilla jet thusfar with active radar, the benefit/drawback of which are described here.
  4. You're mis-paraphrasing me. ;) I said I-believed-clearly that what shouldn't be behind the paywall would be variants on vanilla chassis as opposed to new chassis altogether -- for example, in addition to the paywall heavy transport helicopters the corresponding game update added an alternate Orca loadout/look and a 'civilian Hummingbird', both not behind the paywall. As such the difficulty for me in speculating about Tanks DLC paywall vehicles is... well, where is the "near-future MBT" gap to be filled anyway? At least if the DLC were named Armor we'd have (more) names to name...
  5. odie0351's got a good point -- heck, as much as people may believe that "air superiority jets" is a niche that doesn't merit filling, they're the only aircraft type stated for the Jets DLC, soooo... The main vanilla armor gaps I can think of are (as odie0351 also speculated) AA/AT vehicle options, but then the main ways I can think of to fill them would be new turrets for existing APCs/MRAPs which (as variants of existing vehicles) should not be behind the paywall like all-new armor would be, while "legacy armor" seems thematically out of bounds with Bohemia's seeming favoritism for BLUFOR/REDFOR (just when did we last get a GREENFOR exclusive?)...
  6. skruis, any chance of Athena one day supporting the various game HUD elements introduced for the upcoming Jets DLC? See the "Sensor overhaul" and "Custom info" threads for more details.
  7. For anyone wondering NOE stands for nap-of-the-earth flight... so can you say terrain masking? Apparently it actually works on dev branch. As for stealth aircraft... here's the relevant config parameter, subject to change like everything else dev branch.
  8. You can change the displayed range of the sensor display in vehicles that support this (to be fair this should include all non-civilian aircraft in the vanilla game) by switching display modes as discussed in the Custom Info thread. If you mean changing the actual distance of the radar (blue arc) though, that's set seemingly by design... As you can see with the helicopter gunships the IR/visual sensors can be aligned with a model selection (in their case the gunner's turret), the problem being that I'm not so sure how to give a turret to the pilot and have it be pilotCamera... Not sure what you mean by switch target...
  9. I was going to say "which of your mods would namedrop a M203?" though...
  10. I imagine that you mean this due to the implementation of IR sensors?
  11. It may be to your interest that over in the sensors thread I've requested details on the possibilities for implementing SEAD with the current dev branch as-is, specifically in simulating anti-radiation missiles via a passive radar sensor.
  12. Questions for oukej or any other dev: After taking a look at the missile config example on the Arma 3 Sensors BIKI page I noticed that it inherited from the active radar -- if I wanted to set up an Anti-Radiation Missile, would I need to do more than simply having the missile inherit from the passive radar instead? What additional steps might I need to take to make it only work versus radar emitters? Also, how does the CfgVehicles radarTarget parameter work as far as radar emitters? (That is to say, does radarTarget only mean that the target can be revealed by active radar, or does passive radar already limit what appears/can be tracked?) Finally, any chance of some method for "AEW&C plane with radar would transmit to other planes in arma"? For everyone else: Any interested in a sample dev branch-only-for-now config/mission for this? Currently only got it rigged up for the driver's seat, unless anyone knows just how much inheritance I need to get it working in the gunner/commander seats as well.
  13. I believe you mean RCtrl+B? As per the custom info thread it will be a display module in either of the two windows with the keybind switching your main window directly (instead of cycling to it with the bracket keys).
  14. Considering how far back the Tanks DLC is in comparison to Jets, I can imagine that the decision -- and on the flip side the omission of a Ships DLC -- was prioritizing on the basis of time believed needed to get DLC-promoting features (since they're not behind the paywall I'm not calling them "DLC-selling") to the point of 'just gotta tweak the numbers' and on believed 'game changer' potential. We're getting a Tanks DLC but a lot further back than Jets after all... Regarding 'game changer': the OP mentions the wider utility of the sensor overhaul and custom display info work beyond fixed-wing -- this includes community-made ships if used as surface or possibly even subsurface combatants -- which we can hypothetically contrast with whatever they might have thought for big ships; the only two sticking points in my mind all have to do with big ship viability for amphibious or boarding operations, namely walking-on-moving-ships and the ol' 50-60 meter single-hull-segment limit. (This may sound inconsistent with Helicopters' AFM and sling-loading but FFV was also implemented widely.)
  15. The gunships in the OP were the Blackfoot and the Kajman, unless you meant other/more specific changes...