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  1. I imagine that you've gotten dynamic loadouts up and running?
  2. The DLC contents have tended to be roles that weren't (more) common in the base game -- and in CAP's case never in series history until the Buzzard (AA), whereas the ground attack mission has been accommodated in every game in the series, from A-10s/the A-164 (plus the AV-8B Harrier II and F-35B) throughout to the Su-25 and Su-34.
  3. Hey, it's been a long time since I've taken a look but I'm liking what I see... any chance you're implementing dynamic loadouts yet? If you need advice on that you can message me and I can try to walk you through some of what I know of it.
  4. Wow, neat first look! (Although apparently it's actually ZBL-08 and the '-09' came from misinterpretation/unconfirmed info, or so the Chinese Wikipedia article for the vehicle family told it at my most recent look.) Any chance you're working the FCS into these vehicles already?
  5. I'm not sure if Bohemia changed the mechanics recently since I imagine that you're playing on stable branch, but I can inform you that currently on dev branch the Pawnee is now only able to target (mark?) "active radar emitters" -- that is, if the crew in anti-air vehicles or aircraft with active radar (currently the attack helos, VTOLs, and the Buzzard) enable their active radar sensors, those vehicles and only those vehicles will appear on the Pawnee's "sensor display" -- and that this will presumably come to stable branch soon with the Jets DLC-accompanying game update, so you may want to get used to visual-only...
  6. I'm guessing that the issue is mission backwards compatibility...?
  7. Since it'll take you thirty days before you can reply I'll offer this alternative: Bohemia's got people working on "providing a solid engine that returns steady profit for decades" but the time needed for it to be 'solid' would make it years too late to (directly) help Arma 3, not least because of how much modding will be impacted by the community-wide need to relearn scripting 'all over again'.
  8. jets

    More specifically air superiority jets.
  9. There was a season pass in the Supporter Edition -- only available during the game's 'alpha' and 'beta' periods -- but that's it.
  10. @Strike_NOR Could have saved yourself a lot of time and checked out what was actually done on dev branch or at least read the dev branch trip reports from those of us who did in this very thread... not cool at all. EDIT: I can however compile such a 'trip report' for you later if you'd like to request one.
  11. Cite your sources...
  12. At last check both Editor-visible ( scope = 2; ) Wipeout classes were calling the same model* A3\Air_F_EPC\Plane_CAS_01\Plane_cas_01_F.p3d so if updating the model was necessary then the 'stock' Wipeout is also ready in theory and the difference should purely be config-based... a recurring theme with the Jets DLC-promoting engine changes. * Curiously enough the base class Plane_cas_01_base_F calls the non-existent model A3\Air_F_Gamma\Plane_CAS_01\Plane_cas_01_F.p3d -- non-existent in the sense that there is no plane_cas_01 folder in the air_f_gamma.pbo, only plane_fighter_03 (Buzzard), which could mean that at one point the Wipeout was expected to be ready in time for Arma 3's launch.
  13. For clarity's sake, am I correctly interpreting this as meaning that the flight model basics are better in the Apex fixed-wing aircraft even if they're not supposed to perform better like the vanilla fixed-wing aircraft should be?
  14. What you describe suggests an answer of 'visual sensor with animDirection="otochlaven" or "commander_turret"'... use active radar long enough to find target bearings, point the main turret/visual sensor towards them in order to maintain target tracking (and TLI for guns) then elevate as needed? I'm keeping in mind that I believe oukej already said here that the "lock" keybind is essentially an abstraction of "uncage seeker head", but there may be the possibility of Titan MPRL (AA)-style "starts locking on without you having to press T once you've gotten a slow-enough target in range within the missile lock cone." Noticed this just now with the Wipeout, which seems like a change from my prior testing and all the more odd since the Buzzard (CAS) didn't exhibit this issue even with a manned opposing tank -- or even with active radar on. Speaking of active radar, I believe oukej mentioned that they would use it in Combat mode.
  15. In said vanilla AA vehicles (Cheetah and Tigris) we have an interesting case where they use active radar for finding targets but their missiles have IR sensors and weaponLockSystem = "2 + 16" (IR + "missile") in the ammo config, and you noted months ago that "[w]ith custom flags, one could implement exclusive detection of missiles" in regards to lock/launch... sounds like a case for doing this with community aircraft which in real life didn't have infrared-capable missile approach warning systems. No idea what you're referring to here, but in one of my early sensor tests (adding a sensor display and a commander's visual sensor to a tank) I found that a stationary, no-waypoints truck would not appear on the tank's sensor display when the tank's main gun/IR sensor was pointed at the truck because there was no heat, only appearing when the visual sensor was pointed that way.