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  1. Don't stop there, I want the manned CSAT aircraft to get access to the Jian ATGM now that it's got differing stats from the Macer/Macer II and Sharur/Kh-25!
  2. The Praetorian 1C was also lacking animDirection="MainGun"; or whatever the turret model selection was when I last looked.
  3. To the best of my knowledge this is through the TargetSize (IR, radar, visual) values meaning that 'stealth' jets have to be closer than 'usual' (w/ TargetSize values of 1.0) for the missile sensors to detect/track them, right?
  4. You may be thinking of Saul's OPREP - JETS DLC, although just what "didn't make the cut" is unmentioned:
  5. @ACE-Iggy I wonder how much of the issue comes down to cmImmunity values?
  6. Am I correctly reading this as "all IR/visual-detected contacts are being shared but not those that were detected by the reporting vehicle's active and/or passive radar sensors"??? If so, calling @oukej...
  7. Anyone else notice the Black Wasp II (Stealth) having two GBU-12s which are not appearing in the Editor loadout dropdown lists?
  8. Nitpicking this one, but the typeRecognitionDistance parameter determines the distance at which for example "Helicopter" becomes "PO-30 Orca" so a visual sensor being able to identify a target to that extent can be 'balanced' by a low-enough value (in meters) and thus how close the target has to be.
  9. jets

    "Nice" can be "too much to ask for" when developing on a deadline... that and I like how the panels system seems to be entirely config-based, which is great for implementing these screens onto no-longer-updated community-made vehicles (read: config mod of the original vehicle without requiring access to the original unbinarized models).
  10. I'll agree re: anti-radiation ordnance (especially because of the allowsMarking config parameter existing specifically to differentiate between anti-radiation weapons -- complete with a specific sensor template for them -- and radar warning receivers) and different bomb sizes but if I recall correctly semi-active radar homing (SARH) was unfortunately ruled out earlier on, and while the lack of GPS guided munitions is unfortunate I'm still working out in my head how they "should" work without further changes (that is to say, would it essentially be a player-placeable "laser spot"-like invisible target?), and gameplay-wise there are indeed stat differences between the performance of unguided rockets if not necessarily corresponding to visible size... It seems that the three systems in question can in fact be placed independently of the carrier, so if their side can be changed, i.e. targets BLUFOR and/or INDFOR, maybe BLUFOR and OPFOR if on INDFOR side, then the Mk-49 Spartan and Mk-21 Centurion systems could definitely be the centerpiece of a SAM site composition in Eden or Zeus -- after all, we're looking at going from the Cheetah's/Tigris' four (4) IR-sensor-equipped Titan (AA) missiles to "21 IR guided short range Anti Air missiles and 8 radar guided medium range Anti Air missiles" (quoting the DLC's Steam page here) when both autonomous systems are placed.
  11. From what I can tell this seems to be intentional -- time/effort on their part versus gameplay/modder benefit, especially for modders 'reviving' no longer supported community vehicles by writing config mods. This is possible, if not implemented yet.
  12. @warlord554@BroBeans. Word of DnA is yes, though the specific question was "if you'll be able to play these systems independent of the carrier inside scenarios" if that seems ambiguous enough. @drebin052's got a good point; CUP's LHD defenses were the result of community work on static weapon system models in the Arma 2 samples (ca\water2\lhd\data within which ciws is self-explanatory, raketomet_1 is the eight-missile launcher, raketomet_2 to the twenty-one-missile launcher) so it's nice to see that Bohemia's "doing it officially" albeit with presumably "2035 updates" of said systems. For anyone who wants a great visualization of what Imperator[TFD] may be getting at here, take a look at this video footage; you can see the same visual again at 2:56, and rewind to 0:10 to see that there's three such player-operated fixed SAM launchers at the simulated site.
  13. According to configs it's dependent on the vehicle and the missile ammo.
  14. There's under-the-hood differences, albeit minor right now (i.e. the CSAT jet has one more weapon station overall when both jets are using the underwing pylons, the NATO jet is slightly 'stealthier' on IR and has one more internal station when both jets omit the underwing pylons). As for the visual of "take F/A-18 and mix it with cancelled F-22"... I vaguely recall the original Black Wasp basically being "F/A-18 2035" so this actually felt consistent, especially if buying the original Black Wasp model rights from John_Spartan and Saul wasn't on the table.
  15. I would think cargo pallet/crate-type objects, the scripting requirement being since they can't be moved around (read: to the vehicle into which they would be loaded) normally?