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  1. I take it that this isn't your release?
  2. @rksl-rock From what I see Bravo Zero One (Jets DLC) and Bohemia's (base game) method was plane+pylon > carrier+weapon for all vanilla jets, so I'm interested in seeing the result of da12theMonkey's technique on your Typhoons! On the other hand, the reason for B01/Bohemia's jets leaving the pylons visible even when empty may be because the visual absence or presence of the pylons (much less stores installed underneath) does nothing to change the aircraft's radar cross section, which is solely determined by the vehicle's radarTargetSize value.
  3. @rksl-rock If by "fit pylons" you meant the pylons themselves being present/installed... you could place a Black Wasp II and/or a Shikra alongside their respective "(Stealth)" variant in the Editor and open up their loadout menu in their Attributes window to see the difference in their loadout possibilities, then use the Config Viewer to glimpse how this was done and adapt their all-internal-bays examples to create your own Typhoons with each varying in which pylons are available?
  4. Hmm, admittedly I'm wondering just why you'd want to replicate that in the new system? After all, if you're looking at an in-mission loadout menu the new scripting commands introduced in 1.70 can be the underpinning of one.
  5. @suddenlymoose Hmm, this is even when the missile has a datalink sensor and it's receiving its target track from a transmitting vehicle with line of sight to the target?
  6. I just wanted to remark on this last part of your blurb on the Typhoon V3.011: as far as I could tell the BIKI seemed pretty useful as far as the pylons/weapons configuration; have you already been consulting it in the past three weeks? The system works seemingly 1:1 for fixed-wing as for rotary-wing.
  7. Would be interested in seeing a mechanic where a Take On Helicopters-style pre-flight inspection can prevent in-flight failures by identifying parts issues while on the ground.
  8. From today's dev branch changelog: "Added: Waypoint indicator to the HUD of the A-164".
  9. Agreed but there's no faster way to test the gameplay concept with no 'modding proficiency' required, although scripting would be needed for it to be usable for non-BLUFOR (since the default crew/cargo is B_UAV_AI) or for players to get user actions for interacting with it, i.e. toggling data link.
  10. @ski2060 @Imperator[TFD] One possibility might be to create two "emitter" static vehicles, one for each radome size, to be placed atop the vanilla terrains' pre-placed radomes, with radar/data link and a location-specific (per radome size) user action for toggling the radar on/off, this user action being placed somewhere that the player could get to if the emitters were properly placed; even if one can't "get in" these emitters could still support data link transmitting so that their detected/tracked contacts can instead be seen in data link receiving vehicles, and should be possible to configure/script them so that they are destroyed or at least brought offline (i.e. no longer transmitting to same-side receiving vehicles) if the radomes are as well. If you'd like to test this method as BLUFOR controlling the emitter and without the user action, try placing a Praetorian 1C atop a radome with no ammo (possibly no weapon either), radar forced on, and Data Link Send remaining enabled, with your BLUFOR player in a vehicle with a SENS panel mode (among BLUFOR this means the Cheetah and aircraft besides the xH-9 duo) and Data Link Receive enabled.
  11. @soulis6@martin_lee Data Link capability can be disabled/enabled at mission start in the emitter and receiving vehicles' Eden Attributes window via the Data Link Receive and Send checkboxes under Object - Electronics & Sensors. As far as "blinding the enemy", there are scripting commands for disabling/enabling a vehicle's data link reception and transmission (in this latter case detected contacts and/or own position), and dev branch has enableVehicleSensor for disabling (by setting to false) individual sensors of a given vehicle. As another example of 'incentive to destroy a radar transmitter', on dev branch the Mk21 Centurion's radar coverage was narrowed from a cone to a long-range beam while the Mk49 has lost its radar altogether, so both SAM launchers now rely on their data link sensor and Data Link Receive to feed them targets detected, tracked, and transmitted by a Data Link Send-enabled vehicle on the same side, such as the Praetorian 1C or a Cheetah.
  12. @venthorror If your Buzzard is flying high enough above an airborne target that drawing a straight line from your Buzzard to the target would result in the the target having the surface terrain behind it (that is, not silhouetted against open sky) then 4 km is the applicable range as described here; effective range can also be affected by the target's radarTargetSize.
  13. Are you defining "painted" as 'you're appearing on an opposing force's radar' (within range and field of regard of an opposing radar sensor) or 'they selected you as their current target'? Because I believe that the latter is what the "marked by" symbology is for, and as for the former the in-game RWR acts as an 'opposing force vehicle has its radar on' indicator, admittedly irrespective of whether or not it's painting your vehicle...
  14. @jerminhu There's already a lock warning, though I don't remember ever seeing a "you're marked by this vehicle" symbol/warning.
  15. @KiTooN If you don't mind eight missiles instead of ten this Redditor attachTo'd the HEMTT and the carrier static defenses! Even if you leave them static though, as per Imperator-TFD in May 29's dev branch update the Mk21 Centurion had its radar coverage extended (11-14 km depending on sky or ground background) but narrowed (only 15° wide) so that it's reliant on targets received/transmitted from the Praetorian 1C's 360° air search radar which goes out to 7-10 km; this mechanic also works with the Cheetah/Tigris whose radar goes out to 6-9 km (can identify a target's type at 5 km). In return, the Centurion's 'RIM-162' missiles have a detect/track/lock range of 12 km and the locking 'cone' is almost a full hemisphere at 170°... so please believe me when I say that on dev branch a Centurion paired with a Praetorian (neither of which has an engine to cause a heat signature, thereby precluding IR missile guidance) is a deadly combination for CAS.