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  1. Hey Trouble, if you are still active on this I would love to talk about perhaps getting your gazelle mlods if it's not too much trouble.

  2. Are you planning to bring back (I'm assuming it was in the pack from the pictures on armaholic) the opscore helmet cover?
  3. No worries, I've started moving into other projects at the moment any how. Glad this is still getting use and the concept can live on in your efforts.
  4. Hi I'm hoping i can get some help. Ever since v3.0.0, every time I update CBA I loose the ability to use any addons that have their own key bindings (i.e. ACE and TFAR). Thus far I've stayed on version 3.0.0. I did a search for this issue and saw that creating a new profile may fix it, I tried that and no dice. Has anyone else had this issue? if so what was the fix?
  5. Great project, be nice to properly re-visit this island with a face lift. Question, do the AI recognize the building's interiors?
  6. any plans to update this with the new skybox?
  7. Alright first off, I love this system, it's the first time i've ever successfully gotten anything to write to a DB of any kind. However I cannot load anything. I've set up the mission use a save loop for player position and loadout, both write just fine, but i cannot for the life of me get it to load the data when a player connects, and on only the player. I've set it up like this: init.sqf if !(isMultiplayer) then { {_x disableAI "MOVE";} forEach allUnits; }; call compilefinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "oo_pdw.sqf"; execVM "load.sqf"; cefcom_load = { //private ["_unit"]; _unit = _this select 0; _pdw = ["new", "inidbi"] call OO_PDW; _bool = ["loadPlayer", _unit] call _pdw; _bool = ["loadInventory", [getPlayerUID _unit, _unit]] call _pdw; }; [["Leg_Hellcat_401","Leg_Hellcat_402","Leg_Hellcat_403","Leg_Hellcat_404","Leg_Hellcat_405","Leg_Hellcat_406","Leg_Hellcat_407","Leg_Hellcat_408","Leg_Hellcat_409","Leg_Hellcat_410","Leg_C130J","Leg_C130J_2","Leg_AH6M_302","Leg_AH6M_301"],["LEG_Pilot"], "You are not qualified to fly",false,false,true] execVM "scripts\restrictVehicles.sqf"; /* if(isMultiplayer) then { execVM "statSave\loadAccount.sqf"; execVM "statSave\saveLoop.sqf"; }; */ while { true } do { _units = allUnits - ( playableUnits + switchableUnits ); { if(((side _x) == east) || ((side _x) == resistance))then { if(isNil { _x getVariable "unitHasFSM" } && {!captive _x}) then { _x execFSM "aegis_surrender.fsm"; _x setVariable ["unitHasFSM", true]; sleep 1; }; }; } forEach _units; }; sleep 1; if (isDedicated) then { nul = [] execVM "serverSave.sqf"; }; load.sqf [player] call cefcom_load; serverSave.sqf while {true} do { _pdw = ["new", "inidbi"] call OO_PDW; sleep 10; "savePlayers" call _pdw; }; for whatever reason I get the following error on connection: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vovebyhg7w5efww/arma3%202016-09-02%2012-47-40-63.jpg?dl=0 and if i use debug to manually launch load.sqf it tells me PDW requires INIDBI All mods are running properly as can be seen from the ini file writing correctly. I made 2 changes to the oo_pdw.sqf I made the inventory use getUnitLoadout / setUnitLoadout and I changed the label for inventory to also use the player ID. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I love your psds, Any other vehicles planned?
  9. Commonwealth Legion Who are the Commonwealth Legion? The CWL is a fictional unit based as a combined force funded and under the command of the British Commonwealth countries. The CWL is a quick reaction task force specializing in airmobile operations. We are broken into 2 branches currently: The 1st Battalion Royal Legionnaires (INFANTRY) and the Legion Aviation Corps (PILOTS). We use the same rank structure as most commonwealth militaries, however we are not pushy about it. we allow our members to choose how mush they want to role play in the milsim capacity, ranks are used to show experience, qualifications, role (Leadership), and admin levels on Teamspeak and the Forums. Who are we looking for? We are a casual unit, meaning we only have a 1 day a week requirement of our members. The CWL conducts operations every Sunday at 2000 GMT-5 [8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time] these operations usually run for 2-3 hours. We are seeking mature players looking for a laid back community, who want to be a part of a TEAM environment and maybe learn a few things in the process. Our requirements for membership are: Must be 16 Years of age or older Must own a LEGAL copy of ARMA 3 Must own a working microphone Must speak / understand English More information on the CWL can be found at our website - www.commonwealthlegion.com
  10. Just curious as to how this works with ALiVE. I have not been able to get their database to work for me, and was looking for something that I and my other tech guys could manage ourselves. The key feature to alive that we like is the virtualization of units, allowing us to create a living battle field without serious performance hits. I am wondering if this can tell if the unit's are virtual or not, or if it will just spawn all units that it recognized and then ALiVE will spawn another set?
  11. Does this script offload spawned units to a Headless Client (if one is present) by default? also is this Dedicated Server friendly?
  12. yup already do
  13. Having some issues and have run google dry trying to find the solution. Issue: ACRE2 is not connecting to teamspeak. There is no pop up in game saying so, it is simply in teamspeak it says Version: Arma Connected : No I have full access to all radios etc. Can hit caps lock and see the gui. even when in game with all required mods running. Trouble Shooting: Launch TS and ARMA as admin Launch both as not admin (why not) Clean install of both ACRE and TS Run game with just ACRE and CBA Reload ACRE Plugin while Arma running Launch TS after Arma Launch TS before Arma Use 32 instead of 64 Plugin Place both Plugins in folder Any suggestions would be much much appreciated. I am running Window 8.1 and Teamspeak 3.0.16[stable]
  14. yes once im ready and yes it is still standalone ---------- Post added at 11:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:36 PM ---------- since the marksman update, the muzzle flash on the weapons will not go away. anyone got an idea?
  15. not currently any spoilers etc. been focusing in on the core functions at the moment once completed it should have variables to: disable randomization on specific units; and set chance of booby trapped dead bodies. Also tweaking randomization heavily and spending a lot more time distinguishing factions i.e. glasses, masks, headgear for squad leaders, etc and polishing a few aircraft for certain factions. I'll post a more detailed list with the first release thread with our dev heaven bug tracker page and steam group link.